Nicolas and Kal-El Cage Share a Laugh

04/17/2009 at 12:00 PM ET
Jose Perez/Splash News Online

Here’s a celebrity kid we don’t see too often! Kal-El Coppola Cage gets a lift — and a treat! — from dad Nicolas Cage on the set of The Sorcerer’s Apprentice in NYC on Monday.

Kal-El, 3 Β½, is Nicolas’ son with wife Alice Kim. The actor, 45, plays Balthazar Blake in the remake of Sorcerer’s, due out in July 2010.

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Blackrose on

cute liilte boy!! i didnt know he has an adopted son!

Ryo on

Blackrose, Kal-El isn’t adopted. His mom is Asian.

I haven’t seen him since he was like 2! He got big!

french gigi on

At last! The pic I’ve been waiting for!
Beautiful photo!

Anon on

Definitely took after his mom. Cute kid tho, Nicholas Cage isn’t a spring chicken anymore uh? Maybe it’s a bad photo. He looked okay in Knowing.

Mandi Bear on

Super cute little boy!

Azure on

The son is not adopted. The mom is Korean. Koreans have strong genes! πŸ™‚

Kayla on

Adoorable child.. whats up with Nick’s hair? Is it for a movie he is working on/?

Jeanie on

People are commenting on Nick’s hair and how old he looks…
But look at that smile !!!!
He is beaming, there is so much love in his eyes for his son ….just a great picture of a cute little boy with his proud father…
I love it!!

Philippa on

Aw Kal-El is cute!
Although I still dislike his name..

kc on

Holy cow, Nicolas Cage looks like the creepy alien scientist from “Independence Day”.

M H on

i don’t comment in here often but wow Kal-El looks 100% Asian. i know his mom is Korean and they say Asians have strong genes but i living proof that that statement is NOT true. my son looks 100% white. in fact, if you see him, you would never think that i’m his mother (i’m asian, dad is white).

yumaval on

blackrose: kal-el isn’t adopted, he is half-korean. asian genes are dominant, and even a child that is one-quarter asian will generally look very asian…

Emma on

Kid is adorable…so sweet.

babyboopie on

Oh my, what a stark contrast to Captain Corelli πŸ˜› He is such a proud, loving, sweet dad! And Kal-El is sweet!

M H on

“asian genes are dominant, and even a child that is one-quarter asian will generally look very asian…”

this statement is not true.

my boy is half asian, half white (dad). he is 5 months old now and there is still no asian-ness in him. ah, perhaps the asian genes will be more dominant with my next baby….

lili on

Perhaps Nick is trying to channel David Crosby. Whatever the reason he looks like that, let’s hope it’s for a part.

SS on


None of my kids look like my hubby (white with blonde hair and blue eyes). In fact, whenever he takes our 3 girls out, he get asked a lot whether they are adopted. I’m Asian and all 3 girls take after me. Only my youngest was born with blue eyes but it turned greenish brown at 9 months old and stayed that way till now (2 years old). She still look Asian though… with light eyes. πŸ˜€

Alexandra on

Is it weird to say that he looks like an asian version of Nicolas Cage? I see a lot of his dad in him…

M H on

ah, my boy must be one of those rare ones that look 100% white even though he has an Asian mom… πŸ™‚

Natasha on

He’s so cute! I haven’t seen a pic of him since he was so small!

Jon and Kate Gosselin’s kids are only 1/4 asian and I think they look more than that.

Azure on

This is a vast generalization, but I’m Asian and I’ve found that Koreans have the strongest genes, surviving 2 generations or more of intermarriage (think Jon and Kate plus 8; those kids are only 1/4 Korean!). Japanese have the least staying power, often looking entirely Caucasian even though they are half Asian. Chinese can go either way. Just my personal observations!

KiKi on

M.H., he will most likely change as he gets older. I have never seen a half asian child that looks completely non-asian. In my family, the babies started to change around 2-3 years old. Asian and black genes realyy are dominant. Look at Jon and Kate plus eight. Those kids are only 1/4 asian b/c Jon is only half but they all look VERY asian. This little boy is so cute regardless.

M H on

Azure, interesting perspective. i am half chinese, half cambodian, so perhaps this explains the white preference. kid looks completely white. he was born with grey/blue eyes but they have since turned brown. still looks completely white though, very fair skin. his dark eyes are the only asian thing about him. little boy is big too like his white Pops!

M H on

KiKi, that’s what i’ve been told…that he will change when he gets older. you know, he’s healthy as a horse and cute as a button so i’m not complaining! my boy though looks the complete opposite of me: i have a long head, longl face, his is heart shaped, round head. i don’t think the shape of his face will change as he gets older, but maybe he will start to resemble me a little. wish i can show you a pic of him here!

Brandi on

Kal-el is a cutie! Lili the post says he is on set so I bet the hair is for the movie he is filming.

Mira on

I have a friend who’s only 1/4 Japanese, her husband is white, so their kids only have one Japanese great-grandmother and they look 100% Asian. So I guess Asian genes are stronger indeed.

melissa on

ok i think the kiddo is cute..but good grief when did Nicholas get so old looking?? or have i like been in my own world for a very long time??

Sarah on

I gotta say, I love the name Kal-El (Superman’s birth name from Krypton). Wish I’d have thought of it.

webbster on

MH-genes are funny sometimes…all of your children may take after their father, but you may end up with very asian looking grandchildren. or one of your children will look like their father and another look like you…i have friends who are siblings (same two parents) and one is very fair-skinned, blonde hair, blue eyes and the other is very black. their great-grandmother was from the caribbean, and he takes after her. but you could swear he was 100 percent from barbuda himself, while his sister looks like 1950s definition of an all-american girl…

TV on

Kal-El is a total cutie. Totally proves that there are some Asian genes that are very strong. I’m half-Filipino thanks to my dad but look completely white. Meanwhile my brother looks like he’s a perfect mixture of Filipino and French-Canadian. Has the dark skin and hair but light colored eyes. BTW, Nic Cage’s boy is the second boy I know of with that name. Friend of mine named her kid that four years ago. Thought the name was strange at the time.

m-dot on

Father and son look so happy! Oh-I too would think he was adopted. You just never know with genetics!

Bieta on

Asian genes are really strong. I’m one fourth asian and the rest is black and indian and the trace so to speak is still there in my appearence. Plus look at Tyson Beckford and Naomi campbell..Kimora lee simmons(half asian) and Chanel Iman(only one fourth).

SS on

Azure, I kinda agree with you. Those are my observations too. A few of my Chinese friends who married Caucasians, have kids either looking more White (light brown hair, fair skin, light brown eyes) or totally Asian. Same with my Vietnamese friends.

I’m Asian but of Indonesian descent and I find Filipinos, Thais, Indonesians and Malays who married Caucasians have kids looking Hispanic. That’s how my kids look. πŸ˜€

Jane on

He is adorable! Not crazy about the name though.

Tina on

hes a cutie, Nic seems like a good Dad:D

stephanie on

#28, I agree! I love the name πŸ˜€

Tiffany on

None of you apparently know anything about genetics. The problem here is that you see what you think of as Asian looking feature an automatically say, Asian genes are so dominant. Well I hate to break it to you, but genes don’t come labeled.

n reality, he is both Nicholas and his wife as much as any child is both their parents. Sometimes the child favors one parent over the other, but all children are both their parents, half and half. And just because you think his phenotype (outer appearance) is typically Asian does not mean that Asian genes are dominant. Individual genes are dominant over others and most of them are not a result of single expression, but many. Her hair color and eye color has partial dominance over his (hair and eye color both are the result of multiple genes) but by no means are only “Asian” genes expressing themselves since it’s ridiculous to believe all her genes are dominant over his. I’m sure as he grows and his face starts to mature and lose the baby fat, he will look more like Nicholas.

And Jon from Jon and Kate Plus Eight looks noticeably mixed. Ask any Asian person who actually lives in an Asian environment and don’t think we all look alike. I wish this site had an eye rolling emoticon.

I grew up in a white environment thinking I looked very Asian. I am the product of two mixed parents. In college I made friends with Asian people who came from places like China, Japan, Thailand etc. I then learned I actually looked very mixed and could not pass as 100% Asian despite what I had grown up being told. People here in America and Europe are not very exposed to many Asians and thus think anybody that has what they think of as Asian features looks very Asian. They see this in isolation of other features because this is what stands out to them. The same goes in Asian countries. It is my white looking features that stand out to them.

I’ve seen many half and quarter Asian people now including those who looked more white, but strangely more like their Asian parent and the opposite too of kids who would seem Asian here in America but actually resemble the white parent. They could not resemble the parent of the opposite ethnicity if the genes had an ethnicity and could only come from the parent of that ethnicity.

And to whoever said that thing about Korean (or any Asian genes for that matter!) genes being dominant for two generations? I’ll prove you wrong right now. Go to:

That little girl with blond hair and blue eyes is 1/4 Korean.

Anna on

Yo can’t say that Asian genes are always dominant. It differs per baby made. I know plenty of half Asians that don’t look Asians and plenty that look 100% Asian.

Neelie on

I think it’s very sad that the first comment assuming adoption, and most following are based on this child’s looks. Seriously, haven’t we gotten past this issue, even a little? Only 2 out of 38 comments state soley that this looks like a happy son & dad. In a society that has supposed to have evolved beyond judging looks, some of you are really being narrow minded to only notice the shape of eyes, color of hair and be skipping what’s really important…a father and a son, adopted or biological spending time together.

Nicole on

I’m confused why everyone is asking why Nicholas Cage looks like that when it SAYS in the aricle that he’s playing a sorceror in a movie and is on set w/ his son.

Sarah on

Ok, Nicholas Cage’s son does not resemble him- so what? He’s adorable! Why are we so hung up on the Asian factor? It happens all the time, children sometimes favor one parent over the other. It really is as simple as that. Enough of the Asian gene dominance discussion!

Bieta on

Why can’t people make a comment without it turning into a learning moment?? As someone of black and Asian decent, I don’t think its a big deal. Not that it makes my opinion more valid. There’s no reason to take the strong genes comment literal because anyone with BASIC understanding of genetics knows its not possible. Its not different than “his dad must have strong genes!” or “he’s all ____” comments that are in a lot of post reponses.

Seriously some of you sound like its insult, saying that he looks like his mom i.e more asian than white. Take that up with yourselves.

Linda on

My goodness, that’s Nocolas Cage? I wouldn’t have recognzied him at all.

Brittany on

Wow, I did not recognize Nicholas at all. Kal-el definately has his papa’s smile.

jessie on

he’s cute, whether he looks like his mom more or not. he’s still mixed even if he does look like one race more. look at seal and heidi kid’s. they look more black, but doesn’t take away from the fact that they’re half white. genetics are interesting that way

rose on

I love Nicolas Cage and I think he looks hot. He has that sexy proud papa look. Kal-El is pretty adorable too, I haven’t seen a picture of him since he was tiny.

Anne on

He is cute.

Alex on

Nicholas Cage looked okay in knowing (terrible movie though). In this pic he looks old. His kid is cute.

juju on


My son is a quarter Asian and looks completely white so your statement doesn’t hold up. Plus, he has blond hair and blue eyes and looks nothing like me!

KiKi on

The Asians that I know who are inter-married literally pray that their children look white. I think that kind of self-hatred is so sad.

kris on

Cute picture! From the little I know of him (family wise) he always comes across as such an adoring father. If I recall a big reason for him doing Ghost Rider is that his older son is very into comics etc. I think they were working on something together too.

gianna on

Wow his son looks nothing like him. If it didn’t say it was his child, you would never know, he is all mom.

Matilda on

Asian genes arent neccessarily dominant. I’ve seen that with some kids they are, if the kid is mixed race, but with most of them, they look 50/50. One of my best friends is half Japanese, half caucasian, and although you can tell she is part Asian, she takes after her father more, who is caucasian.

Emily on

Tiffany, just like you I too wish this site had an eye-rolling emoticon. I would roll them right at your post! Sorry, but if you’re trying to explain something to someone your first sentence is a bad way to start. “None of you apparently know anything about genetics” makes you seem like a know-it-all (and that’s not always a good thing). People make comments/opinions based on experiences they’ve had and people they’ve met in life. It doesn’t make them wrong, doesn’t make them right – but it is their own experiences.

I also have no idea what you were trying to explain with this sentence: “They could not resemble the parent of the opposite ethnicity if the genes had an ethnicity and could only come from the parent of that ethnicity.”

All that aside, the picture of Nicolas and Kal-El is definitely one of a proud and happy father with his son!

Bieta on

“The Asians that I know who are inter-married literally pray that their children look white. I think that kind of self-hatred is so sad.”

Yep. Makes me very very sad. There problem tho, like i said.

D on

His son is such a little cutie. I wonder if they call him Kal for short because that would be a cool nickname. LOL, Nic does look old now but very happy.

As for genes, you never know how they mix, that is the beauty of it. My son is 1/4 black, 1/4 white and 1/2 arabic and is a pale, very light brown/dark blond hair little boy.

I know I am partial because my son is mixed and so is his father, but I think mixed children are so beautiful. I am preggers with baby #2 and I wonder if he will look like his older brother or different.

M H on


Emily, i agree: i have no clue what Tiffany meant with this comment: β€œThey could not resemble the parent of the opposite ethnicity if the genes had an ethnicity and could only come from the parent of that ethnicity.”

KiKi on

Most biracial people either check other or choose the ethnic side of their heritage b/c that is most likly how they will be identified.

Neelie on

KiKi…”The Asians that I know who are inter-married literally pray that their children look white. I think that kind of self-hatred is so sad.”
Neelie “The people who post on here, who have zero idea how racist and ignorant they sound is what is sad. How can you generalize? Because you know ONE couple (just the Asians, btw – which can mean 100 different nationalities) who feel that misguided way…should not be your basis for a comment.”

How stuff like that doesn’t fall under CBB’s “off-topic and completely unrelated to the post” clause is beyond me.

Tiffany on

As I do have a degree in biology and took several courses on human genetics, I do think I know a bit more than most of the regular posters here.

My comment is that if genes (Asian genes as everyone is calling them) had an ethnicity, a mixed child who is deemed as favoring one race over the other should not be able to look more like the parent of the opposite race. As I know this is possible and was trying to explain in simplified way that genes do not have ethnicity. Sorry, should have just said that, because trying to illustrate obviously didn’t help.

And self-hatred among some Asians is a very big concern. Some of the biggest believers I know in this whole “Asian genes are so dominant” are mixed kids themselves who feel they are ugly because they look Asian. Their own mothers will tell them they wished they looked more white! It’s horrible and disgusting.

My point was that genes are just genes. It’s a fallacy to give them an ethnicity and then swear they are more dominant etc etc. I’ve seen enough complexes made because of this that it really ticks me off to even see it.

And sorry Emily, I do think stating that Asian genes are dominant and then listing for how many generations is wrong and a stereotype. This is how stereotypes propagate. Perhaps you don’t have a problem with them, but I’ve seen the harm they can cause when they get out of hand. It might start off as innocent, but it can escalate easily.

PS – I’ve realized why they don’t allow eye rolling emoticons. That’s all that most of these comments would be if available.

FC on

I think that’s a cute photo of Kal-El and Nic, who I don’t think looks that bad in the photo, movie garb or no! πŸ™‚

e on


Thanks for clarifying, although I pretty much ‘got’ what you meant in the first post. I agree that a lot of stereotypes masked as ‘personal experience’ are passed off as acceptable comments. Just because you’ve experienced something does not make it right or true. Isn’t that what we’re supposed to teach our kids?

It bugs me to no end when people say someone is 1/4 or 1/8th something. As if genetics were like cooking! The face and skin color tend to be what people focus on the most. Sometimes the child’s facial features favor one parent more. That doesn’t mean that that parent’s genes are ‘stronger’! Maybe the child has the other parent’s hands, knees, and birthmark. But of course people are less likely to notice these things. And anyway, aren’t we are all more than the sum of our parts.

cute on

LOL the kid looks nothing like his dad