Judd, Leslie and Girls Pose at Premiere

04/17/2009 at 10:00 AM ET

Say cheese! Screenwriter Judd Apatow and his wife, actress Leslie Mann, poses with daughters Maude, 11, and Iris, 6, at the premiere of 17 Again, held at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, Calif. on Tuesday.

Leslie, 37, plays Scarlett in the movie. Judd’s next film, Year One, opens June 19th.

Maude wears Juicy Couture’s Embroidered Dress in Window Seat ($121).

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Lis on

Aww, what a cute family photo 🙂 They seem like a very happy, laid back couple…with a good sense of humor.

But while I think Iris is such a pretty name, I cannot say the same for Maude. Eww.

Natasha on

I think their girls are adorable! They actually played Leslie’s (and Paul Rudd’s) daughters in Knocked Up! The older one seems to be a natural actor, (younger one didn’t talk much).

Jenn on

Maude looks so grown-up!

Emily Jones on

Aww! I love this family! The girls are so pretty and have grown up so much since Knocked Up! I agree, Maude seems like a natural actress..she had great comedic timing in Knocked Up!

Sarah on

Iris * Maude = Awesome names.

Lucy on

Wow, look how much they’ve grown!

elleone on

Maude was named after the amazing character in “Harold and Maude” I believe…

Sandra on

I love both names. Great photo.

Michelle on

What cute little girl dresses! I generally like “old-fashioned” names, although Maude would not be a favorite. To each his/her own, though.

Meg on

I didn’t realize that those were actually Leslie’s daughters! They were SO funny in Knocked Up! “He’s playing fetch with my kids”… oh man. Love it. They are adorable!

mslewis on

I was trying to remember what movie I saw the girls in. I generaly disliked “Knocked Up” but the two girls were good and, yes, Maud does seem like a natural. I had an aunt named Maud and a best friend in 6th grade with that name. It has nice meaning to me. I like it.

Mia on

They have gotten so big! And I think it’s adorable that the older daughter looks more like the dad, and the younger daughter looks more like the mom. Cute family.

Crystal on

I ♥ this family. Leslie stole the show in Knocked Up! The girls are getting so big and I loved them in the movie. I hope they do another soon. They are HILARIOUS!!

Ellen Smith on

Two thumbs up for this family!

Bren on

Gorgeous family! I love that their 11 year old looks 11! I can’t tell you how many I kids I see these days that are 11 and look 16, its crazy. I think their daughters are gorgeous and I love their names! I love old fashion names and unique ones.

CeCe on

Beautiful family and love the names!

New Shoes on

Cute kids. I will always associate Leslie Mann with George of the Jungle, which I enjoyed much more than Knocked Up, despite the lack of adorable children.

Bieta on

Iris is okay…Maude, is not on my top ten. Or top infinity for that matter. Thats some benjamin button shish.

Jennifer on

Such pretty girls! I love the name Iris – though I may be biased since it’s my mom’s name.

Allegra on

those girls are so cute, and i agree, they were fantastic and adorable in knocked up, especially maude.
i’m curious as to how you pronounce her name; is it like mord or like mordy?
anyway, cute family, gorgeous girls 🙂

April on

It’s pronounced as it looks, it rhymes with Claude and God. There are no ‘r’s anywhere in it.