Heidi Klum and Kids Do Lunch

04/17/2009 at 09:00 AM ET
Jackson Lee/Splash News Online

With news of her fourth pregnancy breaking the same day, model Heidi Klum stepped out in NYC on Wednesday. Joining her were children Leni, 5 next month, Henry, 3 Β½, and Johan, 2.

After lunch at Nobu, Heidi treated the kids to a trip to FAO Schwarz!

A photo of a smiling Leni — wrapped up in mom’s scarf! — is below.


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jessie on


Lis on

I’m SOOOOO excited for this family!

P.S. Johan REALLY looks like Heidi in that pic, just darker skin. Needless to say, he’s a gorgeous little boy! And Leni is a doll baby πŸ˜€

gianna on

Leni looks a lot like Flavio, yet she also looks like henry and johan to me. Johan looks a lot like Henry and seal to me.

Patricia on

Awww Leni is such a beautiful girl, what a doll!

I’m not sure which of the boys it is in the first pic, but what a cute boy! He looks a lot like Heidi there:)

gianna on

Oh I see henry in the background, he is all seal. I think all her kids favor their dads in their looks.

adc76 on

wow johan is a spitting image of heidi!! what a gorgeous boy!!! Leni looks like she is happy to show the paps her new sticker! what an adorable personality. They always have henry dressed so adorable….i would love to have his wardrobe style for my son! She and seal have a model material family:) i am sure though she is very protective of their children getting into that!

Lis on

I really want them to have a girl..not just to have a gorl …but because there kids are soooo Beautiful it would be interesting to see how a girl from the 2 of them would look. They are all such cute kids and they look like such great parents. I am so happy they are having a 4th. I want one too now :o)

Bieta on

Johan looks mostly like Heidi, Leni to me looks like her father and Henry looks like seal. Johans curls look a lot more manageable, I think henry could use a haircut. My step-son has loose curls(he’s biracial as well) and even those get tangled. When he turned 2, his mom decided to cut his hair. Its actually nice cause he really looked like a girl(henry is clearly a boy tho!).

A lovely family regardless.

Randi on

Leni is a gorgeous little girl I see three future models in this family so I can’t wait to see what the new little bundle is.

Lucy on

Can someone tell me if they revealed the babies’ sex with the other three pregnancies before they were born?

babyboopie on

Aw Leni is absolutely beautiful, she looks so like her mummy! And Henry and Johan are just adorable, they look like Seal. They’re such a fab family who have so much love for eachother!

celebsarah on

i hope heidi gets a bigger CBB announcement than this; her pregnancy isn’t even mentioned in the headline! congrats to the family!


The announcement post from Thursday can be clicked to in the post (the blue writing indicates a link), or you can find it in the “Top News” links on the upper righthand side of the site.

–CBB Staff

celebsarah on

Oops! Sorry CBB! I should have known you were ahead of the curve. πŸ˜‰ Keep up the great work.

emmaH on

Heidi is luminous

Lioness on

Gorgeous kids!! Leni looks so much like her bio father, and Johan def favors Heidi. Henry is all Seal. Interesting combinations of genes, with impeccable results πŸ™‚ Beautiful family indeed.

T on

You all took the words out of my mouth. I think Johan looks more like mom to then Leni or Henry. He is adorable!

Cara on

Those kids are gorgeous, Heidi is so beautiful !

jessica on

I want them to have another girl too, she’d be gorgeous and Leni needs a sister haha.

Emma on

Johan looks exactly like Heidi, especially in this pic. All the people who say he looks like seal probably can’t get past the hair and skin in my opinion. Just look at this photo. They look exactly alike.

JMO on

Hard to believe Leni is going to be 5! I remember when she had that baby!! Gorgeous kids. I do think she’s going to have another boy though but it would be nice to see the two genes of Seal and Heidi and what a girl would look like. I’d say she’d look a lot like Johan….he’s a heartbreaker!

Laura on

I agree, Lena needs a sister! i would love to see how a girl would look from these two.

Γ‰milie on

Johan looks exactly like Heidi! Leni is the spitting image of Flavio. I would love to see more of Heidi in her, lol! She’s gorgeous, though.

natalie on

Oh, My, God! Those two (Leni and Johan) are SO incredibly beautiful! Leni looks so incredibly happy and Johan looks like a little porcelain doll.. I remember when Leni was born, and it’s been so much fun following these children as they’re growing up because the Klum-Samuels really seem like a fantastic family and I can’t wait to see these children as teenagers! And congrats on the fourth pregnancy, I was wondering if they would have more children. It would be great to see them gave a biological daughter together but nature works it’s own way and regardless of the baby’s sex, I’m sure the newest little baby will be just as adorable as their older children. All the best!

crimpe on

Eyebrows, eyes, nose, mouth…all Heidi. I see no Heidi in Leni, however – she must favor Flavio. All three children are amazing.

T on

m-dot on

Johan is so adorable. He looks like a black, male, baby, Heidi! LOL Leni and Henry look a lot alike to me, thought neither of them look like H or Seal in my opinion. Maybe other relatives?

Brianna on

Johan definitely is the spitting image of Heidi, and Leni looks so darned cute in that photo!

Alex on

Her kids are beautiful.

gianna on

Emma no johan doesn’t look just like seal, but I see no heidi in his looks. His nose is different, his eyecolor is different, hair is different, lips are fuller, skin is darker. I think compared to henry though, people say he looks like heidi, but his features are not his mom’s. He is cute though, but I wouldn’t call him just like heidi. None of her kids including leni ae just like her.

Jennifer on

Such beautiful children. I’m hoping for a sister for Leni, but regardless, this baby is bound to be as gorgeous as his or her siblings πŸ™‚

Allegra on

Wow, Johan is just the spitting image of Heidi. What an adorable little boy! Seal and Heidi make such beautiful babies, and of course Leni is a little cutiepie. I’m thinking another boy for them, for some reason. Regardless, I’m sure this baby will be just as sweet as the other three πŸ™‚

carla on

out of all the kids, johan DEFINITELY looks the most like heidi! he’s her spitting image! everything from his little eyes, to his little nose, to his little mouth– pure heidi! i always find it funny when articles call leni a “mini-me” of heidi. what, just because she also has blond hair? please! as far as little henry, i don’t think he looks much like either heidi or seal at all.