Daniel Baldwin and Wife Expecting Another Baby Girl!

04/17/2009 at 06:00 PM ET

Daniel Baldwin showed up to the premiere of Grey Gardens last evening with wife Joanne Smith-Baldwin — and she was sporting quite the baby bump!

“Joanne’s five months along. We’re due August 12th and it’s a girl!” Daniel tells CBB/PEOPLE. “We won’t commit to a name yet. Well, she won’t. I will. But I’m not allowed to say yet!”

Although this will be his fifth child, Daniel says the process is just as exciting as it was with the first.

“As long as there’s ten fingers and ten toes and everything works right…Honestly, that, really, at the end of the day is the most important,” he explains. “And the adventure: watching them grow — what are they going to be like, why is one of them blonde and blue-eyed, why does one of them have dark hair, why is one really outgoing and one’s really quiet — just watching the whole thing happen.”

Daniel, 48, is also dad to Kahlea, 25, with Cheryl Baldwin, Alexandra, 18, with Elizabeth Baldwin, Atticus, 12, with Isabella Hofmann, and Avis Ann, 15 months, with Joanne.

He plays Julius in Grey Gardens, airing Saturday, April 18th on HBO.

— Reporting by Scott Huver for CBB/PEOPLE

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Julia on

Congrats to Daniel and Joanne! they seem like good parents, and their daughter, Avis is so adorable 🙂

my glass is half full on

He is going to have five kids by four different women. That’s a lot of child support. lol Congrats to them.

morgan on

Congrats! If she is due aug 12th she would be 6 months not 5.

Jenn on

How funny that the Baldwins are all men but have so many daughters. Their grandkids will probably all be boys. 🙂

CC on

As for ‘why is one of them blonde and blue-eyed, why does one of them have dark hair, why is one really outgoing and one’s really quiet’…. well I’m guessing that’s because they all have different moms? Just a guess, LOL!!!

HeatherR on

I hope he has a lot of money saved to pay for 5 weddings some day! Lol

Zuaquis Ross on

Wow, Congrats, I wish I had their address so that I could personally send them one of my pregnancy journal books!


Natasha on

The weddings thing is kinda random, that doesn’t come up with the Jolie-Pitt’s who have 6? LOL doesn’t really matter I’m just curious 😛

Anna on

Wow he really has a child with every woman…. not great style.
Hope he sticks with Joanne from now.

HeatherR on

I mentioned the weddings because he has five daughters. In many cases, the father/parents of the bride pay for the wedding (I am a wedding planner!)

So he possible will have 5 weddings to pay for, where as the Jolie-Pitts only have 3 daughters.

Jax on

I;m sorry but the whole “she won’t commit to a name yet, but I will”… ummm excuse me– last time I checked SHE was carrying and birthing the child… NOT him.. She gets the final say as to what the name should be.

Jax on

OH WAIT….. Okay, I completely miss read that statement I think. I got the impression that he is committing to a name already and she refuses to commit just yet. But still, either way.. Man… This baldwin boys are too weird for my liking. They just seem possessive and controlling over their women. I think its wonderful that they are having a baby and congrats to them. I don’t mean to put a damper on things. I just don’t like how he worded it. Its none of my business anyways…. congrats. as long as she is happy and healthy

Brandi on

HeatherR, I am pretty sure Atticus is his only son. So 4 weddings! 🙂

Lee on

Why does the woman have final say in the name just because she carries the baby and gives birth? The baby is half genetically the father’s so if they are a comitted couple the choice should be decided by both parents. That is how I’m going to do it anyhow.

Natasha on

Ohhhh ok HeatherR, I never thought of that LOL.

HeatherR on

Oops I thought Atticus was a girl!

Linda on

Goodness, he’s fathered all of his children with a different woman each time. Bad.

CelebBabyLover on

Linda- Not totally. Baby-to-be has the same mother as his current youngest. 🙂

Lee- I agree! Some couples even have a system where the mom gets to name the first baby, the dad the second (or vice versa) and so on. Or some have one parent pick out the first name and the other the middle name.

Judith on

Congrats to Daniel and Joanne. That’s neat he shared with us that they are having a daughter. Not many (if any) celebs share that..

Sanja on

We didn’t find out the gender (and won’t with our other kids) so each chose one name (me for girl, since I wanted to do honouring) and my husband for boy and when the baby was born we saw which got to do the naming (we had a son, so it was my husbands pick). Of course each had veto power, but it wasn’t needed since we both like classical names.

robinepowell on

Acutally Daniel will have five kids with three different women. His current wife and him will have two daughters.

I checked IMDB, Atticus is his one and only son. :o)

Here’s a direcet line from IMDB, about Atticus: “Son, Atticus, was named after a character in Daniel’s favorite movie ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ (1962)”.

m on

WOW!!! Four baby mamas!!!

Jax on

Lee, thats fine that the baby is half his. but SHE pushes the kid out, she gets the final say!

amy on

my birthdays august 12th 😛

Lee on

Well Jax that’s not fair, the man can’t do any pushing so how does that make sense to block him off from name duty because of something he can’t biologically do? I think that’s some weird thinking.

SH on

Lee, I’m assumming you haven’t gone through it yet since you said that’s what you PLAN on doing…but once you have a wife/partner, and you watch her carry a baby for 9 months and then give birth, trust me, you will probably be more than willing to give her the last say with the name. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll let her pick the name without you, you may just let her have the last say from the list of possibilities that you both have. I think that’s what others are trying to tell you.

Lee on

Well SH I’m a woman and my husband and I have decided on our baby names, after relatives, and we are both happy with the results. I know once I am pregnant and give birth I might have different thoughts but I don’t want my husband to be left out of any final decision just because I’m giving birth.

meghan on

You guys are really overthinking a comment made in passing, arent’t you?!

robinepowell on

M: You’re mistaken, Daniel has five kids with only THREE “Baby mamas” as you put it. Read the article again, count the name of the women he’s had children with.

Jaclyn on

As to the earier comment about the Baldwins being all boys, the boys have two sisters Beth Keuchler and Jane Baldwin Sasso.

Sam on


Actually it is five kids with FOUR different women. Go back and count.

ally on

morgan- she is 5 months now, not 6.

5 mon- april
6 mon- may
7 mon- june
8 mon- july
9 mon- august

congrats to the Baldwin family!! :]

babyboopie on

Haha, everytime I see this guy, I can’t get the image of Parker from friends out of my head! And as for the whole different mom thing, just that at the age of 48, I hope he has settled down for good with Joanne! And I agree with somebody above, about ‘why’ the children look different, it’s because they have different moms!!

Rachel-Jane on

Babyboopie, you know Parker was played by Alec Baldwin, not Daniel (who this post is about)?

Also, I don’t have kids, but I can’t imagine not letting the father have a say in the name. As for final say, I’d only want to name my child something the father agreed on too, rather than the two of us arguing over it.

aubrey mackenzie on

Daniel, 48, is also dad to Kahlea, 25, with Cheryl Baldwin, Alexandra, 18, with Elizabeth Baldwin, Attics, 12, with Isabella Hofmann, and Avis Ann, 15 months, with Joanne.

Daniel has one daughter kahlea with Cheryl
Daniel has one daughter Alexandra with Elisabeth
Daniel has one son Acttius with Isabella
Daniel have one daughter avis and soon to be daughter with Joanne
So that 5 children with FOUR different women
Either you guys fail math class or you miscount his children

CelebBabyLover on

Jax- Then how do you explain how some couples have a system where the mother names the first child, the father the second (or vice versa), or one parent chooses the name if it’s one gender, and the other chooses the name if it’s the other gender?

And, for the record, some couples consider pregnancy to be an experience they go through together. For example, if you look back at my family’s old Christmas letters (written by my mother), my mother’s two pregnancies were always addressed as “our pregnancy”.

Granted, it is the woman who pushes the kid out (or, like my mother, has it pulled out of her stomach in a C-section), but a woman can’t get pregnant by herself (I’m speaking biologically here, just to be clear. Obviously single women can and DO get pregnant via IUI and IVF and such.), nor do men “get” women pregnant.

It “takes two to tango,” and and it’s BOTH partners who make the pregnancy happen!

Marilyn on

Daniel has 3 daughters and 1 son plus a daughter on the way, Stephen Baldwin has 2 daughters, Alec has 1 daughter, and Billy has 2 daughters and 1 son, so they do have mostly daughters. I wonder if their sisters have kids, and if so, if they are sons! I’ll have to look it up.