Converse Alert!

04/17/2009 at 01:30 PM ET

This week was all about celeb kids in Converse, with no fewer than four wearing the classic sneakers! The Hollywood kids may be jetsetting around the world, but they’re wearing affordable shoes!

On a trip to a Beverly Hills playground, Amanda Peet‘s daughter Frankie Benioff wore Converse Kids Chuck Taylor All Star® 2 Strap in Black ($32). In Saint Tropez, Salma Hayek‘s daughter Valentina Pinault wore Converse All-Star Low Tops in navy ($26, plus save 15% with code CBB15 through 4/23/09). At the White House Easter Egg Roll, Sasha Obama wore Converse One Star for Target Lace-Up Oxfords in black ($20). And at the release party for his mom Tori Spelling‘s book Mommywood, Liam McDermott wore Converse All Star High Tops in Black ($26).

Fame; No Credit; Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty

— Danielle

Do your kids wear Converse? What style is your favorite?

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j on

all the girls in my fam wear chuck taylors, its kind of a tradition … though a bummer they cost a small fortune now, since Nike purchased the company. my daughter’s very first shoes were white high top chuck taylor crib shoes, a gift from my sister.

Catherine on

My 11 year old daughter loves Converse! She really likes the high tops, though! She wears the low tops, too, but she loves the high tops! She has 6 pairs, yellow, red, black, pink, and green high tops, and then she has white low tops, that she drew on with permanant marker. I think the shoes are very affordable, and cute, but I don’t really think they’re my style!

Abbey on

My son and daughter will only wear Converse and Adidas shoes. His favorites are the Converse All-Star Low Tops, and they are mine too. My daughter loves the Converse All-Star Chuck Taylor Slip On and Converse Future Pro Ox the best.

Ryo on

I’ve had my eye on All-Star Low Tops like Valentina’s – that COLOR even – for quite awhile. Unfortunately I am not hard on shoes so I have to wait until I actually need new ones!


My sister got my daughter 5 pairs of converse for xmas (her friend gor her a great discount)and now that is all she wears!! We love them…she has red, brown, blue, pink and black. I have black and teal. Anyway, my daughter is such a girly girl that loves pink, bows, skirts and dresses…and she wears all that with her converse!! lol

JMO on

Aren’t converse sneakers bad for you feet because they lack an arch?? I just know my mom’s always had foot problems and skechers and converse were on the list of the worse shoes to put on your feet (along with Crocs)! The best were Clarks, Adidas, Nike’s and New Balance. I personally think Converse are hideous and even as a kid wouldn’t wear them (although my dad did buy me a pair of pink ones). On kids they’re kinda cute but I don’t know if I’d necessarily buy them for my kids.

Jennifer on

Has anyone noticed how big Sasha’s feet are fro an 8 year old? She is going to be really tall!

Isa on

My youngest daughter, who’s six months, has the pink, high top crib shoes. My five year old and 20 month old have the regular, pink high tops while my three year old has black, green, and gray ones.

We’re definitely a Converse family considering both my fiance and I have pairs of our own but I, personally, opt for the low tops.

Sheena on

Noooo! I hate converse! I saw a whole aisle of them at Target today. I refuse to let my husband wear them, never mind my kids!

Rachel on

Caydee (nearly 3) looks absolutely adorable in her navy blue low top all stars. They’re actually her third pair :O)

In response to JMO — you are right, they are bad for your feet, but not necessarily for young children. Babies and toddlers don’t have the arch that older kids and adults do, so they’re actually perfect for them. As you get older though, anything without an arch is horribly bad for your foot (unless you’re flat footed).

I have a cousin who has a high arch and wears converse and flip flops all the time and her feet roll inward to where they’re practically dangling off the side. Definitely not a good thing!

Anna on

I had to have them when I was about 14, it was a huge hype back then. But now they just look strange to me, sort of a thing from the past. I think they look cute on little kids though.

Krystal on

When my daughter was younger, they were the only shoes wide enough for her fat baby feet! Now that she is older (7) she likes the colors 🙂

Bieta on

I can proudly say, I started wearing converses by like age 1. I couldn’t believe it, but I saw a pic recently. I also sported checkered vans! Oh the 80s, good times.

Anyway, I love them now still but they’re so flat and my feet are big enough, converses just accentuates it.

Brittany on

I’d definately let my kids wear them. My 9month old niece has a pair and when they are on she can’t get them off. Converse sneakers are really good for babies who can crawl around and get their shoes off.

brannon on

My son loves them – current favorites are bright yellow low tops. Very very cute.

Natasha on

Wow. Affordable? I was lucky enough to get my one and only pair of (brown corduroy) Converse as a birthday gift from my husband; I have never considered getting them for the kids, they have one pair of sneakers from Clarks each and that’s it for those type of shoes, I was quite amazed to hear about children who have them in different colours. Of course others would be amazed to hear how much I spend on food for the kids (including lunchbox sushi and organic meat, fruit and veg) so I guess it’s all relative….

Carie D. Snowbarger on

My son, Zachary, is 6 years old. I bought him his first pair of Chucks when he was still in the womb heh. He wore them when he was 4 months old. Ever since then he has had a pair of Chucks or Vans to wear. My Mom always was amazed at me for the amount of shoes I would get my kiddo but 1. I have a love affair with chucks and he adores all the styles/patterns they come in 2. I always hit up Payless and try to get the knockoff versions for them unless I want to get him the real thing for pictures or something special (I go for the knockoffs just because he is rough on his shoes heh). I also have other shoes for him as well so his feet get the support he needs. If we ever have a girl I shall be getting her some chucks as well. Got to be stylin and profilin!!!!! lol

Marie on

I bought my son’s first pair of Chucks from Babies’R’US shortly after he was born. Little white leather ones. They were his very first pair of shoes. Once he started crusing, I bought him StrideRite and SeeKaiRun shoes for better support and traction.

He’s 2 years old now and I need to get him another pair of Chucks for the summer! And another pair of Crocs too!

Kat on

they just don’t fit our budget for canvas shoes, so we stick to good imitators… but I love a nice canvas shoe for kids!

My daughter is loving her latest pair… a rainbow pair with horizontal “laces” bits placed to the side in rainbow colors… from walmart… only 10 dollars and she adores them.

Perfect play shoes when you just need something that lets the air through and can’t wear sandals.

rebecca on

Yay, great post! I am a die-hard Chuck Taylor All-Stars fan, as they have so much history and still look almost exactly the same as when they were introduced back in the early 1900’s. I love that everywhere I travel, from NYC to Sydney to Shanghai, Converse are so popular all over the world. My 6 year old has always had a pair since he was 4 months old (the crib shoes weren’t out yet). I found the high tops difficult to put on an infant/toddler, so I mostly stuck to low-tops. These days, I take advantage of the velcro options for my 18 month old. All-Stars = Classic.

JMO on

Well pediatrician’s suggest not putting shoes on young babies because their feet are still developing….so I think good shoes should start at a young age to avoid problems further on in the future. I do think converse look cute on little kids but if I’m going to spend money on shoes I’d rather get good shoes. I always remember my feet aching in converse as a kid and that’s when I told my mom I didn’t want to wear them anymore. although I can’t say anything I wear flip flops religiously in the warm weather and they too are horrible for your feet (probably more so then converse, uggs, and crocs).

billiga converse skor on

They look so cute!