Heidi Klum & Seal Expecting Fourth Child

04/16/2009 at 02:15 PM ET

Supermodel Heidi Klum is pregnant with her fourth child, Seal confirmed at his concert this evening. “[The] topic of debate outside our hotel is, ‘Is Heidi having another baby?'” he told the audience. “Heidi and I are having another baby!” The Project Runway host and her singer husband expect their new arrival in the fall.

The baby will join siblings Leni, 5 next month, Henry GΓΌnther, 3 Β½, and Johan Riley, 2.

This latest addition to the family shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise. Last year, Heidi herself hinted that she might still want more kids. “So many people say, ‘I am so done.’ That hasn’t come out of my mouth, and it hasn’t come out of Seal’s mouth either,” she told Redbook magazine in July. “I feel like we still have one coming.”

The news was first reported by In Touch Weekly, with E!’s Mark Malkin confirming with his sources last evening.

Source: PEOPLE; Us Weekly

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Bieta on

Trying for a girl perhaps? Congrats! They seem like good parents.

Erika on

Wow I really thought the rumors were false, but I like this family so congrats!! All 3 kids are beautiful, so I can’t wait to see number 4!

nimbusi on

contrats! these two makes adorable babies πŸ™‚

Kayla on

Wow! all you girls that commented on the post of Heidi Klumb were indeed correct……….Congrats heidi and seal

martyna on

they are so lovely family , congrats:)

Lis on

How sweet. Let’s hope it’s a little sister for Leni πŸ˜‰
I like the kids’ names – different, but not weird – I’m excited for the name of #4!

Randi on

I hope she has a girl that would make such a perfect family. But whatever they do have will be a beautiful child. Congrats!!!

bungalowbliss on

Wowzas! Yay!!!

Stacie on

Aww, I thought so when I saw a picture of Heidi and Johan yesterday, but you never know these days.
Congratulations to them, another beautiful baby on the way! πŸ™‚

Alecia on

Since my post this morning, I’ve been checking back all day to see if there were any updates, thanx CBB staff & congrats to Heidi & Seal, here’s hoping for a safe & healthy pregnancy & delivery.

morgan on

I was wondering when CBB would announce this! How exciting, they make gorgeous babies. Congrats to Heidi, Seal and the kids on the new addition!

Natasha on

Congrats to the family! 4 kids under 5 should be fun πŸ˜‰

Emily on

I would love to see them have a daughter — They have two gorgeous boys, I’d love to see what their girl would look like. πŸ™‚

FC on

So, Heidi had other projects she was working on besides Project Runway? Another Heidi-Seal baby production? πŸ˜‰ Ha!

I’m happy for them, and I’d love it if it could be two and two: two boys and two girls, if this one turns out to be a girl. But I’m just looking forward to this baby getting here. :)And of course seeing photos of Heidi pre and post.

french gigi on

i heard this this morning and was waiting for you guys to do the confirmation, (just so i knew it was true!)……what exciting news!

Brianne on

yay! I read this last night and passed it along to CBB… so glad they’ve posted. I’m so happy for Heidi and Seal – they seem like such a great family. I’ve always been a Heidi fan… and can’t wait to see how fabulous she looks with this 4th pregnancy. Congrats to them!!

Liz on

Do you know around what month is she due?.I hope they have a girl this time so Leni can have a little sister to dress up with(LOL).

Crystal on

I read yesterday on aol that she was expecting and I’ve been checking CBB regularly to see if/when they would make an announcement. I semi-believed the other sites but when it’s posted on CBB I KNOW it’s true. Seal and Heidi are one of my favorite celebrity families. I’m so happy that they are expecting again! I’m hoping it’s a girl but I can definitely see another handsome boy in the mix. CONGRATULATIONS!!! That little baby will have all the ♥ in the world. I can’t wait to see pics of the baby bump. Heidi always looks FANTASTIC pregnant. It could be the fact that she is a supermodel so she looks fantastic anyway. Congrats again! Here’s to a happy healthy pregnancy and baby!!

Sadie on

What’s with all the comments about them trying for a girl, or how they have two boys. No, they have two boys and one girl already.

Sarah on

YAY!!! This is an absolutely wonderful family! Heidi seems like a really great, down-to-earth mother. And Seal and Heidi make beautiful babies!! Congrats!!

Gina on

Sadie, yes they do already have a daughter but the two of them don’t have a daughter together. There is a difference in blended families. I have a step daughter but my husbands and my two little girls are our daughters.

Kelli on

Yeahhhh!!! That is wonderful news! I really like this family, they seem to have so much fun together.

Nika on

Wonderful news! I’m so happy for them! Heidi and Seal seem like the best parents ever, and I’m sure this new little one will receive all the love in the world! He or she will have some great siblings to learn from!
Can’t wait to see Heidi with a babybump again, she looks stunning pregnant (but I actually think pregnancy makes every woman glow!)

Mari on

I knew it! That was the first thought that crossed my mind when I saw her with a poncho. Congrats!!

Shirelle on

I hope they have a girl! so they can have there 1st girl together and so it will be 2 girls 2 boys

Kelli on

Gina–Your description of your stap daughter is a little harsh…you consider the other two children yours but not the other? Wow…
That said, Leni IS Seal’s child; it may not be by blood but he has been the only one in her life and he has adopted her I believe. So legally she is THEIR daughter.

Lauren on

I didn’t hear any of the rumors before reading them on CBB, but after that I had a real suspicion she was expecting. I always thought they’d have at least one more, and I won’t be surprised at all if another comes after this one. Congrats to all of them!

You all know what this means: two more nannies joining the brigade! :p

Alice on

Wow that’s wonderful news, I’m really happy for them. Congratulations!!

I’m hoping for a little girl too!! It would be even then, 2 girls and 2 boys πŸ™‚

Natasha on

I’m 110% sure that Leni is very much Seal’s daughter, he’s been there for her since before day 1. I’d still like to see a daughter with their genes as Henry & Johan are far too cute. It’s just like seeing Knox Jolie-Pitt, obviously they already had two boys before he was born but seeing a boy with Brad Pitt’s looks is pretty cool haha.

daniela on

Yay!!! One of my fav celebrity couples! I don’t really care what they have but I must admit I would love for them to have a girl! But another boy would be fine with me, and with them I’m sure! πŸ˜‰

Ali on

WOW! Didn’t see this one coming at all

mmh on

Gina — You might not consider your step-daughter your daughter, but — just a heads up — you and your hubby might have to help pay her future therapy bills just the same!!

Chelsea on

YAY! I love Heidi and Seal both and they already have such adorable children together! It would be cute to see them with another little girl! Two and two of each would be perfection!

Kel on

Congrats!!!!!! πŸ™‚

gianna on

I always thought this couple would have 4 kids, ever since she was pregnant with henry. I think it will be another boy, and probably favor seal, like the boys do. I’m guessing she is due around late sept/early october, most rumors I read said she is close to 4 months already. Wow 4 kids in 5 years, she is one fertile lady.

Erica on

Glueckwunsch zum Baby!!!

Linda on

Congratulations to Heidi and Seal on the new addition to the family.

Harley on

Holy Cr*p! Unexpected this soon. I remember somewhere she said they were going to wait for a while lol. I was thinking another year or so. Congrats to them either way πŸ™‚ She’s beautiful when she’s not pregnant, much more so when she is.

Alexis on

Congrats to them both and I think we know what there favorite hobby is!

gianna on

Oh I wanted to add I never get the whole trying for a girl or a boy comment, once a couple has more than say 2 kids who are already a girl and a boy. If people have 2 or more kids with different sexes and they keep having babies, it’s most likely because they like having kids. I can see someone thinking that if someone has 3 girls and is pregnant with a 4th, but if you have 2 boys and 1 girl and are pregnant again, you probably just like having kids. Because it doesn’t always work out that it’s 2 girls and 2 boys equally, and really once you already have a few kids who cares what the sex is, as long as it’s healthy.

cas on

i’m so happy for them!!!! hope they have a girl!

Leslie D. May on

Congrats and hope it’s a girl this time…but if not, keep on trying until you get a “Little Diva.”

Chelsea on


I totally see what you’re saying, but I know that I just said I hope (not that I have any say in it, obviously) that they’re having another girl, just because I think it’d be nice for Leni to have a sister in the house (growing up with only brothers, I myself always wanted a sister). Then again, it might be nice for Leni to be the only girl and be “special” (for lack of a better word) in that way.

Anyways, I’m sure you’re right and Seal and Heidi just love having kids and will be happy with either a boy or girl. πŸ™‚

Ruth on

Congrats to Heidi and Seal. Heidi you are an amazing person.:)

Bieta on


and god said…let there be unnecessary drama.

Clearly they have to like kids, because whether or not they’re trying for a girl they don’t have any say in the matter.

Abera Suren on

Your already a beautiful family but with one more addition youll be a ulrta beautiful family. πŸ™‚

Hope itll be a girl this time!!!!

Laura on

I think maybe some people might have said “they have 2 boys” meaning they already have 2 boys and only one girl so having another girl would even it out. At least that was my thought! I’m very happy for them. They seem like great parents and their children are adorable!

Kelsey on

I knew it!! All the recent pictures of her I thought I could see a little baby bump. I am so happy for them, they seem like great parents. I wish them the best with this new little one, though I hope Leni gets a little sister this time.

Christian on

FABULOUS! I love both of them.. they seem like hard working, regular parents! πŸ™‚

Jj on

YAY for them!!! Im excited.

Sandra on

Oh wow, finally… I’ve been looking on CBB site every day the last week or so, just to see if they were expecting. They make beautiful babies.

Congrats to Seal and Heidi.

Sarah on

Wow!! Congrats to Heidi and the family!

Silvermouse on

YAY!!!!!!!! That’s awesome that she’s expecting! She’s my favorite celebrity on here!

Jess from Ohio on

Congrats to them! They seem like such wonderful parents and I am glad to see them adding on to their [adorable!] brood.

Christine on

Love this couple!!!

mom of 3 boys on

ya know, I never would have suspected these two as a couple. But they are so amazing together and it appears they have a great ‘love story’. Congrats to all.

Christine on

And I’ll ditto what the others have said regarding Seal being Leni’s father. He was present for her birth so he has most definately been her Daddy from day 1. From before day 1…

Her biological father is not a part of her life, nor has he ever been.

Michelle on

Congratulations to them!!! I think this is a great family and they seem like wonderful parents!

Also – for everyone saying “I hope they have a girl” I also took those comments to mean that this way they’d have two of each.

Two of each – a princess amongst princes – either way, as long as the baby is healthy. πŸ™‚

Liz on

Congratulations! She seems so very happy. I understand- my 1st is duethis fall and it is pretty amazing. They have such a lovely family!

Natasha on

Actually Christine, for some reason I think I remember reading that Flavio said he’s seen her once when she was like 6 months old or something. He’s definitely not “involved” but I think he has met her.

Cynthia on

I wasn’t shocked to hear this…my husband recently got Seal’s new album, Soul, for me and as he said to me, ‘It’s baby-making music!!’

Congrats to them!

Crystal on

Heidi has made it clear that she would like another girl. I think that’s why (me included) people are saying they hope it’s a girl. No one is trying to exclude Leni seeing as she is BOTH of their daughters and Seal has said in every interview that Leni is HIS!!! Two girls and two boys would be wonderful but I’m sure that all Seal and Heidi want is a healthy baby regardless of gender. I’m sooo excited for them! ♥ them!!

gianna on

I know seal hasn’t legally adopted leni, and I always wondered why, because he seems to adore her and always mentions her along with his 2 sons. I heard that even though flavio is not in her life, he hasn’t wanted to seal to adopt her. Leni never had flavio’s last name either, she was always leni klum. I remember seal saying once if leni wanted to meet her bio dad when she was older, he would support that too. I also heard flavio had a trust fund put aside for Leni. Flavio is like 61 yr old, he just married a model who is like 26yrs old, I saw pics of them on a beach 2 months ago. It’s sad he has never been part of his daughter’s life. I do wonder when leni is older if she will feel different from her siblings,being that she looks different and has her mom’s last name.

Mia on

Aw,yay, that was a quick confirmation! I wonder if it’ll be a girl? That would be a nice balance, 2 boys/2 girls!

Lilly on

Congrats! Here’s hoping for a girl this time around! πŸ™‚

Lilly on

P.S> Have you guys noticed an interesting trend lately…celebrities are announcing their pregnancies before the media even has a chance to do the “bump watch” and speculate about them.
We saw this most recently with Nicole Richie and now with Heidi Klum.
I for one think it’s great. Far better to announce the happy new on your own terms – before having to spill the beans thanks to paparazzi pics.

Juliet on

I’m so happy for them!

JMO on

I never thought for a second they’d be done having kids!!! Congrats! Maybe they’ll get a little girl this time around!

Dita on

Congrats Heidi and Seal =) I hope you have a healthy baby girl, so that Leni has a sister to play with

babyboopie on

Congratulations to Seal and Heidi, I am so happy for them. They are truly in love and are every inch a beautiful family, with beautiful children. I can’t wait to see what their new addition will be and what he/she will look like!

sushi on

i’d like them to have a girl, because even if i understand that Leni is Seal’s daughter , i’m a bit curious and i’d like to see what Seal’s biogical daughter could look like. But since his sons are beautiful i’m certain that if Heidi and Seal have a (second) daughter together, this child would be more than okay!
I bet it was a christmas baby! Nice present!

Liza on

AHHHH! I havent commented in months and how ive missed it!

But this is worthy. YAY!

Patti on

Girl or BOY… what a beautiful blessing! I adore this family:)!

StΓ©ph on

How nice! I wasn’t expecting this news today, but it is funny because I thought about that last week. I told to myself that she might have a baby this year, but wasn’t expecting it so early.

Wow 4 in 5 years!

Corrie e on

How wonderful for them! I can’t lie, I actually yelped a little bit when I read this…Heidi and Seal are so great together and their kids are just adorable. Maybe this time it’ll be a little sister for Leni – how nice would that be? Congratulations, Seal and Heidi!

Natalie on

Yippe! that whole family is so CUTE!

Toni on

I am so happy for you and Seal, but heartbroken for myself and my daughter. She has been on a fertility medicine for 6 months and still no baby, hopefully soon. Enjoy your children because they grow so fast.

Tina on

yay:D congrats.

maggiie on

great couple! when their second son was born i read an interview with them where seal said that he loved his kids but that hedi was his number one priority,at the time i thought it was a bit strange but now i think its really nice!

JMT on

Love Heidi and Seal, I think you are so great, you and Seal seem so in love, congrats on the new baby, many more!!!!

Susan D on

Looks like they’ll have to hire another nanny. Does anyone else notice that whenever she is out with the kids she has at least one nanny with her? Not as “hands on” with her kids as she’d like the world to think.

m-dot on

I knew more will coming! So cool. I love them!

Kelly on

They are such a beautiful family I am so happy for them! Such exciting news, cant wait to see this new little one!

Lauren on

Wow!! That was totally unexpected! Congrats to both of them ❀

I hope its a little girl for the sake of Lenny! Or shes gonna grow up in such a testosterone filled house πŸ˜›

jpineda on

it is always nice to see people have children who really love and appreciate their children, so many people have children and are not ready and don’t take care of them like they should

Mia on


While it seems obvious that a parents first priority is their children, I think a lot of couples spend so much time focusing on their children that they forget to focus/give attention to each other, and a lot of relationships break up because of that. Realistically there would be no children, without that partnership in the first place, so in some sense the foundation that Seal/Heidi have as a family is always keeping each other at top priority, but their children in strong mind at the same time. It doesn’t mean they love their children any less, but the love you have for your partner is different than the love you have for your children, no better or more/no worse or less.

Monique on

Congratulations Seal, Heidi and family. I wish I can have at least 10% of the happiness you have. Lots of love!

Mrs. R. on

She and I were pregnant at the same time last time around and her natural and casual beauty was such an inspiration to me! I just ADORE that family and it makes me so happy that it isn’t just a rumor! Maybe with a little luck they’ll have another girl so it will be 2 boys and 2 girls!

So happy for them all! What a lovely brood they have!

Crystal on

Mia- I couldn’t have said it better myself! So true! I COMPLETELY AGREE!!!

Joyce Adams on

Congratulations !!!!!!!!!!! Could not have happened to a better couple !!!! God Bless !!!!!!!!!!!


Congratualtions to them!!!!

off topic: i’ve emailed a picture to cbb and i dont know if they got it or not.

Stephany on

Aw, this is such happy news! I kept reading rumors but was waiting for CBB to confirm it. I always knew they would add to their family so yay! I am hoping for a little girl to even out the family! I’d love to see what a Heidi-Seal baby girl would look like! πŸ™‚

erika on

congrats on your new bundle of joy

Julie on

I’m happy for them. Such a lovely family! It was a bit hard reading this as she is probably due around when I have been since I recently had a miscarriage, but am still happy for her. Very sweet family!

Janis on

Congrats to her! I wish her and her family nothing but the best. What a blessing!

anna on

All that money, resources and all those nannies – easy to have a 4th one!

A little girl would be so cute!

Seal has an outspoken fascination (fetish) about pregnancy so this doesnt come as a surprise at all. He said that when him and Heidi first started dating (Heidi was pregnant and single) and he saw her bump emerge for the first time, he said something very similar to “That’s it, that’s my woman”. A little rare perhaps, but thats how it went down!

danda_lion on

I love these kids so I’m sure the sibling will be just as adorable. I also hope they have a girl so they have 2 girls and 2 boys.

Thelma Cynthia on

I wish you the best of everything!

mary on

Congrats! Hope it will be a girl. I love this family a lot-happy and loving with one another. God bless, too!

eternalcanadian on

wow, that is a surprise! congratulations to heidi and seal! she continues to look amazing for someone that has had three children, soon four, and to walk the fashion runways (including for lingere).

Eleonora on

Yes, I knew it!
Congrats to the family!

Liz on

Sadie, Seal and Heidi have 2 boys together. Heidi has a daughter from a prior relationship (not Seal’s child).

A lovely, happy family πŸ™‚

kai on

haha, if heidi said she’d like another girl, people here would be SO quick to criticize.


Allegra on

I can understand that lots of people want to see a little girl with Seal’s genes (me included), but Leni is absolutely and without a doubt his daughter too, as he’s raised her from birth and evidently loves her as his own.
Anyway, congratulations to this beautiful beautiful family, and best wishes for a safe pregnancy and delivery.

suzannah on

aww i thought so !! congratulations πŸ™‚
i hope its a little girl this time so they will have 2 of each !

Anne on

Congratulations to the two of them. They seem like they really have things together. How exciting!

deproct on

congratulations on your news!! Babies are a blessing and a joy!

Raichel on

Gina, as far as I know, Seal has been the father figure in Leni’s life. Heidi was pregnant with Leni when she met and fell in love with Seal. He has been the only father she’s ever known, and he refers to her as his child as well. It’s so sad to see that so many people are overly concerned with who is their biological child, instead of simply loving every child in the same way. Perhaps in your family there is a distinction, but not in Heidi and Seal’s, and they should be applauded for it. Here’s to TWO daughters!

Tara on

I really don’t get you people saying Seal is not Leni’s father. Flavio is not part of Leni’s life at all. Yet he refuses to sign over parental rights to Heidi. I grew up this way. My sperm donor was just that sperm donor, luckily my stepfather was allowed to adopt me and a father is the man who takes the time to raise me and love me and take care of me. Flavio is no father. Seal is Leni’s father, whether he is able to adopt Leni or not. A father is not DNA I am sorry but this is how I feel. My Dad is every bit my father. The man who created me is not, he just happened to have unprotected sex with my mom and ger her pregnant and abandon her when he found out.

Claudette on

Congratulations Heidi and Seal;

What a beautiful love story that you both have and Heidi you have such a beautiful deameanor about you that makes you the perfect mother, wife, friend and mother. Continued blessings to you both and those beautiful children and you prepare to welcome the newest addition to the family.

Monique7 on

Just want to extend my Congratulations to Heidi and Seal, such a wonderful couple they are. I’m sure they’ll be wonderful as they already are with their other three beautiful children. Again, my Congratulations!!!!!!

nathalie lelie on

congratulations heidi and seal. i do hope you will have a girl. heidi you always look absolutely beautiful. i saw you on tv for the victoria secrets fashion show on valentine’s day. you have an amazing voice, and i love when you and seal did a duet, i cried. once again congrats to both of you on your 4th child.

Musenga Faith Phiri on

CONGRATS to Heidi,Seal and their kids.
Personally I don’t see the need for people to distinguish biological from none biological children or whatever.In my culture what in the west is considered as an aunt or a cousin is actually a mother and brother/sister…father etc and our elders are our parents…it saddens me to see my people losing this aspect of our culture because we had no such thing as orphans and street kids…we took care of each other and I hope to continue on with what has been instilled in me.Just because some one “fathers” a child doesn’t make them a father.

ali on

Congratulations Heidi!!!!! More beautiful babies.

Brittany on

One of my fave Hollywood couples, I love Heidi Klum. I hope they have a girl this time, someone for Leni to play barbies with. Congrats to them πŸ™‚ Can’t wait to see what they have they always choose nice old fashioned names.



artika haliyasmin on


BK on

Congratulations! You two are wonderful!

adiblogger on

wow! there are news! congrats. I hope they still dont get enough and make even more. the world needs beautiful people!

Mrs. Mickie Cole on

Congradulations to the both of you!! You are such a wonderful couple and you both share your careers together but also make time for your kids!! Bravo

lauril on

What a beautiful couple…you can just tell this is a couple that truly loves each other. They radiate that love. They each have the sweetest spirits and exude such patience, kindness and love. So great they are populating the earth with more sweetness and gentleness. We need more like that! Not to mention, their kids are gorgeous…wait until their old enough to sing! πŸ™‚

Brianne on

Congratulations, Heidi and Seal! Your love for one another and your children just emanates from both of you, and it’s a wonderful thing to see! I wish you all nothing but the best with your new bundle of joy!!!

southsidegirl on

Dear Heidi and Seal,wishing you both much joy with your new one on the way! I think you are a beautiful couple, and I wish you much happiness!!!!

brannon on

Love this family! 3 beautiful children a nd one more to come – exciting! But gina – wow. So sad for you. Thank goodness my family sees no lines.

zzubqni on


ASM1976 on

I don’t know if Leni even has a relationship with her biological father. But Seal has been with Heidi since she was in the earlys stages of pregnancy with Leni. I read that he was beaming when Heidi gave birth to Leni–as if Leni were his biological child. So Seal really does view Leni as his child–and you can tell Leni is smitten with Seal as well. I think Heidi and Seal just love each other and love children which is why they are having more! It’s great news!! Congratulations to them!

Marlita on

HOORAY for the family!! I think it’s great that Heidi’s had 3 kids and still has an absolutely amazzing body!!

ARuby on

A truly remarkable woman, a truly wholesome couple, God Bless all of you. May your life continue to be blessed with happiness, laughter, health, love and presperity. Stay sincere, as you have been, the world needs more families like yours. GOD BLESS YOU!

Missy H on

Heidi & Seal,
Congrats on the impending addition to the family you have now. I Love the love you and your husband share.. it’s rare. And being that there is that love, it should be shared. Having childrean is a Blessing and a Miracle. God Bless!!! Oh! And I Love Project Runway!!!

Natalie on

I love it! they seem like such a great couple and family πŸ™‚ And being a mixed race child myself (well, not child, Im 26, lol) I love when more beautiful, biracial children are born into this world! but thats just me πŸ™‚

Ann on

Heidi and Seal,
Congratulations to a beautiful couple! I have followed both of your careers and family
life for a long time, like so many impressed with your devotion and love. Thanks for sharing,
best of luck with this new bundle of joy.

Ms. Pat on

Mucho congrats to the both of you. You guys are one of my favorite hollywood couple, you both are so down to earth. I hope you get a little girl for everyone to spoil. God Bless you all!!

Rae on

im so happy for them they are amazing parents. i hope they have a girl so leni has a little sister to play with. god i hope that if i ever have kids i look as great as heidi. im so happy for them!!!

Anne on

I’m so delighted to see a “Family” always happy in what ever picture they are in. I wish them much happiness. Their children will grown up being loved!

Jan on

congratulations and best wishes Seal and Heidi on your expected bundle of joy ;)! Both of you are a class act in the entertainment world and as parents of a beautiful family .

KrisD Mauga on

Congrats on you’re soon to be new addition. Just saw your husband perform tonight at nokia in la- absolutely wonderful- what a fabulous family you make

Tara on

Congratulations! I am so happy for you. You have beautiful babies, and I personally believe you and Seal should work on populating the world with beautiful babies. Plus if I looked as good as you do when your pregnant I would be pregnant all the time.