Matthew Broderick on James' School Picture Snafu

04/15/2009 at 04:00 PM ET
Santiago Baez/RAMEY

One little boy is missing from a New York City school’s class picture taken yesterday; James Wilkie will not be included in the group shot as the 6-year-old was still fast asleep in bed after a late night out!

In an appearance on the Today show, a tired looking Matthew Broderick admits that all did not go as planned after taking his son to theย New York Mets’ opening game. “He had been told that he could stay up as late as he wants and miss school — bad parents that we are,” jokes Matthew.

Unfortunately, the 47-year-old father forgot Tuesday was school picture day for James. “Today is class photo day so he did have to go to school,” he says. Or so he thought!

“So both of us had to wake up this morning. So,ย I set the alarm, we woke up, and went straight back to sleep! But we had such a good time.”

James is Matthew’s son with his wife, actress Sarah Jessica Parker.

Source: Today

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Kayla on

I’m sure when he is older he will look back and be happy he enjoyed a baseball game with his dad and not think damn I should have gone to school for class picture day….

alice jane on

When I was a kid my parents would let me have a day off every now and then. I think it’s nice for a kid to get a break here and there. Obviously if a parent is keeping their kid out of school every now and then it’s not good, but I think it’s sweet that Matthew and James got to spend that additional time together!

Natasha on

I agree Kayla. School is important but missing a day isn’t gonna kill anyone!

Terri on

My mom would never let me off from school. Even dentist’s appointments had to be made for after school. I would have loved a day to play hookey!

alice jane on

oops, I meant to say if a parent keeps their child out of school frequently it’s not good. But a little bit of hookey never hurts! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Michelle on

That’s a sweet story. I agree–a day off every now and then shouldn’t hurt anyone!

Jess from Ohio on

My parents let me do this a time or two a school year and I loved it. Nothing wrong with playing hooky occasionally. What a fun time for James!

Tina on

i wish they were my parents… heaven forbid i miss a day of school sigh.

Mrs. R. on

He’s 6. I’m a first grade teacher and I will be the first one to say that if he misses one day, even if it IS picture day, it isn’t the end of the world. I think parents who put family time and the occasional special family treat first generally have the most well balanced kids. The kids tend to understand better than their peers that while school and learning is important, that there are more things to life and success and feeling good about ones self.

Sarah on

My mom allowed me and my brothers to have one “free day” every year of school from 1st grade to my senior year of high school. It could never be a day that I had something important due, but if it was just a normal day I could turn in my “free day” card and got to stay at home and just relax. She realized that school is stressful and that every once in awhile you just need a break. I plan on doing the same thing with my kids when they are in school =D

Grace on

As a teacher myself, I too agree that one day off isn’t going to hurt anyone at his age ๐Ÿ™‚ Family time and experiences are just as important as what they are learning in school ๐Ÿ™‚


kris on

I think it’s pretty funny Dad set the alarm and they BOTH fell back to sleep!!

babyboopie on

That’s so nice to hear, I agree with the other posters, it’s always nice to have just the occassional day off school to enjoy some quality time as that is important too. Back in October, I took my son out and we had a wonderful time together and he had a great week at school after that, because he was buoyed up!

Finnaryn on

President Obama is coming to my state next week and you can bet I am taking my 3rd grader out of school to go see him. One day of missed division doesn’t hold a candle to seeing the President in person. ๐Ÿ˜€

Molly Mae on

My mom did this with me from Kindergarten to my senior year. I remember once or twice a year all through my elementary school years she’d surprise me and tell me I could stay home. Or sometimes she’d pick me up halfway through the day and take me out to lunch. Once I was in High School, she let me decide when I wanted to stay home for the day. No more than once or twice a year though! Fun memories!

pinkfluffgirl on

It’s Kindergarten, not the SAT’s! If anything, they’ll still order his class picture and when he’s 20 he can look back and say “Ha, that was the day me and Dad went to the game and didn’t wake up in time to get to school the next day!”

Everyone needs a few ‘mental health’ days a year…even kids.

Crystal on

I really like the idea of letting your kids stay home once or twice during the school year. My aunt does that with her daughters and they ♥ it! When I have children I’ll probably do that with them. It’ll be a nice way to bond and the children will always remember it like you guys do! Thanks!

Erika on

My mom does this with me and I love it! Sometimes you just need a day off to release stress. I actually think I do better when I have a day off to relax and get everything together.

Nicole on

I have the total opposite view from everyone who has posted so far. Allowing a child to stay home from school for a baseball games gives the impression that baseball is more important than the responsibility you have to go to school and learn. I teach first grade and it bothers me a lot when people take their children out of school. It’s very disrespectful of my time and the hard work I put in to creating lessons and assessing their child and giving them the support they need to succeed. No one ever looks at it that way. What if his teacher was planning an assessment that day? If he’s gone, he holds up the ENTIRE class and causes his teacher to have to take time away from other things that were planned the next day to give the test over to just one kid. It’s a real pain when that happens. If they’re sick, of course, they need to stay home and get well. But other than that, kids need to go to school. There are days off built in to the school year. Use those days for kids to rest and go on trips and see baseball games.

shalay on

Being a teacher, I see where you’re coming from, Nicole. But I think their day together was less about baseball and more about father/son bonding time. Those moments are priceless. Yes, there are weekends and school vacations, but life is too short to limit family excursions to just those days. If I wake up one morning and suddenly want to take my child to the zoo because it’s gorgeous outside, I should have the right to do that. As long as it’s only once in awhile, of course, and not on any important test days. I truly believe that having little adventures with kids benefits them more than it hinders them. I loved reading this story about Matthew and James.

Des on

When he grows up he will remember that more than the fact that he missed picture day.

My parents did stuff like this too and I will remember it until I die. My mom took me out a couple of times for “girls shopping day” and I remember it feeling so special.