Lil Wayne: 'The Mothers Of My Kids Are Great'

04/15/2009 at 12:00 PM ET
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Life on the road can be tough — however, life on the road without the family along can be downright unbearable! Fortunately for Lil Wayne, his kids are always a phone call away. While the arrangements may not be ideal for the rapper, he credits his ex-partners with making the entire situation that much easier. “The mothers of my kids are great,” he tells the latest issue of Rolling Stone.

“If I’m calling at three in the morning because I’m in Europe, they’re willing to jump on that call: ‘Wake up! It’s your daddy!'”

Currently on tour, Lil Wayne is missing his 5-month-old son Dwayne Carter III, but has brought his daughter Reginae along for the ride, much to the 10-year-old’s delight. “On the road, everybody around me knows her, so she loves that,” he shares. Not only are the father-daughter duo having some time to themselves, the proud papa reveals his little girl is his biggest critic! “She watches the show every night and tells me, ‘Daddy, you shouldn’t have said that…'”

Although able to spend time with Reginae now, Lil Wayne understands that coordinating their schedules is not always feasible. When the time comes for the pair to be separated, the 26-year-old admits that being reunited with his daughter depends heavily on the continued support he receives from the girl’s mother. “If I haven’t seen my daughter Reginae in two months and want to see her, her mom’s packing her stuff up, asking where to send it,” he says.

Dwayne is Lil Wayne’s son from a previous relationship, while Reginae is his daughter with ex-wife Antonia ‘Toya’ Johnson.

Source: Rolling Stone; April 16th issue

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erinbeth on

Although I’m pleased to see that he is at least making the effort to be in his children’s lives, his shows are hardly and appropriate place for a 10 year old child.

eva on

Reginae must be having the time of her life with her dad. Her mother is clearly a selfless and loving woman for sending her to spend some time with him and I’m glad Lil Wayne sees it.

Felicia on

The fact that he was very young when his daughter was born and that he tries to be as involved as he can is great, I think.

fay on

erinbeth, i really don’t think there’s anything wrong w/ a 10 yr old being at a lil wayne concert, outside of the language, his shows are actually very good… and a lot of ppl use profanity and don’t really have a problem using it around their kids…

also a lot of people teach their children that although someone else is using these words, they are NOT words for children… i.e., if you’re appropriately parenting your children (which obviously someone is, if she’s telling him that some of the things he’s saying are inappropriate/unecessary) then there’s nothing EXTRA wrong w/ being at a lil wayne concert…

i know i went to one when i was 7 mos preggo and my daughter was in utero having a GREAT TIME, and being as i’m originally from new orleans, she’s GONNA hear a lot more of it…

no problems…

So Fay, did you have your baby? You had us cracking up over here with your last few posts!

-CBB Staff

Keltie on

I don’t care who it is…a call at 3 am is unacceptable unless it is a family emergency.

Patrice on

Wayne sounds like an incredible father : ) He is proof positive that you do not have to be a victim of your own circumstance, and that ANY cycle can be broken.

Alex on

Keltie – ITA! I am hoping he was joking with the 3am call thing, but there is no way I would drag my kids out of bed at that time for a phonecall, unless we’re talking life or death. He should be the one staying up late to speak to them, or getting up early, whatever the situation. His children should not be dancing to his beat and he shouldn’t expect them to either.

Mel on

Keltie Says:
April 15th, 2009 at 12:58 pm
I don’t care who it is…a call at 3 am is unacceptable unless it is a family emergency

Are you kidding me? I see nothing wrong with that…he he wasn’t calling his kids at all. then that’s a different story. Give the man a break. He is taking care of his own. I hold nothing agaisnt him for that. Life on the road is difficult as it is. He, the mothers of his 2 kids and the kids (well the 10 year old) probably all understand it. Whats wrong with a quick “Hi, I love you”?


Jess from Ohio on

I hold the upmost respect for men who take care of their responsibilities even though they are “famous”. He may be a rapper, but he seems to definitely be a father first.

My claim to fame: I was born at the same hospital as Dwayne Carter III. That’s about my only “relation” to anyone famous lol.

Nina on

To be honest I am not too sure who he is but I think it’s fantastic for any father to say such great things about their ex’s! He seems to care a great deal about his kids and knows how important the mother of his children are! Fantastic! 🙂

Bieta on

God bless his baby mama!

I wish my fiance’s was that great. Thats a whole nother story


Sarah on

While I think it’s great that Lil Wayne tries to be involved in his children’s lives, I can’t help but laugh a little at the title of this post. It just sounds a little awkward “the mothers.” — Don’t get me wrong, I’m not criticizing anyone here. I just thought the wording was a little humorous!!

fay on

yeah, she’s here… 9 lbs 12 oz 22 in baby girl april 6 zahrah karena ifetayo-arike


Anna on

He sounds selfish. He can read time right? Just figure out the time difference and call your children at a decent hour. It’s not that hard.

alice jane on

Maybe his daughter likes getting those late calls? If they were so disruptive to her I doubt her parents would let them happen. They’re probably really exciting for her.

Terri on

LOL, it’s not that hard to call at a decent hour from Europe. There’s only 6 hours difference.

Terri on

Six hours or so…I know there are more than one time zone.

Marissa on

I don’t think it’s the words that are inappropriate as much as the content. Lick lick lick it like a lollipop..hmmm..

Neelie on

I agree with Sarah. That headline made me wince and laugh at the same time. Better than “My baby Mommas”, I guess.


To the people complaining about the calls at 3 am being inappropriate, seriously come on. He is away working and calling to speak to his child. Speaking from experience, ask any military wife who has had a spouse deployed, you live for those middle of the night calls no matter what time it is. Not saying being on the road as a rock star is the equvalent to being in a war zone. But in both situations they are away doing their job. At least he is trying to keep that bond with his child

fay on


if your ur (i don’t mean YOUR your) kids understand what lick lick lick it like a lollipop means, u have more problems than them listening to lil wayne

i used to listen to grace jones (pull up to the bumper) and minnie ripperton (inside my love) when i was a little kid… and sang them around my mother, but i had NO idea what they were talking abt… so there wasn’t really a problem…

kait on

I totally agree with fay on that last post. My favorite artist/band as a little kid was not Nsync, it was Tina Turner. Obviously I didn’t understand what “Private Dancer” was about till I was older, it’ll be a nice birds & the bees chat with his daughter when the time comes. Ha!

DeyCallMeJuice on

I dont see what the big deal is about the 3am phone call! at least he calls his children or even had interactions with them… Some people dont even have that!… Some dont even know who their father is… So to be a Black Father active in your kids life is totally woth getting 3am phone calls!!..