A Zev Update From Marissa Jaret Winokur!

04/15/2009 at 08:00 AM ET
Courtesy MJW for use on CBB

It’s been awhile since we’ve heard anything about Mr. Zev Isaac Miller, so we decided to ask mama Marissa Jaret Winokur for a little update! The Broadway babe and Dancing With the Stars alum shared some new photos and caught us up on her little rascal, now 8 months old!

CBB: What’s Zev up to lately? What are his latest milestones? It looks like he’s getting teeth!

MJW: Yes, two front teeth! He is wonderful and very active — he climbs on anything and up stairs!

He says “Ma ma” and “buh bye,” laughs so hard and loves playing peek-a-boo! He picks up everything and in the mouth it goes! I have had a few scares with pebbles at the park!

What are his favorite books and activities?

He loves EVERY book! Zev will now sit for a story with his daddy [Judah Miller], it melts my heart! He loves to turn pages and … well, eat the book, so we stick to cardboard ones, no paper.

Just like me, he loves being outside. I like pulling him around the neighborhood in his new wagon. He loves the swings, playing in the pool, and crawling all around the grass.

His favorites toys are his bubble machine and standing push-toy. We love My Gym and wish we could go there every day. Zev also loves Yo Gabba Gabba and kicking his legs to the beat — he loves music!

So … who do you think will win Dancing With the Stars?

Oh my God, I love love love [former partner] Tony [Dovolani] and Melissa [Rycroft]!

Also loving Lil Kim … they both have great stories about coming back and saying, “Look at me now!!!” I love a comeback story in high heels, bedazzled dresses and spray on tans — who doesn’t?!
More photos below!

Courtesy MJW for use on CBB
Courtesy MJW for use on CBB

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Sandra on

So cute!!!

Natasha on

Absolutely adorable. I am so happy for her and her family. Great pictures

Bonnie on

I wouldn’t say that of most celebrities, but she just seems like someone whose company I would always enjoy. I haven’t really followed her career, but every quote I read about her I think “man, she just seems like a really fun, nice, and normal person”. Her little boy is also ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!!!

Amy L on

He is a beautiful baby, like his mamma. We love Marissa and wish her all the best with Zev.

babyboopie on

Zev looks just like Marissa, he’s so beautiful! Can’t believe he is 8 months old!

dickieangenson on

He is so cute! I love Marissa’s personality. I agree Bonnie, I would love to hang out with her!

Lacey on

He looks Sooo MUCH like Marissa.

Jen DC on

I’m so pleased for her! What a sweet boy.

madylane on

He is a mini Judah! Wow! So cute.

Katie on

What an adorable baby…and a big huge smile! Oh man! It’s neat to hear how he is liking music already, but with his mama being who she is, it’s no surprise. Glad to hear everyone is doing well! =)

CTBmom on

Gorgeous little guy! I am sure his Marissa and Judah are totally smitten with him. =)

Patrice on

Wow! Looks just like his mom! AND seems to be a little red-head. Too cute : )

nimbusi on

he’s adorable 🙂 i love smiling happy babies

Juliet on

He’s so cute.

pia on

what an amazing, HUGE smile!!! what a gorgeous boy… looks exactly like his mama.. he’s the type of baby you really wanna tickle and blow raspberries on the tummies of..

lelee on

He’s really cute. But i think only one question: why is his nose in an other colour than the rest of his skin? was he too much in the sun :)?

anyway: very cute baby and i’m happy for marissa janet winokur and judah miller :)!

A Mama on

What a cutie! Great name too! My Son’s hebrew name is Zev!

Shawna on

Awww! He’s so cute! His smile is exactly like Marissa’s! She must be so happy getting to experience all this after thinking she might never have a child of her own. Congrats to them again!

Zev Miller on

Hi everyone this is Zev….. Thank you for all the sweet comments! I do smile all the time! and I actually don’t know why my nose photographs a different color! its just me I guess!

Becky on

Wow! What a complete mix of both parents! Just when I think he looks just like Mamma, then Im like No, I see Daddy, then say well no…Mom….so total mix! What a doll!

Kat on

I just love anything in regards to Marissa and her family, especially Zev!

He is one of the cutest babies ever and such a delight to see pics or videos of.

You can tell that Marissa and Judah really know what a miracle they have in their little man.

Lots of hugs and smooches to Zev!

Dannah on

Ohmigoodness, Marissa! I never noticed that about his nose!!! Hahaha. Too many carrots, I suppose.

Kat on

lelee, I think his nose might be an orangey color from eating orange vegetables – squash, carrots, etc. My nephew ate a ton of strained carrots when he was that age and had the same orange nose in all of his pictures. My mom said that’s just something strange that happens with carrots and squash!

Tina on

hes so freaking cute! awww! <3.

Christina Bledsoe on

He looks like a little rock star already and he’s only a baby 🙂

Stephany on

He’s so stinkin’ cute! I love his gummy little grin!

anonymous on

Carotenemia is an excess of beta-carotene in the blood. It is a common and mostly harmless condition in infants usually appearing when infants begin to eat solids. When they eat too many foods containing beta-carotene (e.g. pumpkin, carrot, most yellow or orange vegetables), the baby receives too much beta-carotene and some is deposited in the skin. This gives the skin a yellow or orange coloring. Whereas this condition is usually harmless, it is important to distinguish it from jaundice or other very serious conditions which also cause yellow skin or orange skin. Note that beta-carotene excess should not cause yellow eyes whereas jaundice usually does, though there are exceptions. Always seek prompt professional medical advice about any discoloration of your child’s skin.

Ashley on

Zev is one of my favorite celebrity babies. Look how happy and adorable he is? I just love Marissa, and I was a HUGE fan of hers when she was on Dancing with the Stars.

pinky on

I think the orange nose is pretty cute

Alex on

Zev is a doll! I wish the family the best.

Patricia on

Oh my God!!! What a cutie! He looks like such an active and happy little boy:)

P on

Awww! He looks like my cousin 😀

Emily on

I’m glad the orange nose happens to other babies too! My sons nose did that and I thought it was just him! Zev is a cutie 🙂

FC on

He’s such a cute little boy, hamming it up for each photo. And he’s such a mini-Marissa, chin and all! 🙂

Kristina on

he is soooo cute!!!!! marissa is sooo lucky to have such a cute son!!!!!

g!na on

what a adorable baby! he’s full of ♥♥

Allison on

Zev has the kind of mature baby face that will look the same when he’s 10 years old. What a cutie!