Josh Holloway Welcomes Daughter Java Kumala

04/13/2009 at 07:25 PM ET

Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

Lost star Josh Holloway is a proud new papa! Wife Yessica delivered the couple’s first child — a daughter named Java Kumala Holloway —Β on Thursday, April 9th in Oahu, Hawaii, where the hit show is filmed. A source close to the 39-year-old actor confirmed the news exclusively to PEOPLE, adding:

“Dad and mom are absolutely thrilled. Everyone’s happy and healthy.”

JoshΒ and Yessica were married in 2004; The pregnancy was announced in December.

Source: PEOPLE

— Missy

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Tiffany on

Wow what a name! I am all for wacky names but this one takes the cake. I can’t wait for the meaning and their reason for picking it…
By the way congrats!

daniela on

Hmmm…so how is Java pronounced? Like the coffee or HA-va?

Anyway, congrats to the family! πŸ™‚

Paige on

Congratlaitons to Josh and Yessica!

I’ll bet she’ll be a daddy’s girl.

Andrea on

Does anyone know have to say Java?

I’m guessing it’s hawaiian

Congrads I bet she is pretty

Anne on


cat on

Congratulations! I actually like the name Java. They must be thrilled with their baby girl.

Bieta on

My favorite lost member! Congrats! Nice name.

Bieta on

Is it pronounced Jah-va or Ha-va?

Emily on

Java? Eh. He’s hot and I love him on Lost, but not a fan of the name. Haha.

Olivia on

Congrats to Josh and his wife! I’m definitely a Sawyer girl, and Josh is on my “Freebie-Five” list, ha. Not a huge fan of the name personally (though I am a java addict), but it sounds like it might have inspiration from Yessica’s heritage or family. No doubt she’ll be a beautiful little girl and very much loved!

Tara on

Congrats, I am sure that girl is gorgeous.

The name…oof. Java as in coffee? Kumala as in the obese 1980s professional wrestler? One of the worst I have seen. on

I don’t get the name, but congratulations to them!

appellationmountain on

What an interesting way to honor mom’s heritage! Java wouldn’t work for us – we’d have to name our kid Warsaw. Or Naples. But it seems like a natural choice for them.

Bieta on

I don’t see how this name is wacky. It may not be of your culture, but it doesn’t make it wacky or even weird. Seems like some peoples ignorance is showing, no offense.

Java as in the island.

Kumala is Yessica’s last name..i think she’s indonesian.

Its a family name you guys should LOVE IT…like blakesley.

PJ on

Wow Tara, way to bring down an article…

Dorien on

Great, you both seem like the perfect parents! Enjoy, very happy for you both. Big fan btw Sawyer!

Adrian on

LOVE that name!

Olivia on

Kumala is Yessica’s maiden name, I do know that.

Amie on

Congrats to them. I love Lost and I really like the name.

TW on

Bieta @ 14 has got it. Yessica Kumala is a native of Jakarta [on the island of Java], Indonesia. Different name, sure, but lovely in its meaning and origin!

Ryan on

I had such a gut feeling they were going to have a girl! How cute! Java is interesting! Not sure how I feel about it, but I’ve heard worse! πŸ™‚

meghan on

Congratulations to Josh and Yessica! I cannot beleive the way you people are mocking this name! You do realize you are mocking her culture, right?

Manda Jo on

Yay I was hoping a famous baby would be born on my birthday! I thought it might be the Williams-Paisley baby! Congrats to Josh and his wife!

Kresta on

I bet she is a beautiful little girl. Josh is so hot…lol.

french gigi on

for some reason i can just see little java as having the same unique beauty as nahla aubrey. i cant wait to see her (i hope….i know josh is quite private in his life).

Lauren on

Hope she likes Starbucks…

Iva on

Fun name!

Sandra on

Congrats to mum and dad on the new arrival. πŸ™‚

Alexandra on

I can’t wait to see some photos of her! She’s gonna be a cutie pie!

Chantal on

Maybe it’s pronounced as J-Ava, as in Ava with a J in front of it. Jeeva.
I love the name! It’s pretty πŸ™‚
I always had the feeling they would have a girl. A girl fits Josh.
Congrats to this amazing couple!

MZ on

Thanks for explaining where Java came from. At first I thought “coffee???” and was kind of confused. I love the middle name. Now I think the name is very beautiful because of the meaning behind it.

I’m sure Java is going to be gorgeous! Congrats to Josh and Yessica!

Neeli on

Congrats! God Bless the child with health and long life Amen πŸ™‚

Jane on

I read it as JAH vah. I hope it’s like JAY vah. It’s better than a Blakesely any day.

Lins on

They “stole”our name!My family and my husband’s are from Java and that’s the reason we had this name in mind for a girl.(But we got a boy)

eva on

Its a name that reflects the mother’s heritage.I can understand and appreciate ethnic names a lot better than wacky names with no real meaning or reason to be other than “it’s different and spelled wrong”. Java will be proud of her name.

carolina on

When I saw the name I immediately thought of Indonesia’s largest island: Java. If the above poster is correct that Yessica is Indonesian, it’s a great way to honor her heritage.
Best of luck to them! I had been wondering this week when she would give birth!

Sam & Freya's Mum on

Not sure if I like it either. Can’t help but think of the coffee!!, but if it has a family meaning due to his wife’s background it’s kinda cute I guess, better than thinking of the coffee. Our 15 mth old daughter may get though when older (hope not!), as Freya is an Old Nordic name, but it’s also a brand of bread now in NZ. Could be worse connections/images I guess! In our case we liked the name and it’s meaning, goddess of love/fertility, not a brand name for bread!! Congrats on the safe arrival of their baby girl – bound to be gorgeous with the mix of genes from both her parents!

Alice on

Congrats to the new parents! I’m sure little Java will be gorgeous!

Mallory on

Well, now that I know that Yessica is Indonesian and was born on the island of Java, the name makes a thousand times more sense now!

It’s unique, but not horrible; come on, we’ve seen much much weirder names on here!

Congrats to Josh and Yessica on their baby girl!

angela on

For those of you that know, how do you pronounce the first name? If it is in fact after the island?

Anna on

I kind of like the name and that it has a meaning to them. However I think not liking the name doesn’t mean you are mocking her culture. I don’t think there are (m)any Indonesian children names Java.

Ekaterina on

Oooh, how cute! I looove him on Lost. Sawyer is one of my favorites!

And I seriously wish people would be more sensitive/aware of cultural influences or even heritage. For starters–Tara, that was incredibly offensive to say that about her middle name. It’s her mother’s maiden name. I highly doubt you’d be okay with someone make remarks like that about your family names. Read the article before you comment next time. Secondly as many have pointed out, Java is the largest island in Indonesia and his wife is Indonesian. They are obviously honoring her heritage. I remember the really nasty comments that came out after Will Ferrell named his son Magnus, like he was some ego-maniac or something. In actuality, his wife is Swedish and Magnus is an incredibly common name over there. Keep that in mind when commenting on baby names that might sound unusual. Personally, I’m predominantly Irish and I plan on giving my kids Gaelic names.

Karen on

Maybe they’ll have another one and name it Joe!

Jae on

Interesting name.. congrats to them!

shidley on

Kind of sad. How a newborn child’s name garners criticism. Kumala is also Hawaiian. I could be wrong here, but I’d venture to guess both parents put a good deal of thought in choosing a name for their daughter. Something that, undoubtedly, carries very special meaning to them.

Abby on

I am Indonesian, and Kumala is a very common name in Indonesia. It is not used much nowadays, but growing up, I’ve had lots of friends named Kumala.

Michelle on

Congrats to them! I absolutely love Josh on “Lost”. πŸ™‚ My first thought when I heard the name was also coffee, but I figured it was probably a more ethnic name. I’m curious about the pronunciation now as I’ve seen a couple of different suggestions as to how it could be pronounced posted.

Gen on

That baby is going to be a stunner for sure! congrats to Josh and Yessica. I am a Sawyer fan too! ; )

Tina on

ohhhh! i love the name Java! i think its original but not to out there. Java Holloway sounds really pretty to me. congrats to them.

Tina on

J-ava, thats one of my new favourite names:).

Sarah on

Oh my I LOVE that name!!! It is so unique but so pretty at the same time, any way you pronounce it. Many congratulations to Josh and Yessica

SouthernBelle on

I don’t dislike the name at all nor do I think it’s weird, but we owned a Basset hound named Java, so I can’t help but think of him when I hear the name. It’s so hard to separate names from previous relationships with them, whether the relationships were/are positive or negative. And I think it’s okay to have opinions, likes and dislikes regarding names. Otherwise all guys would be named the same name, as would all girls. But, I think we need to be careful how we express our opinion on names in a public forum or even among a small group because you never know whose feelings you may hurt unnecessarily.

ErykaWynter on

This will be one spectacular looking child. Cannot wait to see photos! Congrats to Josh and Yessica!

motherless hulagirl on

Never known a Java, but hey… Josh and Yessica are way cooooooool people, and the name will fit their princess for sure.
Best of luck.. Hawai’i has many interesting and ACCEPTED names.
To each is own… She will be fine..This new baby girl of theirs.

Alex on

It will be ironic if Java hates coffee when she grows up. Java is a terrible name just like Apple.

CelebBabyLover on

Alex- As other posters have said, the name likely honors Yessica’s culture. It’s fine to say you don’t like the name, but to say it’s “horrible” is, well, horrible! I mean, how would YOU like if YOUR child’s name reflected your heritage and someone called it horrible? I doubt you’d like it!

nsk on

Congratulations to the couple on the arrival of Java Kumala. When I saw the baby’s name, I had a feeling his wife was of Indonesian descent. And she is! Very neat news!
Though to many, the word “Java” automatically conjures up images of coffee, Java is actually the name of an island of Indonesia. The island of Java is steeped with history, and it’s actual etymology varies. One meaning may be “home”.
“Kumala”, from what I know, means “gemstone” in an ancient Javanese language, Bahasa Kawi (Kawi Language). Though different, using it for a child’s name is endearing – most especially if it holds deep meaning for the mother.

MiB on

Congratulations to the new parents. Java Kumala is a lovely name. Java Holloway has a very nice flow to it and I think that the meaning behind it is great. I myself have an Indonesian middle name, Dewi, because I was born in Jakarta (on Java by the way) and my parents wanted to honour that. My middle name (which I actually hardly use other than when filling out forms) is very precious to me because of the meaning behind it, and I am sure that Java Kumala will be proud of her names too.

kai on

frankly, it’s kind of embarassing that people apparantly think it’s a brand name.

but how do you pronounce it in English?(Not my first language)

Lovely couple, congrats!

Donna on

Congradulations Josh is my favorite on the show I bet she will beautiful how could she not be when her father looks like that.

Jrhea on

interesting name….Congratulations to them!

FC on

Aww, I’m happy for Josh and Yessica. Congrats to them! I think their daughter’s name is adorable, to be honest. It has an exotic drink sound to it, lol, but it’s so cute, and I’m sure the baby is, too… πŸ™‚

DD on

Love the name. Very pretty and very Hawaiian!

MRL on

Anyone else find it cute that not only does the baby’s name reflect mom’s heritage but the child is named after an ISLAND?! Now what would dad know about an island? Ha ha..

belles on

I’m indonesian, and half JAVAnese too, and the name doesnt sound all that weird to me. (though ive lived in indonesia my whole life and have yet to meet someone named java. people just don’t name their kids after islands or places here)
Not weird at all, and definitely not ‘horrible’, or ‘one of the worst’. I think it’s just a tad unique and unusual, without being too…out there

pronounciation help : ‘jah-vuh koo-‘mah-lah. java rhymes with lava. Or….. more correctly, ALL As in java and kumala as in ‘dada’, as in how babies say daddy

Jenny on

I think Java Kumala is a beautiful name. I certainly didn’t think of coffee when I saw the name!

Lina on

i am sooo happy for josh and yessica
lost is my favorite show and sawyer is soooo hot!!
java is going to be beautiful…but does anyone know for sure how is the name pronounced?

Syd on

Lost is my fave show and java is the coolest name ever! Congratulations to them both! (although to be honest i was hoping to have josh myself πŸ˜‰ ) lol

Susan on

‘Java’ is Indonesian language or Bahasa. It Means Jawa, one of the island in Indonesia. Java is pronounce Ja (Like in Josh) and Va (Like in Vet) So, its simply Java πŸ™‚