Newborn Brooks Firestone is the 'Ultimate College Partier'

04/10/2009 at 02:00 PM ET

Eric Charbonneau/WireImage

Former Bachelor star Andrew Firestone has discovered an interesting guy that he refers to as “the ultimate college partier” — unfortunately, that person is his 2 ½-week-old son, Adam Brooks!

Andrew explains that Brooks, as he and wife Ivana call him, is “up all night making funny little noises, and then all day he’s just passed out asleep.” At first, that was a problem for the 33-year-old, who was losing sleep himself because he would “literally stay up all night” watching his son. As Brooks gets a little older, the family is adjusting to having a little one around and starting to venture out on mini-day trips, which Andrew enjoys.

“We went out for the first time — took him for a walk on the beach. It was so awesome, just getting the car and the diaper bag packed.”

Brooks is the first child for Andrew and Ivana, 31, who were married on July 5th, 2008.

Source: US Weekly


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Amber on

How neat! My husband’s name is Andrew and we just had a baby 10 days before these guys and called him Adam too! Weird! And our Adam is also up all night making little noises!! LOL!

Susan on

That’s cute.

Maggie on

do they call him Brooks?

(I hope not, it sounds so pompous) but I was curious, it looks like CBB is refering him to as Brooks vs. Adam.

Jenny on

I think Andrew’s brother’s name is Adam.. so maybe that’s why they are calling him Brooks? Brooks Firestone is a great name in my opinion.. but definitely has the “wealthy” sound to it.

Tina on

i like adam… but brooks is cool and it sounds different:).

mel on

I always wondered what the Celebrity Moms would feel like if they saw the not-so-nice discussions that people have about what they name their kids…until now. My 4-year old son is named Brooks and we are neither “pompous” nor “wealthy”. We are just average middle-class Americans that liked the name Brooks because we knew an older gentleman with that name. Obviously everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but geez…give the Firestones a break!

Chris on

I love the name Brooks but it always makes me think of that character from Shawshank Redemption (movie)!

traxie on

I think Brooks is a wonderful, stylish name. Kudos to you for using it Mel. I’d use it in a heartbeat except I’m from Australia where Brooke (for a girl) is hugely common and I’ve literally never come across a Brooks – it’s virtually unheard-of here, all the Brooks’s I’ve heard of are American, eg an actor and a congressman. I think it’s a fabulous name though.

Sam & Freya's Mum on

Each to their own, glad their new son is doing well, ‘partying’ & all! Not a fan of his first or middle names personally. Brooks sounds like a surname to me, not a first name but may be just me, we live in NZ where it’s lots of Thomas’s, Jacks, Max’s, Jacksons, Harrisons, Charlie’s, Harry’s etc, all very ‘normal’ I guess & popular as they have a nice ring to them I guess, to me sounder cuter and more like a ‘name’. So Brooks not a name haven’t heard it myself as a first name, just like Kevin Costner’s 2nd son Hayes – another first name that to be sounds a surname, maybe common in the US as seem to be into more ‘unusual’ names, but not a fan of either Brooks or Hayes, hopefully Andrew and wife just call him Adam but maybe they won’t by sounds of it – I’m one of those who also doesn’t understand going by a middle name, why name them something else?!!! Long as they like it. I also think Brooks sounds a bit posh, no offence though to others with same first name, just not my sort of thing. Hope they enjoy family life though…

Alex on

I don’t get why they didn’t name him Brooks Adam. Calling a kid by their middle name makes no sense to me. Plus I think Adam is a great name.

CelebBabyLover on

Alex- Someone else said that they think Adam is Andrew’s brother’s name. If that is indeed the case, I can see both why they’d want to give him the first name of Adam but call him by his middle name. 🙂

Katy on

Andrew’s dad is Brooks and is very involved with Santa Barbara politics.