Kim Porter Says Twin Daughters Make Diddy 'Melt'

04/10/2009 at 08:00 AM ET
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From the sound of things, 2-year-old twins D’Lila Star and Jessie James Combs are daddy’s girls in the making! Mom Kim Porter tells PEOPLE that her ex-partner Diddy — aka Sean Combs — has a definite soft spot for their daughters. Diddy is “really hands on” as a father, Kim praises, and although he travels often “he always make sure to make time for his girls.”

“They really make him melt.”

With music “definitely in their genes,” Kim says the twins “can’t help” but sing and dance whenever one of Diddy’s songs come on. “They’re already singing lullabies,” she adds. “They love music.” Recently potty-trained “thanks to a week at Grandma’s,” the terrible twos appear to have skipped the twins — for now! Says Kim,

“They’re walking, they’re singing nursery rhymes, they’re super, super smart. They’re at a really fun stage of development right now so I’m really enjoying them.”

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RibbonInTheSky on

I love the Combs twins. They are adorable. I especially love seeing them with their daddy.

Kate on

I am glad he melts but I hope they don’t pick a man like their father to marry.

dee on

Potty training Grandma style. I love it.

Shannon on

JEALOUS! Wish I could take my little one to Grandma’s for a week and bring him home potty trained! LOL!

Seriously though, those little girls are sooo adorable!

Janna on

Amen, Kate. I couldn’t agree more. Wonder how he will feel when his daughters and grown and a man treats them the way he seems to treat all the ‘women in his life’, most especially the mother(s) of his children.

cassie on

I wonder how he treats his other daughter Chance by Sarah Chapman,she’s three months older than the twins and lives in Atlanta.I wonder if he has a soft spot and makes time for her. He hasn’t mentioned her since 2007 when he acknowledged he was her father in NYDailey News.

m-dot on

@ Cassie: I was thinking the same thing! His first daughter Chance is so beautiful. She looks like twins, but with long silky hair. You would thing they had both the same parents. I hopes he’s showing her the love and devotion she deserves as well. Cutting a check the court requires aint cutting it!

CelebBabyLover on

cassie and m-dot- For all we know, Chance’s mother does not want Diddy involved in her life!

Sarah K. on

Cassie, I wonder the same thing. He is very public about his love for the twins, but doesn’t ever mention Chance. I did see a picture of her with her mom at TI’s kids’ joint birthday party. She is adorable and looks exactly like the twins. I hope she gets equal attention from Diddy.

And, on the other topic…I am still surprised when men with daughters don’t treat women well. Most of these men would be livid if some guy treated their daughters half as bad. And, girls learn a lot about how they should be treated from their fathers. It would be sad to see Chance, Jessie, and D’Lila grow up thinking that men are supposed to walk all over them.

CelebBabyLover on

Sarah K.- Maybe Chance’s mother doesn’t want Diddy to talk about their daughter in public! Why do you assume it’s completely Diddy’s choice?

Sarah K. on

I didn’t say that it wasn’t Sarah’s choice- it very well could be. I said that he doesn’t talk about her. I never even tried to guess why and I definitely didn’t assume that it was Diddy’s choice. I obviously don’t them and I obviously don’t know why Diddy doesn’t talk about her.

I said the thing about getting equal attention because I believe she lives in a different state. So, Chance doesn’t have the same access as the twins.