Brooke Burke's Encounter With Sandbox Etiquette

04/10/2009 at 04:00 PM ET
Brooke BurkeMike/Fame

Last weekend was one to be remembered for the Burke-Charvet family. With David spending time with friends in Las Vegas, Brooke headed out with her girlfriends Friday evening to wine and dine.

After a night spent swapping stories and sipping on drinks, Brooke blogs that she may have consumed a bit “too much wine” — but paid for it in full the morning after!

Undeterred by their late night festivities, Brooke and her friends packed up the kids and headed out to a local park Saturday morning.

Despite the playground swarming with paparazzi, Brooke was determined to enjoy the day with her family. “I didn’t want it to take away from the kids’ fun,” she writes of the photographers. “It’s kind of sad that I don’t spend as much time with them in that area, simply because of the hassle with all of the paparazzi.”

Enjoying the sunshine, Brooke admits that she was in for quite a surprise when she realized it was not the paps who were set on spoiling the day, but rather a fellow mom!

“The real killer was the RUDE mother in the sandbox that wouldn’t let any of the kids use her child’s sand toys. She actually took a shovel away from Rain and Rain kept asking me, ‘Why mommy?'”

Luckily for the kids, it was Brooke to the rescue! Taking a quick time-out to run across the street and stock up on toys for the rest of the children to enjoy, Brooke can’t help but be flabbergasted by the examples — or lack thereof — set by parents. “It’s amazing how a grown up can behave that way,” she notes. “Talk about NO sandbox etiquette!”

The busy weekend finished off with Brooke and David enjoying a birthday bash with a few of their friends, followed by a family fish barbecue. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end! “Life quickly returned to the Malibu norm by sunrise, too bad every great night has to end!” Brooke writes.

Neriah, 9, and Sierra Sky, 7, are Brooke’s daughters with ex-husband Dr. Garth Fisher, while Heaven Rain, 2, and Shaya Braven, 13 months, are her children with fiancé David Charvet.

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— Anya

Brooke is wearing Free People’s Peace Dove Angel Tee ($88).

A second photo from the day — this time with Rain — is below.

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kh on

I personally don’t see the problem with the mother not sharing the sandbox toy. That’s why every mother should come prepared with their own sandbox toys. And then after that there can be some kind of conversation about borrowing and sharing toys (not kids grabbing and crying and expecting to play with every toy they like). People shouldn’t feel expected to share the sandbox toys. And its a good lesson for kids to learn that they can’t play with everything they want. I’m a mom of two young boys, btw.


I have lost many sand toys like that…all the kids want to play with them and then they walk away with the toy and I am too embarrased to ask for it back. I say take your own sand toys!

I would never take a toy away from a child though…maybe that is why children at the park love me, I am the mom that gives them sand toys (rolling eyes) LOL

*AJ* on

I think ofcourse its her things and she doesn’t have to share, but at the same time if the child was willing to play and share her things with Brooke’s kids and her friend’s, go for it. Grabbing the toys away from Rain the way that lady did, doesn’t teach her child any kind of manner that will benefit it either.
I don’t think Brooke wrote this as a way to say “my kids didn’t get what they wanted, so I bought it for them.” I think she was just shocked at the way the mother handled it. There are much better ways to go about making children realize that you don’t want them to play with your child’s things, rather than ripping shovels out of a 2 year olds hands.
If she doesn’t want to share thats fine, but there were better and more appropriate ways to handle it than what this mother had done.

Nina on

In some ways I agree except right now my 2 1/2 year old boy is having a really hard time sharing. If another child comes to play with his toys and my son freaks out I tell him to use his words and he’ll tell the other child “I am playing with this right now.” And then I say to the other child sorry sweetie he’s not done yet.
This has been good for my boy because he has learned to use his words more and sometimes he has no problem sharing which is great. But I agree some moms are really nasty about that stuff, at least I feel like I am respecting my son and the other child/mom, not just grabbing the toy away from them!

Ryo on

I think it’s one thing to not let other children play with toys, but taking a toy out of a child’s hand is completely inappropriate. I hope that woman knows exactly how rude she was!

Sarah K. on

I also kinda see where that other mom was coming from. My guess is that she’s probably had people walk off with her children’s toys and got fed up. But, I also wouldn’t have the heart to take a toy out of a child’s hands. Maybe Brooke was more put off by something the woman said or the manner in which she took the toy from Rain??

alabama on

I think I’m with kh on this one. Maybe the other mom has had issues with other kids unintentionally wandering off with her child’s toys. I know it has happened to me, and it can be really uncomfortable to go and ask for it back because you don’t want to be seen as accusing the other child of stealing. While it was a little harsh to take the toy out of Rain’s hands (would it hurt to ask for it back?), maybe she took it back to avert a crisis – not all children are good at sharing and perhaps she took action before her child did. I don’t think we can expect all parents and children to be willing to share, and that’s okay. Of course, living in TN, I know nothing of LA sandbox etiquette 🙂

Clair on

Rain is getting so big and i think she’s starting to look like David a lot more

Amanda on

Well said kh. Funny how she acts the hero getting toys for all the kids. Made me LOL. Sorry…bring your own toys and stop making it such a big deal.

Amanda on

Kids can’t grab and have whatever they want and that is something they have to learn. JMHO.

Chris on

LOL @ “sandbox etiquette” but it’s true. I can see both sides of this very important issue. 🙂 Anyway it was nice of Brooke to buy toys for all the kids.

MomE on

Yeah, I had the same thoughts as those posted so far. We don’t know the full story, but if it wasn’t her child’s toy she shouldn’t expect that her child could just play with it. I havne’t encountered this situation as my girl is a bit shy at the playground and won’t just grab things that I don’t specifically tell her she can have (at least not yet). But my daughter IS in daycare as I work full time. When I go to visit the kids are always taking toys from each other. The teachers always take the toy, give it back to the child who originally had it, and tell the child who took it that they have to wait or get another toy. THAT’S proper etiquette. Just today my daughter took something that actually belonged to another child, I took it away and gave it back to the other child and told my daughter that it wasn’t hers and gave her something else to occupy her.

Anyway, yeah, I don’t know what makes her think her child can just take things that don’t belong to her child. She should have been prepared with her own toys or just redirected attention to some other activity.

Sam on

I agree…..I am picky too about other children using my child’s toys BUT, I would never take a toy from another child just because it was my child’s toy. I say just bring your own toys to play with if you’re going to a public place like that.

brooklyn11 on

Yeah, I guess it would depend on the amount of toys my child had in the sandbox…if it was just a shovel and a bucket, I would not want another child taking either one away from my child, leaving my child unable to play…if my daughter had several different toys..what’s the harm in sharing! I run into this same issue at the swimming pool with my daughters swim goggles!

I am sure she will never go to the sandbox empty-handed again! Good lesson for both mom and child!

Carolyn Gatzke on

This is a great teachable moment! Offer no judgement of the other family with words or actions. Let your child know that different families do things differently, but in your family you share your sand toys. Next time, come armed with toys your child is willingly to share (allow her to leave some behind if she doesn’t wish to lend them).

The truth in life and in the sandbox is that some people don’t share.

Courtney on

Wow, I have to say that I am the mom bringing everything and expecting all the kids to play with them. I also bring a big box of snacks from Sam’s or Costco and my kids offer to share with the other kids.

I think it speaks to society in general. People just don’t care about eachother anymore. It makes me sad. So you can be a part of the cure or a part of the problem.

What is SO WRONG with teaching your child to share and seeing the joy it beings to another child?? I try and instill values in my children that will help them in life and being stingy with your belongings isn’t what I want to teach them. There are LOTS of other times and situations to teach them they aren’t always going to get what they A trip to the store teaches them that.

Last thing I say to my kids when I drop them off at school is “Be a good friend and be a good person”. There are many ways to be a good person.

Of course this is all MY opinion and MY belief in how to raise kids. I have 4, btw.(8,7,6,2)

Julie on

It’s a public sandbox so I think it’s unrealistic to think other children won’t be interested in playing with your child’s toys. On the other hand I’ve never heard of sandbox etiquette that says if you’re in the sandbox with toys you are required to share them. The best way to have dealt with this would be for Brooke to have encouraged her kids to ask nicely if they could play with the toys, and for the other Mom to have encouraged her child to share. Maybe they could have found a middle ground.

colleenscreatives on

I don’t see anything wrong with it either. I don’t like other kids to use the toys I bring for my 2 boys. They always get lost and broken from the other kids, they don’t care enough about them because they are not their own. It’s not my fault their mothers didn’t bring them toys to use. You can’t always get what you want…never to early to learn that lesson

Katie on

I take sand toys to the park. I tell my kids any toys they take to the park they have to share. Usually the other parents are good about making sure their kids return the toys. If we lose a few, no biggie. They are .99 cents at target.

Moore on

I completely agree, kh.
Sharing is something you do from the heart, because you want to. You shouldn’t be expected to do it no matter your age. That is a lesson that should be taught in childhood. If it comes up again I hope she takes the time to share that with her children.

Am I the only one who hates it when adults use caps to prove a point?

Gigi on

I agree with the above posters that say it’s not one parent’s duty to give out their children’s toys in a public place. Brooke complains about the mother not teaching about sharing but what about Rain learning that it’s not her right to snatch away other people’s belongings? I believe that’s called stealing. Like usual Brooke comes off as pompous without realizing it. Whenever she whines about being overworked (what does she do again that is so taxing?) or needing help or in this case being the “good” mother putting down another mother, she ends up making herself look bad. I just wonder if Brooke would have been cool about HER children’s toys being taken without permission? Doubt it. And in that case, she’d run to some magazine to comment on how mean the other mother was for not making the child give back the toys. Whatever Brooke.

Natasha on

Yeah I don’t think the other mother should be forced to share the toys…

momof3 on

I feel for Brooke in this situation…I can’t imagine any mother taking away a toy from another child! We sometimes take sand toys to the park and I tell my children that if we bring them they have to share with all the other kids at the park who might want to play with them. Small children don’t understand that they can’t play with someone else’s sand toys, especially because kids leave them to go play and then come back to them. Sometimes we don’t bring our sand toys because I logistically can’t manage to carry them with bicycles, strollers, three kids etc. If they want to play with someone else’s sand toys we always ask the mom and the child first and stay in once place and then return the toy and say Thank You when we’re done. I’m more than happy to let other kids play with our sand toys and if they forget to return them, no big deal–they’re so cheap to replace and it doesn’t happen very often. That sandbox mom was OUT OF LINE.

charlimama on

I think she is being a tad unrealistic
if the other mother took the shovel away from her son
maybe it was because her son took it away from this lady’s son
I don’t like it when children in sandpits just walk up to other children and take their toys.
i think you should being toys for your child to play with
and not just assume that you can share everyone else’s
i don’t want other kids playing with my daughters toys
i don’t want another child drooling on them or touching them.. i think it’s unhygienic
and i don’t want to have to replace them at my cost if they go missing
not everyone has the bank balance brooke has.

Shawna on

I don’t share my kids toys with others at the park. Why in the world should I? They are not public toys, they are personal toys, and there is no reason for them to be shared. I always laugh at people who think kids should just naturally share everything they have. Yes, sharing is good but not all the time and not the child’s special things. Can you imagine if someone came over to you and took your cell phone or told you you had to share your car with them? Ludicrous!

Grandma2Three on

Sorry Brooke, if my child asked me why she couldn’t play with another child’s toy, I would explain to her that it wasn’t hers to play with. That other mother did absolutely nothing wrong. You have no idea what her cicumstances might be. My own grandson is autistic. He gets very attached to objects and clings to them to make himself feel more comfortable in social situations. These objects change from day to day. That shovel very well could have been that child’s comfort object. My grandson NEEDS these objects to cope. I’m not saying that’s the case with this child but you just never know what is going on in people’s lives.
There is also the chance that this child’s family is not quite as well off as yours. Maybe they can’t afford to run out and purchase more sand toys for their child, much less toys for all the kids there. How wonderful that you were able to do that. Too bad you didn’t think to do that before you left for the park.
Sharing is a wonderful concept and it’s something we should all teach our children, but expecting a stranger’s child to share a shovel in a public sandbox is a bit much. That other mother obviously planned the trip to the park, she brought the toys for her child to enjoy. Why should her child then do without because you didn’t plan quite so well?

carrie on

I think the mother not sharing toys is teaching a terrible example to the kids. I have gone to the park before, and not even thought of bringing toys. Other moms had their kids share the toys, and I thought it was a great gesture. In this day and age we are all too greedy, rude and self centered. Teaching your kids to share is very important. too many igonorant mothers out their raising rude, igonoran brats!!!!!!!

T on

Maybe Rain took the toy from the child. We don’t know both sides of the story, but it really shouldn’t be a big deal that Rain couldn’t play with someone elses toys. Rain should be able to “move on” and still have fun. There is tons of fun stuff to do at the park! Sorry, to me Brooke kinds seemed like the rude mother!

tracey on

I think it’s rude – but only because kids should learn the concept of sharing, especially around other kids. Yep, bring your own next time – but let’s be proactive in teaching our kids about how to interact with other people and posessions. I’d never snatch it out of the kids hand!

anna on

I’d never take the toy from the childs hand, I would however expect to get it back at the end – maybe with the moms help. Everyone should bring their own toys. Maybe it was the only toys they had for the whole day and couldnt afford to loose them – which I’m sure happens often to many.


This article really got to me. I’m a nanny and if I were taking my little guy for a nice day out at the park and there was a crowd scene on paparazzi-I’d be a little irritated. I understand celebrities can’t help it but I still would be bothered and I really don’t think it’s fair for Brooke to call this mother rude. I’d say Brooke is rude for expecting her kids to be able to play with someone else’s toys like they’re entitled to them. I take toys to the park and I don’t like when other children take them. Not that I don’t want the child to know how to share, but why should he have to share with some complete stranger’s child? I take the time to pack toys for him to play with but not for someone else’s child to take from him. In the past I have had kids come up and take his toys and I expected the mother to come and give them back but that didn’t happen; I ended up having to go off and retrieve them after the kids took off with them! So excuse me if I don’t have “Sandbox Etiquette”.

How is this story even newsworthy?????

Tara on

Wow…I’m really surprised by most of the responses to this post! Maybe it’s regional thing or something, but where I live I’ve never gone to the park without bringing extra pails and shovels to share and when we drop in to a park unexpectedly there’s usually somebody else there with other sandbox toys. I guess “sandbox etiquette” is different up here, lol, but really…how can teaching your child to share be a bad thing?! And, yes, we’ve had kids walk off the odd time with a shovel or two, but they’re hardly expensive to replace at the dollar store or something so I don’t consider it the end of the world. I don’t generally agree with Brooke on most things, to be honest, but I do think how this mom acted was the height of rudeness and if she’s not willing to teach her child to share than maybe they shouldn’t go to a public park and play at home in their backyard instead. I thought that the point of taking your child to a playground was to give them a chance to play and interact with their peers–sharing is an integral part of interaction in early childhood and this woman isn’t doing her child any favours if she can’t teach them to get along with others.

Anna on

Courtney, the world needs more people like you! 🙂

Amanda on

I can’t stand when mothers or fathers bring their children to public parks with dozens of toys from sandbox toys to little cars, and expect little toddlers (who don’t quite understand the concept of what belongs to who and what “I’d rather not share my kids toys-because we’ve had bad experiences with that” means). Children are naturally curious, and I find it frustrating to bring my 2 year old to a playground, constantly having to explain that while the equipment that is bolted in the ground is fine to use, the dozens of toys SCATTERED around are off limits.

I never want to rub someone the wrong way, so I usually never let my child play with other people’s toys, unless I am being told by the parent that it is ok for my child to play with them. However, if I don’t want my sons toys to get lost or “stolen” then I don’t bring them to a public playground..I keep them in the backyard or in the car…I bring balls and sandbox toys to the playground, with every intention of letting other children play with them. I think it’s very important for my toddler to learn that it’s OK to share his toys, and in return more than likely some other child will let him play with theirs. I do keep an eye on the toys, and if I notice older children being careless with them, I wait til they put them down and stick them back in my car. There is NO NEED to grab a toy out of a little child’s hands, when they are just playing with it.
Luckily, I have not come across many mothers like the ones on this site…mothers that I meet at the park, are more than happy to share toys…and most parks and playgrounds we go to have toys that stay at the playground for all kids to enjoy.

Amanda on

oh and by the way…playgrounds are there for children to come together and interact with each other….being afraid that some other child may drool or get their germs on your child’s toys is a little unrealistic, considering that everything else they touch at that same playground will have other children’s germs on them. If people want to limit their child’s interaction with other children and if a parent wants to make sure that their child is not going to be contaminated by other children’s germs, then keep your children at home, where they can play with all their toys….ALONE.

Mrs. R. on

Seriously people? You are actually defending a parent who refuses to share? What kind of example does that send?

If you are concerned about losing a toy so MUCH that you are willing to teach your child not to share his things, then your priorities are pretty short term oriented.

I’m not advocating not caring where your child’s toys go if they come out in a public place, but here’s a better way to handle the situation:
1. Write your name on your toy, put a special sticker on it to mark it as your own.
2. Keep it within eyesight by asking other children to play within a circle that you draw in the sand
3. Introduce yourself to the caregiver of a child who is playing with it. THEN if there is an issue, you can talk with the adult as well as the child, and you’ll get what you need a lot faster.

But to say that you bring your child to a public place but that you expect something you bring with you to be exclusively for your own child is so selfish and narcissistic and it is going to suck for everyone to see your kids grow up just like you.

megan on

” I run into this same issue at the swimming pool with my daughters swim goggles!”

Brooklyn, do you mean people expect to borrow your daughter’s goggles ? Wow, that is lazy parenting on the other parents’ part 0_0

As far as Brooke, I am waiting for the other mom to pop up and give her side. No doubt this site will get forwarded to her. Can’t wait to hear both sides.

TN mom on

I agree with Brooke on this one. You can get a set of sandbox toys, beach toys for less than ten dollars, probably 5 if you look around. Kids need to learn to share and be kind to each other. What kind of example was the other mother setting for her child? I would be more understanding if it were a bike or an expensive toy but a shovel? Come on! Rain is lucky to have a good, kind mom.

Di on

I have to agree with the so called rude mom at the sand box and not with Brooke. Would I have ripped the toy out of the child’s hands? I do not know but I do know that I would not have assumed that it would be okay for my child to play with another child’s toy. What should have happened was when Brooke saw her child reaching for the toy is to go up to the other mom and say “Is it okay for her to use these toys”. The other mom maybe would have said yes if asked and then Brooke could instruct her daughter to say “thank you”. Brooke could have used this situation as an opportunity to teach her daughter that it is impolite to use someone else’s things without permission.

I know a lot of people think “what is the big deal the toys only cost a few dollars” but we do not know this woman’s situation. This mother could be out of work, struggling to get by and she used her last $5 dollars to get a toy for her child only to have the child of some rich celebrity take it away without asking. Maybe to Brooke it is no big deal because she is wealthy. At least Brooke knows now to bring her toys- she certainly can afford it.

g!na on

yes, i definitely wouldn’t take a toy out of a kid’s hand! I wouldn’t have the heart either, but we don’t know what was going on at the sandbox! Maybe no one brought toys with them and all the kids were taking the ladies toys away with them! Maybe the lady was getting fed up with other kids just taking the toys that were her’s and got inpatient when Brooke’s daughter grabbed the toy! I really don’t like the attitude brooke gave in this story! She just put down another women and than ran to the store and probably bought a zillion toys and came back to the sandbox to prove her point and shove it in the lady’s face! kind of like,”look i have money to supply the whole park with toys.” Brooke made a huge deal about it!

Turisa on

I really like Courtney’s answer. If I had it together, I’d like to be like that. I’ve brought sand toys to the park knowing that they will most likely attract other kids and my daughter (so far) has had no problem sharing because her sand toys are not special to her. They’re like crayons. They’re not like “Red Bear” for example. I’d never ask her to share Red Bear. Just like I’d never share my lipstick or credit card with a stranger, but hey, if you need a pen or a pencil, I can deal with that.
On the flip side, I do like it when a parent or child asks before they play with something that belongs to us. And Thank You is nice, too.

Kat on

I guess I’m the lone one on this, but even when I only had one child (I now have 3) I always brought enough sand toys for more than one child. I didn’t necessarily have more than one shovel, but my son would have more than one bucket (different sizes) and different tools to use (shovel, rake, etc.) or two shovels of different sizes… and when he was too young (under 2) to be expected to share, I would simply sit by him and keep track of things and only give him one tool and one bucket at a time.

But once he was about 2, I would still sit there, but a bit further away, so he didn’t feel that I was there to referee, and I just set all of the toys down… I would encourage him and even tell him to share his toys, offering one to another child.

I would never and have never let a child rip MY kid’s toy out of his hand, but we don’t do that to anyone else, either, whether the toy is ours or not.

I know so many parents thanked me for having my child share, but, as he got older, I really had to point out that it was just how we’d always done things… and that he had to learn that if he wanted to take a bunch of toys, he should be ready to share… especially as sharing makes it more fun.

The selfish part of me was also preparing for when his brother (who is 18mo younger) got to that age, so that he wouldn’t hog all the toys.

As it is, his brother picked up on it from observing this behavior from the time he was still being held in my arms or sitting in the stroller and I never had to teach him to share.

With my daughter, who has been indulged by her brothers in being given her way when she shouldn’t necessarily get it (they think she’s “the baby” or “the princess” and have since she came home)… the give and take of toys in the sandbox was great in helping her get ready for preschool. She was taught that if she wanted to bring the big bag of sand toys, she had to share, and she was also taught that she had to show patience in waiting to get the tool or bucket she wanted and use her manners.

Now, I’ve never lost sand toys to other kids, because I taught my kids and helped them when they were younger to ask the kids nicely for the toy back when we needed to leave the sandbox to go to another area of the park or to go home.

If the kid is really young, then it is their parent who is asked, because babies just don’t understand those things.

I don’t take my kids to sandboxes or playgrounds so that they can play by themselves… they are there to share, take turns, and socialize.

j on

Actually, the problem isn’t people not caring anymore. It’s the sense of entitlement that people have today. If I buy my kids toys, no, they don’t have to share with your kids. We don’t know you, and they’re OUR toys. Get your own. This is still not a socialist country (at least not officially) and I don’t have to sacrifice because I was responsible enough to plan ahead and you weren’t. Oh, and being unrealistic about germs? It’s not germs I’m worried about. You don’t know today if that child is HIV+ or has Hepetitus, etc, and if there is an accident with a toy there is a chance of blood exchange. So yes, I expect the normal colds and things that happen when kids play together. But my child shouldn’t have to risk serious illness just because they have something someone else wants. I saw a beautiful convertible the other day; should I have accosted the driver and told them that they have to let me drive it, because that’s polite?

And while I would never take a toy from a child — I would ask the mother to retrieve it — I highly suspect it was probably provoked (I.E. Rain taking the toy from the child it belonged to in the first place.)

Also, I have to laugh at the comment about etiquette “up there”. I have been up North. I met not one person with decent manners, courtesy, and/or without the attitude that the world owes them something. If you want to experience truly gracious manners, visit the South.

Sarah on

I can see both sides of this. Yes, some kids have special, comfort toys that they don’t want anyone to touch. Then, whenever possible, they should be left at home where there is NO possibility of them being touched by anyone else. That being said, if Rain took the toy from the other child, she should have been expected to give it back or ask permission before taking it. But there is NEVER any reason to rip things out of a child’s hand. You get on the child’s level and gently say “My son/daughter was playing with that. Maybe you can play with it when their done.”. Then gently remove the object from their hand.

I’m the OCD type that usually has extras, though. I always have an extra: empty sippy cup/bottle, several diapers, several toys, wipes, etc. So, if I’m at the park with my charge (I’m a nanny) and the child I’m with has a toy and is contented, what’s the harm is sharing the unused toys rather than letting them sit there untouched? And, on occasion, I have been on the other side and completely forgot something and appreciate others lending items in the spirit of sharing!!

Sdo on

I must say I’m shocked by most of the comments here. Maybe that’s what wrong with our kids today when they’re being taught that they don’t have to share. Its “me, me, me” attitude that has been taught through out childhood and spills over into adulthood. My parents taught me then I taught my kids and they have taught their kids to have common courtsey toward others. If parents’ attitude is to teach their kids to be selfish and not to share, then they have no place at a public playground. It IS a public place. Shame on people’s lack of decency toward others, especially small children.

rose on

i think there is a difference between sharing and sharing. my mother raised me and my sister in a way, that each of us had their own individual toys (so not the same doll twice but two different dolls e.g.)and we had to respect the belongings of the other,which proved to be a problem for one nanny we had, who continued to give my little sister my toys because i had to share (my sister is three years younger and so her toys were not interesting to me and it was VERY onesided)which was unfair because we had the rule that you had to ask for a toy which was not yours and you had to accept it if the answer was no.i was a very patient child and did not say anything although my mom said i often came to her and said i was sad because my toys were taken away or treated wrong by my sister (i was a VERY attentive doll-mama)

but sandbox items have always been something we shared like every outdoor stuff, like balls and such (although my sister was an expert at destroying things)

i understand where this woman is coming from, sharing is important but to respect the belongings of others is too.

but honestly: sandbox stuff is just cheap plastic stuff and costs only a few dollars so i think why not sharing that, even IF a child takes it away, you can buy another one. if the “rude” mom was objecting against rain taking her childs doll or toy car or something, it is something different. but sandbox stuff really isn’t a big deal to me and if i were a mother, i had no problem with it because to me it is easily replacable.
and nothing a child normally clings onto like a stuffed animal or so.

so i understand both parties but in this case i think the mom has overreacted

Alex on

I am totally with Julie on this one. It’s a public park, the sandpit is, as the mother knew, always going to be filled with other children and to snatch a toy away from a child is just horrible. What kind of message is she giving her own kids by treating other children so badly? If you don’t want your child to share their toys, you don’t take them to a public park, that’s all there is to it. Children often do not differentiate between sharing the sandpit and sharing the toys in it, and I think parents can forget that.

brannon on

I am appalled by these comments! Definitely on the pro-sharing side! Though I do have a betting understanding as both a parent and a teacher as to why I encounter so many rude, selfish children.

Sarah K. on

Grandma2Three, that is exactly right! I love how so many people justify by saying that the toys are “not that expensive.” But, we do not know this woman’s financial situation. Given the economy, chances are that things are tight. I really can’t blame her for trying to keep her child’s belongings so that she doesn’t have to bear the cost of continuously replacing toys every time they go to the park. Unfortunately, wayyyy too many moms let their children take off with someone else’s toys or allow their kids to misuse them.

Brooke should have asked the other mom before allowing Rain to play with someone else’s toys. That is proper “sandbox etiquette.” Asking is just as important as sharing.

*AJ* on

I think some of us need to go read Brookes response to many of the same type of responses in her own blog (including mine):

Brooke on April 10, 2009 10:26 am In response to your comment that Rain is a spoiled “celebrity baby”, my children are told “no” probably more than “yes”. The values that I teach them have nothing to do with “celebrity” status, fame or finances.
Regarding my sandbox etiquette blog, I was not referring to the child, it was the parent. Her child had many toys (too many to count) and was enjoying the social interaction with other children until mom stepped in. I was simply surprised to see a mother in a public community sand box, where many children play together, not wanting to share her child’s toys. Rain asked “why?” because we share in our family. She actually did not freak out, because she is a very well adjusted child. I did take the time to explain to her at her tender age of 2, that some people will make those choices.
I quickly bought some toys for all the children to play with and she was happy to share with everyone, because I have taught her, as well as her brother and sisters, the importance of being generous. I agree that people will not always get what they want in life, but hopefully we can teach our children to cope with that. Even more important, to be generous to everyone, regardless of their situation!!!
When we left the sand box, Rain was happy to leave behind some of her new toys so the other children could continue to enjoy them. I was so proud of her!

(After reading this I realized maybe we just didn’t get the details of the story in her blog.)

kris on

My rule to my boys is if you don’t want to share it leave it at home. If you bring sand toys to a public play ground you have to be willing to share. Otherwise just bring one shovel and bucket for your own child and you won’t have to deal with it. They play with them then you put them in your bag. JMO.

j.U.d.E. on

Rain is 2? How can this kid only be 2 years old and her brother 13 months? She must be older. She looks older than 2! She looks like at least 3. I just checked she is 2 years and 3 months. Still, she looks older. Tori Spelling’s Liam is practically the same age and still looks much more like a baby. Rain, doesn’t.

Hea on

Bring your own toys! It’s important to learn how to share but I wouldn’t want other kids grabbing my kids toys without permission.

kris on

Courtney I love your attitude!

Robin on

I personally would let all the kids use my sand toys, but then again I am a preschool teacher so I am used to losing things to kids. Besides, sand toys cost what? $2 at Wal-Mart?

CeeCee on

Come on folks, likening sharing sand toys to being asked to share your cell phone or convertible?!! LOL. Sand toys are inexpensive and a dime a dozen … and if you lose one to another child, big deal. My kids alway share their sand toys – expensive toys that we don’t want to lose stay home, safe and sound. Teaching your kids to share and cooperate with other kids is a lesson that I hope will help them grow into caring adults.

Moore on

AJ, there isn’t much variation there.
What Brooke didn’t say was the manner in which the other mom took the toy. She could have been really nice about. I’ve had to take toys, my keys, etc from a child during story time (in a public place) and was always nice about it. It is possible. Brooke also didn’t mention how her child ended up with the other child’s toy. Where are those parts of the story?

Brooke, sounds like she’s self important and making herself out to be the hero of the sandbox when she sounds foolish. Great you went to buy toys. That was your choice to share. The other mother didn’t want to or maybe wasn’t in the financial position to do so. That was her choice so quit vilifying her for it.

A public sandbox does not equal public toys.
Sharing is often preceding by permission. That’s what makes it sharing. In this case mom said no. She’s the one who truly has to keep up with the toys. Why would you go to the sandbox without toys anyway? That’s an entitlement issue. She expected the mother to let her child play then got huffy about it when she was told no. Sounds like Brooke learned a lesson she wasn’t ready for.

Ella on

I think taking a toy away from a child’s hands is rude, but the problem I have is that Rain should have been expected to ask permission in the first place. It’s okay for younger children to just take whatever they see or want, but the parent should tell them that it’s not theirs and that they have to make sure the person it belongs to wants to lend the toy. It’s not about people being rude or self-centered because they don’t want to lend their sandbox toys, it’s just doing it in a polite manner so that no one feels like the situation is unfair.

If Brooke felt the need to talk about it, I’m assuming the mother’s reaction was really rude, but I also find it rude that Brooke went and bought toys to give all the other kids, not because she’s showing she’s rich, but because it makes it seem like she thinks she’s so much better than the other mom because she lends her toys. It’s just my opinion, but even if it’s important for a child to learn how to share, you should expect both parties to be polite, not just the one that’s on the giving end.

Pencils on

Sharing is one thing. Taking is another. What would you do if a bigger kid took your child’s toy on the playground? You’d probably ask for it back, and if the kid refused, take it back. The best thing to do of course is find the other kid’s mom, but sometimes that’s not so easy if it’s crowded. Should you drag your own child away from her/his hole in the sand to find the rude child’s mom? I don’t see anything wrong with taking a toy away from a child in that instance. I wonder if Brooke Burke is one of those moms who lets her kids run rampant over the playground–after all, she’s a “star”–and gives them whatever they want if they cry. My child is a baby, but I remember bully bigger kids taking toys from my nieces and nephews because they thought they could have whatever they wanted. Of course Brooke Burke wouldn’t see her child as the aggressor, even if she was. In other words, we don’t know what happened, as there’s no details. But somehow there’s always that rude mom with the obnoxious kids at the park–and she never thinks that she’s rude, or that her kids are badly behaved.

Pencils on

I don’t think I was entirely clear in my post–what I meant was if a child took your child’s toy right out of his or her hands, a toy that your child is actively playing with at that time. Bigger or aggressive kids do it all the time, and they need to be told that they can’t do that, that if they want the toy, they should ask the other child if they can play too.

Amanda on

the other mother didn’t have to share. period. that is her right. you want toys? buy some. bring them to the park. its personal choice to share or not and it does not mean you are teaching your kid to be selfish. i dont make my kids share with perfect strangers. why should i have to provide for everyone when i go out?

Amanda on

So by not sharing sand box toys your kids will grow up being uncaring adults? LOLOLOLOLOLOL I mean really……

*AJ* on

I completely disaggree Moore, it wasn’t like the child had ONE bucket and shovel, the child was wanting to socialize and share…it was the mother having the conniption over the other children playing. The child didn’t mind sharing with the peers.
Im sorry but the child was WANTING to share and socialize..and the mother stopped it? Thats a little ridiculous, what are you teaching your child? You can’t share with your friends, because they aren’t theirs? I don’t care if you want to share? Forget that lol, I teach my girls you can share all you like, and if they break the toys than we know next time to not share with those children. Toys are just that TOYS…They weren’t sharing diamond necklaces in a sandbox. It would be different if Rain had broken the shovel and Brooke laughed and said, “oh well” but the other child was trying to play and the mother wasn’t going to have it? Thats just crappy.

Dounia on

Shaya is such a cutie!!!!

brooklyn11 on

Moore, you said it perfectly!! I do believe that her running across the street and buying a bunch of toys and then leaving them, was definitely to prove a point…and it wasn’t to her daughter!

brooklyn11 on

AJ=Brooke??? Just wondering???????

Sarah K. on

*AJ*, we don’t know if Rain was misusing/breaking the toy. That very well could have been the case (2 year-olds can do that). Also, the mother could have thought that the other kids were taking advantage of her kid. When my little brother was little he was too shy and couldn’t say “no” when another kid grabbed something from him. And, we do not know if the other mother asked Rain for the toy back before taking it. If Rain refused to give it up the mother had no choice but to take it. Long story short, we don’t really know what happened. But, it sounds like someone was overreacting.

p.s. It does seem like Brooke was trying to prove a point to the mother when she bought and left toys at the park.

all for sharing on

Your kid is going to get HIV from sharing sandtoys.. really?!

Sharing a great way to teach your children how to interact with others and make friends. Politely ask that they don’t leave the sandbox with your toys, when it comes time to leave politely ask for you toys back. It’s not that hard and your children will benefit from it.

brannon on

“They are OUR toys. Get your own” wow. Very scary.

Ashlee on

We’re not talking about sharing designer limited edition toys here…we’re talking about cheap, sandbox toys. When you look at it from that perspective, what’s the big deal about letting your kids share? Even if another kid didn’t take the toy with them unintentionally, your kid may have lost it somewhere in the sand. I think its really trivial with everything going on in the world today that people are getting upset about what’s going on in the sandbox. I mean, really….THIS is what our troops are fighting for?

Lauren on

I see both sides of this argument and think, from the sounds of it, that both moms were in the wrong here. If the mother truly did grab the shovel from Rain without explaining gently to her why she was doing it, I think that’s obnixious. And I see nothing wrong with bringing more toys to the park for the children to share and play with. That said, Rain’s asking “Why, Mommy?” was a chance for Brooke to explain that taking someone else’s belongings without asking for permission is not always appreciated, and she used it instead to look like the Mother Teresa of Coldwater Canyon. Truly humble people do not “give” for the sake of showing off only to brag about it to the blogosphere.

Funny how many of the same moms who are all about preaching respect and sharing do so with a smirk and holier-than-thou superiority complex. Rudeness and selfishness is a two-way street.

Colleen on

I must be the only mom who doesn’t let her kids play in public sandboxes. Those things are so dirty, and lord knows what animal has been in them at night. Never let my kids play in the sandbox at parks. We have a sandtable at home and it stays covered when not in use.

Heather on

I’m always concerned with the germ factor. I allow my children to share their toys, but it is always so hard to ask for them back when you have to leave, and sometimes the moms of the children do not help me get them back. I think Brooke is really referring to overall playground etiquette. I’ve come across two types of parents: the ones that stay on tops of their children and are there to shar the day with them, and the one who go there, sit down with other mommies and start gossiping while their child is off running around without guidance and sometimes picking on or injuring my child. Then they give you the attitude when you attempt to remove your child from the situation.

Moore on

AJ, it shouldn’t matter how many toys the child has. 10 or 2, the price of dirt or diamonds, sharing is not something you should expect even as an adult, from an adult. No one has to give you or your child anything. It’s not required even if you own all the toys in the world. It’s called kindness, sharing for just that reason. It’s all in the heart.

I’m taking into account that the mother may have had other reasons for wanting to keep her child’s toys in her child’s hands. That has nothing to do with what Brooke’s child’s intentions with the toys were or it could have had everything to do with it. Has Brooke’s child taken other people’s toys and broken them? We don’t know.

Her reasons could have been that she’s had toys taken before and can’t or doesn’t want to pay for more if it happens again. Maybe these are cheap toys for you but not for her and she wants to keep up with them. Maybe the value is not in the price of the item but in the item itself. The mother valued it enough to want it kept to her child. Maybe she wasn’t even the mother. Maybe she was the nanny. What about that? I’m stretching it but still. It shouldn’t matter how many toys you have, you still have a choice.

The child may want to socialize (talk, play games) but never did Brooke say the child wanted to share which is different to me and yet another bit left out of the story.

It also wasn’t mentioned that Brooke’s child was probably not the only child who was not able to play with the toys. Why didn’t she mention that? She obviously went out of her way to go buy toys for everyone so maybe no one was allowed to play with the other child’s toys. That goes to show that the mother may in fact have had a deeper reason for not allowing her toys to leave her sight.

Moore on

I went back and read it.
Yeah, mom wasn’t letting anyone play with the toys. She may have had a deeper reason after all. Her prerogative.

Anon on


I’m sorry but HIV in a sand box from sharing toys? That’s ridiculous. Do you plan on homeschooling your children, or do you attend all their classes with them? Because kids in elementary school share EVERYTHING. They share food, share toys, pens, they make spit handshakes, they get there grubby dirty little fingers on the jungle-gyms. Now, I’m a complete germophobe but I know little kids are just inherently dirty(even the super clean ones with antibacterial gel in their lunch boxes) so I wouldn’t fool myself into thinking otherwise.

I feel like both sides are at fault here. When I started going to the park with my daughter, I went with toys of my own. However, I told her if she wants another childs toy, asked politely. If they say ‘no’ leave it at that. If a child would take her toy that she was using, I told her ALWAYS ask for it back and if she wants she can offer them another toy. In fact on a few occasions my child has GIVEN her toys away to kids at the sandbox who came with nothing.

Anyone who brings expensive bank breaking toys to the park is silly. We wonder why the youth of our nation is so self-entitled. It starts in the sandbox! With parents with the mentality of ‘too bad’ and ‘should’ve brought your own’. I fear that my fellow parents are raising either self entitled children or selfish gimmee gimmee brats.

Anon on


I usually don’t do the sandbox thing either. We usually go to the park where there’s a sand box a jungle gym, and a grass box. There are actually sandbox ratings online for moms!

Nina on

brooklyn 11- I thought the same thing!! I was reading AJ’s post and thinking I wonder if that’s Brooke…she really strikes me as the type to read all these sites and comments so I wouldn’t be surprised!

MomE on

Wow. I’m find the differing defintions of sharing to be interesting. I’m not sure what to say…. I don’t equate sharing to meaning a child can take whatever toy they want whenever they want. To me sharing would include asking if you could play with the toy, not taking it from another child, and waiting your turn. My daughter is in daycare as I work full time, so I think I have plenty of examples of sharing. I never expect the other children to let my daughter play with a toy that they were playing with. As a matter of fact, I see her take other kids toys all the time (she’s only 14 months), and I make sure she gives it back and gets another toy that is not being played with. Then, when the other child is done with the other toy, she can play with it. I don’t know…. Maybe I’m way off, but I don’t equate sharing with TAKING.

*AJ* on

No Im not brooke..but um thanks for that compliment lol I am actually a Marine Corps Wife of 9 years, Mother of Two daughters 7 and 3. Im sorry but again if the child was willing to share the toys and the Mother wasn’t, maybe the mother shouldn’t bring her child to a public park to play with the child’s toy by him/herself. I have had problems with kids taking toys away from my oldest and breaking them, and I would NEVER rip a toy away from someone else’s child no matter what they were doing with it. They break it then handle it with the parent. Handling the matter with the 2 year old the way she did is INEXCUSABLE. PERIOD. You don’t get to rip whatever the child is playing with in a digusting and rude manner no matter what. Its a CHILD…C_H_I_L_D…You have a problem with the way the child is behaving then you take it up with Brooke? Hmm that sounds a little more mature doesn’t it? I think so.

ms smith on

Way to start teaching your children personal accountability, Brooke. While I certainly hope the other mother was polite and overkind when taking the toy back from a 2 year old child(anything less is to be laid squarely at that adult’s feet), I can only ask Brooke where was she when her child was playing with toy that wasn’t hers and did not belong to anyone they knew? As a mother of 3, step mother of 3 more, a former daycare teacher, & a Sunday School teacher, that would have been my first move…to approach MY child & explain/mildly reprimand them for assuming they could touch something that wasn’t theirs. Of course, that’s rare in this day & age…it’s not en vogue to teach your children manners…why, you might make them unhappy or possibly even make them think you aren’t their friend and maybe make them believe life isn’t fair! Well, guess what? You aren’t their friend & the world is woefully unfair and getting more so everyday b/c people just have no manners anymore…wonder why??

meganm on

@ Colleen, Geez I’d never considered the thought that animals probably use sandboxes for litterboxes at night. My son is 14 months and he sticks to the baby swings, but that is something I will definitely be thinking about when he wants to get down on the ground. As if my OCD wasn’t bad enough LOL

JMO on

I will never have this issue because…. I hate sandboxes and my kids won’t be playing in them! My mom didn’t let us play in them either and I don’t blame her. There filthy dirty and completely messy! I am not anti – dirt or anything but sand just goes in so many places that I don’t care to clean! I really can’t stand the sand at the beach eitehr.. . my poor kid are going to hate me but oh well they’ll get over it! LOL

chicagomom on

look, if it were your child’s toy and the money came out of your pocket…wouldn’t you care????

Elle on

Beach sand isn’t much better. Any place involving kids, is going to run into loads of fecal matter and bacteria. Its pretty much unavoidable. Same thing with office spaces any public place. Hell any home! I know this girl who was going on and on about public bathroom toilet seats…I had to tell her its the faucet handles, the doors, the the soap dispensers that have the most germs.

having said that, I’m not really down with the sandbox either. Never was.

Grandma2Three on

“We’re not talking about sharing designer limited edition toys here…we’re talking about cheap, sandbox toys.”

“Sand toys are inexpensive and a dime a dozen … and if you lose one to another child, big deal”

I’m glad everyone on this board seems to be doing so well. I just delivered bags of food to a family whose main bread winner was recently laid off. Believe me, every dollar counts to them!! For years I worked at our local Boy’s & Girl’s Club where many children couldn’t afford a $5 field trip fee. I can’t tell you how many times staff members pitched in so those kids wouldn’t miss out! For some people those few dollars are needed for food on the table or gas in the tank of the car that gets them to work! Many of these families frequent public playgrounds and parks because they’re free! So the shovel was cheap and it should be no big deal for another kid to take much does an item have to cost to make it NOT okay? Five dollars..ten, twenty?? We all value things differently. What is a cheap plastic toy to you may be a cherished object to some child. We all need to step back and give people the benefit of the doubt now and then. We just don’t know what’s going on in other people’s lives!

Mary-Helen on

See, when I go to the park with my kiddos, we bring a pail and a shovel (well the Princess castle pail) and we play. I wouldn’t expect them to share only because my girls are both petite and usually end up getting pushed aside by the “bigger” kids and end up missing out on slides and swings. I once had a stern talk with a pre-teen for shoving my two year old daughter out of the way to get to a slide! I find it frustrating when the other kids are shoving and ramming and pushing expecting my daughters to then share their toys with them. However, that’s not to say they haven’t played quietly with some well behaved, polite kids. I just step in and say no when the ill behaved children just take the toys or come over after having shoved one of them, prompting me to hover around them to make sure they don’t get pushed. In this case, I probably would’ve explained that you can’t just take, you should have asked and had Rain move onto another activity, like a swing or the slide.

Moore on

I always write way too much but oh well.

Correct if I’m wrong but you almost seem to be emotionally invested in this situation at least that’s what I’m getting from your last post. You know, all the caps and strong words.

Was the mother rude? Really? Taking a toy from a child is not automatically rude. I’ve had to take toys from children for years as a childcare worker. No snatching was involved and neither did the child or the parent die as a result. You paint the other mother in a completely negative light like she yanked the kid up by the hair, yanked one of the two hundred toys from her, threw her to the ground, spit on her and then stuck her tongue out in the end. Geez. That would be more than enough reason to freak but you’re going in a completely ridiculous direction especially since you weren’t there. Or were you?

“Im sorry but again if the child was willing to share the toys and the Mother wasn’t, maybe the mother shouldn’t bring her child to a public park to play with the child’s toy by him/herself.”

So since the mom doesn’t want every kid’s hands on the toys she has to pay for, she should keep her children home? I’m guessing that you’re either a parent who expects her children to be able to play with all the toys or you’re one to run out and buy toys for everyone when someone says no. Yep, just like Brooke seems to be. Tell em I’m wrong cause there are no teachable moments in either of those cases.

Also, caps do not a point make.

Stella Bella on

I grew up in Orange County, CA, so I’m not too surprised at the comments here. Sometimes the wealthiest people are the worst at sharing, even if the item is a cheap plastic shovel. Brooke’s situation aside, what is the problem with teaching our children to share things like crayons and sand toys? The adult equivalent of this situation is lending someone a bic pen or #2 pencil if they need one. I think there are times when sharing is a great thing, and times when it isn’t appropriate (for instance, I share pens, but not my engagement ring. I’d expect my child to share plastic shovels, but not her favorite doll)… It seems that some people go to the public park to socialize and play with others, and some go to the pubic park to what? commune with the sand? I always thought the other kids were part of the attraction at a park, but apparently not.

megan on

“Grabbing the toys away from Rain the way that lady did”
“and I would NEVER rip a toy away from someone else’s child no matter what they were doing with it.”
“You don’t get to rip whatever the child is playing with in a digusting and rude manner no matter what.”

Sorry, AJ, I don’t buy that you aren’t Brooke or someone who knows her. You keep saying the other mom acted in a particular way. How do you know she was mean if you weren’t there?

Also, your writing style is way too similar to Brooke’s, based on the grammar, heavy use of caps to make a point and the lol at the beginning. Seriously, if you are Brooke trying to defend yourself and your kid, going in disguise and implying things about the other mom is bad message board etiquette. It’s cowardly to say bad things about the other moms under a pseudonym to get people on your side : /

koala on

You know, I can recall a time a few years ago when I was that horrible mother in the sandpit. I had just flown in to Australia and was SOOOOO jet lagged it was unbelieveable. One of the children wouldn’t sleep and I was at breaking point. I had a massive fight with my husband (beacuse we were both so tired and run down) and I grabbed the awake child and took her to the park. At the sandpit there some older kids yelled at my 2 yr old daughter for using their toys and snatched them off her. I stormed over, growled at the 6 yr old, and stormed off with my child (in tears behind my sunglasses). A day later, after some sleep a mother approached me at the park (we were a at a hotel) and said that her kids had told her that I had been angry with them yesterday. She wanted to know what they done. I took a big breath and said that actually it was me who had been out of line, and that I was really sorry. Sure they had taken the toy off my daughter and been a bit gruff with her but I was the one that had really lost control.

She said:” Please, if my kids do something wrong let me know, they aren’t perfect, but you know, they are just kids.”

She was soooo right.

Anyway, my point is that now I look at parents behaving badly with a bit more compassion. You don’t know whats going on in their lives. I say to my kids, “I’m sure she’s a nice mum having a really bad day” in that kind of situation. I think villifying another person and entering into that sort of “conflict” ie going and buying more sandpit toys, is not the most helpful way to model resolving conflict. Personally I’d love to have the calmness and class of that mother who very nicely confonted me those years ago.

*AJ* on

No Im the type of parent that would say, MAM you could have simply asked me to get the toy back or asked my child nicely. I realize she is 2 but there are better ways of handling that situation then “snatching” the toy out of her hands.
I have brought my children to many public parks and if I didn’t want a child using my daughters toys..I simply would ask the child if they could play with the toys with my daughter or let my daughter have them back if they didn’t want to do that. If that didn’t work (apparently some military moms are a lot more aware) the moms stepped in and made the child give the shovel back. But there were times I did speak to the parent and explain that I didn’t mind sharing but their child was taking and not sharing the toy that belonged to my daughters. As you see…Brooke actually said that the child didn’t mind sharing and playing with the children. So again the only one that seems to have an issue is a Mom. If you don’t want to have to encouter other children trying to play with your childrens things, then you don’t take them to a public sandbox. If you can’t handle being an adult and hold back your emotions to take things away from 2 year olds, then again don’t go to a public sandbox. I think what is sad about most of you is you take Brooke and her children as just spoiled celebs and their “brats”. You paint her out to be some kind of publicity queen rather than a mother who is just saying she is shocked by a mannerism.
The sad thing is if this weren’t a celeb you might not be so quick to judge her for her actions. And fyi I would have walked up to the mother and told her to next time just ask me, and I wouldn’t mind taking the toys away from my own child and handing them back.
Im emotionally involved because I honestly just can’t believe how many rude people are saying, “oh its hers your child deserved it, should have taught your child not to take other kids toys in a public place….shes two people not 12.

T on

Well said, Moore. I totally agree. Moms and kids are not required to share! It is nice to share, but not a federal park offense if they don’t. It was ridiculous that Brooke took her kids out of the park and ran to the toy store to by sand toys for Rain and all the other kids at the park. I mean really, like the other poster said, that was more about Brooke proving her point to the other mom than the kids enjoying themselves. Brooke spent way to much time trying to make this “right” for her daughter. Not everyone shares, and that is really okay..When Rain asked, “why mommy?” Brooke could have simple said, she doesn’t want to share her toys right now (mom or kid). So silly.

Levi on

Complete and utter silliness. Brooke does try to come off as “the hero” and the generous one. I say fooey! Every time one of her children has a problem in life is she going to run to the store and buy her a shovel? Get real. Her children, although privleged will have times of rejection and sounds like she is not preparing them vey well for it.

Annie on

Brooke got to where she is as a nude model; Playboy etc. which is fine for her but when did she become the voice of child rearing? She obviously has values that I don’t subscribe to. She has 4 children so good luck to her. But I find it hypocritical that she is judging someone who doesn’t want her toys to be used by a stranger.

Sarah . on

AJ, where did Brooke say that the mom “ripped” or “snatched” the toy from Rain’s hands? She said that she “took” the toy. There is a huge difference in what Brooke said and what you’re implying. You don’t know if the mom asked Rain nicely or if Rain refused to give the toy back or if Rain was breaking it.

Also, Brooke did not say that the other child was “sharing” his toys; she said he was “socializing” with the other kids. Once again, there is a difference. Maybe the mom saw that the other kids were taking his toys and he didn’t know how to stand up for himself.

The point is that we don’t know the complete story and that’s why people aren’t so quick to reach the same conclusion Brooke did. But something tells me that running off to buy more toys was not the solution.

Moore on

AJ (again like a broken record)
“No Im the type of parent that would say, MAM you could have simply asked me to get the toy back or asked my child nicely”

– are you sure she didn’t ask the child for the toy back nicely?

“I have brought my children to many public parks and if I didn’t want a child using my daughters toys..I simply would ask the child if they could play with the toys with my daughter or let my daughter have them back if they didn’t want to do that.”

– why would you let a child dictate your behavior? You didn’t want them to use the toy yet you compromised. Maybe the mom here didn’t want to. Maybe she said what you should have. No, let’s just leave my child’s toys here. You can say it nicely. You don’t have to let people use your stuff when you don’t want them to. Is that rude? I don’t think so depending on your reasoning. What you aren’t seeing is that you have a choice in the matter. Saying yes isn’t always nice. You weren’t nice to yourself by letting someone do what you really didn’t want them to. Why? so you didn’t come off as rude? What are you teaching your child here? There are worse things than being rude like being walked over.

“Brooke actually said that the child didn’t mind sharing and playing with the children.”

– nope she didn’t mention that either time. Where are you reading that?

“I think what is sad about most of you is you take Brooke and her children as just spoiled celebs and their “brats”. You paint her out to be some kind of publicity queen rather than a mother who is just saying she is shocked by a mannerism.”

– I honestly couldn’t care less if her or her children are spoiled. They may be or not. She may be or not. Whatever, I don’t have to take care of them. I do believe she behaves like a “publicity queen” but I’m allowed my opinion. What I do care about it the angel/devil spin she is putting on this story that you so whole heartily are following. Neither woman is a saint or a devil in the matter but without the other woman’s side, Brooke may be letting out a tale that very well could be far less offensive than reality and I wont deny that she’s coming off as foolish in my eyes. Now, if this other woman had a blog, I’d read it.

“The sad thing is if this weren’t a celeb you might not be so quick to judge her for her actions.”

– Oh please. Let’s not make this into a celeb blame game. If you’re going to put out a story you need to be able to take the criticism and the applause from all sides no matter who you are. Like I said, if other mother had a blog I’d read it and make a more informed decision after.

“shes two people not 12.”

– I know 2 year olds who share very well. It’s all about what and how they’re taught at their age.


Brooke never said anything about speaking to the other mother. Had she been rude to your child and yanking something out of her hands, wouldn’t you have had a chat with her? My point exactly. How rude would she have had to get cause apparently she wasn’t enough for Brooke to chat with her instead of buying toys.

Angel on

I think Brooke was totally wrong in this situation and was even more wrong to blog about it. Writing about it in a personal journal and getting it off her chest is one thing; putting her opinion about this in a public blog is quite another. I believe it was she who recently said that one of her daughters called her rude. I agree with the daughter if this is the way her mother consistently behaves in front of her children.

I guess I’m just kind of sick of celebrities who think they are better than everyone else and Brooke certainly gives me the impression of being one of those celebrities. Go sandbox mom!

Tee on

I agree with Ms. Smith. I have spent the better portion of my life working with children and yet it still shocks me how many kids don’t have simple common decency and manners. We don’t know all the sides to this particular situation, but it sounds like both of the Moms could use a lesson in manners. Children learn by example. It’s not “do as I say and not as I do.”

*AJ* on

Awww moore typicall, someone doesn’t agree with you and you insult them by calling them broken records. How sweet of you. You teach your children to behave however you want sweetie, Im going to keep teaching my daughters to be generous in life. Im going to teach them that there is a way to get a point across and not have to be rude about it. Im going to teach my children to virtues of compassion, understanding, and caring for others. You teach your children however you want and don’t insult me because you happen to not like that I agree with Brooke and you don’t.
Its sad in this world that someone has to sling insults in order to feel they are winning and arugment. God bless you and may you have a wonderful week.

*AJ* on

“What I do care about it the angel/devil spin she is putting on this story that you so whole heartily are following. Neither woman is a saint or a devil in the matter but without the other woman’s side, Brooke may be letting out a tale that very well could be far less offensive than reality and I wont deny that she’s coming off as foolish in my eyes. Now, if this other woman had a blog, I’d read it. ”

What do you care? and yet you are in here voicing an opinon? but you “don’t care”…mmm interesting concept I guess lol.
PS for any of those who want to take my comment above as being sarcastic it isn’t, I truely meant what I said about her having a nice week.

Lioness on

All this fuss over $0.99 sand toys is hilarious. Taking a toy out of another child’s hands is just plain tacky, I don’t care how any of you try to flip it. I mean, doing that, you’ve just dropped to your kid’s level. There are better ways. Anyway, what’s the big deal? I think that’s what wrong with this country- everyone is “mine mine mine mine MINE, get your own!!” Some adults never learned how to play in the sandbox, either, lol.

Lioness on

And David and Brooke make some gaaaawwwwgeous babies, that is for sure… though all of Brooke kids are beautiful.

MizMolly on

I am thankful that in my neighborhood in DC, the three parks we go to have a ton of toys in them that belong to the park. Parents drop off new and old toys for children to play with that belong to the park. This whole discussion doesn’t take place here, thankfully!

Betsy on

Perhaps the other mom was a little put off that this celebrity mom with loads of money didn’t bring her own toys and expected everyone else to provide for and cater to her child? Yes, kids should share and so should parents but really who takes alot of kids to the park w/o bringing something for them to play with. Maybe the other mom was agitated by the paps following Brooke around.

SH on

Betsy, you took the words out of my mouth.

Moore on

AJ, don’t get so worked up and offended.

I honestly was not even talking about you before. I was saying that I was here writing to you again and repeating myself like a broken record. No need to lie. So please take that as you will. I will say that you are being condescending now though, sweetie, which is pretty darn close to insult slinging in my book. Lets be a bit more mature about this, shall we?

Since you misread so much(comment 102? Um, what?) I said I didn’t care if her family is spoiled but I do care that she’s putting such a spin on the story. I was so sure was clear in my writing.

Also, winning an argument is for children. That is never my aim. There are no prizes to be won here only opinions and views to express. We don’t have the same of either and no that doesn’t actually anger me. I’ve been in the world long enough to know I wont always be agreed with but also long enough to know that a one sided story cannot be followed blindly. Had the other mother thrown out a story and not Brooke I would wonder about its validity as well.

And thank you. I will be having a wonderful week as I hope you all will.

*AJ* on

Awww Im so glad you thought that was an insult. I am in the south, its something we say down here, its NOT an insult but thankyou again…
AJ (again like a broken record)
If you wanted me to think you weren’t calling me a broken record hun maybe you should have said I feel like a broken record. But again obviously the only way you could feel to make me look like my beliefs weren’t right and you were was to try and make me look unintelligible. Its fine and I don’t insult anyone when it comes to calling them names like Sweetie and Hun. Those are compliments where I come from. You don’t like it then don’t read.

Moore on

Call it what you want, AJ, but I’m from the south too and yet your tone was and still is condescending. Do not mistake my pointing this out as me feeling insulted. That is laughable. Where was the hun and sweetie earlier in your posts? Don’t tell me your sweet southern ways only kick in sometimes cause then I’ll be more inclined to believe that you are in fact more riled up then you think you are letting on. Will it help for me to say calm down or are you going to call me hun a couple more times?

(Do relax. That last sentence was a joke. You’ll know I’m being serious when I use CAPs. No laugh there, either? Gee! rough crowd.)

I don’t plan to rephrase my comments in any way. I proof-read my writing, for the most part anyway. I can understand how the previous comment was taken wrongly but if you can’t take an explanation for the misunderstanding and move on then who is at fault here?

I will say the same for my own writing: Don’t like it (feel offended? don’t agree? couldn’t care less?) then do yourself a favor and don’t read it. I am not easily offended.

Amanda on

Why does this site let you two carry on this way? Email and spare the rest of this crap posting that is going back and forth. Grow up…

D on

Yo go Moore, I couldn’t agree with you more.

People have this sense of entitlement in the US.

By the way, I don’t let my kid go in the sandbox because I am a little OCD about germs…but if my son is playing in the toy box and tries to grab at someone’s things, I stop him and tell him to ask permission. If the parent / kid wants to share than fine, if not, my son needs to understand that not everything he cries for he gets. By the way my son will turn 2 tomorrow.

Brooke, is this really that big of a deal to go blogging about it? I mean really? So many things going on in the world and this is what she spends her energy blogging about.

Moore on

Carrie, I prefer that she not have my email and would think she prefers that I not have hers.

I truly have no ill will towards her and I do apologize if may seem so. I’ve replied only when responded to, not to other comments that I also disagree with because they were not directed towards me. I feel I have been respectful towards her and have broken no rules. If it is asked of me by the CBB to not post further then it will of course be followed.

If not and AJ feels she has more to say to me then it will be addressed though I have no problem dropping it and more than likely will.

*AJ* on

There now my twitter works properly lol sorry I had it messed up I guess lol.
Semper Fidelis

chicagomom on

I was just wondering if Brooke knows sandbox etiquette so well…then she should know…never go to the sandbox/park empty handed. Wouldn’t it make sense to bring some toys and be prepared. To me, it seems like a natural thing to pack…diapers/changing accessories–check, extra clothes–check, snacks/bottles/sippy cups–check, and toys–check.

Sharing is a wonderful thing but realistically we don’t live in a world that always shares, has manners and reacts how we would like. This is also an important point of learning every child needs to know.

Alice on

Courtney, you sound like a lovely person and a wonderful Mom!

*AJ* on

Apparently my last message wasn’t applied but I wanted to apologize again for not being given a gift to interpret feelings into typing and what someone would see as me being Condesending and rude actually being heart felt and sincere. I have no hard feelings to Moore and in fact meant what I said to her about having a wonderful week and a nice day.
I didn’t realize tones were in type now days and must have missed the lesson on how to interpret someones properly.
My apologies again for being heartfelt and sincere. I always thought that when someone meant something they said it, I was in no way trying to be condesending.

Tiffany on

Does anyone no where I can get Brooke’s shirt from or a website where I can purchase it from? It is so cute!

gianna on

I’\ve always been a fan of brooke’s and her family is beautiful. Shaya is such a cute baby. That being said brooke often comes across annoying and snobby in her blogs and twitter often. Always complaining about how hard it is having 4 kids, and she is often out to dinner with david alone, or a girls night, plus she has nannies to help her. And it’s not like her career is so busy, that she is working nonstop and raising 4 kids. Her days consist of yoga, working out, starbucks. Yea she is busy with kids, but um what mother isn’t, and some have no nannies. As for sandbox incident, bring your kids their own toys. Children often fight and don’t wanna share their toys with kids they don’t know, and they shouldn’t have too.

imkeh on

You know AJ, you’re starting to irritate me too. Do you not realize that the reason you sound condescending is because you are being condescending/sarcastic/emotional, take your pick.

If you had been sincere, couldn’t you have just said I apologize, I was really being sincere in my last post. Instead you reply with yet another post that’s dripping with passive-aggressive. Go take a deep breath and lighten up.

CelebBabyLover on

gianna- So just because Brooke has nannies means she can never talk about how hard motherhood can be? I mean, if she constantly made it sound like motherhood is all sunshine and roses, she’d probably be criticized for that, too.

imkeh- Did you actually read AJ’s post? She explained that trying to convey her emotions over the Internet is not her forte’. The fact is, it is very easy to mis-interpret someone’s emotions over the Internet (that’s the main reason smilies were invented!)!

Chris on

It seems to me that most people who love to read from celebrities about their personal life just expect them to act/sound/think exactly like themselves.
Is it so difficult to realize that they have a different lifestyle because of their occupations and because they are well off?
How could their perspective on daily events and on life in general be not different from ours?

I admit that as a regular mom, I agree with many comments made above but Brooke’s blog should be taken in its context.
She is used to have everyone around her wanting to please and to never worry about practical details or financial questions: that’s her world, no need to bash her about who she is especially if people keep reading every of her blog or tweet.

*AJ* on

imkeh Says:
April 15th, 2009 at 12:13 am
You know AJ, you’re starting to irritate me too. Do you not realize that the reason you sound condescending is because you are being condescending/sarcastic/emotional, take your pick.

If you had been sincere, couldn’t you have just said I apologize, I was really being sincere in my last post. Instead you reply with yet another post that’s dripping with passive-aggressive. Go take a deep breath and lighten up.

Oh my apologies hun…again I didn’t understand that you could interpret ones feelings in hearing what their typed out words were saying…must be some secret coding? Since when were people allowed to tell you that your apology isn’t real, and you being nice isn’t real unless you say it in a way that I want it said? hmm I thought I lived in a free country with a freedom of speech where all people come from different backgrounds and ways of saying things.
Again I must have missed the class about how to listen to ones intent when they are typing…man I really got to get to that course?

*AJ* on

Now that last post is sarcastic, because yeaaa I am offended that someone thinks they can hear my intents in my typing. You want sarcasm you got it. You want condesending the last two posts YES they were that time. But how dare any of you think that you understand exactly how I meant something after I repeatedly apologized for you misinterpreting HOW I meant it in the first place.
man…ya know what Im just going to let it go STOP apologizing for APOLOGIZING and laugh at all of you for thinking you can HEAR how I meant something when its typed lmao

Helena on

You should really just apologize to each person individually. Or at least that is what they are requiring of you. So, now go be a conformist and do it! Bow to the all knowing “CBB” commentors(hens in the henhouse). As they can tell exactly how you were meaning something to be.. with just plain text. Text implicates feelings and your feelings aren’t feeling the way they should be. I think you might have offended someone with a Hi.. but not too sure.. Either way.. the cattyness going on is just pathetic and I can’t wait to see how these womens children (if they even have any) grow up in life. I am willing to bet their child will be offended for a little girl waving hi. Probably because you know.. she wasn’t smiling when she did it. Or the little boy will be offended at Johnny for sharing his toy but not wiping it off first. This is why this country is so hyper-sensitive then it is… productive. Catty moms with their e-feelings being hurt instead of teaching children the quality of life. If the posting is that offensive.. Quit coming back to see what AJ said! Simple as that. Or quit responding to her sarcastic comment.

Moore on

Allow me to be childish (or even more childish, I guess) for a moment:
“You want condesending the last two posts YES they were that time.”
HA! You admitted it. Was I not right in saying it was condescending? I guess it is only hard for some people to interpret emotions over the internet.

Helena, I do not require an apology. I accepted it and left it alone when she wrote it and I apologized for myself beforehand. I figured if she didn’t think she was being that way then ok. Had I felt hurt and needed one I would have demanded it be done promptly and held her to it. You know, like one of the all knowing hens you were talking about.

“As they can tell exactly how you were meaning something to be.. with just plain text”
But sometimes its just too clear what a person means. She was condescending and I called her on it. She was still condescending and imkeh called her on it. Plain text and all. Just like it was easy to infer that she was being sarcastic before she amended her writing to say she was being sarcastic. Yes, it is easy to misinterpret but in cases like this? Come on,now.

Also, you complain of cattiness in your post yet your post is dripping with cattiness. Congratulations, you’re acting like the ones of which you complain about.

What kind of sense does that make?

But I guess you’re, helena, if it’s so offensive then yeah we should stop reading but I guess its really not that offensive after all. At least not to me.

Chris on

Hellooo moderators!
There are too many off topic posts here; having to read a fight that is not even about the real subject is unpleasant.
Thanks for keeping CBB a quiet place to visit and have fun

*AJ* on

okay…Moore apparently your skimming and not reading…I said I was being sarcastic in the last message and the one that was currently being typed…
HA I admitted these two were…but since you can’t count Moore here sweetie…I’ll help you

*AJ* Says:
April 15th, 2009 at 7:54 am
imkeh Says:
April 15th, 2009 at 12:13 am
You know AJ, you’re starting to irritate me too. Do you not realize that the reason you sound condescending is because you are being condescending/sarcastic/emotional, take your pick.

If you had been sincere, couldn’t you have just said I apologize, I was really being sincere in my last post. Instead you reply with yet another post that’s dripping with passive-aggressive. Go take a deep breath and lighten up.

Oh my apologies hun…again I didn’t understand that you could interpret ones feelings in hearing what their typed out words were saying…must be some secret coding? Since when were people allowed to tell you that your apology isn’t real, and you being nice isn’t real unless you say it in a way that I want it said? hmm I thought I lived in a free country with a freedom of speech where all people come from different backgrounds and ways of saying things.
Again I must have missed the class about how to listen to ones intent when they are typing…man I really got to get to that course?

*AJ* Says:
April 15th, 2009 at 7:56 am
Now that last post is sarcastic, because yeaaa I am offended that someone thinks they can hear my intents in my typing. You want sarcasm you got it. You want condesending the last two posts YES they were that time. But how dare any of you think that you understand exactly how I meant something after I repeatedly apologized for you misinterpreting HOW I meant it in the first place.
man…ya know what Im just going to let it go STOP apologizing for APOLOGIZING and laugh at all of you for thinking you can HEAR how I meant something when its typed lmao

Not the ones you think I was being condesending in when I was wishing you well and hoping for the best, and then apologizing for you being able to hear my text rather than read it. See NOW I am being rude and angry because you are accussing me of being something I wasn’t in the original post. But then again…nevermind I’ll just laugh…you think what you will, I know what I meant and I don’t need you to believe it regardless. You feel like I am attacking you or being condesendnig then you believe that if thats how it “made you feel” or “how you heard it” as you put it.

*AJ* on

Definition of Cattiness:malevolence by virtue of being malicious or spiteful or nasty

Thanks Helena I appareciate you atleast understanding where I was coming from after someone accusing me of something I wasn’t being.

Booya on

I agree with the above poster. . it sounds like a lot of Brooke Burke’s daily routine, yoga, working out, hiking, starbucks and going out to lunch/dinner with her girlfriends. Not to mention trips to the Mountains, Las Vegas, New York. Please. Give me a break

She complained soo much about how taxing and how much time away her DWTS gig took. And she obviously doesn’t work a job from 9-5 or any other time constraint! She is, Oh My a lady of leisure. Sure she has kids and she has to get them up in the morning for school. But didn’t she say her 2 year old was going to a school already? This woman cracks me up.

Moore on

Sorry for the misunderstanding and thinking you were being condescending the other times when you were condescending the other times after those other times. If you go back and read what you wrote, your last two posts not counting the one in which you said “my last two posts” are the apology and the comment to imkeh but if you meant differently then ok. Being condescending appears to be your modus operandi apart from being sarcastic, rude and angry so I got confused. Notice that I’m not calling you those things those were the emotions you mentioned.

I don’t actually need to be told what emotions you’re feeling, by the way, I can get that from your writing. Thank you though.

“Definition of Cattiness:malevolence by virtue of being malicious or spiteful or nasty ”
Again thank you for that basic definition. That was exactly the spirit I was referring to in her post and some of which you may find in this one though I do try to abstain.

Pointing out a behavior is not the same as feeling attacked. I don’t feel attacked in any way whatsoever.

Moore on

The last post when you mentioned your last two posts (the one you say is condescending) had more of a defensive, angry feel rather than a condescending feel. It read differently then the other ones. There’s my confusion.

Just saying.

Meredith on

This post is pretty interesting and I can’t believe I read most of the comments, maybe because i’m intrigued by the arguments going on. You know, i’d probably do the same thing Brooke did, go buy toys across the street, seemed pretty convenient to me. Sounds like there were several kids all together iwth them, so i’m sure she wanted to share with them as well. I don’t see a problem with sharing.

I see a problem with this argument…I did think AJ was Brooke for a second, but I looked onto the baboosh blog and saw that AJ comments on every entry brooke writes. I think she just really likes brooke and is sticking up for her, nothing wrong with that.

To AJ, i wouldn’t read anymore comments, they aren’t worth your time – they are just being rude. I’m sure Brooke isn’t keeping up with this either.

*AJ* on

Awww moore your so sweet to try and use big words to confuse me God Bless you! =0) And your even more sweeter to try and analyze me and each and every little emotion you feel I had in each andevery post. Obviously again you were wrong with the first few…its okay to admit that you aren’t right about everyone’s post and its even better for you to stop trying to make me look like a bad person.
Im sorry that you feel you have nothing to do that is better in your day then analyze me and try and predict my emotions. I hope that someday you will find a better hobby and move on. Im sorry that you don’t realize that just because someone doesn’t agree with you doesn’t mean they must be angry, sarcastic, or condesending people.
I hope some day you find it in your heart to keep an open mind rather than analyze or judge someones typing because you think you could hear how they meant it.
Good day to you dear woman.
God Bless

Terri on

I wouldn’t have taken the toy out of a child’s hands, but Brooke should teach her daughter that she needs to ask to use other people’s things and that it is not her right to use other people’s things. The other mother should be teaching her child to share as well.

Terri on

Great story, koala. Thanks for sharing.

Moore on

AJ, God bless you too.

Just to help you comprehend my response to your post a little better even though it was already mentioned: Every emotion I mentioned were in fact ones you claimed first. If I wanted to call you out of your name and whatever whatever I would have done so. I have found no need and have read my posts and found nothing of the sort. If you have interpreted my posts as me trying to belittle you then I don’t know what to tell you. Beyond mentioning your condescending tone I’m not seeing it but that’s probably just me. I’ll own it.
Those of us who have jobs and lives that afford us hours of leisure time right now are welcome to use that time in any way we see fit. I never said stooped as low and said you needed a hobby (I don’t know how much time you have on your hands nor do I care in the least) but judging by Meredith’s post, you might need one too. I’m always happy to add in yet another hobby so I may take you up on that. Thank you.
Whatever the case may be, whatever your intentions are/were, whoever misunderstood what and when, it doesn’t matter. I will say that in the future try not to be defensive and so offended by messages on the internet especially when A)you misread and misunderstand them on several instances and B) they wont even cause you harm five years from now. Heck, not even five months, weeks from now.
I truly hope that one day you understand the difference between sincerity, condescension, and falseness and how they have come across in your writing here. I believe those are present in your posts but maybe you can’t “hear” them like I can.

In the future should you require an apology for who knows whatever it is you’re upset about from my postings, I wont hesitate to give it. I sincerely mean that. No, really, I do.

Good day.

*AJ* on

and you again my dear woman mis understood me saying I was being sarcastic and condesending in earlier posts…you keep thinking that I am agreeing that I was in the orignial post…here it is black and white, I was not trying to be condesending in my original post to you, nor the one after where I explained I didn’t realize you could hear someones tones in their typing.
I only said I was being sarcastic when I actually meant to be. Im sorry for your confusion in that. You seem to keep drawing back to my original post hoping I will admit that I felt differently or will admit to it, I won’t because I didn’t. I wasn’t trying to be rude when I wished you well and when I was confused as to how you could hear my tones in a typed out response.
But I will leave it here. I don’t think I can say it any other way, you’ll still justify it in your own manner and try to make it look like I was. You believe what you want. Have a good one and take care.

Moore on


I said good day!!

CelebBabyLover on

Booya- Actually, it’s not all that unsual for a 2-year-old to be in pre-school these days. I don’t understand why Brooke’s getting bashed for it. Also, would you rather a celeb make motherhood sound all sunshine and roses, or paint a more realistic picture of it?

gianna on

celebabylover, no not because she has nannies she can’t talk about how hard motherhood is. But when every blog, twitter, and post is almost the same thing, it’s like get over yourself. Millions of women are busy with work and kids all the time, and brooke has it easier than your regular mom working 9-5 and having to come home to cook, clean, deal with the kids, with no nannies to leave. So let’s just be realistic, and not live in a bubble. Read her twitter one day, she has a lot of alone time with david and her gf’s. A lot more than the average moms I know everyday. OMG she has to get her kids up for school and drop her 2yr old at a daycare for 7 hours, um part of motherhood and not a big deal.

*AJ* on

I wish that sometimes the pre-school systems would screen three year olds early. My three year old would have more than qualified socially, and educationally wise for the four year olds program. Unfortunately because she is not in the “age” requirement she didn’t qualify and has to wait another year, or we pay around 500 bucks a month for a private one. I understand that whole no child left behind, but what about the ones that are ahead in life? Why not let them continue to be that one step ahead without making parents pay for it.
The main person my daughter interacts with as far as children to is a 7 year old, so its not like she would feel uncomfortable being younger than the other children. In fact my oldest daughters GodMother was 1 1/2 years younger, she said it never bothered her and she did fine. Its just weird that the older I get the sooner that cut off date gets, and the older children are when they are entering elementary school. =0(
PS Moore, thanks I will have a wonderful day! you too =0)

Loving Aunty on

Personally my own situation has taught me not to judge others actions based only on what we see on the surface. If Brooke was to encounter me in public in my role as an Aunty I’m sure she would have a similar opinion of me as she seems to have of her fellow sandpit Mum. I am heavily involved in the care of my twin nieces, one of whom has a terminal illness. We have established a routine where my parents are the primary carers of my “sick” niece so that they are a centralised source of all of her medical issues and information whilst I am the primary carer of her “healthy” twin so that she has someone who knows her routine and everything going on for her and more importantly so that she knows that she has someone for whom she is the main priority, who she can count on to be there just for her and who she can turn to. For her wellbeing I try to give my “healthy” niece as normal a life as possible whilst doing the best I can to protect the fragile health situation of my other precious niece. I have a wonderful network of my own friends with children around the same age as my nieces who have been amazingly wonderful at involving my “healthy” niece and I in playdates and the like but in ways that help to protect the health of my “sick” niece (I hate referring to them as the “sick” one and the “healthy” one but obviously I’m trying to distingush between the two in this forum without providing personal information). It’s unrealistic for me to keep my “healthy” niece away from public places but for my other nieces sake and for my own peace of mind I take what steps I can to try to reduce the risks that doing so can present for my “sick” niece. Hence when taking my “healthy” niece to public places like playgrounds I always take snacks, drinks and toys that are for her exclusively use. It’s not an issue when she comes to friends’ places with me because as I say my friends have been wonderful in taking our circumstances into account but in public places such as playgrounds my “healthy” niece sticks with her own toys, drinks, snacks etc, I’ll usually casually run a disinfectant wipe on the slides, swing ropes etc and at regular intervals I’ll give her antibacterial hand wash to give her hands a wash because if nothing else it at least makes me feel like I’m doing what I can to protect the health of my other niece who’s life one more than a few occasions has been left hanging in the balance. So yes there have been occasions when another child has taken my nieces toys from her and I’ve gently removed them from the other child’s hands whilst saying in a kind manner “Can I have that toy back please sweetie” purely because I haven’t felt the need to have to explain the reasons to another parent as to why I want the toy back and because taking the time to go through the parent defeats the purpose of me taking stuff for my nieces specific use in the first place. So yes I may have looked like that “sandbox Mum” (sorry I’m in Australia so Mom is Mum to me 🙂 ) but what you don’t see is that in reality I’m an Aunty who’s trying her best to give one precious niece the most normal life possible whilst being desperately scared for and trying to protect the life of my other precious niece. So who of us, Brooke included, really knows what was the reasoning behind the sandbox Mum’s actions and who are we to judge her without knowing?

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gianna- Brooke has made it clear that Rain goes to PRESCHOOL, not DAYCARE!

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Aren’t you questionning the RELEVANCY OF SOCIAL MEDIA like Twitter here?

The fact is that Brooke is a celebrity and as people expect her to do these days, she shares what her life is; just like ours, it is indeed repetitive but should she invent stories to make her tweets more varied and entertaining?

I have read that some (non-celebs) wonder if it is necessary that others are informed about every single detail of their lives and label narcisism the compulsive posting of such “news”.
We’ll see after some time of social media following if the public grows tired of it but at the moment, it is new and a large majority likes it…

Anyway, the solution for those thinking like you is very simple: you are tired or don’t like it > unfollow/don’t comment!
It is just like voting and if enough people do, you send a message.

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I’d like to be able to tag blogs I like and have them show on my website. Any suggestions on the best route to take on this. Any input would be helpful..