Children are Hugh Laurie's 'One Extreme Pleasure'

04/08/2009 at 06:00 PM ET
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House star Hugh Laurie is notoriously prickly when it comes to the press, offering up as little information as possible about his private life with wife Jo Green and the couple’s three children Charles ‘Charlie’ Archibald, 20, William ‘Bill’ Albert, 18 and Rebecca Augusta, 15.

In a recent interview with PARADE, however, the 49-year-old Golden Globe-winning actor could barely conceal his paternal pride. “I’ll tell you the one extreme pleasure I admit to — praising them,” he beamed. “My children are actually perfect.”

And not at all like their father, apparently! Hugh says the kids are “well aware” of his “peculiar ways,” and expressed gratitude that they haven’t adopted his “dreary outlook” on life.

“My children put up with me…For them, I am a cautionary tale. They look at me and say, ‘The hell with it. I’m not going to live that way.’ Good for them.”

House, currently in its fifth season, airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on FOX.

Source: PARADE

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Y on

He is so sexy…

Mia on

It’s funny imaging “Dr. House” as a dad-but Hugh Laurie seems to relish in fatherhood, and maybe that is a similar take as his character might towards fatherhood, who knows lol. His eyes are gorgeous! (Did anybody else watch HOUSE this week, “!!”)

Carli on

He is so hot and an AMAZING actor!!! House is one of my favorite shows. I just love him and he must be the coolest dad.

Melissa on

I can’t picture House as a dad! I saw the episode this week, it was shocking and really good!

Sanja on

I love him!!

Ok ,guys now I have to know! House is a Dad!? (We get the new season in a few months here, so please, details?)

Mia on

@Sanja haha No, no! but it was a really amazing episode near the end of the current season, nothing like that though.

It’s just funny, since I know in the U.S audience, we mostly know him as HOUSE, and so picturing Hugh Laurie as HOUSE ,yet talking about Laurie himself relishing fatherhood, is a funny context haha

Angi on

Hugh Laurie on CBB! HA! Too funny!

Anyways, it does seem like he adores his family.

p.s. Anyone else love A Little Bit Of Fry and Laurie?

cas on

i love!!!! he;s so amazing!! and sounds like such a doting dad

Monique7 on

I just absolutely love him in House. Good for him for keeping his private life the way he likes it: Private!!!

S. Tellitocci on

Good for Hugh Laurie’s kids! They must see the glass as half full instead of half empty. It sounds like he is a very proud father, as a parent I can relate to this!!! Good luck to all three of his children in whatever they choose to do.

Love the show!!! S. Tellitocci

ErykaWynter on

I don’t usually go for older men, but good lord he’s HOT!

brannon on

seriously hot and insanely sexy. love him on the show and then melt a little more when i hear him with his actual accent…

T on

I love, love, love him!!!

Kavabuggy on

I ADORE Hugh Laurie.

Nothing is funnier than Stephen Fry returning Jane Erye to Hugh Laurie’s bookshop in one episode from season 1 of “A Bit of Fry and Laurie.”

Incidentally, my ex-boyfriend looks like a younger version of Hugh Laurie. It’s one of the reasons why I love HOUSE so much.

Hea on

He is amazing as Dr House but I adore his work in comedy.

Ana on

A Little Bit Of Fry and Laurie is great!

Elena on

He is amazing as dr.House, A Little Bit of Fry and Laurie is great but is also very funny in Maybe Baby ! He is gorgeous anytime and anywhere !

S. Tellitocci on

I really love the show! Hugh – What is the hardest thing about raising kids? I think it is keeping up with them.

Happy Spring. S.Tellitocci

Lean on

I love him! He is so cool