Tori, Dean and Liam Roll With It

04/06/2009 at 03:00 PM ET

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott took 2-year-old son Liam Aaron for a spin around the neighborhood on a sunny Saturday in Los Angeles. The trio (plus Dean’s son Jack Montgomery, 10 — not pictured) stopped off for lunch before returning home.

Tori and Dean are also parents to daughter Stella Doreen, 9 months.


Liam wears a Giro Me2 Toddler’s Red Duck Goose Cycling Helmet ($29) and rides in an Bert Safe-T-Seat ($95).

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sarah in UK on

After all the comments regarding another celebrity shown recently. I am suprised to notice no one has yet to comment on what a terrible example this couple are setting for others as well as their own children that THEY are not wearing helmets!

sat on

helmets, parents, helmets, please! they aren’t called brain buckets for nothing.

Diana on

Mom and dad should be wearing helmets, too!

Lisa on

I think Tori and Dean are old enough to chose if they wear helmets. However, Liam and Jack were both wearing helmets which is important. Parents should make kids where helmets and parents should where them to but if they dont want to protect themselves that is their choice but atleast they are protecting their children. Also, I know they are on a street but it doesn’t look like they are doing any intense biking like on hills and stuff, it looks like they are going for a nice family bicylce ride around the neighborhood. I mean if you want to criticize I wouldnt go riding with the kind of shoes Tori is wearing. BTW look how little Liam looks in front of Dean! Such a cute boy as is Jack and of course little Stella is gorgeous too!

Paulette on

I have to admit, when Tori recently visited Big Bear she did not make a good impression, to say the very least. I am impressed that they helmeted the kids – so many parents don’t. Kudos to them! And I love Liam’s bike seat. It makes so much more sense to have a child in front – they can’t see anything but your back when the seat is behind!

PCS on

The best example you can set for your children Tori and Dean are yourselves…PLEASE wear helmets when riding a bike. Just one bump from a fall…(Natasha Richardson!) You are in a safe neighborhood, but are the drivers being safe? Just a thought!

Anna on

They are adults and perfectly capable to decide if they need to wear a helmet. A child does not need to see their parent do something in order to do it themselves. Are you going to bed at 7 in the evening to set an example for child?

BTW for what I read a helmet would not have helped Natasha Richardson because she tumbled and there was no direct impact.

Chris on

Look at little Liam, so cute! It is weird that Tori and Dean aren’t wearing helmets. You’d think they would want to increase their chance of surviving an accident, especially with little ones depending on them.

eva on

So every adult riding a bike without a helmet has a death wish?

Jessica on

I can never get over how easy it is to critize. I’m an adult and if I don’t want to wear a helmet I don’t want to be looked at like a bad parent. But my child will wear a helmet until he/she is an adult.

Anyways, that contraption that Liam is riding in, I’ve never seen it before.

shannon on

When Liam is older he’ll most likely refuse to wear a helmet because Mommy and Daddy don’t wear one. He may even ask outright why he has to wear one while they don’t.

Bieta on

There is NO valid reason not to wear a helmet. NONE. You don’t have to have a high impact accident to have a brain injury. Its not my body at the end of the day but its angering! There are so many comfortable, fashionable, helmets out there for everybody. There are organizations that give them away!

If a child sees only other children wearing helmets not his parents they’re going to clearly associate this with being a child and not necessary for adults. The same way, if only the kids in the house go to bed at 7 they’ll associate with being a child thing(in that case tho its true).

There are so many things in this life you cannot control, preliminary precautions are your best bet.

and yeah it is easy to criticize in this case because they can afford helmets, they’re not setting a good example for their kids, and its plain idiotic.

Bieta on

“So every adult riding a bike without a helmet has a death wish?”

No. They just aren’t being smart with their safety. The same with adults who don’t use seat belts. Its so simple, its 2 seconds out of a persons day..why not just do it?

Anne on

If I was driving around the neighbourhood casual cycling, I wouldn’t wear a helmut. I don’t like them and unless I was speed cycling or long distance then that is different.

Rebecca on

I thought the law in California was anyone on a bike (motorized or not) had to wear a helmet.

Aya on

I am nowhere near a good enough bike rider to trust myself to ride on a bike with my child.

And helmets, wear it if you want, don’t wear it if you don’t want to, but please make sure you put them on your kids.

I wear one, especially when rollerblading. I imagine, it doesn’t make me look very attractive..but neither does me laying on the road with my head split open..

robinepowell on

Is is safe to have Liam in the front of the bike? I always thought that, like a car, kids should be in the back.

Better yet, why not get one of those nylon “wagons” that sit two kids, with harnesses and you pull behind the bike.

rb on

It isn’t about being old enough to make the decision to wear a helmet, it is about loving your children so much that you would not want them visiting a vegetable. That you love your family so much that you would never, ever want the decision to pull your life support to have to be made by one of them.

CelebBabyLover on

shannon- Not if he follows in his big brother’s footsteps! Jack is 10, and other posters have mentioned that he can be seen wearing a helmet in the other pictures of this set.

Anne- I read that, too. I see where people are coming from, though. Natasha’s accident certainly DID raise helmet awareness!

g!na on

I would think the baby in the front of a bike is just like having the kid drive on your lap? If you get in an accident on a bike most likely a head on crash you will squish the baby! I don’t know it just doesn’t look safe with the child in the front!

gianna on

Love this family. Tori and dean seem nice, and liam, stella, and jack are all cute to me.

Amanda on

Honestly, some people can never win. I don’t even know much about this couple, but come on…should they not have a glass of wine with dinner because it “sets a bad example”? When that child grows up, he will have to make the decision whether or not to wear a helmet, and that’s his choice. In the meantime, his parents don’t seem to be doing anything high-impact on the bikes. Live and let live. And I don’t see how Liam being in front is any more dangerous than if he were to be in one of those little tent contraptions on the back. If his father were to crash, the same thing would result…he would either be injured or not. Let’s not take our kids to the grocery store! Someone could crash into your car while you were out. We can’t all live our lives clustered in a little bubble of fear. Geez. There seems to be so much self-righteousness and negativity on here lately. Nobody is perfect, and many of us need to realize that.

ang on

i live in Australia and it’s the law to wear a helmet here but i don’t know about the U.S. people never wear them on American tv shows i watch, celebs rarely wear them except when they’re racing. i just assumed it was optional.

ang on

dean cycle races sometimes,or takes out his motorcycle and does wear a helmet someone said,for a casual ride like this,maybe not.

RockinMomma! on

Not for certain, but I believe having the child in front while biking is considered safer. You can see them so you know they aren’t able to get out of their harness, which is a valid concern for many parents. Also, as far as bike trailers go, I’m wary of them because I cannot see the trailer behind me and because of their low profile, a car might not either. I am saving up for myZigo ( which is a bike/stroller/trailer combo that has the child’s trailer in front of the bike for maximum safety.

Lorus on

Adults can choose not to wear helmets but what doesn’t pass their mind is how their children will cope when they die because of a blow to the head from falling/being hit by a car. It’s not just kids follow by example but it’s you need to be there for your kids and you can’t if you’re dead.

Anna on

So what if he asks why they don’t wear a helmet and why he has too? They can answer him. There is no reason why a child should have the exact same rights as adults. Parents: It’s ok to tell your child to do something even if you don’t do it yourself.

I will never wear a helmet on a bicycle as I don’t believe the risk is worthy of putting on the helmet. The same as I don’t put on a helmet when walking or when being in a car. It seems some people on this site would put a helmet on their child if they wanted to climb a tree…..

TracyG on

Liam looks so tiny in that little seat! 🙂 Nice to see them doing “normal” activities, they are so down to earth….

As far as helmets go…how many of you that are posting here are over 35? When we were kids, we didn’t wear helmets and we rode our bikes EVERYWHERE! All of us survivied. I DO make my son wear a helmet when he is riding on the streets and also when he’s using his scooter, but that said, my husband and I don’t wear them. We don’t wear them to ice skate either (son does).

So many things that are brought forth these days to keep everyone “so safe” that we never used back in the 70’s and early 80’s and we grew up just fine!

Bieta on

They are called precautionary measures.

Lets get rid of car seats, life vests, seat belts and electrical outlet covers because MOST of u made it out of childhood. No, tracey not all of us made it out okay, a significant enough of people died though fortunately for you, know one you knew.

Paulette on

All of us survived? That’s a weird statement. Yes, all of us who are reading this survived. Plenty of others did not.

In California, if you are under 18 you are required by law to wear a helmet – though I see plenty of kids in my town on bikes, rollerblades, scooters and skateboards that do not.

robinepowell on

RockinMomma! Those “tents” have flags and reflectors on them so cars can see them. Not to mention they are made of neon colours, making them really hard to miss.

austinsmommy on

what brand is that shirt liam is wearing! i have been trying to find it forever!