Peekaboo, Wyatt Crow Sees You!

04/06/2009 at 05:00 PM ET

You’ve been spotted! Wyatt Steven Crow peers over a bench while he and mom Sheryl Crow waited for their seat at Pastis in NYC on Sunday.

Wyatt, 23 months, passed the time with a little hide and seek! He’s a friendly boy, his singer/songwriter mom says.

“I’d love to say my life has totally changed, but it hasn’t actually changed that much. He’s just kind of gotten on board. He’s an amazing little guy in that he’s very social,” she explains.

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Y on

He is really cute 🙂

Annie on

me again with my theory that that is her and lance armstrongs son.
He is an adorable mix of the two of them and nothing short of a blood test is going to nix that thought for me 🙂

L on

Wow, Wyatt is a cutie!

Chelsea on

Annie, I feel the same way!

Wyatt sure is a cutie and it seems Sheryl is a GREAT mom!

Kaitlyn on

Annie, ITA with you!

Lilly on

lol Annie

Yeah, he does look like he’s her bio baby, but then again, I think Pax sometimes resembles Brad and Zahara sometimes resembles Angie

jasmine on

he’s beautiful 😀

Loua on

how could it be their bio baby if she was never preg?

eva on

Sheryl Crow doesn’t strike me as the type of woman who would hide a pregnancy and lie about something so normal as having a child. I don’t know her personally and her family is her business but why would she lie about having a child with Lance Armstrong? Do you think she’s also lying to Wyatt about being adopted? Lance Armstrong doesn’t have the most exotic or rare features in the world and neither does Sheryl, so it is more than possible for someone to look like them without being related. Haven’t you ever met two people who look a lot alike without being related? It happens all the time.

mmh on

Uh, no one’s saying she hid a pregnancy!!! More like a possible surrogacy… I had never thought of that until someone else brought it up in another thread here — but now I can’t help but agree! He does look like he is her biological child…

kc on

He does look scarily just like Lance.

The soap opera version of this would be that Sheryl couldn’t get or stay pregnant, so she used Lance’s banked sperm with a surrogate and/or egg donor, and voila…Wyatt.

But like I said, that’s how it would go on Days of Our Lives. 😉

Jill on

kc- Totally sounds like the Days way of doing it! And Lance doesn’t know anything about it until some medical emergency brings it all to light:)

On a more serious note, I had a friend in school that was adopted and you would never have guessed it because she looked so much like her mom!!!

CelebBabyLover on

Eva- I agree. I doubt she would have hidden using a surrogate, either. Plus, it’s obvious that Lance loves all of his children (including his unborn baby) to bits, and he gushes about them a lot. I can’t imagine him ignoring Wyatt if Wyatt really was his son (and, let’s face it, even if he was trying to visit Wyatt in private, the press still would have probably found out about it by now!)! 🙂

Sam on

Some agencies will allow you to adopt a child that has your same ethnic make-up. For example, someone who is 1/2 Irish, 1/4 German, and 1/4 Italian could adopt a child of that same ethnic make up. I’ve known several people who have done this and their children look similar enough to them that you wouldn’t guess they were adopted unless told so. It could be Sheryl did this, or it could be that Wyatt’s birth mother chose her because they have similar ethnic backgrounds.

Caroline on

He looks just like her! I think he is so precious. He may not have grown under her heart, but its obvious he grew in it!

Jazz on

I never thought about it but it is remarkable how Wyatt looks so much like Lance.

Kelly on

I’m adopted, and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard that my whole family looks alike – especially my brother and me (no biological relation there either)…I always hear “oh, I KNEW he was your brother; you look so much alike!” (we see similarities where we want!) 🙂

amy on

My theory…this kid real father is one of the ashmore twins!!!!!!!!!!!