Matilda Ledger's Sweet Smile

04/06/2009 at 01:00 PM ET
Jackson Lee/Splash News Online

Someone looks like her daddy! Matilda Rose Ledger, 3, showed off a sweet smile — and her adorable peacoat-style sweater — while out and about in Brooklyn with mom Michelle Williams, her nanny and a few pals on a sunny Sunday.

Matilda wears Little Marc Jacobs Coco Sweater in Navy (available in black for $78).

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Lis on

Oh my gosh! I actually see a hint of Michelle in her 🙂 But still mostly looks all daddy! Bless her!

Erika on

She’s so cute! Does anyone else think she looks a little older than 3? I would guess her at like 5 or even 6. I don’t think it has to do with the way Michelle dresses her, but she just has a mature face (not a bad thing) . She is really cute though, and she always seems so happy!

Annabel on

Gorgeous child. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a close up shot of her, just pictures taken from a distance while she’s with her mom on coffee runs. She’s really starting to look all grown up— not like an adorable toddler anymore but a beautiful little girl. And I know Michelle isn’t fond of the paparazzi, but this would be a great picture for her to have.

Heidi K. on

Oh, oh, OH!!!! How lovely… not to mention adorable. And heart-warming! My goodness…

kelsey on

Bittersweet. She is so beautiful! on

Wow, has she ever grown up…she looks like a completely different girl! She’s starting to look a lot more like Michelle…quite the beauties they are!

Lou on

my god, she really is stunning. plus she seems to have a really laid back and happy nature-she’s always smiling in the pics i’ve seen.
she is a credit to michelle and a wonderfully gorgeous way for Heath to live on.
RIP, we still miss you. gone but not forgotten xx

sushi on

happy kid= beautiful kid

Jennifer on

What a lovely photo, and such a sweet smile!

JK on

Wow..she looks so much older than 3. Matilda is just adorable and we will always be reminded of Heath when we see her. She looks just like him. Bless her heart..

Ana on

matilda looks so adorable and grown up in that picture!
i just wish heath could be there to see his little girl growing up, but im sure hes watching over her.

Pamela on

she’s so beautiful!

Tee on

What a precious picture!

cj on

Oh just look at that smile. I hate to say this, but it’s eerie seeing her look straight at the camera and smile when she is the mirror image of Heath.

She seems so well balanced and Michelle is a wonderful mother.

fergette on

I’m shocked every time I see her how much she looks like Heath. I agree with CJ that it is slightly eerie for me, which is unfortunate. I almost hope for her sake that she begins to look more like her mother so that she isn’t constantly told how much she looks like her late father. I can’t imagine how hard that must be for a little kid.

sarah in UK on

I have to agree although she looks like her Dad you can really see her Mum in her in this picture. Lovely photo of Matilda and a rare treat!
Would love that coat for myself!

Laura on

Wow she looks like Michelle in this picture! She is a beautiful child!!!

C85 on

Utterly precious child! Obviously she does look charmingly like her daddy but for the first time, she instantly reminded me of Michelle too. She’s like me actually – a total piggy-in-the-middle of both parents! She got Heath’s eyes and Michelle’s delicate cuteness!

jasmine on

Oh, what a smile! She is a truly beautiful mix of her parents!

Lilly on

She looks like her mom when she smiles, otherwise she is pretty much a copy of her dad.

JoFlow on

She is so beautiful..she looks just like Heath…

eva on

Honestly I never thought Matilda was as cute as other readers said she was.I thought it was mostly due to the new Heath Ledger mania, but I must say this is a darling picture of her.Her smile just shines.

Jessica on

OMG, she looks so beautiful in this picture. She looks like an angel when she smiles.

sj on

she’s grown up so much! what a beautiful little girl

gthandy on

Good gravy…if she is not the spitting image of her Daddy. He will live on through her! Bless her and Michelle!

gianna on

she’s tall for her age, and looks exactly like heath.

Erin on

I actually think her nose is what makes her look so much like Heath. She also, of course, has those eyes that look so much like his – such a twinkle in them. But, wow, has she begun to change look-wise. She looks like she’s 6 here and has started to look like Michelle. My mom died when I was 13 and hearing I look like her isn’t heartbreaking, it’s a compliment, but I’m sure it could go either way. Still, it’s nice to know you remind someone who loved your parent so much OF your parent.

Bella on

This is the best picture of Matilda ever taken by the annoying paparazzi. If I was Michelle, I too would want a copy. She looks absolutely beautiful and so grown up.

It’s also wonderful that even though Michelle is afraid for her daughter when the paparazzi is around, that Matilda doesn’t let it bother her. She seems a happy, fearless little girl, and someone her lovely father would be proud of.

Jazz on

Matilda is so beautiful when she smiles. This is my favorite picture of her next to the one of her clutching Heath’s leg.

isacutie on

Matilda is so beautiful. I see both Heath and Michelle in her in this picture.

Bieta on

I don’t seen an ounce of Michelle in her, except for maybe face shape. She seems to have taken entirely after heath in features and height(he was 6’1 I believe). She’s definitely going to be tall and she looks way older than 3. I mean Suri is almost three and Cruz is 4 and she looks older than both.

Kelly on

This girl is adorable!!! I think she’s certinly all daddy.

natalie on

i gotta agree with some of you that when she has a relaxed look on her face she looks like a splittin image of heath but here, in this photo, there’s a hint of her mom and i noticed that right away. but otherwise she’s just all heath and i think that’s lovely. she looks like a very bright lovely girl, and I can’t wait to see her grow up. Michelle seems to be a wonderful mommy and I’m so impressed by her.

j.U.d.E. on

I definitely see a mix of both Heath and Michelle. I am not a fan of her hairstyle. Bugs me the hair glued to the forehead. Without it you would see more of Matilda’s beautiful face! Like that it’s to square.

Anyway, I can’t keep from finding it all so very very sad. I’m glad though to see that Matilda seems to be a happy child. Michelle must be doing a good job at bringing her up. I hope she’ll thrive as a teenager and won’t have reality hit her too much, when all the adolescent ‘angry’ hormones kick in.

¨°*=.. Gone too soon. R.I.P. Heath! You’ll be missed eternally..=*°¨

Laura on

She’s stunning! She has Michelle’s smile, I think. I can’t wait to see how she’ll look fully grown.

L on

Wow, this is the first picture I’ve seen of Matilda, where there is any of Michelle’s looks visible..still though, she is the spitting image of Heath. Its so heartbreaking, but she is just such a beautiful little girl. I’m sure Heath is proudly watching over her.

Mary on

aww, what a sweet pic of Matilda. i’ve heard celeb parents say that sometimes they appreciate the paparazzi pics, b/c they themselves don’t have these specific pics of their kids. i think this is one pic Michelle should definitely frame of her daughter. it is sweet, precious, and actually doesn’t look like a paparazzi pic at all. looks like a parent was just snapping pics of the kids as they were out and about. this pic’s definitely a keeper for her.

L on

Gosh, she looks soo grown up! It seems like just yesterday pictures of a pregnant Michelle were being posted….oh how time flies! She is definitely her father’s daughter…Gorgeous!

Still Life in South America on

Her face just breaks my heart. She is lovely, just lovely.

pia on

I love this kid

susan on

this little girl is the spitting of her daddy.. too adorbale.. heath, you have a beautiful daughter..

T on

re: j.U.d.E’s comments

Why do you find it necessary to make negative comments about a 3 year old’s hair?? It’s completely inappropriate. Little girls already have enough pressure to look a certain way….

Mystical on

Aah bless her, every other photo I have seen of her she is the spitting image of Heath, but this is the first picture I can really see Michelle in her. Lovely photo and a very cute little girl.

melissa on

She looks like a gorgeous incredibly well rounded child. Way to go Mom Michelle!

FC on

She’s such a little lady in that photo, and that smile is ready to break some hearts. I can see a bit of Michelle, but she’s still mini-Heath to me. 🙂

Marie Snyard on

It is nice for Heath’s parents when they come to visit her. To see their son in her face…!! Not being mean.. but it is special
to see that for a parent..