Brooke Burke: The Truth Hurts, and Helps

04/06/2009 at 01:30 PM ET
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In a brave mommy moment, Brooke Burke recently “checked in” with daughters Neriah, 9, and Sierra Sky, 7, with an exercise that is not designed for the thin-skinned! During the 45-minute ride home from school, the 37-year-old Season 7 Dancing With the Stars winner handed out a tablet of paper and a pen, and asked the girls to take turns writing down words that described their mom. What they came back with was “eye-opening” for Brooke, to say the least:

“Busy, smart, nice, caring, mean (this one came with ‘no offense mom, I don’t want to hurt your feelings, but…’) helpful, fun. Beautiful, RUDE, late, honest, hero, super mom, fixer, great dancer, great body, cool mom.”

After spending some time to reflect on each of the words, Brooke admits many of the words were nice to hear while others made her think her parenting style “might need to be modified.” She then engaged the girls in a discussion about what they have been feeling. “I really believe in giving my kids the freedom to express themselves and I want them to be opinionated as well, even if it is negative sometimes,” she explains. “Many things I thought would be important to them were not mentioned, and many things I do that I thought they took for granted, were brought up.” Writing that she is “flattered to be adored by the little people that matter the most,” Brooke has vowed to implement some changes as a result.

“I learned that when I don’t always hear my kids out when they are trying to explain something, they feel cut off, unimportant, and they think I am ‘rude,’ so I will try to listen to their thoughts more. When I am always rushing them in the morning, which is ALWAYS, they think that I am ‘late,’ so we will get up earlier. All the rest of the stuff was so nice to hear, so positive, and it touched me in many ways.”

All in all, Brooke — who is also mom to 2-year-old Heaven Rain and 13-month-old Shaya Braven — harbors no regrets about what she learned. “Although the truth may hurt sometimes, if your loved ones can be honest, the constructive criticism can be fascinating,” she adds.

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Lauren on

Bravo, Brooke, for realizing that not all opinions have to be puppies and popsicles. Clearly the mothers of too many CBB readers never took the time to teach their children the definition of constructive criticism-a fact that is glaringly obvious on way too many posts here.

kris on

Good job! I see a few of my own needs improvement traits listed here and although my kids are younger I have a feeling they feel the same as Brooks.

mlm on

I would be really concerned if my daughter mentioned that I had a great body…that just struck me as odd. Kids that young should not be concerned with things like that, it’s a little scary.

As for the rest of them, I think it shows she is an awesome mom.

Carolyn on

Wow, what a cool thing to think to do. She seems like such an involved, great mom.

Bunny on

Oh please.. .just wait until they are teenagers… wait til she sees the “words” then!!!

Ruthella on

Great body? Weird! Sorry to say it, but the whole thing sounds a little ‘Let’s talk about ME!’ to me. Just my opinion though. My kids would probably be bored after about a minute and start doodling!

Binky on

I agree Lauren, readers here are very rude to other readers especially when it comes to disagreeing. Disagreeing does not equal being rude. If I say I do not like the name Zuma, or I do not like what Shiloh is wearing, CBB readers will be calling for my head and telling me I know nothing and bla bla bla…. I guess I should just be a spineless jellyfish and not think for myself. I use to read this site constantly, but now rarely come on here because of the nastiness, or those who think their opinion and ONLY their opinion matters. good for Brooke for accepting the “criticism”. I think more people should be like her. As for the body comment, I always thought my mom looked nice. I had barbie and Marilyn Monroe etc to look at, so I did have a preference as to what a nice body looked like. Who knows, maybe they think mommy looks like Barbie, which I guess could be a good or bad thing

gianna on

I think brooke seems like a good mom, regardless of her complaining how hard it is with 4 kids all the time lol. Her daughter’s comment about having a good body doesn’t seem odd to me, considering both girls saw brooke dancing every week on DWTS in very sexy type outfits and I’ve seen pictures of brooke with her girls in a bikini and stuff, so it’s normal for them to find their mom pretty and think she has a good body. They are 7 and 9yrs old and are growing up in CA and a dad who is a plastic surgeon and a mom who is a model. I think her oldest girls are so pretty, I just saw pics of them yesterday in a magazine. Also I keep hearing rumors and now on their twitter and blogs, brooke and david are hinting they might be doing a reality show with their family.

Stella Bella on

I think it’s normal for kids to notice their mother’s shape. I certainly noticed my mom’s, and she’s not a model! I never shared my opinion with her because she never asked. Pretty simple.

Bieta on

My mom had a six pack when I was growing up, and I never once really knew how great her body was until I was a teen. It just strikes me as weird. I don’t want to make assumptions but it makes me kind of sad that two little girls 7 and 9 living in L.A have a concept of a “great body”. Its just not something I’d like my daughters to think about at that age.

Jenna on

About the “great body” comment… those two older girls have probably heard their whole life how awesome their mom looks from other people. “Oh Brooke, you have such a great body”, “Brooke, how do you keep your body in such great shape”, that it has probably resonated with them. Not to mention they probably heard it a hundred times from the judges on Dancing with the Stars.
I think Brooke seems like a good mom. She seems to really love her children, which above all else, is what matters to kids the most. And she has a great body to boot! Good for her!

SAR on

I don’t think it’s odd for the girls to note that their mom has a great body. I mean, everyone else was talking about it when Brooke was on DWTS, especially since she’d had her fourth child not long before. It’s a compliment, like them saying their mom is pretty.

I’m impressed that Brooke recognizes that Neriah and Sierra are old enough to have their opinions heard and perhaps heeded.

Erin on

I don’t think it’s Brook’s fault that the girls noticed her body. I’m sure living in LA looks are the focal point for most and no matter how you try to protect your kids from that way of thinking it must be hard. I cannot imagine raising kids, especially daughters, in that environment. Every place probably has some downfall but young girls are shown at an early aget the importance of looks just from magazines and tv/movies. I’d move even if it meant my career. I just don’t feel LA is a healthy place to raise kids…my opinion obviously.

fevvers on

Me me me me me me me me. But enough about me, what do you think of me?