Thalía On Her Plans to Pen a Pregnancy Tips Book

04/05/2009 at 12:00 PM ET
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A year after contracting Lyme Disease, singer Thalía is on the mend and looks forward to her bright future. As she eagerly awaits the day she and her husband Tommy Mottola will add to their family of three, the 37-year-old — who says adoption weighs heavily on her mind — is shining light on the wonders of pregnancy. “Getting pregnant changed my life forever,” she reveals in the April/May issue of Siempre Mujer. “It was something magical, special, that put me in contact with the universe.”

That said, Thalía admits that the birthing process was no piece of cake! Despite the countless pregnancy literature she pored through, the songstress was unable to find material that adequately prepared her for labor, she says. In an effort to avoid “surprises” for mamas-to-be and forewarn future parents on any pregnancy-related problems, Thalía is working on Thalía: Radiante! — a book filled with wisdom she gained through her own experience. Sure to be included? Her delivery story!

“Nobody told me that my labor would be 33 hours, for example.”

Thalía and Tommy are parents to 16-month-old Sabrina Sakaë.

Source: Siempre Mujer via Quien

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Posh Girl on

I just love Thalia! She is wonderful! Love her music and telenovelas! Her daughter is so sweet! Thalia is my idol.

Shay on

I think there are plenty of good pregnancy books available, and I find it hard to believe that this book will shed any new light on the subject. That said, everyone’s experience is a little different and I suppose we all want to think that we have some unique insight to share. I’m sure we all know that it’s possible to have a long labor and your capacity for that should be discussed with and judged by your doctor.

sil on

33 hours! no way…I’m due in late april, I really hope that my labour will be less than 33 hours!!! (with my first child was 8 hours…and veeery painful!)
Anyway, I will like to see pictures of Sabrina, i’m sure she is a very beautiful baby girl 🙂

Angelique on

Nobody told her that her labor would be 33 hours because nobody knows how long your labor is going to be. It could be 3 hours, it could be 33 hours. It could be more, it could be less. Nothing can prepare you for labor and giving birth except your own experience with it.

I do understand her wanting to write a book about it though. Naturally, many women feel compelled to share what they learned along the way.

Lori on

There are more than enough pregnancy/parenting books out there, what she should be doing a book on LYME DISEASE, and educating people about prevention/diagnosis/treatment.

Mrs. R. on

It annoys me to see celebrities capitalizing on things like pregnancy like this. She had ONE pregnancy. If she had another she’d realize that ALL pregnancies are different, and not even one person will have two alike.

I scoff at the idea that she’s going to provide ‘wisdom’ from her 1 40 week experience as a pregnant person.

It just seems like one more way for her to make money off her image.

MZ on

While I think that it’s great she’s writing a book, because diff. books resonate with diff. people, I wonder what books some of these celebs are reading (or maybe not reading?). I read/skimmed through a couple and they all covered the aspects of pregnancy and delivery that I keep reading celebs say “no one ever told me about ____.” It kind of rubs me the wrong way…like they are upset because someone *should* have told them everything. I guess I figure you’ll learn as much as you want to study about it, but like Angelique said, everyone’s experience is different.

Lilly on

Are there any pictures of her daughter?

I’ve only seen the first official ones.

Silvermouse on

I agree Mrs R and I’ve not even been pregnant. Most pregnancies are different. How csn one write a guidebook on just one experience?

Bieta on

Mrs R,

Maybe Michelle Duggar should write a book, I mean she’s been through like 16, 17 pregnancies so she must have seen it all by now!

Iona on

Hola Thalia,eres mi aire y ya no puede vivir sin ti…
Mi pregunta eres:
Thaly como es tener un parto de 33 horas y que
consejos tu puede dar a las madres que entan
viviendo por primera vez la gran experiencia
del embarazo.

Te amo y voy a amarte siempre, pase lo que pase….
besos… Iona de Brasil.