Life's Good for Damian Lewis and Helen McCrory

04/05/2009 at 03:00 PM ET
Kaminski/Whittle/Splash News Online

Life star Damian Lewis and his wife, actress Helen McCrory, were spotted out for a walk with their kids — daughter Manon, 2 ½, and son Gulliver, 17 months — in Marina Del Rey, Calif. on Thursday.

Despite the relaxing scene in the photo, the British couple — perhaps best known in the US for their work in Band of Brothers and The Queen — will be keeping quite busy in the coming months. Damian’s show, Life, is a hit, while Helen’s performance as Narcissa Malfoy is expected to be a highlight of the final three Harry Potter films.

Damian pushes a Mountain Buggy Urban Double ($749).

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Vivi on

Love him, love the names, and look at the baby! Such a darling.

MD on

I don’t know this couple very well; does one of them have a French background? How do anglophones pronounce “Manon”?

excugoaway on

My 16 year old daughter fell in love with Damian while watching Band Of Brothers. Because of the move she wrote to Mjr Winters and received a signed photo of both Winters and Damian. It is framed on our “WWII wall of remembrance”.


Damien Lewis makes my heart fluter and my knees go weak. I love him he is so yummie. I am so happy that I can now get a weekly fix on NBC’s show Life. If you have not seen him perform in his new show yet then put it on your viewing rotation.

Christina Bledsoe on

Look at the little girl – she is adorable!

fevvers on

Love the name Manon.

(mah-non is how I havbe heard french speakers pronounce it…but the little Manon I know also goes by Manny).

Christine on

I, too, loved him in Band of Brothers and I love him on Life – which his wife has a recurrent role on lately.
I really hope this show is on for awhile!
Cute kids, with cute names!!!

SY on

My goodness I thought they had twins…those babies are adorable and they must have their hands full with them being less than 1 year apart.

danda_lion on

Manon is adorable!

April on

Sj they are 14 months apart. 🙂 🙂 Very cute, this is the first time I’ve seen them. I love Damian.

Anna Wilson on

Great shot of England’s finest actors enjoying the sunny coast of California. Beautiful family…cute bunny too. Just hope NBC renews Life. It is the most original show on TV.

PollyQ on

Babies & parents are all adorable, but Life, sadly, is not a hit, and almost certainly won’t be back next season.

eternalcanadian on

Oh hey, that’s interesting to see! I remember Helen McCrory was originally going to play Bellatrix, but she got pregnant with Manon and Helena Bonham-Carter took over. Now Helen is playing Narcissa, and I think Gulliver had arrived by then.

To he honest I’m not looking forward to Half-Blood Prince because of Narcissa’s hair! I know I’m not the only HP fan saying this, lol.

Camille on

I would love to see Life continue. Anyone who has seen Damien Lewis perform in band of Brothers and the Forsyte Saga knows the depth of his abilities. The quirkiness of his character is fun, however the repetitive lines lose their spark. Lewis’ character should be able to do superior, exciting police work that yields outstanding results. He’s been thinking about what happened to him for 13 years now and he knows what needs to be done. Don’t make him do and say the same things all the time. He’s savvy and smart and needs to prove himself.

In the episode where he is shot and nearly dies, the writers put him in a cell with Arthur Tins. Why would he be with Arthur Tins? If he was dying he would have wanted to see his mother, the one person who never gave up on him and loved him to the end. I think the writers don’t get what Crews has sufferred and that he wants to continue living. Put some serious story material in these episodes and he will shine. Keep the fruit and zen stuff but get rid of the repetitive lines. It wastes too much story time. And the story is paramount. Also, Crews is still going to encounter his Dad, give them an opportunity to at least discuss why he wouldn’t let Crew’ mother come to visit him in jail. Be real with hs character and the series will survive. Give him serious cases to solve an not funky, glitzy situations to wade through. He is a master actor. Give him excellent quality writing to work with so that the show will continue The x Files was a quirky show that developed into a well followed series for about 10 years. There is no doubt that Damien Lewis can pull off this type of intriguing show. The writers must do their job an write good material for damiien Lewis and the other actors. Camille

lauranna75 on

We can hardly see little Manon, too bad… beautiful family though

Allie on

Actually, Life has started to become a pretty BIG hit since it’s slot was moved to Wednesday’s @ 9 (used to be Friday’s at 10!). It’s one of the top-watched shows on Hulu, as well! I honestly wouldn’t be surprised to see the third season, because it REALLY is a GREAT show!! And I didn’t know she was his wife!!! haha

Kate on

I have loved Damian since the Forsyte Saga and then I saw him in Band of Brothers on the History Channel. I love Life and I hate that it is on the same time as my other favorite show LOST. I just watch it online the next day. Love the show.

Brandy on

She’s got a recurring role on Life as well. Great show. Wish more people were watching it. And those babies? Adorable!

txgal on

My fiance and I were arguing about future baby names a few days ago. I LOVE the name Bronwyn and he hates it. His suggestion was “Manon” and I thought he was being sarcastic. I had never heard that name used before. lol

Adele (UK) on

The name Manon is Welsh 🙂 🙂

Kathy on

To Camille; the last thing that Arthur Tims said to Charlie Crews before he died was “see you around”.

In episode 1.02 Tear Assunder Crews talked about his disappointment with a “near death” experience “no light, no tunnel, no dead relatives” this episode gave a new view of a near death experience; very smart writing!

Kim on

I agree with Camille, the writing was good first season, 2nd season it got a little on the light side…They need to write to the level of talent. Damian Lewis IS the whole package, he’s handsome, sexy and has the goods (acting) to back it up. I would like to see some more conversations a bit more edge, let’s here what Charlie’s dad has to say for his actions, let’s here what Charlie’s reponse is… let see what the big issue is with Rachael. Let’s see what Olivia is really up too, let see what is really bothering Reese about her father… there is so much to cover and Damian Lewis can get you there… they need to launch the talent… Adam Arkin is an extraordinary actor as well… let see Ted get into some sleauthing. And Helen McCroy what a power house- she was execellent…Let’s give her a solid part and dig in and get the party started. NBC has a GREAT show here and real trained talent… I hope it stays on for a long time.

Melinda on

Beautiful couple with adorable babies. I am hoping for more Life. It is a fabulous show!!