Vin Diesel Dishes On Daughter's Delivery Day

04/04/2009 at 04:00 PM ET
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When asked about their bundle of joy, many first-time fathers pull out the wallet pictures and are armed with stories to match; New dad Vin Diesel, however, prefers to let his 1-year-old daughter Hania Riley‘s angelic presence speak for itself. “Anything that I say could just fall into the proud father category, but if the angel were here right now, I wouldn’t have to say a word,” he shares during a recent appearance on Good Morning America. “You would see it in her spirit.”

While the news of Vin’s becoming a father came as a shock to many, the actor revealed that the lack of a pregnancy announcement was intentional. “I didn’t want cameras around this event. I wanted this to be as natural as possible,” he says.

With the decision to keep the news between family and close friends, Vin turned to his Fast & Furious co-star Paul Walker — father to 10-year-old Meadow Rain — for a bit of advice concerning delivery day.

“I say to Paul, ‘You know, should I be in the delivery room or how’s that going to work?’ And he says, ‘You know, so many guys will tell you, “Don’t do it…you can’t stomach it…you’ll never look at the girl the same,” [but] it’s the best thing you’ll ever do in your life,'” Vin recalls. With that, the 41-year-old “marched into the delivery room” on the big day and was witness to the entire birth.

“[I] did everything but literally pull her out. I cut the umbilical cord. I was more present than I could ever have dreamed of, but the bonding that that allowed for with my daughter is priceless.”

As the interview comes to an end, Vin is prompted to share his special lullaby — La Vie En Rose — that he sings to Hania each night before she falls fast asleep. The smiling proud papa begins, “Hold me close and hold me fast…the magic spell you cast…” before walking off camera.

Hania is Vin’s daughter with girlfriend Paloma Jimenez. The new Fast & Furious is now in theaters.

Source: Good Morning America

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Aelys on

To me, Vin always was that big, tough guy. Hearing him speak of his baby girl like that is just the sweetest thing!

Philippa on

So cute, the way he talks about his daughter. And I think Hania Riley is a really beautiful name! 😀

Jane on

“…you’ll never look at the girl the same,”


TF on

You shouldn’t be in the delivery room because you might never look at “the girl” the same way? He “did everything” but pull the baby out?


His Mama on

Vin was on Regis and Kelly on Friday and said she just turned 1 the day before! He seemed completely smitten with her!!

Bieta on

“He “did everything” but pull the baby out?”

Yep..that right! He counted the time between contractions, checked to see how she far she’d ilated, monitored the babies heart rate and its position!!! Doctor Schmocter!

Thats my Vin!


Guys just like to feel important.

Becky on

How do you pronounce her name? Han-e-a? Ha-ny-a? So curious. Does anyone know? He is big and tough, but I can totally picture him being a big soft teddy bear with his baby girl.

Kim on

Did anyone catch Vin on Leno a couple nights ago? He said his daughter’s name is Simichle, named after an Iberian princess. I’m a little confused since all reports have called her Hania thus far.

Kim on

Sorry, typo – I meant Similche

Sam on

Becky, I thought it rhymed with Tanya, but then I read somewhere that it is pronounced Han-ee-uh. Although that doesn’t mean Vin pronounces it that way.

Beth on

Kim, I did see Leno and Vin definitely did not say Hania Riley as his daughter’s name. You are correct.

He did seem hesitant to say her name, so maybe he made up a false one for Leno?? I’m very curious, too!

Becky on

Thanks Sam! I appreciate that! That’s a pretty name! Anyway I have tried to pronounce it is pretty….and it’s a helluva lot better than some of the names announced yesterday! 😉

Emily on

Ok, THANK YOU! I saw him on Leno the other night and as I was reading this, I was thinking, “I don’t think that’s what he said her name was!” Glad to know I’m not going crazy!

I’m curious now!

Tina on

Hania is a really cute name, is it like Hannah? or Han-i-a?

Kim on

I tried looking for an official statement from Vin/rep confirming that Hania is her name but couldn’t find one. I suspect the media outlets got anxious over the yet-to-be-released name and made up Hania? Vin did seem to want to keep the name private when on Leno… I could be completely wrong though

kn on

I saw him on Jimmy Fallon and he said the same name (Similche)…

Monie on

The first name we heard was Cemilche. Us loyal Vin followers weren’t suprised that he named his daughter after Hannibal’s wife since he is infatuated with Hannibal Barca. (The Carthagenian General who crossed teh alps with the elephants.) Hania Riley makes sense too. But who knows? Vin is extremely private and that’s why he hasn’t said much about his girlfriend Paloma either.

I always knew he’d be a great daddy!

martyna on

hania is a polish name and you can read it like Ha-ny-a

morgyn on

I love Vin! I saw Fast and Furious yesterday and kept looking at him like ‘ i bet you that baby has him wrapped around her little finger.’

SmurfyBear on

So what exactly is the baby’s name? Websites say Hania Riley, but Vin mentioned Similche on Jay’s show???

FC on

I’ve always thought Vin was a fine man, but he’s even sexier as a proud papa! 😉

christina on

yess i saw him on the leno show also… maybee hania is the middle name like Similche Hania Riley, wut do u think??

esteri on

a baby makes everyone feel happy, calm the nerves and made you an other person and this is the way that Vincent must feel. his baby is so proud for her and kisses for that beautiful girl

kt on

My daughter’s name is Hania and it is a beautiful name. It means: peaceful one, and it is not polish.