Keith Urban on the Most Joyous Day of All

04/04/2009 at 09:00 AM ET
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When Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman decided on the name Sunday Rose for their baby girl, they were hoping for any day of the week but Sunday one for her big debut. “We didn’t want her to be born on a Sunday, because people would think [that was the reason for her name],” Keith revealed during a recent visit to The Ellen DeGeneres Show; Instead, the couple “just loved the name of the day,” the 41-year-old country music star says. He elaborates,

“Particularly when you don’t have someone in your life, Sunday was like the loneliest day…The day I dreaded the most. Everyone goes with their families, and if you don’t have a family, you don’t have anybody. It went from being sort of the most dreaded day of the week to the most joyous day, because now we have a family.”

Spending the bulk of their time in their adopted hometown of Nashville, Keith shares that Sunday — 9-months next week — is a Southern belle-in-the-making. With two transplanted Aussies as parents, it’s likely that her accent will be unique…to say the least! Jokes Keith,

“She might say, ‘G’day, y’all.’ A nice mix.”

Keith’s new album Defying Gravity is in stores now.

Source: The Ellen DeGeneres Show

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Shana on

This may be rude, but do they ever spend time with Nicole’s OTHER children? I cant imagine being one of her adopted children with Tom Cruise, and reading that. “We didn’t have a family” It seems as though only the biological children of Tom and Nicole are talked about (Suri and Sunday) and Bella and Connor are non existent.


Eleonora on

I totally agree with him. Nice interview.

Brittany on

Shana I couldn’t agree with you more. I actually heard that Nicole did an interview after the birth of Sunday Rose were she said (and this is paraphrased) That now she wants to live forever and how before it didn’t matter if she passed. But now that she had Sunday she wants to be there.

Quite the slap in the face to Bella and Conner. I’m not a Tom Cruise fan but at least he never said that.

kai on

I don’t like any of them, they all strike me as egotistical phonies at best (except Suri lol), but his explanation is really sweet.Lovely:)

listenup on

Nicole didn’t say it that way. She is always misqouted. She said when you are a 25 year old younger parent like she was when Bella and Connor were born, you take chances like sky diving and don’t think about how dangerous that is. Having Sunday at 41, she now knows how important it is to be safer so you’ll be around to watch your kids grow up. Technically, keith didn’t have a family. Sunday is his first child. The older kids don’t belong to him.

Katie on

I think that Tom Cruise has a lot of control over where Bella and Conner are. The other thing that was really cool was that in Keith Urban’s new CD, in his thank you notes it says to Bella and Conner. They do love those kids but Keith and Nicole live in Nashville, TN, and Tom & Katie live in California. That is JMO!

Bieta on

I think his comment is super sweet! I know exactly what he means. I agree that I think Tom has a lot of pull over C&I. They call katie mom remember?

Lauren on

I agree completely with Katie.

Stella Bella on

That’s a really beautiful reason for her name.

Sam on

Shana, he didn’t say ‘”“We didn’t have a family.'” He said, “‘Sunday was like the loneliest day…The day I dreaded the most. Everyone goes with their families, and if you don’t have a family, you don’t have anybody.'” I took this to mean that before he married Nicole he was lonely and by himself, which is understandable.

And from what Nicole has said in interviews, it sounds like she DOES see her children, but they are not photgraphed often. Sunday is also not photographed very often, either, although she is photographed with Nicole more so than Bella and Conner are, which is natural, as Bella and Conner live mainly with their father. I think Nicole catches a lot of flack because her children live mainly with her ex-husband instead of her. I find this incredibly sexist. If the kids lived with Nicole the majority of the time instead of Tom, it wouldn’t have raised any eyebrows.

Sarah K. on

This again? I agree Sam completely. No one accuses a dad of not loving his kids because they live with their mom. Nicole has always been private about the children. Both Tom and Nicole have said that the kids do not like being talked about. It embarrasses them as it would any teenager.

I have not seen one solid piece of evidence that Nicole doesn’t love Bella and Connor. Everything people have said is mere speculation and misquoting. Keith never said that Nicole didn’t have a family. He said that when YOU don’t have a family, sundays are lonely. And like someone else already said, Sunday is his first child even if she isn’t Nicole’s first child.

ooji on

nicole has said that the kids chose to stay in los angeles, which meant staying with tom, because that was where they’d been raised. after the divorce, nicole has lived in australia and then in nashville, so they visit her and live with tom…they just aren’t photographed as much with nicole and keith because nicole and keith aren’t photographed as often as tom and katie. no one is, really.

Me on

I wonder how some of you would stand up to the scrutiny Nicole puts up with? I mean to be judged by what tabloids and blogs say? Because she chooses not to put her relationship with her older children on display, she’s a bad mother? Isn’t that exactly what other celebrity’s get slammed for? That they use their kids for photo ops?

One more thing: As many times as stars are misquoted and as much misinformation is out there on celebrities, how can some of you take everything your read as gospel truth? Don’t say you don’t, because that information is exactly what you are so harshly judging Nicole on!

kris on

G’day Y’all – I thought that was so funny and cute.

Anna on

The children chose to stay in LA so their mother should have chosen to stay (at least) on the same continent. I’m sorry but I don’t understand how a mother can decide to move to Australia when her children are in the US.

Sam on

She’s rich. She can fly to LA from Australia just as easily from Nashville.

CelebBabyLover on

Sam- I agree! I agree with ooji as well. Nicole has said that it is the KIDS decison to stay in LA. Thus, it sounds like it ISN’T a case of Tom controlling where they stay. Actually, from what Tom and Nicole have said, it sounds like the arrangment is pretty lose, and the kids can pretty much see Nicole when they want to.

Also, in terms of Sunday and Suri being talked about, blame the media for that one. Naturally the media is going to be more interested in and thus ask more questions about the younger, biological children than the older adopted ones. Sadly, the media doesn’t seem to care about adopted kids as much as biological ones (case in point: By reading some of the tabs, you’d think that Shiloh and the twins are Angie and Brad’s only children!).

fevvers on

I personally hadn’t noticed the medai attention focusing more on ABrangelina’s biological children. I think there are just as many pics of Zahara and Maddox….but not so much Pax. I think the media is pretty much obsessed with all of them!

Sam on

CelebBabyLover, I have to disagree that the media is more interested in biological children than adopted children. Shiloh and the twins are the youngest of Brangelina’s children, so they will naturally get more attention. Same with Suri and Sunday, although Sunday is hardly ever photographed. Of course people are going to want to photograph a two-year-old instead of a fifteen-year-old! Plus, Tom’s older kids are old enough to be out and about with people other than their parents, so it could be the papparazzi doesn’t always even recognize them.

Anais on

Some of you people really need to get over yourselves. Nicole loves all of her kids, and she really doesn’t have to prove that fact to you.

KimberlyL on

Nicole was born in Australia and her family is here. She divides her time between Australia and the US, and apart from a few big movies that she has filmed over here, she spends the majority of her time in the US (she did however, spend a lot of her pregnancy here in Australia). She even said in a interview that her and Keith were buying more property in the US so that they could be closer to her eldest kids who chose to be based in LA (around the same time that Katie publicly lavished in being called their ‘mum’). And if we look at how often Suri is photoed compared to Sunday, Conner and Isabella, it is apparent that Nicole prefers to keep her children out of the spotlight. Tom may not have had a complete say in the arrangement with the kids but he is very controlling by nature and we’ve all heard about the scientology threats – however, who knows how much of that can be believed.

Sabrina on

I knew as soon as I read this that the comments would be full of debate about Nicole spending time with Bella and Connow… I’m so over it! We don’t know what Nicole’s private life is like adn how much time she spends with her two older children. Leave the poor woman alone!

Kate on

From what I remember in interviews in the past is that Bella and Conor do not liked to be talked about by their parents. Nicole has kept her mouth shut about them while Tom tries but has stated after saying something that its hard to not talk about your kids but they specifically stated they don’t want to talk about them.
As for her older kids. I remember Hugh Jackman stating that Conor worked as a ranch hand during the filming of Australia. As for Nicole she was born in Hawaii and raised in Australia. I think I am done with this site. I love the photos of kids but you ladies think you know everyone’s lives personally and have the right to judge. This is why women will never get anywhere in this world because we always criticize and are catty with each other instead of coaching, supporting and mentoring one another.

Q on

I disagree. It’s obvious the media cares more about bio children of celebs than their adopted kids.