Stars Step Out for Hannah Montana: The Movie

04/03/2009 at 03:00 PM ET
Byron Purvis/AdMedia

The premiere of Hannah Montana: The Movie — held Thursday night at the El Captian Theatre in Hollywood — drew a number of school-age celebrity kids, anxious to see their idol, Miley Cyrus, in person! Check out our favorites shots below.

Handling the red carpet solo, siblings Jaden Christopher Syre, 10 ½ and Willow Camille Reign, 8 ½, made photographers laugh with their playful posing — at times sporting sunglasses!

More great pics below.

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty

Desperate Housewives star Teri Hatcher brought along 10-year-old daughter Emerson Rose.

Kristian Dowling/Getty

Mina Bree Sabato, 5 ½, hitched a ride with dad Antonio Sabàto Jr.

Juan Rico/Fame

Ugly Betty‘s Vanessa Williams and 8 ½-year-old daughter Sasha Gabriella went with pastels for the event.

Juan Rico/Fame

Appearing in the movie as Lorelai, Melora Hardin brought daughters Rory Melora, 7 ½ and Piper Quincy, 4, to the premiere.

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Mrs. R. on

Is it really appropriate that a 10 and 8 year old are working a red carpet event without their parents? It totally doesn’t seem like the Smith style, and I’m a little disappointed they would let their kids do that without SOME supervision of real parents and not handlers.

Sarah K. on

To be honest, I am not at all surprised to see Jaden and Willow (who both have stunning eyes by the way) walking the red carpet without their parents. Let’s face it; celeb parents are probably absent more than the average parent. It’s the nature of the job. At least, it was a kid-friendly movie and a kid-friendly environment.

Sarah on

I highly doubt that Jayden and Willow were absolutely alone, I’m sure they had a guardian with them there. And Sarah K, you have no right to compare them with other families. It is very rare that you don’t see them with their children and Will and Jada seem like amazing parents. Just listen to them talk about thier kids in interviews, I would have loved a father like Will rather than my own father who didn’t give a damn about me.

Stéph on

Maybe Jada and Will are there, but just not on the red carpet. Maybe the kids wanted to experience this alone, just them two. Don’t accuse the parents when you don’t know.
I am sure Will and Jada are great parents. You know, kids like it a lot when they can have freedom and it is probably what happened here. Jada and Will probably wanted to show Willow and Jaden that they were able to let them go a little, and do that alone. It’s not like it was Willow and Jaden’s first time on the red carpet. If Jaden and Willow had asked them to go, I’m pretty sure they would have been there.

Brandi on

I highly doubt they were there alone, I’m sure adults were with them even if their parents weren’t. I took it to mean that they were posing for photos alone, without Will and Jada. That’s all.

Emerson’s looking more and more like mom to me every photo we see.

Sarah K. on

Wow, so I never meant my comment in a judgmental way. I’m sure there were other adults there with them. And, not once did I say that the Smiths don’t love or care for their kids. I agree that they do seem like great parents. As you may have noticed, I cited their jobs/careers for a possible reason for their absence. I don’t really equate working to provide for your family with neglect.

But, how many times a day do we see kids on this site with their nannies? Are you honestly telling me that you think that celebrity families operate the same way as working-class families? That obviously doesn’t mean that celebrities don’t take care of their kids. But they do noticeably rely on outside help more because their jobs can call them away a lot. I never said that was wrong, but it is a fact of their lives.

Brooklyn on

Mina Bree is so adorable!

Brittany on

I think that these comments are outrageous. Will and or Jada were obviously present or else their kids would not be there, just because the parents are not in the photo does not meant they did not attend the event.

Elle on

I wonder why Jada and Wills kids are so drawn to the spotlight? I mean you rarely see Trey(tho he’s a dreamboat).

summer on

amen Brittany, unless that is you guys were hanging out with will and jada at the time and therefore know for a fact the kids were alone. my goodness.

Arial on

I know from a source at the premiere that they were accompanied by their nannny. Guess they just didn’t include him or her in the pics!

Michelle on

Willow is such a beautiful little girl (love the pic of her and her brother), you can tell Emerson is going to be stunning when she grows up and that Mina is such a cutie pie!

daniela on

Jaden and Willow are just too cute! They look like the have a very special brother and sister relationship which is so sweet – I always wanted a big brother! 🙂

french gigi on

jaden and willow…..stars! absolute stars!!!!

and that emerson….man, the bigger she gets the more gorgeous she becomes!

Sam on


I think I remember Jada saying in an interview that Trey was more interested in sports than the movie industry. He is also about 16, so I doubt he wants to hang out at movie premieres with his parents.

malia on

Am I the only one who thought it was funny that the woman who played Lorelai has a daughter named Rory?

Just me? Okay.😛

marie on

I didn’t even have to see their names to know who’s kids they were. They look just like their parents! Beautiful!

Jessica on

Why would a 16 year-old boy want to go to the Hannah Montana premiere. Come on people get real.

Alex on

I assumed that the Smith kids were alone because they were probably invited individually (not saying that their parents weren’t) They’ve both been in movies, and I believe it’s Will who’s mentioned that Jaden is really serious about acting and that Willow just loves the spotlight at this point. I think it’s cute that they’re “holding their own.” Plus, I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t be aloud to be there without a gaurdian, I’m sure there’s legal reasons.

And Emerson is absolutely stunning.

Elle on

“Why would a 16 year-old boy want to go to the Hannah Montana premiere. Come on people get real.”

Ummm..having been to this type of thing, many people who go to the premiere do actually attend the screening. Secondly he has attended this type of thing in the past. I think he went to the Nick awards last year. Something tells me Jaden isn’t a fan of Hannah Montana either.

Elle on

do not* i meant.

Philippa on

Yeah I thought that was really funny too😀

m-dot on

Willow and Jaden are getting cuter and cuter each time I see them. I think Willow is going to have that determined take-no nonsense-personality that her mom has! I can see the fire in her eyes! LOL

eternalcanadian on

I can’t help but wonder what kind of role model Miley Cyrus is to these young and impressionable children considering her own personal life. My friends stopped doing the Hannah Montana stuff when she hooked up with that older guy in her parents’ home. They didn’t want to have that “but Hannah Montana does it, why can’t I?” speech with their children, and I agree with them. It is so easy to blur the lines between real life and fictional characters like Hannah Montana.

Shawna on

Malia – if you are referring to Gilmore Girls the woman who played Lorelei is Lauren Graham, not Melora Hardin.

Sarah K. on

Shawna, Melora plays the character of “Lorelai” in the Hannah Montana Movie. It says it in the caption. Rory is a common nickname for Lorelai (e.g. Gilmore Girls)

Hil on

Shawna + Sarah K.

I think she was reffering to Gilmore Girls as the characters names were Lorelai and Rory, and Melora Hardin played Lorelai in THIS movie and has a daughter named Rory.

Lily on

Willow and Jaden are adorable. Willow looks just like her dad and Jaden looks like his mom. Emerson Rose is beautiful.

I doubt Will Smith let them go there alone! How could you know? Just because they are on the picture by themselves? Kind of silly. I’m sure he didn’t let them go there by themselves.

Alice on

eternalcanadian, I agree about Hannah Montana. I think it’s okay if there’s a discussion saying that this is not how real life is/should be.

Emerson is so beautiful! I think she looks older than 10!!

Willow and Jaden are so cute and beautiful. I’m sure they wanted to go alone like big boy/girl. They obviously love the spotlight!
Even if they were brought there and their parents/nanny let them walk the red carpet all alone… well if they know how to do it (and they obviously do) then good for them!

anya on

Melora and her daughters are all beautiful. Will and Jada don’t need parenting advice. They are committed to each other and their children. Pay attention to your own children.

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