Ryan and Trista Sutter Welcome Blakesley Grace

04/03/2009 at 06:20 PM ET
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Could she be a future Bachelorette? Trista and Ryan Sutter welcomed their second child, daughter Blakesley Grace Sutter, this afternoon, Friday April 3rd, in their home state of Colorado. Baby girl was delivered by c-section at 1:23 p.m., weighing in at 6 lbs., 2 oz and is 19 inches long. “She’s healthy. Everything is really good,” Trista tells Life & Style. Blakesley joins big brother Maxwell ‘Max’ Alston, 20 months.

A member of Trista’s family commented below that “the name ‘Blakesley’ is a family name going back to the 1700’s…as far as we have researched. Family names honor the past, and we are blessed to have this name carried forward.”

The couple — the lone successful marriage of the Bachelor franchise — announced the pregnancy in October and the sex of the baby in December. Trista, 36, also took some time out to chat with CBB! Trista and Ryan, 34, have been wed five years.

Source: Life & Style

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rb on


Rayan on

Awe congrats to them…

Cute name but it took me one time to read it in my head and then I had to say it outloud lol. It’s cute though.

Emma on

LOVE the name!

His Mama on

Cute name!! I’ve never heard it before but its adorable!! Congrats to the family!!

Marilyn on

I’ve never heard of the name Blakesley. Did they make it up? Grace is nice.

Sophia's mom on

Congratulations! Sorry but I really didn’t like the name!!!

anon on

Why a c-section? She was only 6 lbs!! What’s sad is doctors are relying more and more on this method as childbirth for sheer convenience. The more I talk to Mom’s the more I hear their birth stories…same stories: laying on your back, vaccuuming, no progression, episiotomies…then c-sections! What happened to laboring sitting up, moving around and natural progression. C-section, (granted when needed is a necesity), is not the way to give birth…it’s become a doctor’s excuse for convenience.

Anyways…congrats to her and her family.

Elizabeth on

Congrats to them! Really don’t care for the name but to each his own.

robinepowell on

Congrats to them both. I was surprised to hear they’re the only Bacherlor/Bachelorette couple still married.

“Blakesley” is not a name I’ve ever heard of before, with its unusual spelling. It’s not the weirdest name out there, but I thought they’d choose something more “typical” since their son’s name is Max. I guess they’ll have Max & Blake, which sounds more like two boys names, lol!

Elizabeth on

That name sure doesn’t roll off the tongue, Blakeleigh would have been cuter, do you think?

Lisa on

She had a C-Section with Max so that is probably why she had one with this baby.

Viv on

Congrats, I love the Sutter’s!!! I was waiting to hear of the birth of their daughter, I’m so happy for them. Love the name too by the way!

stevie on

Elizabeth-where were you when I had my daughter-I like the name Blakeleigh! we were going to call her Blake if she was a boy too!
Anyway that is a strage name after calling him “Max” whatever not a real fan of her but glad everything went wrong.

Brandi on

She almost died from pre-eclampsia and HELLP while preparing to deliver Max and was under general anesthesia. I am not surprised she wanted to plan as much as possible for her second child. I am a very AP-mama but I completely understand where she’s coming from on this.

The name is interesting, I agree it sounds like they have two sons, just from the first names.

Allison on

Maybe it’s an old family surname like Alston (Max’s middle name)?

For some reason I was just thinking about her and her baby. Congratulations!

Mom on

Congrats~ tho not a fan of the name either. Grace Blakesley sounds better to me . .

Erica on

It’s one thing to make up a name that is potentially cute (Elizabeth’s suggestion of “Blakeleigh” is not bad) but Blakesley? Seriously, that’s downright hideous. Everyone’s got their own taste in names but this one is just an inarticulate-sounding mouthful which makes Apple and Zuma sound like the best names ever.

It’s good that she arrived safely. I foresee little Blakesley chopping the last half of her name off ASAP. 🙂

kendrajoi on

anon: you don’t have any idea why she had a c-section. At any rate, it’s her choice, is it not? Don’t judge until you know all of the facts.

Congrats to them- a boy and a girl: the perfect family!

Anna on

I’m sure the baby is cute, but I hate the first name (Grace is ok). It follows the trend of people making up names out of nowhere to be unique.

Natasha on

It’s an interesting name but congrats! Blake actually reminds me of a girl’s name because of Blake Lively (actress).

Steph on

I’m with kendrajoi–don’t judge someone for having a c-section,anon, when you don’t have the facts.

I might have to deliver as early as 36 weeks because of a health condition, and if it requires a c-section, then so be it! The health of mother and baby comes first! Not what I had planned for my birth, with all the bradley classes I have been taking, but you can’t always control these things.

Freya on

Horrid name. Would’ve been nicer if it was Grace Blakesley.

Considering what Trista went through when having Max I don’t blame or judge her for having a c-section.

meghan on

I’ve never heard that before. Interesting… Congratulations on two healthy children!!

Rebecca on

She had to have a c-section with her first child because of bad pre-eclampsia so this was probably a repeat c-section.

Not a fan of the name but congrats to them!

Nan on

I agree, Blakesley does not roll off the tongue. Think of all the times you call your kids names….over and over…lol! It’s a mouthful alright! BUT…..I love this family and a healthy baby girl is all that matters – congrats to them.

Doreen on

Interesting choice for a name! hmmm I was just thinking yesterday when will we hear an announcement that Trista had her baby girl?! 🙂 Cool!

Jane on



just no.


Brooke on

Man, I REALLY dislike that name. Blakely would have been better. Blakesley is so hard to say

MZ on

anon, it’s a little judgmental…i mean, you don’t know why she had one. i had a planned c-section with planned general anesthesia. i know that probably sounds weird at the onset, but it would make sense if i explained the medical reasons behind it. given all the trouble trista had when pregnant with max and that she needed a c-section for him, i’m not at all surprised she had one now. size of the baby is only one reason doctors do c-sections.

Jane on

and Elizabeth option, is tolerable and 10x better. Blakesley just doesn’t sound natural and sounds kinda faux pretentious but now successful. I hope she goes by grace.

ElleJsis on

Dear Blakesley,

Thank you so much for taking the heat off my name. It was getting pretty tense.

Much love,

Petal Blossom Rainbow Oliver.

P.S- Daisy Boo and Poppy say hello!

Tina on

how do you even say it?

Tina on

blake is cute but huh? i am so confused lol, i know its not my kid and congrats to them but ? yeah:S lol.

Mrs Shhh on

to Stevie: I’m sure you meant you are glad everything went WELL..

Tina on

LMAO, ElleJsis.

Xan on

Made up names like this one reflect the extremes in social trends. (A WASPy sounding name made WASPier; funny spellings for common monikers, etc.) I thought this type of thing was an American phenomenon, but recently an Indian friend told me that some new parents have been inventing names that are a combo of traditional Indian names. I realize now that Latinos do that, too.

If anything, this could be how some of the “normal” names we know and love started out 🙂

JMO on


Sounds like a last name! Eww not a fan! We’ve gotten some really odd one’s today, haven’t we??

I kinda feel for these kids. We’re going to be yearning for the good ol’ days of Kate and Mary’s lol! 20 years from now we’ll have Petal’s, Pilot’s, Moxie’s, Apples and Banjo’s taking over the world! Can these names one day be taken seriously in society??

Anyways, Glad to hear the baby is healthy.

Grace on

Wow, that is one hell of an awkward mouthful. Blake-slee? That’s one of those consonant-blender names. Linguistically, physiologically, it’s a tongue-twister — the “b”, “l” and “s” mouth-shapes are not ones that are easy to contort in that succession. Yikes.

I’m trying to figure out how her brother (and she, and all her little friends) are going to handle that name. My bet’s on something that sounds a lot like “Bailey”.

Blakesley. That’s… well. Three cheers for Petal.

Becky on

Blakesley Stutter? You “Stutter” just trying to say that name! Doesn’t flow off the tongue well at all. I am happy for them though. I am sure Max will be a cute big brother. Doesn’t she seem like she has been pregnant FOR-EVER?!

shalay on

I actually kind of like Blakesley. I would call her Blake for short, though. I think Erica’s comment that it is “downright hideous” is a little inappropriate.

Trista has spoken throughout her entire pregnancy that she would have a planned C-section. It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. She almost died during her labor with Max, and I’m sure she made the best decision for her and her family when it came to this birth. I’m tired of hearing harsh criticisms every time it’s announced that a celebrity had a C-section, when we have no idea what health factors might have led up to it.

Wozzy on

There is a new phenomenon of parents arbitrarily lengthening names to make them sound more distinguished. Sometimes it works (“Grayson”), sometimes it doesn’t (see above).

ElleJsis on

“If anything, this could be how some of the “normal” names we know and love started out ”

Thats certainly true. My name is Elizabeth but the polish version. Most names are found in all cultures just slightly modified. However we don’t have to like the evolution lol and I have a strange feeling blakesley’s evolution starts and ends here.

“kinda feel for these kids. We’re going to be yearning for the good ol’ days of Kate and Mary’s lol! 20 years from now we’ll have Petal’s, Pilot’s, Moxie’s, Apples and Banjo’s taking over the world! Can these names one day be taken seriously in society??”

I love a unique name. I feel like in America at least there is this serious desire for individuality. From birth we wanna give our kids a standout name. My own mom was guilty giving my siblings and myself Greek, Polish, Italian and Indian names. I’m a different generation tho.

I think that these celeb kids will be fine because they’re celeb kids. Normal people who follow this trend of weird nouns for name thing aren’t doing the smartest thing.

Mia on

I hope they are calling her Grace. Glad the baby is healthy though.

bungalowbliss on

Oh, jeez!

April on

Eww! Just horrible name! Glad everything is good but the name seriously reeks! Of all the pretty and unique girls names out there…Blakesly is barely even pronouncable. Should have used it as the middle name in my opinion. Maybe they’ll call her Grace or Blake anyways. It does kind of sound like an old surname. Maybe they will explain why they chose it and if it’s an old family surname or something….

PJ on

All the poopooing over the name, but I bet if/and or when Trista explains how the name came to be the same people will turn around and decide they like the name after all. Same thing happened with Soliel Moon Frye’s baby Jagger Joseph and it’s getting old now. Why do some of youneed explanations in order to like some things?

mom of 3 boys on

hope the kid doesn’t have a stutter problem when she grows up. It’s a unique name. And to each their own, just like Petal Blossom, Zuma, Apple, Coco, and Tu Morro. With this day and age ‘normal’ is the abnormal. Who cares if she had a c-section, the important thing is that all are HEALTHY and HAPPY.

Rebecca on

Very cute family but I don’t care for the name at all…

Crystal on

I’m not a fan of the name but CONGRATULATIONS!!! I love the name Blake for a girl! I’m so happy for them. I bet she is a cutie like Max!!! ♥

crg on

The name is an interesting mouthful. To each his own!

ElleJsis on

“Blakesley. That’s… well. Three cheers for Petal.”

Hip hip hooray! hip hip hooray! Hip Hip Hooray!

“There is a new phenomenon of parents arbitrarily lengthening names to make them sound more distinguished. Sometimes it works (”Grayson”), sometimes it doesn’t (see above).”

I didn’t even notice that! That’s so ostentatious.

Lauren on

I agree with a couple of others – I really hope they just call her Blake. And can I just tell ElleJsis (#31) – your post really made me laugh, and I’ve had a rough week! So thanks!

Sarah on

Wow, that name’s such a mouthful. Not cool.

Sarah on

Congratulations to them! I have adored Trista ever since the Bachelorette (never watched The Bachelor) and Ryan is just divine. I think this will be a lovely family, and Max will be a great big brother!

I think I am the first person to have actually have heard the name Blakesley before! That is my friends name and I think it’s lovely. I think it is very rude that so many of you are saying what an awful name it is and how they should change it. They obviously like it and it probably means something to them so why don’t you all just lay off?

JMO on


I’m so all about unique names. In fact I think my future kids will be very happy to know their mom will have picked a pretty cool unique YET beautiful name (or maybe they won’t guess one day I’ll find out) however sometimes people just go a bit too far!

If they do call her BLAKE it would be so pointless to just add the “sley” part on the end of that name!

I never really got useless nicknames and/or reversed names. Like people who give their kids the name(for ex.) Matthew John and then call him John? Why not just name him John Matthew?? And people who shorten names (i.e. Melissa Joan Hart) Braydon to Brady?? Why not just call him Brady from the start?!

Well of course that’s JMO 😉

ElleJsis on

Haha no problem Lauren! I’m just bored at work entertaining meself and apparently others 🙂 hope your next week is better.

Kate on

I might be the only person who has heard of this name. It’s a town around where I live, so I don’t have any trouble pronouncing it because it’s common to go there around here.

I personally think they will just call her Blake. I think it’s cute, but I guess I’m definitely in the minority.

Much better than Petal Blossom Rainbow…

Kate on

Double post, but –

JMO, I think the reason parents give their kids the “long version” of the name and then call them the short version (like Braydon to Brady) is because parents want their kids to have a more proper name. My name is Kaitlin, but everyone calls me Kate. When I ask why I wasn’t just named Kate, my mom says that that’s not a proper first name. But that’s just my opinion.

Courtney on


I HATE when people say such mean things on here! My husband picked names WE liked for our children…Honestly do not care if people like them or not. Its none of YOUR business.

I just hope she doesnt read this! I remember when Jagger Joseph Blue was born how her mom had to write to tell everyone the meaning behind it and how it wasn’t a joke! SHe shouldn’t have had to do that, shes just days PP.

I LOVE the name…and It so makes me want to have another one. My last is 21 months old…


Mrs. R. on

The name is not one I would ever consider for my own child because it’s not my taste, but I’m sure their daughter will someday be the quintessential Blakesley and one would wonder what other name she could have possibly been.

Lisa on

How do you pronounce the name?

claire on

you people are so mean! it’s not your child so why does it matter? obviously ryan and trista love the name. maybe it has a special meaning that we are unaware of.

Kate on

Why does it matter that she had a c-section? As long as everyone is healthy what difference does it make. I don’t get these crazy granolas who think a c-section is worse than a lobotomy. A lot of women actually come through it better than with a vaginal.

Liz on

Aw, Congratulations! That’s absolutely wonderful!! Her name is beautiful, and I bet she is as well!!

Jane on

Everyone is allowed to express their opinion. Every single one of these comments are moderated, clearly they passed inspection.

Nicki on

I’m so not a fan of the name – but congrats to her!

Rebecca on

PJ – that’s not really true. Plenty of people still dislike a name despite the reasoning behind it. I will never like male names on girls. I still don’t like Jagger Joseph on a girl. The parents have the right to name their child whatever they like, and other people have the right to not care for it as a name.

nimbusi on

rb, agreed

ElleJsis on


I love unique names too, but like you said beautiful names(at least imo). I never had a nickname growing up or a shortened name, and I’ve never understood that “Oh we’ll name him Finley but call him finn for short”..If you’ve always intended to call him Finn then name him finn!

When I went to college people started calling me Elle…I actually that it was cool cause I never had a nickname, but recently I realized that’s not my name..and my name IMO is beautiful so why would i want to be called anything else? People give me a hard time because “oh its hard to pronounce”..its not that hard to learn some sounds!

CC on

I can’t believe some of you actually said “EW”
I would love to see your face if you introduced your baby to someone and they said “EW”

Kelly on

I tried to say her name a few times to get a feel for how it sounds , and it is like a tongue twister! I kept saying “blakesley sLutter” with an L inserted in the last name. That’ll be horrible if people make that mistake with her name!

Angela on

When I heard this name Blakesly Grace the first thought that came to my mind was Robert Blake.
I have had several friends who had very unusual first names. All of them told me the same thing, it is a big pain going through school and even as an adult because you are constantly having your name mispronounced and then you have to spend time forever correcting that. Even worse you are always being asked why your parents named you that and then are forced to tell a story that may not be as cute as some of the celebrities have. Such as Gwenyth Paltrow’s and Courtney Cox’s reasons for Apple and Cocoa.
Just a though not!

Linda on

When I read Blakesley, I thought it was a boy until I read Grace. I guess it’s trendy these days to pick a unique first name with a normal middle name.

I don’t like boy names for girls either.

paula on

Congratulations to them. Hope mom and daughter are doing well. But that name is just too awkward to say. Not my cup of tea, but nobody asked me.

jacquiej on

Anon – I had c-section with both of mine and they were both 6 lbs. something. They were also both breech due to an uterine deformity I have had since birth. So there are a lot of reasons why she might have had a c-section. Not everybody has the option of vaginal birth – even if they want too – and size of the baby is only one reason for a c-section.

Amber on

Ugh, what a name. I feel sorry for that poor child because I imagine she is going to be both teased mercilessly and asked how to spell it all of the time.

Erica on


The Sutters could probably care less whether people love or hate their daughter’s name, and they’re probably way too busy tending to her than losing sleep over some opinions on the internet. I think CBB has always done a great job of moderating their comment section without stifling interesting discussions!

shalay–What is inappropriate about saying a name is hideous? There’s nothing wrong with people expressing how they like certain names, and likewise there’s nothing wrong with the opposite (as long is it’s civil) which I was. Hence my comment appearing in the first place. 🙂 It has nothing to do with judging the Sutters as people. Liking or hating a name is a personal preference, and if people hate what I name my future kids that’s their right!

In hindsight I think Jagger Joseph Blue is not so bad, at least it’s a pleasant sounding name (albeit very masculine). Whoever pegged Blakesley as being faux pretentious is so right.

Amy on

I agree with Kelly above, it’s a tongue twister and I keep saying Blakesley sLutter. Ah, it’s original but doesn’t fit with their last name.

Brittany on

I think Grace Blakesley Sutter has a better flow to it when you’re saying it. I have to be honest, I don’t think Blakesley will grow on me. I like Blake though, but not for a girl it will be interesting to see what nickname they will give her. Either way congrats to Trista and Ryan.

Amanda on

Hmmm, I always kind of thought as Trista as a girly girl. I figured she’d pick a name more like Sophia or Emma, more traditional trendy like Max. I’m not a fan of the name, but it’s not my child, sounds like a name that has meaning. I wonder if they have a beloved family member or last name Blake?
Congrats to them!

Brooklyn on

I think I like it. At first I thought it was a boy..but I have to say it’s very creative. I like Grace as the middle name. I’m all for names like Everley and such so all in all I think I like it. But honestly, I’m just happy for them! So glad everyone is happy and healthy =)

megan on

Oh come on, what is with the made-up baby names that celebrities are giving their poor kids?

marla on

ugh. i like blakely (i’ve known two), but blakesly looks like a spelling error. not my kid, so it doesn’t matter.

Leila on

Congratulations to Ryan and Trista! I bet their daughter is absolutely adorable. Can’t wait to see her all dolled up by Trista. 🙂

I’m just really disappointed in the name though. I really was hoping for a cute, more classical girl name. I don’t get Blakesley at all.

Christine on

Urgh…what a terrible name. It sounds silly and made up.
I hope they cut it down to Blake. That could be cute on a little girl.

Saying that – I am so thrilled for her that she apparently avoided the complications she had while pregnant with Max.

Congrats to Trista, Ryan and Max!!

HeatherR on

I, too, expected a more traditonal name from Trista. Blakesley is not a name that I would choose…..However, I received a lot of critcism from my husband’s family over our son’s names. We were even told told that we should have taken it more seriously! (Their names are Colby Harrison and Nick London) So I know how terrible the name criticism can feel!

Tee on

I’m probably going to get critized for this, but I agree with Anon. Yes, there are times that a C-section is necessary. No, I do not know the circumstances surrounding Trista and Ryan’s pregnancy. However, Anon is right… c-sections are dangerously unneccesary for a healthy pregnancy and problem free labor and birth. Of course, I’m a midwife, so I tend to think differently on these types of matters.

Jane on

“Oh come on, what is with the made-up baby names that celebrities are giving their poor kids?”

Blakesley is a village in England, but I don’t know if they know that. I’ve also seen some last names that are blakesley but its a last name(for a reason imo). Even if on the off chance they named there kid after the town…I dunno, I wouldn’t name my kid The Hague. Or Budapest.

or would i??

Jane on

I rather like the name Colby and Nick. They fit each other, but my only thing is it might get annoying cause people will think the latters name is Nicholas. Still a nice name tho.

They’re still ‘serious’ tho.

Mary-Helen on

Glad to hear everyone is doing well, but Blakesley? That’s not even a name. Again, it’s their choice to call their children what they want, but I’m really not loving it.

Meg on

Anon – I am sure you didn’t mean for it to be offensive but I took it that way. I labored with my daughter for almost 24 hours. They tried to induce me several times and for some reason my sweet girl would not drop and I never did dialate past a one. Then her heart rate started to rapidly drop. I ended up having a c-section and I HATE the fact that I did. I wanted a natural birth and lots of children and due to everything that happened during the c-section (not going into details) I will end up having c-sections with any more children my husband and I are blessed with. Sometimes childbirth doesn’t work the way we want it to.

docmae on

No, you don’t know the circumstances surrounding the pregnancy and you aren’t actually a real doctor. There are many rare complications that real medical professionals, such as I, are acquainted with that the average person and even the minimally educated midwife do not have to be familiar with. Really, the arrogance makes me wonder why I invested so much time in medical school if you all know as much as we.

Elle on

Congrats to Trista, Ryan and big brother Max!
However, I think I have to agree with everyone else about this name. I am well aware that Blakesley is a town in England and I know that people name their children after lots of things but this name is kind of rough. Not that it sounds bad but it doesn’t roll off of the tongue well to be someones first name. If it were a middle name that wouldn’t be as big of a deal but for her first name it is kind of hard to say. I knew a girl named Blake growing up and I think that is cute. I suppose if they are going to call her that it is fine…I’m sure little Max is going to have quite the time trying to pronounce his sisters name.

Brittany on

To talk about the C-section, I noticed this discussion going on after I posted about the name. Idk for sure but I believe you do have to wait for a certain time frame between having a baby by c-section and then having a baby vbac (that would be more like having a baby one right after the other). Vbac in case you didn’t figure it out right away is vaginal birth after cesarian. After you have a c-section vaginal delivery is risky, could cause the placenta breaking away from the uterian wall. Which would be an emergency c-section, and both mother and child could die. I would say more people after having a c-section the first time do it after because it’s just safer for both the mother and child. You do get the choice. Some women do choose vbac, but I’m not sure how many women actually do that I personally wouldn’t recommend it just because the risk factor is higher. And seeing as she had a lot of compication with Max. C-section clearly was the safest choice. Natural progression doesn’t always work, my mother with my oldest sister dialated the 10 cm but simply couldn’t push out the baby, even though she tried. Saftey is the primary concern when delivering a baby.

brannon on

Very difficult to say but i know a lot of blake girls so maybe that was there inspiration? not my kid so doesn’t really matter. however, first thing i thought of was barkley – dog from sesame street.

Wendy on

Blakesly doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue! IMHO, it’s a little difficult and awkward to pronounce.

Congrats to them though. =)

Mia on

I don’t mind the name “Blake” for a girl, but Blakesley just has an awkward sound, and the syllables don’t work well together. I would have just named her “Blake” or made the middle name longer to give it a better “flow”.

Terri on

Well…that’s a whole lot of name. Congratulations to the family!

Anna on

Don’t like the name, it sounds like they just made it up.

SH on

Doctors misdiagnose and misjudge cases all the time, i am living proof but won’t go into it – so get off your “real dr.” high horse. dr.’s need to listen more to what their patients are telling them about THEIR bodies. talk about arrogance.

Natasha on

I went on facebook and there are over 500 results for “Blakesley” so I guess it’s a little more common than I thought. Although it is a last name in the first bunch of results.

Elle on

Out of 175 million users natasha lol

sall on

It’s the virtue as a middle name that I find more or less predictable.

Jess from Ohio on

Not personally a fan of the name, but I’m guessing they love it so I won’t bash the name. It’s the baby’s name and it’s there to stay, no mean things I say about it can change it, and it’s not my child anyways. Congrats to the Sutters!

Serenity on

thumbs down on the name. Just Blake would have been sweet.

Natasha on

Elle, considering a lot of people are saying it sounds made up and it is quite the tongue twister, I was extremely surprised to see more than one result!

daniela on

Sorry, but that sounds like a VERY made up name to me…plus I think it will be hard to pronounce, the K and S make it somewhat awkward.

But congrats to the family on their new addition regardless! 🙂

Evie on

Sure, sure everyone is entitled to an opinion or two, and the right to express it. But, seriously, some of you posting on here are just rude and shameless. It’s one thing not to like a name and voice that it’s not in your top ten, but some of these insults flying are just plain nasty. How would you like it if people you didn’t know were ripping apart your child’s name, what BETTER idea they for modifying your name choice and judging the method in which you gave birth to them? By the way some of you talk with all knowing superiority, I would love to see your reaction if people were talking about your kids, your family in such a negative, disgusting light. A few of you seriously need to revisit the manners lesson in kindergarden, and reread the section on disagreeing with some kindness.

ljc on

So I am not really a fan of the name but thats not my problem. The Sutters are going to be the ones spitting all over themselves when they are yelling “Blakesly Grace Sutter get over here!”

Congrats to them! I’m sure she’s a cutie.

JK on

Is the “S” in her name really supposed to be there?
I know I’m probably repeating what others have written but it’s so strange..”Blakely” sounds like the right name..oh well…they can still change it..
I’m sure she’s adorable!

g!na on

Blakesley is my friend’s last name! spelled exactly like it! it’s pronounced: blakes-lee! I was surprised when i saw the name because i was like “wow” that’s my friend’s last name! by the way, her first name get’s a lot of criticism. I think the name is cute!

Jane on

“How would you like it if people you didn’t know were ripping apart your child’s name, what BETTER idea they for modifying your name choice”

Actually if you go on baby name sites it happens pretty frequently. Trust me I know. Does it make it any better if you know the people lol?

Rebecca on

I don’t have kids yet, but I already have my dream names picked out, and you know what – if I have kids, and someone doesn’t like their names, or heck my name, that’s fine. Everyone can’t love every name. I have a traditional Biblical name that I love but that some people don’t care for. If I like a name and I feel it will serve the child well in life well, that’s all that matters. Other people are entitled to whatever opinion they want.

I am very happy for Trista and Ryan that they had a healthy daughter. I know she really wanted a girl and was worried after her last pregnancy. I can sincerely wish them well without loving the name they picked.

rbr on

The name “Blakesley” is a family name going back to the 1700’s…as far as we have researched. Family names honor the past, and we are blessed to have this name carried forward.

gianna on

That’s not a cute girl name at all, and not what you would expect with a brother who has such a normal name like max lol. Grace would have sounded better, but to each is own. But congrats to them on a healthy baby, and now they have a girl and a boy.

Chris on

Blakesley? 😦

danda_lion on

Congrats to them. They must be so happy.

I think using a family name is a great idea, but I wonder if “Blakesley” was a first name in their family past or a last name. It sounds so last-namey to me. I think Grace Blakesley would have lovely and still brought in the connection.

nosoupforyou on

Weird first name, although I love Grace.

loo on

please how do i say this name? lol

Erica on

rbr, thanks for giving some background on the name choice, it’s very interesting. I honestly believe everyone posting here wishes your family the best whether they love or hate the name Blakesley! And even though I highly doubt you or your family cares what we think anyway (lol) I do want to say that my dislike of the name is nothing personal and bears no influence on the fact that I’m glad Blakesley and Trista are doing well. 🙂

J.J. on

Congrats to Trista, Ryan, Max and the Sutter family!!!! I’m not a fan of Blakesley (but Blake is cute), but I know the baby’s gonna be cute just like her big brother!!

eternalcanadian on

In light of what Trista said about “unhealthy babies” I hope Blakesley meets Trista’s criteria of being a “healthy baby.” In any case, I like the name, although it sounds like a last name, but there’s lots of girls named Blake. Maybe they will call her Grace, but Blakesley is a nice and strong girl’s name. I can see her as a CEO or President than someone named Petal Blossom Rainbow.

babyboopie on

Hahaha! I’m killing myself with laughter as I read some of these comments! Yes, Blakesley is a bit unusual but it’s not as bad as Apple, Petal Blossom Rainbow etc!

Charlie on

I, unlike most people, love the name! Blakesley is really cute, especially if shortened to Blake. Much better than Ava, Mia or any of today’s popular names.
Congrats to Ryan, Trista and little Max on their new arrival!

Jakn on

blakes-ley or bla-kes-ley? How do you say this name?

g!na on

# loo Says:
April 4th, 2009 at 1:59 am

please how do i say this name? lol

It’s my friend’s last name! it’s pronounced – Blakes – Lee ♥

Hea on

rbr – Congratulations on welcoming this new little member into your family. I like the name. It screams history to me. Too bad people automatically think it’s made up because it’s not in the top 100’s anymore… It probably was in the 1700’s.

natalie on

i don’t like the name either. looking at the fact that their first born has a very normal, traditional name – maxwell – they should have gone with just grace. maxwell and grace sutter, doesn’t that sound nice?
now i know they claim it to be a family name but it’s highly unusual and quite a mouthful.. i would like to see that poor little girl at the age of 2 or 3, trying to say her name at preschool. at the best rate, she’ll just say blake and i’m pretty sure that’s what her tot brother will call her too.
now, when it comes to c-sections i don’t think we should judge trista, seeing as her first delivery was risky and probably left her somewhat scared. i oppose to doctors who deliver children by c-section for the sake of the mother’s comfort instead of her well-being. we should also remember that c-sections aren’t always risk-free so there should definitely be some kind of restrictions…

natalie on

BY THE WAY: I remember reading something about c-sections in Danielle’s interview with Trista and there, she clearly indicates that she can’t have a vaginal birth because of different reasons. So before you judge Trista, please read this:

“Tracey asked, Are you planning for a c-section because of the complications from last time?

Yes, because of the HELLP syndrome and pre-eclampsia. And I think you can’t have a vaginal delivery after a c-section if your second child (or next child) is within two years of the previous. So if it’d been a little bit longer, I could try to have a vaginal delivery, but because I’ll be closer time-wise I can’t.”

Kerri on

Why are most of you so awful, and not reading the full post?!
It explains that Blakesley is a family name, just like Max’s middle name! I think its great that they’re trying to honor they’re past family members. I’m pretty sure she’ll go with Blake or Grace, but if they choose not to, its their decision. I think its a beautiful name from a beautiful family, and i bet she’s just as cute as a button! Congrats Sutter family 🙂

Drea on

Blakesley is an interesting name. My son is named Blake so it seems like a “boy” name to me. With Trista being so girly I expected a really girly name for her daughter.

I’m glad that everyone is healthy. I just hope we don’t start seeing stories of her weight loss again. That really turned me off last time.

Sandra on

1. I LOVE the name and I hope they will call her Blake.

2. A member of Trista’s family has told the media that the name ‘Blakesley’ is a FAMILY NAME. So I do not think it is ‘made up’.

3. It could actually be a family name, but maybe it has always been used for a boy, and now the Sutter’s have done what many other celebrities – they have given their child a unique name by letting their little GIRL have the name.

Welcome to the world BLAKESLEY GRACE SUTTER.
And congrats to her parents and big brother Max.

And again. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the name.

Robyn on


I agree withteh majority of comments on the name Blakesley.
Maybe Kimberley Grace would have been more fem.

Dont you remember Trista once said she would take her mothers/grandmothers name ROSE and have as her second name?

Grace Rosemary….or…..anything but Blake. Its a mouthful and a boys name.

Sorry Trista – all the best with bubby.xxx

kris on

“Why a c-section? She was only 6 lbs!!” – I’m assuming because she had one the first time. And, because of all the health issues she had the first time and going through emergency surgery to deliver Max. Which was scary. Also, can you attempt a VBAC with close in age babies? And BTW some woman can’t deliver a 6 pound baby and some woman can deliver a 9 or 10 lb baby. We aren’t all build the same inside. I delivered a big baby (9 1/2 lbs.) vaginally and a friend of mine couldn’t deliver a much small(about 7 lbs) baby vaginally.

Congrats to the Sutter family. I’m glad things went more smoothly this time around.

Niko on

Some people here just go too far. Responding with “Ugh” and “Ewwww” just because you don’t like the the name “Blakesley” fro a girl? Very inappropriate.

TracyG on

I have an idea…why doesn’t everyone here who thinks the Sutters’ name is “hideous” and “EW”, post THEIR kids’ names so the rest of us can judge YOUR taste?

No? Why not? It’s only fair isn’t it?

I have to laugh reading the comments like “I don’t care for the name” or “I’m just really disappointed in the name ” or “I really was hoping for a cute, more classical girl name.”

Well guess what? It is NOT your kid…YOU don’t have a say in it. Get over yourselves! If you want a classical name that you aren’t “dissapointed” in, then by all means “HAVE YOUR OWN BABY!”

The judgemental people on this site daily just astound me. What ever happened to just saying Congrats and leave it at that? I can understand criticsizing people’s clothing or choice of career etc, but really, to INSULT someone’s brand new child is just a bit much.

TracyG on

Ryan and Trista: Congratulations on the birth of your daughter. I am sure you guys are over the moon! I bet she’s a cutie like her big brother.

Best wishes!

Alex on

Gosh that’s an interesting name isn’t it? It would’ve been better as the middle name IMO. I really don’t like it at all, sorry. But I’m sure she’ll be cute because big brother is!

Stephany on

Congrats to Ryan and Trista and Max!

I’m not a fan of the name at all. After an adorable name like Maxwell, this name threw me off! I understand that it’s a family name but I would have chosen it for a middle name, rather than a first. But to each his own.

Beverley on

I’ve seen some mean-spirited comments on CBB before, but this thread takes the cake. Imagine how you would feel if someone else said these things about you and your baby before you say them. I can’t believe some of you people.

I think I may officially be done with CBB.

christina on

I think it’s a beautiful name. I’ve followed Trista and Ryan’s love story from the beginning and it’s really special to see them with their family now. I think at the end of the day, being married to someone you love and who loves you back and have two beautiful healthy children, and to be living your dreams – I can’t think of a better life 🙂 Best wishes to all and welcome little Blakesley. It will be fun to watch you grow up and your family grow from the lens they have kindly shared into their lives.

JMO on


My mom specifically gave me a name that could not be shortened. She hated nicknames. Infact my dad wanted to name me Nicole and my mom was fine with it until he told her he was going to call me Nikki for short. That’s when she was like, oh no!


I can understand Katelyn’s becoming Kate’s and Stephen’s becoming Steve’s and so on. I just don’t get certain shortened names like the Braydon to Brady…I mean is Brady really less formal then Braydon? Another example is Naomi Watts son Alexander Pete who they call “SASHA” Why not name him Alexander Sasha then? I don’t know the naming game is just a pet peeve tha I have LOL

April on

JMO, if they called him Alexander Sasha that would basically be giving him the same name twice. Sasha is the diminutive form of Alexander.

mama on

People are so judgemental on different names. I personally would never give my child such a boring name as Kate or Emma or all the very common names. My son has 3 Madison’s in his class and 4 Jabobs….

Anna on

There is nothing “mean spirited” about giving your opinion on a name.

AP on

Alright, I usually dislike made up names that seem made up for no reason and have no meaning, but I think it is so funny that people think this name is so hard to say. I think it might be because I have a friend with the last name Blakesley, and it sounds totally normal to me. I know Berkeley’s and Berkleigh’s and Blakely…and Blakesley, to me, just doesn’t sound any different than those names. If it is a family name (which I’m hoping) I think that is very cool. There is nothing cooler than growing up knowing your name has some sort of meaning, history or significance. I know it was something that I always loved knowing about my name growing up. If it was just made up…that is sort of strange, but no more awkward than some of the other names I mentioned. I think in a few days, after saying it to yourself a few times, some of you won’t think it’s as strange as you think it is now.

Elle on

Gafkowitz is a family name too, so is Gillis..neither are fit to be first names JMO 🙂

and the ‘ew’ comments are more funny to me than anything. No one is talking about the child just the name.

lax on

I LOVE THE NAME!!!!!!!!!!!

mollysmom on

To Anon re: Trista having a c-section – she suffered from HELP syndrome and was very sick during her first pregnancy. I am not sure if she was sick this time but it’s pretty much the norm for you to have a repeat c-section if you are having blood pressure issues or any issues associated with HELP and Pre-eclampsia. I had it with both of my daughters. The first was an emergency c-section at 29 weeks and the second was because I was sick again with Pre-E and was only 33 weeks and the labor would be too long and too risky for my daughter and I. They also put you on magnesium sulfate as well to prevent strokes or seizures!

At any rate, I hope Trista avoided it this time and had a healthy delivery, mag free! Congratulations!!

michelle on

Yes, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but when did that give license to be rude and disrespectful? I’m sorry, but saying Ewwwww! is rude and disrespectful. Didn’t your mothers teach you any manners? You can’t excuse your actions by simply saying “I have a right to not like it”. Yes, you do, but why would you?

Jessica on

Trista has said many times that a c-section was planned and eventually sterilization so not surprised by the delivery method. Also I believe Blakesley is the surname of a grandmother possibly Trista’s maternal.

nosoupforyou on

“i don’t like the name either. looking at the fact that their first born has a very normal, traditional name – maxwell – they should have gone with just grace. maxwell and grace sutter, doesn’t that sound nice?”

Natalie, I agree. That would have been much better. Max and Grace.

I still think Jagger Joseph Blue sounds like a boy’s name….so does Blake.

leigh on

She had a c section because she had one with Max. Yes you can have a vbac…vaginal birth after cesarian…but they are very risky and most doctors will not even let you try..because the chance for uterine ruputre is too great. Her uterus could have ruptured from the pressure of pushing.

As far as the name goes, well at least it’s not Petal Blossom, but still a mouth full and doesnt’ roll off the tounge very well. Blake would have been cute all by itself… or Blakely. But for a hollywood name, it’s not the worst out there

noseyone on

her middle name is grace………so maybe they will call her GRACE

Angela on

I agree that Blakesley is not my favorite…But I think everyone who makes fun of it should have to put the names of their children out there so we can pick on them, too 🙂 (By the way, my daughter’s name is Kate. So obviously I go for more plain and simple).

Christine on

aww, congrats to them!!! from the sound of things, this delivery was much less eventful than max’ so that’s great! as for all the name hoopla, all those who say the name is horrible or whatever, need to take a step back and wonder how they’d feel if the situation were reversed. I’d say about 2/3 of the posters on this topic need a good slap in the face to make you realize the things you say could be hurtful or disrespectful to another!!

Grace on

“I have an idea…why doesn’t everyone here who thinks the Sutters’ name is “hideous” and “EW”, post THEIR kids’ names so the rest of us can judge YOUR taste?”

Sure. My eldest is Mango Fiddledeedee, and the little one’s Rochester-Binghamton Parsley. I’m not sure for my next one — I’d like something classic and Shakespearian for the first name, and then maybe something indicating the weather during conception. So, Caliban Sleet for a boy. Don’t know yet for a girl, though.

Christina on

Congratulations Trista and Ryan. I love the name Blakesley Grace. I can’t wait to see pictures of their beautiful baby girl.

J on

I hear you post 140, I wish there were more pleasant people here like in the beginning. Anymore, people apparently come here just to complain about the celeb pictures like if Zahara looks like a diva or not, or various ridiculous Suri issues. Then they try to make it better by stating how boring they think the site would me with nothing but oohs and ahhs over baby photos. Why is drama necessary, is it too hard to just enjoy a baby photo?

Some say that TMZ and other gossip places have worse posters, but at least the immature people there don’t hide their nastiness behind fake smiles and half attempts at a compliment to try to cover up the nasty comment.

dee on

I guess Grace is the Marie of the new millenium when it comes to middle names.

Mommy of 3 on

Congratulations to Trista, Ryan and fmaily:) At first I was not too keen on the name but now after saying it a few times I like it more!
In regards to Trista’s c-section and the 2 posters who had something to say about it….There are NUMEROUS reasons for a section to be done, and the one poster claims to be a midwife so YOU should know this happens!!! Weight has a small part to do with a section but there are alot of other things including breech, scar tissue from prev. section, baby in distress, too small of a birth canal, health problems and conditions etc etc. So don’t be so quick to JUDGE a person about a section….luckily I never had to have one but I was pretty darn close with all 3 of my kids because of the size of me (very petite) And this is the exact reason I never opted for a midwife…they are all so opinionated when it comes to medical intervention!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anyways congrats to the family, I am really glad to hear that all is well with the new baby:)

Jane on

Rochester-Binghamton Parsley

I love that! Maybe your next could be Iago-Flashflood?

My sons name is

Rinse-Sacramento Pure Blue and Superstar Awesomo Sashimi.

Would you care to here the back story?

I’m think I’m gonna name my daughter Pomegranate Yankee Eightrack.

Pommy for short.

Erica on

Anon—-she almost died giving birth to baby Max….they probably did c-section to save her life! Think before you speak (write)!!!!

Molly on

Grace, your joke is little inapropriate given what just happened in Binghampton.

June on

Congrats you guys, glad that Mom and Baby are well.Welcome Baby Grace!!!!!!

Grace on

Sigh. Molly, there’s no connection. I thought “old-timey-sounding name that could be a village in England”, like everyone’s saying “Blakesley” is. I actually started out with “Birmingham”, then switched it because it’s a major city and not quaint enough.

It was subconscious, nothing more; wouldn’t have been able to tell you the name of that town if I tried, I only though of that even as “in upstate New York”. Feel free to substitute in “Brompton”. So now my son’s name is Rochester-Brompton Parsley.

Grace on

Jane, I’m pretty settled on Caliban Sleet for a boy (Iago just doesn’t go with our last name). But it’s the girl name I can’t settle on — firstly, Sleet is way too masculine, so I can’t reuse the middle name.

And obviously, it has to go with Rochester-Brompton (whose name I just changed by deed poll; he’s upset, but he’ll get over it, he’s only four) and Mango.

Alex on

I gotta say, I’ve laughed reading this post tonight, quite loving Parsely as a name, I must say lol! Thanks guys, you’ve made my boring Saturday night in quite entertaining!

Caren on

Blakesley is a villiage in Northhamptonshire, England. The name stems from an Old English place name and means Blaecwulf’s Wood/Clearing/Meadow.

It’s also a Surname and has the alternate spelling of Blakeslee.

I for one love the name.

Tina on

wow! what are you people naming your children! well actually some of the names are pretty cool in my opinion, but others wow. but i think by the time all these kids are like 10 and 15 and around there the “weird name” thing wont even exist because all the kids will name so-called “weird names”.

amelie on

I hope they call her by her middle name – Grace is classic like Max.

Jane on

I’m shocked you didn’t do fancy spelling with mango.

Mangot(how pretentiously french looking).



Mangoo(second o is clearly silent).

I think its a parents duty to make their kids life as hard as possible!! Wacky name? Check. Stupid ruddy spelling? Double Check.

Emily on

At first I thought the name was awful but now it’s kinda growing on me. Reminds me of Blake Lively if you call her just Blake and Blake Lively is gorgeous. All that matters is they have a healthy baby girl which is what they wanted and it is their choice for the name and is nice that Blakesley is a family name.

Grace on

Hunh, Blaecwulf… That could be for a girl, right?

And it does go pretty well with Mango (Jane, we did try originally spelling it Mhyan’Goh, but the registrar entered it wrong and I just couldn’t be bothered to fix it — I still pronounce it with the “y”, though!). And it would certainly bridge the letter-gap between Mango (5 letters) and Rochester-Brompton (17 and a symbol). I’ll just have to make sure the hospital doesn’t spell it “Blackwolf”.

Blaecwulf Slush. It’s not Shakespearian, but at least it’s Olde English. Close enough.

E on

Doesn’t anybody read the article??? Blakesley is an old family name… and it’s beautiful!!

Congratulations to Ryan, Trista & Max!!

Jane on

I can’t see the words Old English without thinking of tracey morgan!!

Ashley on

Where are Trista and Ryan from?

I am from the South and it is quite normal to name children after maiden names. Blakeley(or in her case Blakesley), Reeves, Smith, Tillman, etc, etc, are all common names in the South. We do it to honor grandmothers and grandfathers and many women do it to carry on family names that would otherwise get lost when we marry.
Odds are she’ll go by Grace or Blake…or >gasp< Blakesley. Or BG or Tidbit for all we know. That’s really not THAT hard a name to pronounce, anyway.
On that note, I really hope Trista doesn’t read all these comments. I thought she read this blog…how sad for her to hear all the ew’s and OMGS! Whatever happened to if you don’t have anything NICE to say, keep quiet? I really think that a ‘congrats’ would have sufficed.

Casey on

Am I crazy or did it not say in the article above that it was a family name back to the 1700’s? And everyone keeps asking if it was a family name…uh DUH! And to me, it’s not a difficult name to say. I like it. It’s way better than ZUMA, which just happens to be a stupid computer game..

Congrats to them.

michelle on

fyi babies in colorado are smaller than elsewhere due to altitude. so don’t freak out about the “only 6lbs” bit.

congrats to the sutters, from a fellow coloradan

flamingdeer on

Awww Congratulations to them! It’s nice to know one of the bachelor(ette) couples are still together!


Alice on

My siblings and I all have traditional first names and family names for middle names. The tradition of passing down family (last/maiden) names is still there.

Stacey on

Lets not get too critical with Blakesley…at least its not Ikhyd Edgar Arular(rap artist M.I.A.’s son). How do you even pronounce THAT name?!

annaa on

that a weird name!
anyway congrats and god bless.
max have fun with your new little sister

Babs726 on

Congratulations on the birth of you new baby daughter. The name will take some getting use to that’s for sure. Not sure whether or not to say “wow” or “ouch”. Oh well, again Congrats!

nosoupforyou on

“wow! what are you people naming your children!”

Joel Burton

Matthew William

Burton is paternal grandfather and William is maternal grandfather.

Joyce on

In response to Anon., I had a c-section with my 4th child after 3 normal births because of the baby’s heartrate, then I was not allowed to give birth normally with my 5th and now will not be allowed to with my current 6th pregnancy due to the risk of UTERINE RUPTURE which is fatal. Please think before you write comments.

Traxie on

Well, Trista only got half a boy’s name herself (Tristram) so she wanted to make sure her daughter got 1.5 times a boy’s name (Blake)!!

Soniya on

Wozzy, Grayson is actually an old and distinguished British name..not some random name that parents just came up with.

–signed, the proud mom of Grayson Sawyer

Jane on

“Lets not get too critical with Blakesley…at least its not Ikhyd Edgar Arular(rap artist M.I.A.’s son). How do you even pronounce THAT name?!”

Ick-heed is how its pronounced and its derived from a muslim name. It may look weird in the west but in south east asia a word looking like that isn’t uncommon m.i.a real name is Mathangi Arulpragasam.

and Arular was her father codename because he was founding member of a revolutionary military group in sri lanka. I actually much prefer M.I.A’s choice in a name tho, but I don’t really have western tastes.

Tee on

Mommy of three:
I don’t claim to be a midwife, I AM a midwife. At no point did I say that I know everything. In fact, I made a point to say that I didn’t know the circumstances around Trista’s birth and I made a point to say that on occasion c-sections are necessary. I don’t have to defend myself to you or anybody else. I wish people would quit attacking Anon for a simple question. Every woman is different, every pregnancy is different. You do not have to have a c-section just because you had one previously. The risk of uterine rupture is only two percent. The risk from an unnecessary surgery is a great deal higher. Woman should educate themselves before choosing a childbirth plan. Mommy of three, I’m sorry that you have had bad experiences with midwives, but please don’t lump me into that catogory. In no way, shape, form or fashion was I judging Trista or anybody else.

Grace on

“In light of what Trista said about “unhealthy babies” I hope Blakesley meets Trista’s criteria of being a “healthy baby.””

Eternalcanadian: What are you referring to?

suzanne on

I LOVE the name…and by the way, aren’t all names “made up” at some point? Duh!

Sb on

Congratulations… As for the information regarding the c-section, her first child was an emergency c-section based off the fact she had Pregnancy Induced Hypertension / Hellp Syndrome. Most women who have had this have to have a c-section because it is life or death situation.

I love the name, it is different and Oh! SO cute. I hope for the best for this cute family.

Liz on

“SH Says:
April 3rd, 2009 at 10:54 pm

Doctors misdiagnose and misjudge cases all the time, i am living proof but won’t go into it – so get off your “real dr.” high horse. dr.’s need to listen more to what their patients are telling them about THEIR bodies. talk about arrogance.”

RIIIIIIIGHT. So the woman who wouldn’t let me do a vaginal exam on her to check her dilation (at 33 weeks, ruptured membranes, strong contx every 3m), who’s fetal heart rate had dipped into the low 60s knew more about safely delivering her child?

Or the woman who was 41 & 6/7 weeks but refused to be induced because the baby would come when God decided, knew more? (The baby ended up dying in utero, fyi).

What about the pt I had who had ruptured membranes, was dilated 6cm but the head was so high that it was barely palpable & the cord was prolapsed? She still felt like everything was fine and dandy and could labour and push the baby out – only when the cord is hanging out your vagina, it is not safe!

Most doctors don’t rush into sections because it’s what they WANT to do. Just because you have had a bad outcome with something, doesn’t mean that every case is the same. And FYI, you can’t do a c-section without consent. If people are stupid enough to consent to something without being 100% confident in the doctor’s decision, then that is their fault.

I hate it when patient’s & their families walk in the door & think that they know everything because they’ve read a book on labour & delivery or done some research.

CelebBabyLover on

Grace- Trista said in a previous interview that she’s planning to get a sterilization procedure, but if, god forbid, the baby were to die or be unhealthy, she wouldn’t get it and would try for another child.

I and several other posters, however, think that Trista probably just meant that if Blakesly was so unhealthy that she died, THEN they’d consider trying for another baby.

motherless hulagirl on

We have neighbors with a house full of great B names!
Mom is Bree and dad is Blaine.
Little girls named Blakeley, and Berkeley.
Their boys are Braxton and Blair.
We dig it! Our home is full of great A names.
Way to go Trista & Ryan. LOVE the name choice for both kids!
We already can’t wait for the next one, and then his/her name.

Shea on

Anyone think of this? Trista and Ryan don’t give a crap what your opinion is. Blakesley is what they wanted to name their baby and who cares if any of you like it! How about that!!!???

Casey on

Oh and if you search Blakesley on google, you get a lot of responses about it being a surname. So obviously that is definitely where she got it from.

Judith on

Congrats to Trista and Ryan. That’s a weird name, Blakesley. Maybe a name for a boy– but a girl? She will be teased a lot in school why do parents want to do that to a child??

Judith on

As far as C Sections: My first 2 were natural deliveries. My third and fourth were C Sections. My third weighed ten and a half pounds. My fourth weighed nine and a half pounds.. I hate it when some one puts down the idea of women who have C Sections…

Ella on

AW! I’ve been waiting to hear this! So glad everything went well. I love the name Blakesley. Unique is always better– chill out, people. It isn’t your kid so don’t worry about it! CONGRATULATIONS Sutter family!

nosoupforyou on


Trista and Ryan can name their baby whatever they want without caring or consulting people on a blog.

Why would you even entertain the thought that they “care” about what we think?

However, this is a celebrity baby blog where we are free to discuss various issues relating to celebrity kids….that would include “names.”

bethany on

Some of you people crack me up (and not in a good way), with your “ewwing” and “that’s horrible!”…and the alternate name suggestions, PLEASE! I’m sure if the family felt they needed to consult the public to come up with a more suitable name, then they surely would have;) I am not a huge fan of the name, but to leave 100+ comments expressing strongly, and in some cases, quite nastily, your distaste for the name is just tacky!

Stella Bella on

“I hate it when patient’s & their families walk in the door & think that they know everything because they’ve read a book on labour & delivery or done some research.”
I can understand that thought, Liz. Just understand that an intelligent person gets annoyed when they tell a doctor something that happened in the person’s body and the doctor smiles condescendingly and proceeds to blow their concerns off. I’ve had it happen more than a few times, and I’m not a person who goes to the doctor unless I’m really having trouble with something. As a patient, it leaves a bad taste in your mouth.
And just to be clear, I wouldn’t hesitate to take a doctor’s advice in the circumstances you described. The potential for those circumstances is the exact reason I’m planning to deliver at a hospital.

Grace on

“Grace- Trista said in a previous interview that she’s planning to get a sterilization procedure, but if, god forbid, the baby were to die or be unhealthy, she wouldn’t get it and would try for another child.”

Thanks for responding celebbabylover. Now that you mention it, I remember reading that quote. I know some people were up in arms about it, and picking it apart to try to make it sound like something it wasn’t. But I honestly didn’t see anything wrong with her statement. I think it’s perfectly natural for a person who wants two kids to continue on and have another if one of them dies, and I didn’t for a second think that she meant she would only accept a perfectly healthy baby. But, some people like to nitpick.

brannon on

i love when people berate others for making fun or expressing dislike for the name by throwing out ‘can’t believe you would say that, especially when its better than some boring name like kate or madison/makes more sense than stupid zuma/preferable to ikhyd.’ if you can prefer it to others, so can we. pot/kettle anyone…

and seriously molly?

Colleen on

I like Blake as a nickname. I never thought of Blake as a girl’s name until Blake Lively, of Gossip Girl, came along. I’m glad they’re using a family name, however the name is sort of confusing to spell and read. At first I read it as “Blake’s lay” which would be very bad for her teenage years!

KimberlyL on

Ok, this is bugging me a bit. ‘Anon’ never made any judgement. Why a c-section? – is a question. Huge debates get started here way too quickly becuase everyone is so quick to appear non-judgemental that you jump on anyone who asks a question or makes a statement. The comments made by the poster regarding c-sections’ are opinion and never suggested to be the reason why Trista had a c-section. Merely pondering them as a whole. Clearly the poster wasn’t fully aware of Trista’s history. At that weight, agreeably without the facts, you have to wonder what was the problem with a vaginal delivery. The poster even put in a disclaimer “C-section, (granted when needed is a necesity)” to avoid this very thing.

Rebecca on

I assumed by not wanting to be sterilized if the baby was not healthy, she meant she would be worried about what might happen to the baby and would like the option to have another child should the baby end up not surviving later on. I’ve read that doctors prefer not to do a sterilization during the delivery if the baby is born premature or unhealthy, because survival is sadly not guaranteed and the parents might like the option to add another living child to their family should the worst end up happening.

Marlita on

why does everyone think Blakesley is a terrible name? i thinkn it’s really cool! i actually love it!

CelebBabyLover on

Judith- My mom has one of the most “normal” names on the planet, and she still got teased for it at school! I mean, even if you name your kid, say, John or Mary, that’s no guarantee they won’t be teased! At first glance, it may seem like there’s no way a kid could tease either of those names, but, in the case of the name “Mary”, you can pretty much bet that some kid is going to use “Mary, Mary, quite contrary!” as a way to tease that name. As for John, well…Think of what common household object that name can refer to. Need I say more?

Bottomline: Kids are going to find a way to tease pretty much ANY name!

CelebBabyLover on

I forgot to add that I don’t get why so many people get so worked up about these unusual names being teased, when pretty much ANY name can be teased!

seasofsilver on

They are so cute. I just love them!!!

Abby on

I agree, Blakesley is not my favorite name, but I do LOVE the fact that they used a family name! My sister-in-law has always used “unusual” names for her 5 kids and, while they sound odd at first, they always grew on us quickly. Now I can’t imagine them with any other names!

Congratulations to Ryan, Trista and Max!

B-Lyn on

I’m interested in what people think of “Blakesley”, because my name is Blakelyn and I always thought it was ugly.

Jessica on

i had a c-section for both of my kids because my son had a big head and couldn’t come out naturally and i almost died because of it. with my daughter i had a c-section because i didn’t want to go through that again. trista had the same thing i did with her son so she prolly did it again for safety reasons. and second of all, the mother’s make the choice for c-sections, the only time the doctors do is when something goes wrong like it did with me, i had the HELLP syndrome. so lay off of c-sections.

denise on

I like the name. It’s unique without being “out there”. Both Maxwell and Blakesley is of English origin. It is very southern to name children after family surnames. Some people like proper names and call them a nickname, as in Max’s case. I’m betting, Blakesley will be called Blake or Grace.

I think Blakelsey is Trista’s mom’s maiden name. Which makes that her maternal grandparents surname.

lizzielui on

I agree CelebBabyLover. Kids will tease you over anything they choose to, no matter how “NORMAL” the name may be. My name is Elizabeth. Simple and traditional, not too outlandish. Do you know how many times I got called Elizardbreath? Lizzie the Lezzie, Eliza Manelli? While the other kids in my classes with more unique names were left alone. Kids will make up anything if they think it’s funny and if they feel like being irksome.

As for the name Blakesly, I personally like it and do not find it hard to say at all.

Jane on

I personally find using a Surname as a first name as pretentious as a man giving his son his name. Its incredibly dated, but jmo.

Allison on

Congrats to the Sutter family! I like the tradition of using family names. That is neat that Blakesley’s name dates back to the 1700’s. Maybe they will call her “Blake.” Blakesley is kind of a mouthful! I went to school with a girl named Blake, so it sounds like a cute name to me.

Bieta on

Blakelyn isn’t my favorite name, but I prefer it over Blakesley. The ‘s’ sound in that name is so prominent but its also incredibly unnatural to say. Like I’ve said it a few times at a few different speeds and it doesn’t sound right when said any rate other than slowly.like blakeeeeeessssssleeeey.

Jenny on

I like the name Blakesly.. and especially appreciate that it’s a family name.

Grace on

Ah hah! I knew it was making me think of something — Bakelite! Bakelite, the vintage plastic!

Or, if new parents liked the name but wanted to go for a more intellectual version: Polyoxybenzylmethylenglycolanhydride.

Polly, for short.

Julie on

Blakesly is a very old and distinguished name! What’s wrong with that? Maybe because I am from the South and names like that are considered beautiful and classy here. Congratulations Trista & Ryan & Max!! LOVE the name!

DD on

I’m not a fan of the big trend in “ley” names for girls. Haley, Kaley, Ansley Hanley, Brinley are names I hear ALL the time now.

At least they didn’t try to get cute with the spelling like “Blakesleigh”. (That is my pet peeve — parents thinking they are creative because they can rearrange the spelling of a common name)

Old English names are great … but not this particular one.

Lola on

I think Blake Sutter or Blakeley Sutter would’ve been better names because they are easier to say. I like Blakeley for a girl’s name but not so much Blakesley. Blakesley Grace Sutter is a difficult name to pronounce. Blakesley Sutter doesn’t sound right. It is a tongue twister. It doesn’t flow off the tongue well.

FC on

Blakesley Grace? I agree with Lola, that Blakeley Grace does sound a bit better, but it’s not that bad of a name. Just wasn’t something I was expecting. Doesn’t roll off the tongue that smoothly, is all.

Anyway, congrats to the Sutter family on the birth of their daughter! 🙂

Nicole on

I love the name… it’s GORGEOUS, and it’s a family name. It’s different, but not weird. Great choice!

Sarah on

Ashley – they live in Colorado.

To the poster about babies weighing less in Colorado due to the altitude (sorry, can’t remember your name), that’s true. Our babies are put on oxygen more often just after birth, also, just as a precaution.

Heather R. – I LOVE your kids names. Very cute!

ElleJsis – Funny comment. Judging by the posts, true. Blakesley got a lot of people off of the name Petal.

I personally LOVE the name and had no problem pronouncing it. And I like Blakesley Grace better than Grace Blakesley. As for getting teased because of it, kids will tease about ANYTHING. A name (Zuma or Bob), clothing (rags or silk), etc. I rather like slightly more unique names. And, depending on the name, I like some boys names for girls. Some can be cute. My names Sarah, and in high school there were 4 of us in 1 of my classes. Really annoying.

Glad everyone is ok and congrats to the new family! Wishing you all well!!

Blakesley on

My name is Blakesley!!! I’m sixteen years old and I’ve never heard of another Blakesley with the exact same spelling. Wow! I was named after my great grandfather- it was actually his last name. I love my name!

justanothermommy on

Blakesley…cute name! My kids have unusual names…why would it matter what she names her babies…it not the name that makes the person it’s the person that makes the name. I wanted my children to feel independant. God doesn’t make cookie-cutter kids and it’s our job to make them individuals and what an honor to show respect to your family by gracing your children with their names.

That's MY last name on

I actually LIKE my last name… it’s Pronounced BLAKE-SLEEE. Don’t think I’d want it to be my first name though!

Marilyn on

In case you are all wondering that name is her mother’s maiden name Roseanne Blakesly (not sure I spelled her first name correctly) but she went to Central Catholic High School in Lafayette, Indiana with my sister-in-law. Trista does say it is a family name so that is the story. Not unusual to use a family name.