Jamie Oliver Welcomes Daughter Petal Blossom Rainbow

04/03/2009 at 08:00 AM ET

It’s a third baby girl for chef Jamie Oliver and wife Jools! Daughter Petal Blossom Rainbow Oliver arrived at 2:46 a.m. on Friday, April 3rd in London.

She weighed in at 6 lbs., 10 oz., “looks like her mum,” and joins big sisters Poppy Honey, 7, and Daisy Boo, 6 next week. A rep says,

“Jamie and Jools are both completely smitten with Petal already and Jamie is looking forward to two weeks paternity leave to spend quality time with his four beautiful girls.”

Jools had been due on April 1st, but had her labor induced on Thursday because of high blood pressure.

Jamie, 33, and Jools announced the pregnancy in September and chose to wait for a delivery surprise. While Jamie hoped for a boy, Jools wanted a girl!

Source: The Sun

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kate on

Well thats a name and a half. They were desperate for a boy too.

Still congrats to the family. Can’t help feeling that the name is way too out there.

Manda Jo on

hahaha Well that name definitely fits right along with her older sister’s names! I wonder if they will have more kids since he has talked about hoping for a boy? Congrats to the Oliver family!

Jane on

Congrats to Jamie and his wife – Another healthy girl! The name is a little out there, but it works with their other children’s names.

Cathylee on

Yay, I’m so happy for them. I had a feeling it was a girl 😛 I actually hoped for a girl, because I don’t like it when fathers say they hope for sons XD Congratulations to Jamie, Jools, Poppy and Daisy !And welcome Petal (lovely (and long!) name, btw)

lola on

Congrats to them but the name sounds a bit ridiculous… But fits with the others, so… why not…

lisa on

Wow, when is this new “weird” baby name thing going to stop? I had to look twice at his older girls name. I thought it said “poopy honey” at first glance. Petal Blossom isnt too bad but come on!! These poor kids have to live with their names. Most celebs are artist types but that doesnt mean their kids will be.

Ana on

The name definetley fits with the others!
ive never heard of a baby having the name rainbow before, still i think petal is sweet and as long as everyone is happy and healthy thats all that matters!

congrats to jamie jools poppy and daisy!

Michelle Z. on

I actually like the name ‘Petal’. The ‘Rainbow’ bit is pushing it (for me).

Bumbles on

Congratulations Jools and Jamie! I think that with the name issue people should remember that in the UK you are generally only known by your first name unless your names are hyphonated so people don’t need to know your middle name unless you want them to. One of my brother’s never revealed his middle name and it was William not an out there name but he hated it. At the end of the day it’s personal choice!

T. on

I LOVE the name Petal Blossom. Rainbow is pushing it a bit (IMO). I love these super girlie names 🙂

T on

Cathylee, I know what you mean. But after having 2 girls, I can understand why Jamie wanted a boy. If it were their first child, I would have thought it was arrogant of him to want a boy, but since it is their third… he’s obviously going to want a boy! I do know what you mean though. And it is kinda horrible to think he is probably a bit disappointed with this baby! I hope he isn’t but it kinda makes u feel that way.

Jen on

Congratulations Jamie and Jools. Have to say, i love the name. I remember Jamie commenting a few months ago that Jools had picked out the name but wouldn’t tell him, she likes the flower theme it seems! Beautiful baby too, wonderful family.

Lis on

Oh, come on………….. Is that name a late April fool’s joke?

Sam on

Cathlee, I hate it when people who don’t have children say they want a boy or a girl. It feels sexist to me. But I don’t think there’s anything wrong with Jamie Oliver saying he would like a boy someday when he already has two girls.

Marit on

There are pictures of Petal at dailymail.co.uk! She’s so cute and Jamie looks completely in love with his new daughter.

babyboopie on

Petal Blossom Rainbow? I would have thought they’d go with a name like Lily or Rose?

Bumbles on

If you go to this link there’s a picture of Petal with her parents leaving the hospital!

Sam on

I’m okay with Daisy and Poppy–Daisy is a real name and Poppy at least sounds like a name–but Petal? I wish they had given her a normal middle name so the child could at least go by that later if she’s too embarrassed by her first name.

Caroline on

LOVE the name Petal Blossom

Kelly on

the pics of Jamie and the baby are adorable. i like the one of him and his older girls as well. congrats to them.

Brittany Sellons on

They sure like names that are more geared towards nature. I’m not 100% sold on Petal but I’m sure it will grow on me. Congrats to Jamie and Jools.

lulu* on

Congrats to them!
They definitely didn’t disapoint on that name…wow!
Let’s admit that we’d all be a little let down if they had just named the baby ‘Emily’ or something.

Mommy of 3 on

Congrats to Jamie and his family! I’m really glad that everything is well and everyone is happy/healthy! In regards to her name….EEEEKKKKKKK…it goes well with the other names in the family BUT I really don’t like it at all. To each their own tho right?!?!

Becky on

haha! I can’t believe it. I actually like the name Petal. It’s pretty. I am just in shock I like it because when I first saw it I was like Whaa?? But all 3 names together is about much. And I’m not a fan of Poppy. Daisy’s cute though too.

ceskaholka on

I wonder what was their choice for a boy’s name…perhaps Leaf (Liev) LOL

perri on

congrats to them! honestly the name made me laugh out loud when i read it. i think it’s definitely the most ridiculous of all of the girls’ names.

jasmine on

Congrats! I’ve always thought the name Petal was pretty and delicate, but more suited for the middle name slot; I love Blossom and, yes, even Rainbow. With sisters named Poppy Honey and Daisy Boo, the name kind of makes sense.

Harley on

Wow, I feel like it’s 1969 with a name like that. Still, congrats to the family 🙂

Aelys on

Congratulations to the Olivers! I knew it would be another girl!!
Love how they kept a flower-themed name. Under other circumstances, I don’t think I’d like Rainbow much, but somehow here it fits perfectly!! 🙂

Jade on

Congrats to both of them! Now, I might be a minority here, but I LOVE the name. If I have a girl, I’d love to name her Rainbow 🙂

fay on

u ppl are some of the most judgmental, closed minded and MEAN ppl whose words i’ve ever had the priviledge of reading…

it’s so sad, no need for the children to get made fun of on the playground, they can just come to cbb… WOW…

when we had kids in elementary school named stephanie, we called them step on me…

in middle school when we learned what a JOHN was… oh u know we ridiculed all the john, jon’s and jonathan’s in the classroom

katherine and kate used to get meowed at whenever we thought we could get away w/ it

and tishika and zelika were just ghetto…

soledad and maribel were told to run for the border (which is racist, but we were children so we really didn’t know any better)

and dorothy was often told to follow the yellow brick road, or that she looked like toto


but ADULTS… that’s really just sad…

oh, and let me add mine… my name is faosatulai, and growing up in an area where there’s a street name tchoupitoulas, a river named tchefuncte, and a city nearby named pascagoula… oh and not to mention during holloween when the kids decided to rename me false eye unicef… lol.. and u know what… sarah moore and Nicole Chauvin didn’t love or hate their names in the 3rd grade any more than i did…

AND i think petal blossom is cute… it’s delicate and only reminds u of springy delicate pretty things…

Mira on

I understand that they wanted a flower name, but couldn’t they come up with something that sounds better than Petal? Petal sounds like an Indian guy’s name; not girly at all.

Since Rose, Violet, and Lily are overused these days, they could’ve gone with Dahlia or Iris or Maple…

kim on

I am going to name my next baby “Sunshine Beam of Light After the Rain”

SB on

gotta say that name is definitely unique!! although jamie said he would love a boy it does say that he is smitten with his baby girl…sometimes people say these things, but i’m sure he will love her no less!!! jools did say she would love more kids too so you never know a boy could be in their future!!!

tippythepoodle on

to Ana comment 7-Ving Rhames has a daughter named Reignbeau and a son named Freedom.

Congrats to them…I think three girls is a perfect little family-but I understand his male desire for a boy.

The name Petal Blossom is adorable-the Rainbow at the end sounds like he let his girls pick the middle name. The British sure do love their flower names!

Tina on

wow that child is gonna get teased.

Lis on

Haha, Kim! I chuckled OUT LOUD when I read your comment! Thanks for the laugh 😛

Shan on

When my daughter was born she had a nurse named Rainbow. We thought that they were joking at first, but the name really suited her. She was very cheerful and happy.

Elena on

Congratulations to them! I was hoping this was a girl, too, because with all of the talking about wanting a boy, I thought the older two girls had a real chance of feeling left-out and second best if the boy actually arrived.

I think Jamie just needs to grow up a little and realize that he does not need a son – there is nothing that he could teach a son that he couldn’t teach a daughter, other than peeing standing up.

By the way, to me, three girls is the ideal family. I really hope that’s what I get.

Emily on

Is Poppy just name a used in England? Because to me both Poppy and Daisy are real names, I know a few people called Poppy and I never thought anything of it.

Elle on

My aunts name is Petal. To me it always seemed like a sad name. I mean the thing about these names is no one goes around calling you your full name…so Daisy, Poppy and Petal are all quite respectable.

jjj on

That name is hilarious!

Anna on

I like the names Poppy and Daisy but Petal not so much. Maybe it will grow on me.

Fay, no need to over react to some adults giving their opinion on a name.

Lolasmum on

Congrats to Jamie and Jools! I was so curious on if they would keep the flower name theme if they had another girl. Petal Blossom is so lovely! PS.There are great pics of the whole family over at the Daily Mail.


Lis on

Uh-oh, Elena, I’m going to feel bad if you have two boys and then a girl, because the two boys may feel left-out and second best if the girl actually arrives.

Just pointing out that you’re kind of contradicting yourself.

Natasha on

Its a LOT better than Jagger Joseph Blue. Congratulations to them!

D on

Congrats on his new baby girl.

As a parent of two boys I can say that am so happy I have boys but that doesn’t mean I don’t eventually want a little girl. I feel 100% blessed for my babies and will take what ever gender of babies I can get but i think it is only human nature to want to experience one of each. So, from my view, I wouldn’t fault Jamie for wanting a boy one day. One day I hope to have a girl, if I end up with a soccer team of boys, it wouldn’t make me any less blessed.

As for the names, I like Petal, Daisy and Poppy. Very cute names. The full name is overwhelming all together but who gets called their first, second , (third if there is one) names all at once? I have only seen this done on CBB honestly. My first son has 3 names and we have never called him or introduced him as anything other than his first name. CBB just puts the full name out there for everyone it doesn’t mean that they refer to their daughters’ by their full name.

Sanja on

Wonderful pictures of the baby and their older daughters at:


And since the pictures were taken outside the hospital only hours after the birth it sees the birth way very easy and luck Jools for bouncing on her feet so fast. I was in bed bleeding and moaning after my not too hard birth, but the stiches killed me:-(

Not surprised it’s another girl, since most people I know who have two children of the same sex and have a third, it’s usually the same gender. Plus, Jamie’s uncle has 4 daughters, so maybe girls run in the family.

Personally, I love Poppy (which is a popular name in the UK), like Daisy and am not a fan of Petal. I would have preferred another flower, like Daisy, Violet, Rose, Primrose or even Bluebell or Petunia.

Grace on

Fabulous news! Petal is just beautiful. I like her name, Petal Blossom, not sure they needed the Rainbow part but that’s up to them 🙂 Poppy and Daisy look so grown up in the picture in the mail! My family and I met them on holiday when the girls were about 4 and 5, my Maddie was 3 and the three girls really got on fabulously together! I have two more girls now to match their three too!


Elena on

Lis, two points in response to yours:

1) If I have two boys, they won’t know I said I wanted a girl all along because, unlike Jamie, I am not proclaiming my preference for a girl to the entire world but to an anonymous message board. If he had shared it with just his wife and a few close friends, I wouldn’t have the same issue with him making his girls feel inadequate in the future.

2) I know a lot of people may disagree with me, but I really do feel that it’s different to have a preference for girls as opposed to boys. Boys have historically been preferred by all parents, mothers and fathers, and girls were seen as a waste of resources. That’s why it really rankles me when I see a father say he is longing for a boy in today’s world. On the other hand, I don’t see the harm in a woman saying she wants one, two or three daughters. It’s just a little chip in the huge block of sexism we all still live with.

Jess on

ELENA omg You really took my response out i love what you stated and i agree 150% its so true that horrible statement horryifyes me everytime i visit this site i love when a man says oh im hoping for a lil daddy girl it lites me up inside i dont know why?!!! but yes its so true if i ever have son i would never in a million year want him to feel less than his sister or sister(S) WHEN I have kids i promise to love them all the same no matter which sex they are ultimilty they come from YOU and YOU should treat AND think they are just as important before everyone starts getting wild up remember this is my OPINION

ElleJsis on

She still looks really pregnant.

jjj on

ElleJsis – She looks like she just gave birth actually. I’m guessing you’ve either never done that or have skin made of spandex.

ElleJsis on

I think its a bit of both jjj.

eternalcanadian on

You might be interested in knowing there’s 5 girls born for every 1 boy born in the USA, so let’s have a little “I want a boy” once in a while, yeah?

eternalcanadian on

Oh yes, congratulations to Jamie and Jools on the safe arrival of Petal!

Sarah on

Petal, Poppy, and Daisy Oliver…their flower names are all so pretty and contemporary-sounding to me.

My daughter’s middle name is Rose, and old-fashioned flower name, I think.

Congrats to the family on the new addition! 🙂

Brandi on

Elle unless you have a uterus that shrinks incredibly fast after being stretched for 9 months, she looks very normal! She just gave birth a few hours before the picture was taken. I think I’m one of the few that like the name. I like when sibling sets go together, like Jamie’s girls and Angie Harmon’s girls.

Amanda on

Poor Jamie, he wanted a son so much.

Anna on

I think she looks great and I’m happy she didn’t shy away from being photographed right after birth. This is the natural way to look after giving birth, people should know that.

They look so happy with their family. Nothing wrong with saying you a prefer to have a boy (or a girl for that matter). I have never understood people that get upset if someone states their preference.

Brandi on


Yeah, judging from this photo and saying he’s ‘completely smitten’ in the statement he seems pretty upset. 🙂

You can have a preference, I think it’s natural too, but clearly he doesn’t have a problem with what he ended up with.

ElleJsis on

Take they babe out the photo and you’d still think she was pregnant. I’ve never seen a post-pregnancy woman in a tight fitting shirt like that. So no, I didn’t know thats how you’re supposed to look. Forgive me your majesties.

Mommy of 3 on

Of course she would look like she is still pregnant, she only delivered a few hours before this pic was taken….as far as I am concerned she looks WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Most women still look that way up until 6 weeks plus. Her uterus needs to go back to it’s original size (watermelon to lemon) and her skin just needs to tighten back up….it’s no big deal!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m sure she will bounce back asap….she has the same sort of body as I do, and I was back to pre-preg size within 7 days.

Shannon on

Wow. Imagine if this girl becomes a judge in the future. Your Honor Petal Blossom Rainbow Oliver.

Aitch on

I love that name Petal! it’s beautiful.

Kim from Australia on

Congrats, a third girl! Wonder if they will go again for a boy! Not a huge fan of the name they could possibly have dropped the ‘Rainbow’ to sound less complicated IMO I was also induced with my baby girl last week for high blood pressure, so am in good company 😀

Anne on


dee on

He looks ecstatic in that pic. I’m so happy for them and that baby is beautiful. I see nothing wrong with men or women saying they have a preference of one sex over the other especially after having one or more of the same gender. On this site I’m constantly seeing the “oh I hope she has a boy/girl next time.” or “That’s great, now they have one of each.”

georgie on

Absolutely love the name, as a mother to Clementine and Flora I love names like that. Gorgeous xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Poppy on

Now…I have to admit, my parents are hippies. But my sister is Penelope and my name is Poppy. To us, my brother is the odd ball, his name is Peter. I happen to think if Peter had been a girl, he would have been something along the lines of Petal. So I actually like the name(s). My children also have very unique names and they love them.

Lily on

Beautiful little girl, silly silly name. She’ll grow up and be stuck with a name that sounds like a plastic pony.

I don’t like how they stated gender preferences either.

appellationmountain on

Petal is interesting, isn’t it? I think when your first two girls are Poppy and Daisy, your third daughter needs a flower power moniker, else she’d feel left out!

Stella Bella on

Love Petal Blossom; Rainbow’s a stretch in context with the first two names (for me). Petal sounds like a nice first name- it’s feminine and you can pronounce it! 🙂

Stéph on

Aww, he so badly wanted a boy. Maybe next time, if there is one. THat’s the kind of name I was expecting from them. It goes well with Poppy Honey and Daisy Boo. I actually kind of like their kids’ names, but I wouldn’t call mine that. Petal is a nice name too. All very flowery!


Stéph on

To Poppy (the poster, not the daughter):

What are your kids’ names??

kelly on

Congratulations – not a fan of the name but then the only opinion that matters is that of the parents. The baby looks exactly like Jamie!

Helen on

Petal Blossom sounds nice, but adding Rainbow is too much

Jaclyn on

I love his children’s names, flower power 🙂 I’m due in November and strongly considering Poppy if we have a girl.

Janey on

Why do childrens names have to match? They’re individuals, no? I think having a theme in your childs names are silly. My names Electra and my sisters name is Elżbieta(El-iz-be-et-a) or Elle for short. I mean if you like flower names cool..but I’ve never understood people who feel the need to do all ‘j’ names or all ‘month’ names.

MissHeather on

Elle – You sure are in for a rude awakening once you have a child of your own, thanks for the laugh 🙂
Beautiful little girl, congrats to the family!

Brooklyn on

Wow. What a cheery name! I can’t say I love it, but it sure makes you smile.

Moore on

My sister wanted to name her daughter petal for the longest time. When I finally started liking it she changed her mind. I still think it’s cute. I’m not sure about Rainbow though. Maybe it will grow on me.

Elena is that not a double standard, sexist? A woman can want a daughter or two or three but man can’t want a son? But I’m guessing its ok for him to want a daughter, right? Cause they’re the underdogs of society? I don’t know but in my world aside from raising a woman to know her worth, we need men who want to raise young boys to be productive members of society and later family loving men.

I find your first comment to be rude. Saying you hoped he didn’t have a son cause “he needs to grow up a little” and ” he doesn’t need a son” and the only difference between a girl and a boy is that one pees standing is too much for words at the moment. Just like your ideal family is three girls, his ideal family may have been two girls and a son. I truly hope you love your sons too. They may very well feel inadequate in the future if what you say on the internet is how you feel.

Philippa on

Petal Blossom sounds alright, although I’m not a big fan. Rainbow just sounds a bit absurd to me, but if they’re happy with it that’s fine.
I absolutely love the names Poppy and Daisy, and would’ve expected them to come up with a just as cute name for this one. Maybe it’ll grow on me.
But congrats to them. They both look really happy, as they should 😀

Kidlet on

Never been a fan of their name choices and I’m really sorry Jamie didn’t get his boy, but I am glad they all seem so happy!
The two elder girls really look old-fashioned, is that intentional? And matching clothes, is that necessary?

I am kinda in favour of matching names though
My sons, Asher and Levi, are both sons of Jacob and fit well together. Oh, and upon having two sons I can see why one would express wonderlust for the opposite gender child.

Meredith on

Fay…. you are crazy

beeleigh on

i may be wrong about this, but i always thought that in the uk, flower and fruit and other such names were much more common than in the us…when i was younger, i met a girl named toffee (like the candy) and for sure thought she’d be made fun of, but she said in london, it wasn’t really a big deal, that there was a mix of pears and tulips and muffins and such with the “normal” jessicas and katies and claires and the like…anyways, even if you have the most basic name ever, kids can still find something to make fun if they want to, and a “weird” name may mean nothing if the kid turns out popular. the prom king at my high school was named saskatoon (really!), but was popular from the moment we met him in the sixth grade, and i don’t remember anyone ever saying anything to him about it…so there you go.

txgal on

I am like Elle. I have never given birth and I didn’t know your tummy still looked like that right after birth. Not to say, before everyone goes crazy, that she doesn’t look great- she does- I was just shocked to see it.

millefleur on

I love them and their crazy cutesy names! Congratulations!

415mama on

Congratulations Oliver family!!! What a beautiful bouquet of lovely girls:) I am such a fan of flower names!! We already have a beautiful Rose and I hope to have a Violet and Lily in the future. If we are blessed with boys instead, I’ll have to rethink my plan 😉 Welcome to the world sweet Petal Blossom!!

Gigi on

I am so happy to see that some women are doing to young males what some men do to young females. Only through reverse bigotry can we make this world equal. I, like many of the posters on here, feel jilted by my distant father and want to take it out on nice guys like Jamie who dared mention that after two girls, he’d like a little fellow. How dare he be honest? His wife on the other hand stated publicly that she wanted a girl but that’s okay cause if she had a boy, he wouldn’t care that HE wasn’t wanted by his mommy. Besides women have been oppressed so they can be jerks like men can’t be.

JMO on

Petal? eek! Blossom souonds like a better first name. I bet Daisy’s very happy she is now the middle child and didn’t get stuck with Poppy or Petal!!!!

Emma on

Umm – having read most of the comments I’m thinking that names I would consider normal (being English) are not necessarily considered normal in the USA. Poppy is used very commonly as a first name as is Daisy and Petal is really not that weird! I don’t know a Petal personally, but to me it does sound like a real name – and I LOVE Rainbow as a middle name! I think this is a country difference as I always think names like Addison, Harper, Brady etc. are odd and most commentors on here seem to like them!!

Erika on

Congrats to them! She is beautiful! Not so sure about the name but it’s their decision, not mine. One question though, I don’t have kids yet but I thought they made you stay overnight in the hospital? Is that not custom where they live, or can you choose to leave early?

Elena on

Never, at any point, did I say that boys are bad or that I don’t want sons or that I wouldn’t love a boy if I had one. All I said is that, in an ideal world, I would have three daughters. It’s not because I think girls are “better”. It’s just how I feel.

And I stand by my statement that people should be aware of the history of preference for little boys in the world when they voice that preference. In many countries, women still abort babies when they find out they are girls or abandon baby girls on roadsides or at orphanages. I feel that, by wanting daughters, I am doing a small part in offsetting these wrongs. It’s not that my boys will be unwanted, it’s that my girls will be wanted and welcomed, unlike in a lot of places in the world (including, in not-too-distant history, the places most of us are from, like the U.S. and Europe).

Dawn on

I never looked pregnant when I left the hospital after having my kids. Of course, I wasn’t stick thin either (nor was I heavy). I still wore my maternity jeans home.

LP on

I love their names!

Sam on

“I know a lot of people may disagree with me, but I really do feel that it’s different to have a preference for girls as opposed to boys. Boys have historically been preferred by all parents, mothers and fathers, and girls were seen as a waste of resources. That’s why it really rankles me when I see a father say he is longing for a boy in today’s world. On the other hand, I don’t see the harm in a woman saying she wants one, two or three daughters. It’s just a little chip in the huge block of sexism we all still live with.”

It has always bothered me, too; however, I don’t think the best way to make up for it is reverse sexism (preferring girls over boys). It’s better to just not state a preference at all (especially to the media if you are a celebrity!).

Lila on

That’s awesome. I’m so happy to see a woman of “celeb” status not being afraid of letting her just-had-a-baby belly show.

Sam on

“I feel that, by wanting daughters, I am doing a small part in offsetting these wrongs. It’s not that my boys will be unwanted, it’s that my girls will be wanted and welcomed, unlike in a lot of places in the world”

Elena, you can make any daughters you have feel welcomed and wanted without stating a preference for girls over boys. “Wanting daughters” does not offset the wrongs, it just promotes sexism against boys instead of against girls. Fighting sexism with more sexism is just ignorant.

meghan on

He may still want a son someday, but Jamie looks like whatever disappointment he felt has quickly passed!

Also Poppy Montgomery’s first middle name is Petal (she has like four middle names). I like Petal Blossom. Something delicate about it.

Sam on

“Why do childrens names have to match? They’re individuals, no? I think having a theme in your childs names are silly. I mean if you like flower names cool..but I’ve never understood people who feel the need to do all ‘j’ names or all ‘month’ names.”

I agree! I think parents should give their children names they love, instead of trying to come up with seven names that start with G. A lot of times their names end up sounding so similar that they really don’t stand out as inidividuals.

Sam on

“Nothing wrong with saying you a prefer to have a boy (or a girl for that matter). I have never understood people that get upset if someone states their preference.”

I don’t think there’s anything wrong in this case, where he already has two girls. But if you don’t have any children and are expecting one, it can be seen as rude and hurtful by other people. For example, when I was in grade school I had a teacher expecting her first child. She kept saying she wanted a boy, and it made us girls feel bad to know she preferred boys over girls like us.

suze on

i love that jools looks like a normal woman who has just delivered a baby!! i so remember leaving the hospital still looking 6-months pregnant….a bit disconcerting after the first one, but i was prepared the second time!! i remember my M-I-L pushing down on my stomach while i laid in the hospital bed, 1 day after a c-section, and saying “oh my, i thought that was the blankets! surely you’re not still so big!!??”….neddless to say, we are very close! not!!

congrats to the oliver clan!

mom of 3 boys on

Congratulations, the name seems to be fitting with the other girls. Although, I would not have chosen that name myself. And I don’t understand why people say “I want a girl…… I want a boy’ How about ‘I want a healthy baby?”

Rachel on

Cute baby, strange name but I still kinda like it. The Rainbow is a bit much. Did she have the baby, take a shower and then just walk out of the hospital with the baby? Did anyone else notice that the baby was boron this morning around 2:45am in London and they are already leaving the hospital…….

Amy on

its not uncommon for women to be allowed home the same day, if everything seems fine and like in Jools case its not the first child.

Amy on

Congrats to both Jamie and Jules. Got to say not really liking the same, but it fits in with Poppy & Daisy which I love, but Petal thats abit to far I think…But what the hey its their baby rite lol.

Cathylee on

All girls have very close birthdays 😛 Easier birthday-planning then 😀

Tina on

okay! this is annoying! and whoever doesnt like what i have to say- i do not care. they are a family who love eachother very much and if they want to name their children with a flower theme then thats their choice. i may not like the name rainbow and this morning when i first read her name i didnt like it but Petal is a cute name:) i mean good for them and im sure she is a beautiful baby. and who doesnt want a boy if you already have 2 girls, im sure hes happy but come on. good for their family i am very happy for them.

Mommy of 3 on

To all the women that WANT a certain sex of child and not the oposite……

Stop being selfish and sexist, sorry if this is coming off as rude or ignorant BUT should you all not just be hoping and wishing for a HEALTHY baby? My goodness with all these illnesses and defects that babies are being born with now I think you all should just count your blessings and be happy. Who cares if you have a girl or boy besides you (which is selfish IMO) When I was expecting all of my babies forst thing I wanted to know was “Is everything OK?” After hearing that all was well with baby I would then ask for the sex, only because I am a very organized person and I wanted to know so I could get things going.

Just be thankfull for the baby, they are ALL a blessing!!

Tina on

totally agree Mommy of 3.

Mia on

I like the name. It fits well with the other girls. I think Petal looks like her daddy, and I’m sure Jool’s post-pregnancy belly will reduce soon once she starts nursing and such.

I wonder if they’ll have 1 more? I know a lot of people who have 3 boys, and then a girl, or 3 girls and then 1 boy. It will be cute to see 🙂

FC on

Petal? Okay. Blossom…I’m not shocked since I used to watch the aptly named show, Blossom, with the main character being named that….lol (shout out to another celeb mom, Mayim Bialik). I just don’t know about the Rainbow.

That said, I think Petal is a little doll, and Jools. She’s a happy, though tired looking post-partum mom. Completely normal. I haven’t seen that in a while. All I’ve seen are these quick bounce backs…lol.

Congrats to Jools, Jamie and the rest of their family!

Natasha on

I think it’s a double standard too. The Beckhams (for example) say they want a girl and everyone goes “Aww”. Anyone with three girls wants a boy and everyone goes “OMG sexist!”

Moore on

No, Elena, you didn’t say boys were bad nor did I say you did.
I also don’t think there’s anything wrong with wanting daughters. I do applaud you for wanting to do a part in offsetting the wrongs, however, I do not believe that your above statements are conveying your message very well.
It is important to know history, true, but excluding one gender from your gender equality fight will lead you in circles. By holding both genders equally and showing people through your words and your actions the world over that a child is a blessing whatever their gender, you’ll be doing more than just a small part in creating a future that in no way mirrors the past.

It’s ok to want a son or daughter whether that child is the first or the last.I have no problem with parents having preferences. All that should matter is that the little one is healthy in the end and that you are happy as their parent.

Lisa on

Geez, what is the point of going to the hospital to give birth if they kick you out less than 24 hours later?! Hate the name but hey, it’s not my kid. Congrats to them nonetheless!

Emily on

was kinda hoping for a boy cos it seemed like jamie really wanted one and wouldv been nice to of had a mix but 3 daughters is still beautiful. not sure of the name choice maybe without rainbow it would have been nicer. congrats to jools, jaime and family though!

pippi777 on

I’m going to respond to a few topics without naming specific posters (because they were each mentioned by several others.)

Meghan – Poppy’s Montgomery’s full name is Poppy Petal Ema Elizabeth Deveraux Donahue Montgomery. Her sisters names are Daisy Yellow, Marigold Sun, Lily Belle and Rosie Thorn. Her Brother’s name is Jethro Tull. She has stated that her mother was a hippie. She doesn’t go by all of those names all of the time. So it’s not like kids are called by their full names on a daily basis. I don’t introduce myself as ‘Sarah Louise —‘ to everyone I meet. I introduce myself as Sarah.

Emma – I totally agree with you that names can be popular in 1 country and deemed ‘odd/different’ in other countries.

To those of you who has stated feeling that Jamie saying he prefered a boy as sexism, that’s not true! They already had 2 girls, it’s perfectly natural to want a boy after 2 girls. And, judging by the photos, he seems perfectly smitten by his new daughter. I highly doubt she’ll be made to feel terrible or inferior all of her life by him because she wasn’t a boy.

It’s not really surprising they chose this name, give their other daughters names. I’m not really a fan of flower names. That said, I nannied for a little girl named Rose for over a year. I LOVED her to death, despite her name. I still keep in touch with the family even though they have moved out of state.

All of Jamie’s children are beautiful and I wish the family all the best!

Rye on

I’m a male and I have to say that I agree with most of the posters who are in agreement that stating you would want a boy over a girl would be sexist. I personally think there is still a TON of sexism in the world, and even here in America. I actually can’t name or think of ONE of my male friends who wants a girl. They all have told me they want boys and some have even stated they would “hate” having girls. HATE?!!! How can you HATE having a girl? Also, whenever I ask couples I meet or friends I know who are preggo what they are having or what they are hoping for, they almost ALWAYS say they want a boy. I am not sure where this springs from…a lot of them say, “We want a boy first so he can protect any girls we have in the future” and I think that is a lame reason for wanting a boy.

And I do agree with some of you that it does come across as somewhat strange when a man says he wants a boy, even if it is after having 2 or 3 girls…For some reason, it always comes off as a little bit sexist. I think it leaves you wondering if he would go to the same length if it was the reverse situation? Like, would he persuade his wife to try for a baby girl if they already had 2 boys? Would he push for that? We all know David Beckham has stated he wants a little girl, and I think that is great.

It all boils down to history and how women have been treated throughout it. Men have enslaved women for thousands and thousands of years by making them pop out children left and right to sire an “heir” for sexist reasons. It wasn’t even uncommon for wives to be killed or discarded if they couldn’t produce a male child. So, I understand that sense of injustice towards men and how we have unrightfully abused women over the years. It’s extremely unfair. That’s why I get upset (literally, UPSET!!) when I hear people name there sons after the father…I am like, “what did HE do to get a kid named after him? 2 minutes of happy time??” and then always say, “To honor the father” and I am like, “well, are you going to name your daughter Mindy Jr.?” and they laugh and say NO. Why? Why aren’t we allowed to honor the mother??? The one who carries the child for 10 months and goes through excruciating childbirth to push this 10 lb human into the world? Why is she not deemed worthy enough to honor in the same sense???

Anyways, Jr.s and numerals make me mad.
I would prefer girls but honestly, I would be happy with whatever. I know I would raise a rad, funny kid-either way…so, it doesn’t really matter 🙂

Caren on

Rainbow isn’t that too common of a name but there’s the actor Rainbow Sun Franks and Ving Rhames has a daughter named Reign Beau. *shrugs*

gretchen on

I must say, my favorite part of a baby announcement is the name. I’m disappointed when its normal like Sara or Michael, and even though I find Rainbow just bizarre, the reason I love the names is to hear what people have the guts to name their kids, and what I never will.

Trish on

If you want to give something a “creative” name, buy a goldfish, seriously. One day these babies will be adults. Would you want a doctor named Peaches? Or a lawyer named Pilot Inspektor? Poppy and Daisy are okay names and Petal … well, it could be worse. Whenever I hear that someone gave their kid a normal name I thank them for it. It’s better than people either making them up or the poor kid having to spell his/her name for eternity.

brandi on

i agree with rye and gretchen, spot on!

brandi on

trish, they might not become doctors or lawyers. lol 🙂

kelly on

I like the name (I also like the names Meadow, Willow, Lily and Summer). Fits with her sisters’ names. They all look fabulous for having a baby earlier that day! Congrats to the whole family!

Rebecca on

Congrats to them… but Petal? Daisy and Poppy are flower names but sound like names. Petal is just… Petal.

sinclair on

KUDOS, Rye!!

Amy on

I have yet to meet someone with a six pack after giving birth! LOL She looks normal, like everyone does after having a baby!

Grace on

Awww. Flippin’ hippies.

Seriously, though, they’re sweet.

JMO on

I always find people to make the comment of, “I want a boy bc boys are easier!” I love it when these comments come from those who don’t even have children!!! It’s like how do you know their easier did you raise one?

I hope to have a healthy baby someday and that’s all that matters and for most people they really hope for that as well but it’s quite natural to perhaps want one gender over another. My cousin found out she was pregnant and right away said, “I hope it’s a boy I just think I will do better with a boy!” That’s a much better statement then “I hope I have a boy cause it’s easier!” My cousin is just not a girly girl so for her it’s just easy. However she was all ready and prepared for if it was a girl. But luckily for her she got her wish and it’ a boy. On the other hand my other cousin really preferred to have a girl cause she dreamed of doing all the mommy daughter stuff. And she too was blessed with a daughter. I’m sort of in the middle. I would love a girl for those reasons of having that special mommy daughter bond as well as have 3 nephews (And my mother longs for a granddaughter) at the same time I’m content if I were to have a boy!

Bottom line is it’s quite natural and not necessarily “sexist” to prefer a boy or a girl. It’s just if your saying it with ignorance is when it becomes an issue.

Heather Ann on

I have two girls and a boy and would really like another son. It would even out our family nicely. I have no problem stating a sex preference. While some cultures really do put a higher value on one sex than on the other, I don’t believe that this would describe the Western world accurately. Most parents who state a preference for one sex over the other are not saying that they will not love the child they get. I assume that those parents who say that their only hope is for a healthy child will also love their child if that child turns out to be unhealthy. We could get into a very involved and horrible discussion about sex selection and eugenics, but I believe that comments like Jamie Oliver’s usually come from a much more innocent place.

Men and women are different – as are boys and girls. These are indisputable facts. I experience different things wth my daughters than I do with my son. Wanting another son so that my boy has a brother to share things with that he would not share with his sisters is not wrong. Jamie Oliver stating a desire for a son is not wrong either – unless he were to make his daughter feel like she is less loved or worth less as a person because she turned out to be a girl. It would also be wrong if the pregnancy had been terminated due to the particular sex of the child. Obviously, it wasn’t and while Jamie Oliver is not my personal friend (more’s the pity!) I’d be willing to bet that Petal will be loved beyond measure. Someday, I hope that Jamie and Jools get to experience the particular joy that comes with being parents of a boy. Today I think a simple and heartfelt congratulations, without any criticism, is really all that is in order.

Allegra on

I have noticed that more pregnant couples say they want a son over a daughter, but a while ago I asked my dad if he had ever wanted a son (I am the eldest of three girls) and he told me that when my mum was pregnant with my second sister he was secretly hoping for a third daughter. So there you go!
As for the name, I actually disagree with the bulk of you because I don’t think it goes with Poppy and Daisy (By the way, I think of both of them as “real” names, having a friend called Poppie and two friends with daughters called Poppy), despite the flower theme. I’m not saying I don’t think it’s cute; Petal’s pretty cute (can’t say I’m so sure it will serve her well later in life…) and Blossom is adorable. I’m having minor issues with Rainbow though, but each to their own.
Anyway, they’re a gorgeous family, and congratulations Jamie, Jools, Poppy and Daisy on the birth of your beautiful daughter and sister 🙂

Anna on

I’m shocked that people think it’s “sexist” for Jamie to want a boy. Millions upon millions of women have hoped for girls, how is that not sexist?

The vast majority of people in today’s world want baby girls. That makes me really sad. People are always more excited when others have girls. Personally I find “I want a boy” somewhat refreshing to hear!

Rye on

The name thing is quirky, but it’s really no biggie. Petal is actually strangely pretty in a way. At first I was like, “WHAT?!” but then the more I thought of it, it kind of is growing on me. I think of how delicate and beautiful a flower petal is and it kind of eases the confusion over the name. The Rainbow part is a little weirder though…BUT, rainbows are beautiful too. Oh well, I still think there have been far worse celeb baby names.

I do, however, wonder what they would have named a boy if they had one. Oak? Geranium? Birch? Saw Palmetto? Vine?
Maybe they should have a boy…just so us curious folk can see what they come up with!

Heather Ann on

Sweet William is a flower!

Mia on

Just to add-I really love the “Rainbow” part in the name. I love rainbows, and I love colors, and i think its a happy sounding name .I think it fits well with the rest of the name/sisters, and if that was her first name (or used as her first name) she could always go by “Ray” for short.

ang on

jamie loves all things organic,so the flower names come as no surprise.petal is cute and choosing a name is personal for both the parent and child.having said that,my roster at work up on the wall has our full names listed next to our shifts.hoping her future job is more classy and thus won’t have that problem.

Mommy Duty on

Of COURSE the man wanted a boy… hello!! Even as a woman, I’d strongly prefer a boy after two GIRLS too.

And to everyone who is wondering if the new baby will one day be sad that her dad expressed his desire for a son… my mother had 2 girls then a boy and told me and my sister she wished we had all 3 been boys. Did I cry? Was I sad? Do I feel less wanted?? Heck no, I thought it was pretty funny… and definitely understandable.

Liv on

I can’t believe it. They stole the name Petal, I want to use:(. I was so sure no one would ever use it. Well congrats to them! and on there beautiful name choice:)

Terri on

Well I do think I would feel sad if I knew my parent wanted a boy, but thank goodness they never told me if they did. The name is cute, a little long, but cute. It definitely fits in with their naming pattern.

Emily on

You want talk feminist principles?MASSIVE double standards!Somehow your view of feminism seems to wander to the revenge side of things…Its ok to say aloud you want a girl but not a boy. News flash feminism is about equality – not domination or pay back!

Everybody knows Jamie will love that little girl just as much if she were a boy!

daniela on

I like Daisy and Poppy – they are kinda hippie & funky but sweet at the same time. But Petal…combined with Rainbow…is just trying way too hard to be different IMHO.

french gigi on

im more interested in the fact that she was back in jeans 8 hours after delivering!
you go girl!

Sam on

“I always find people to make the comment of, “I want a boy bc boys are easier!” I love it when these comments come from those who don’t even have children!!! It’s like how do you know their easier did you raise one?”

I dislike it when people say this too! Also, when people say that they don’t want girls because teenage girls are difficult. Or when women say they don’t want a girl because they knew what they were like as a girl. There are well behaved children and badly behaved children, loving children and ungrateful children, but gender has nothing to do with it.

CelebBabyLover on

I actually love the name Rainbow! I wonder if they will eventually adopt a boy, as Jamie talked about a few months back?

GW on

I have read many of the comments on this blog about couples wanting a boy after welcoming girls to the family (and vice versa); I would like to put this in perspective by recalling some advice given out by G. Gordon Liddy when he had a radio show in Washington, DC in the 1990’s. (He said this to a woman who gave birth to girls and was hoping for a boy.) He stated that God had given this couple a gift of three beautiful girls and that it was their responsibility to raise them to be respectful, responsible women of character. Hopefully, one day one of them (or all three) would meet a handsome, responsible young man that would sweep them off their feet and that she would introduce them to her parents, and they would find that his character was outstanding enough that they would welcome him into the family as if he were their son. And it would be God’s will that the young girl and the young man would marry and start a family and that, maybe, one day they would welcome a baby boy into their lives and that the girl’s parents would be proud to say that they have a boy in the family as their grandson.

So, Jamie and Jules, Angie and Jason, Faith and Tim, Posh and David et al, raise your children, be proud of them, and may you live long enough to be proud grandparents, whether they be all of one sex or a mix of boys and girls. They are all gifts of God.

Aya on

Congrats to the two of them !

The names they have named their children are extremely affectionate, and as much as they make others cringe. They make me smile 🙂 It’s just like Toby’s daughter “Ruby Sweetheart”, it makes you smile and go aww, leaving a warm feeling inside.You can tell that is the way they are, extremely close and loving. I remember watching an episode of one of Jamie’s show where he as going away. Jools cried and cried,as if it was the last time she would see him. It is sweet and hopeful that such love is still around these days.

As for wanting a boy,I think it is perfectly natural for people to have preferences. Most guys I know want sons (because they feel they are more relatable) and most women want girls ( the most popular reason I have heard is to “dress them up”. I would like one of each and I don’t think their is anything wrong with that. Of course we realize that that all children are gifts from God. I think sometimes people have their desires and preferneces and pray that God answers their prayers.

Sam on

“But Petal…combined with Rainbow…is just trying way too hard to be different IMHO.”

Daniela, I agree. It sounds like they just took some random nouns and strung them together.

fevvers on

Jools looks AMAZING! So natural but incredibly beautiful.

stephanie on

Ha, looks like Jamie was right! And people thought he was kidding 😀

“Jools has got the names all sussed and she won’t even tell me. She’ll probably call it something like Sunshine or Dewdrop.” – Jamie Oliver, January 2009.


Rebecca on

He looks absolutely in love and such a proud papa showing off his new baby. Congrats to them, the name is great and definitely fits with the rest of the Oliver girls!

Vicki on

I’m from the UK and I can state with absolute certainty that names like ‘Muffin’ and ‘Toffee’ are really not common here as a previous poster suggested! Generally the UK is far more conservative than the US, and certainly the trend for boys’ names for girls doesn’t exist here. However it is true that Poppy and Daisy are very common here. Petal is unusual. They have always had reasons behind their girls’ names though – Boo is what Jools’ Dad used to call her – so there might be some reason for the flowery combination. I wonder if, given that Petal is the only one with two middle names, the older girls chose one each?

Abi on

Lisa said: “Geez, what is the point of going to the hospital to give birth if they kick you out less than 24 hours later?!”

I seriously doubt they were kicked out, they probably couldn’t wait to leave. Everyone I know who’s been to hospital for any reason has wanted to get out of there as soon as possible.

A friend of mine who gave birth last month had a 3rd degree tear and had to stay in for a few days and she was going stir crazy! The sooner you can get back to your own familiar, comfortable environment, the better you feel. Who wants to sit around on a noisy, busy maternity ward with nurses buzzing around when you could be at home enjoying privacy, peace and quiet?

I also think it’s a UK vs US thing. Americans make such a fuss about giving birth – a doctor delivers the baby, the woman gets carted around in a wheelchair and they stay in hospital for ages. In the UK you’re looked after by midwives and don’t stay in very long unless there’s actually something wrong (like recovering from a caesarean or whatever).

They all look happy, healthy and pleased to be going home and that’s what matters.

As for their kids’ names, Poppy and Daisy are proper names, unusual but they do exist. Petal is pretty but totally made up lol. If they grow up to be girly girls I’m sure they’ll love their names, but what if they end up being tomboys? If only you could see the future to know who a child would become so you can pick a name that fits.

Vicki on

As for the gender issue, I do think it matters a jot if Jamie said he wants a boy. It doesn’t make himlove his daughters any less, just that he wanted a boy perhaps for a bit of variation and a different sort of interaction. Nothing wrong with that.

Anna on

Abi: I don’t think it’s a UK vs US thing. Here in the US they “kick you out” of the hospital within a day or two, too, unless there is something wrong. I’m not trying to be rude to you, I’m just clarifying. 🙂

Maddie on

well, that’s a mouthful of a name! My aunt’s friend is called Rainbow, but goes by Rainy which I think is really cool. The name together Petal Blossom Rainbow is a bit cutesy girly for me, but goes along with Poppy and Daisy. Congrats to the Olivers on another healthy baby 🙂

heath on

to the poster who said petal sounds like an indian’s guys name, are you think of patel which is a last name. oh, and as an indian person, can i say that your comment was idiotic?

Principesa on

I suppose they will be trying for another baby sometime soon given this child wasn’t the XY they so desperately wanted.

BTW, I find anyone (especially this couple reportedly battling some form of IF) stating a gender preference particularly distasteful.

What ever happened to wanting a healthy child, regardless of gender?

doublestopped on

Those poor children. Why not just give them regular names?

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Sam on

Principesa, I took it that he wanted a boy eventually, not neccesarily this time. He did say they would adopt a boy if they didn’t produce one, so I don’t think it’s a big deal. I may be wrong, but I don’t think he ever said he hoped this baby was a boy, not a girl. I think what he said was that he would love to have a son someday.

Sam on

Heath, Petal DOES sound like Patel, so I don’t see how that’s idiotic.

Sarah on

I don’t see anything wrong with stating a preference. Especially if you have 2 of the same gender, already! And, judging by the photos, Jamie is smitten with their new daughter. As to it being sexist for a man to want a son, I agree with the other posters who have said that some of the comments here could then be considered reverse discrimination. If it’s that bad for a father to want a son, then why is it ok for a mother to want a daughter. We shouldn’t hold double standards.

The name isn’t much of a surprise, given the older girls’ names. Not really my cup of tea, but she’s not my kid, either.

To the poster who mentioned Poppy Montgomery (sorry, I can’t remember your name), you are correct. Her full name is Poppy Petal Ema Elizabeth Deveraux Montgomery. Her mom liked Poppy Petal and her dad didn’t. So he added the Ema Elizabeth. Deveraux is a family name and Montgomery was added for her career when she came to America. Her sisters are: Daisy Yellow, Marigold Sun, Lily Belle and Rosie Thorn. Her brother’s name is Jethro Tull. So apparently, her parents were going for a theme, as well.

Congrats to the whole family! I’m glad that everyone is healthy and I wish them all the best!!

CelebBabyLover on

Princispa- Actually, Jools stated that she actually wanted another girl! Also, Jamie said that they might ADOPT a boy if this one was a girl.

MiB on

Congratulations Jools and Jamie to your new, beautiful daugher, and congratulations Poppy and Daisy to your new sister!

Even though I wouldn’t name a dauger of mine Petal (it would sound silly in my native language), I think it is a lovely name, and reminds med of an old (british) lady I used to know, her name was Petal too, so it can’t be that made up even thoug it is on the unusual side. As Emma and others have said, naming is a highly cultural thing, and practices differ even between countries with the same language, and we need to take that into account when think about a name given to a child born in a different country or to parents from a different country. The naming pratcise may be perfectly normal for the parents.

mummy blossom on

I love the name, although I’m a little biased
I have a 4 year old – Halle Blossom. She was named after the pet name my husband’s nanna had for all her grandchildren.
What a gorgeous name for a gorgeous little girl

Poppy2 on

Hi I’m 32 years old and my name is Poppy and I was born right here in the US. Growing up in the south, I never met another person with my name. My mother was not a hippie she just wanted to be different. If she were alive today she’d think it funny that so many parents are deciding to name their children Poppy!

I’ve really enjoyed reading these comments. cool post 🙂

Crystal on

I wasn’t going to comment but after all the negative comments about Jaime wanting a boy I had to say something. There is NOTHING wrong with wanting children of both sexes. He has two girls and he wanted a boy. My friend has three girls and her and her husband desperately want a boy. He had another girl but he wanted a boy. It doesn’t mean he’s going to love her any less. It doesn’t mean that he’s going to completely ignore and neglect her. He wanted a boy….got a girl and now they have three girls! They will probably try again for a boy because no matter what they say most men want a boy to carry on their family name and do manly things with. CONGRATULATIONS OLIVER FAMILY!!! The new baby is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!!! ♥

Rebecca on

I’m not sure why they decided to name there daughters what they did. Reminds me of My Little Pony. But seriously, what would they have named their son if they had had a boy? Would they have named him after a flower too? Or perhaps a manly tree, like Pine or Birch. LOL.

ann on

The main reason you shouldn’t give a child such a name as Rainbow, is that they will grow-up one day. They won’t ALWAYS be daddy’s little girls. Can you imagine when they are in their 30’s trying to get a serious job, or have any pull in the board room!
They will be grown women one day and will hope to be respected. They are going to have to try even harder to gain respect.
(Of course, Jamie’s girls are going to be so pampered for the rest of their lives that they will gain faise repect because of daddy’s money, not for anything they themselves ever will do.)
But for the rest of us, such names are inappropriate and I hope they don’t catch on.