Gavin Rossdale: A Baby Girl Makes Sense, As Does Sleep

04/03/2009 at 04:00 PM ET
Ian Lawrence/Splash News

Singer Gavin Rossdale is a man on the move. Ready to head out on tour with his 2 ½-year-old son Kingston James McGregor in tow, Gavin loves the adrenaline rush he receives during his strenuous schedule of playing up to five shows a week. The same need for activity rings true in his family life as well as the proud papa describes an ideal evening as including “some really good swimming games with the kids or something physical, like running, because when the kids run and laugh it makes it feel like everything in your life is worth it.”

An end to an afternoon spent outdoors with Kingston and 7-month-old Zuma Nesta Rock would undoubtedly be complete with a full night’s rest for both Gavin and his wife Gwen Stefani. While that dream may still be in the distant future, Gavin jokes that any additions to the family — controlled mainly by Gwen — would certainly push that goal back even further; However, the possibility of another baby is not entirely out of the question.

“Well, [a little girl] would seem logical, but so would sleep. Sleep would be nice, and a bit of selfish time, which isn’t around the corner just yet. But, the men aren’t in control of that stuff, as you well know.”

For now, the family of four is concentrating on their two boys — a task made much easier by Kingston’s newfound love for his baby brother. Grateful that the toddler has “become super sweet…[and] very protective over Zuma,” Gavin shares that the sibling rivalry was less than ideal in the beginning. “At first it was best not to leave them alone, but now Kingston’s just turned a corner and just a real sweetheart with him which is so sweet and just a relief because it can go the other way,” explains the 43-year-old father.

With “super fiesty” Kingston and a “relaxed and chilled out” Zuma — although Zuma has “got time to show more of himself” — Gavin notes that a future in music for his two boys would not be a complete surprise. Confident that the two possess strong opinions that will allow them to choose their own paths in life, Gavin and Gwen will ultimately leave any future career decisions up to their sons. “It’s really up to them and I’m sure they’ll make a decision about it. For now, they’re really into doing everything,” he says.

Source: OK!

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Gigi on

I hope Gavin doesn’t get attacked for wanting a girl like Jamie Oliver did for wanting a boy.

Jenn on

Hmmm..did Gavin forget about his daughter Daisy? I’m sure she wouldn’t feel too good if she read that comment about him wanting a girl😦

Mia on

I think its more that Gwen seems like the type that would have a really girly girl, and seems like she would really want a girl, and Gavin seems more open to anything. I would love to see them have a girl, or just one more child in general. I think we’ll see something happen in maybe the next 2 years. They make beautiful kids🙂

Brandi on

I don’t know how much anyone has read into what happened, but I will say that my impression (not being a fan of any of the people in the situation) is that Pearl Lowe acted pretty despicably and has just about ruined any chance for a relationship between Gavin and Daisy at this time. Maybe when Daisy is in her 20s things will change.

That being said I have come to enjoy seeing photos of this family and hearing both Gavin and Gwen’s thoughts on parenting, I find them very down to earth.

Sarah K. on

Unfortunately (for both Gavin and Daisy) they didn’t even know they were father/daughter until she was practically grown up. So, I guess he really didn’t get to experience raising a little girl. I do hope they the two of them can make their relationship work one day- if for no other reason than Daisy and the boys are siblings

Elle on

What? He wants a girl? Once again girls 2. Boys 0.

When will the sexism end?? Stop the madness.

Silvermouse on

I agree with Sarah K. Daisy’s mom. . ugh! That was horrid of her to announce that at the beginning of Gwen and Gavin’s marriage. That’s probably why he’s not including Daisy.

Natasha on

Jenn, Daisy already has a father. Yes Gavin’s her biological father but she was raised by another man and there’s nothing either of them can do about it!

ooji on

i believe that, though their’s is not a father-daughter relationship in the traditional sense, gavin and daisy do have some kind of relationship…gavin and mark ronson worked together while he was dating daisy, and they said that it was daisy who introduced them…maybe they are more like friends? either way, maybe gavin just meant he’d like his sons to grow up with a sister. daisy is twenty one or so.

Sam on

Daisy has expressed disappointment that Gavin has cut her out of his life, but it’s not for us to judge any of the people involved unless we’re insiders with the whole story!

nicole on

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with a parent expressing if they would like to have a girl or boy.
I think anyone with two kids of the same gender would think it’d be nice to have a third of the opposite gender. Does this mean they love their two boys or two girls any less???? I don’t think so…
I’m completely appalled that people think this is sexism. They’re not Necessarily preferring one gender over the other!!!

Annabel on

I didn’t see anything sexist about his comment, Elle (unless you were joking; it’s hard to tell over the internet). It simply seemed to me that since he already has his two boys, he would like to experience raising (keyword) a daughter. He didn’t even know that Daisy was his until she was grown, and to this day I don’t think they have much of a relationship, so I understand him when he says that he would like a little girl. I recall Gwen saying that time is certainly running out for them to have more biological children, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they had another… in fact, I’m kind of hoping they do. They make super cute babies : P

Chazzle on

Gavin knew Daisy very well during her formative years and beyond – in the role of Godfather. He found out he was her biological father when she was 18. This was at the same time as Gwen was pregnant with Kingston, NOT at the start of his marriage (G & G were married several years before Kingston came along, and together before that even longer).

To cut to the chase, the truth of the reason why Daisy and Gavin have no relationship is due to the way Gavin and Gwen handled the news. (Some would say, mostly Gwen, which had a lot to do with her emotional state at the time with the pregnancy). But Gavin treated Daisy TERRIBLY during the fall out from the news and was unfair and unreasonable.

(I know the family and there is a lot more to everything than the media leads you to believe). But either way, it isnt all Sunshine and Roses in Stefani-Rossdale land, and ecspecially not for the people wounded along the way. Gavin should be quite ashamed of his treatment of Daisy along with the very hurtful and hypocrital way he publically displays his love for his boys (“my best acheivement yet” anyone?) while he can at the same time treating his daughter so badly.

eternalcanadian on

It is too bad Gavin does not acknowledge his now adult daughter Daisy. I don’t know the whole story, but surely as adults they can begin to make inroads on a father-daugther relationship. Then again, look at Angelina Jolie and her father Jon Voight.

Maybe Gavin is wishful thinking that he missed out on raising a daughter, althought from gossip reports he was pretty involved in Daisy’s life until the fall-out as he was a close family friend.

It is so cute to read about the fiesty Kingston and zen Zuma, hehe.

Alex on

As far as I understand it, NOBODY knew that Gavin was Daisy’s dad, and since he is apparently her Godfather, I think it would be entirely wrong to suggest he was kept out of her life. They were DNA tested for whatever reason and the truth was discovered. But the “blame the mother” stance sickens me, Pearl is no more to blame than Gavin is for what happened. That said, it is terribly sad if Kingston and Zuma are not having the chance to spend time with their sister, whoever’s fault that might be. Kingston is literally the spitting image of Daisy, he is much more like her than his mum or dad.

Lou on

this is one subject that drives me insane. the people who judge gavin (and gwen,for that matter)

to the poster that said about gwen being pregnant when they found out; Kingston is nearly 3, Daisy is 20. they found out when daisy was 15,in 2004.therefore kingston was merely a twinkle in his dad’s eye at that time,and gwen was not pregnant,so a lot of the reasons you stated are not correct. this is taken from pearl lowe’s autobiography,and tells the whole story. after reading this,is is very difficult to find fault in gavin,but thats just my opinion.

Also, read this if you want to know more about pearl lowe;

it really infuriates me when people call gavin a bad dad based on what happened with daisy. by all accounts,he was a wonderful godfather,and discovering daisy was his daughter shocked him to the core,and with good reason caused irreprible damage to pearl,whom he had considered a friend of almost two decades.
he has proved himself to be a loving and dedicated husband and father,and i feel those who judge him truly do not know the whole story.

just saying!

Natasha on

I don’t think it’s fair to make any assumptions about the situation. Unless Daisy & Gavin both wrote tell-all books themselves then we have no idea what the circumstances are.

Rachelsun on

Oh please give me a break these I know them personally people are big fat liars. How can you have a father-daughter relationship w/ someone who was basically grown by the time they found out. Daisy herself said in British OK she was not looking for a father. So Gavin should not love and praise his sons nor want a girl w/ the woman he loves because of his daughter? That is absurd. This is ridiculous and I hope Gavin and Gwen continue to live their lives and be happy raising their family. They have done nothing to be ashamed of their happiness because a friend Gavin had a 1 night stand w/ in his early 20’s got pregnant, thought it was her ex-husbands and did not realize the truth until the daughter was a teenager. There are no bad guys in this story and Gwen and Gavin’s happiness in their family is not wrong because of it.

Manon on

There’s something about “Mr Stefani” (professional dad) that I am just not keen on. I really like Gwen.

Natasha is right you can’t judge the circumstances but I think if he was in any way honorable he would not talk the way he has done about his daughter – letting it be known he was a “wounded party”. Very selfish man in my view.

kerosine_cure on

Actually, the DNA test results came back sometime around October 2004. So technically, neither silvermouse or Chazzle are 100% right. You can find the old news reports of it on the net if you need proof…

Here is a link to one of the reports

And on a more personal note, I think that Gavin should feel free to hope for a child of a different sex. I mean, most parents do at some point after having multiple children of the same sex. I know plenty of couples who hoped and tried for a child of the oppistie gender. There is nothing wrong with it, nor is there anything wrong with hoping all of your children are of the same sex. All parents do it at some point. Its just natural.

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