Angie Harmon is Enjoying Her Curves

04/03/2009 at 09:30 AM ET
Jeff Vespa/WireImage

Unlike many women who struggle to shed the pounds after delivering, “naturally skinny” actress Angie Harmon had no problems losing the baby weight following the birth of daughter Emery Hope three months ago.

The mom of three credits “breastfeeding and stress” with making it happen because she “can’t even imagine” going to the gym any time soon! If she does decide to exercise eventually, Angie says it will be in the comfort of her own home –“I’ll probably try to do some sit ups on the floor!”

While the weight may have disappeared, certain extras that come with motherhood did not — much to the delight of Angie and her husband Jason Sehorn. “All of these curves and boobs and things are really fun,” the actress laughs.

Angie, 36, and Jason, 37, are also parents to Finley Faith, 5, and Avery Grace, 3 ½.

Source: US Weekly

— Angela


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Tammy on

She is not like other moms. She’s tall and had a host of people helping her with her kids and cooking and cleaning. Good for her but please don’t act like she’s just like the rest of us.

kristin on

Amen, Tammy.

Anna on

She is not curvy

Brandi on

I can understand being excited about the chest, I was the same way. When you are normally flat-chested and suddenly have boobs it’s a bit of a thrill. 🙂 🙂

gianna on

What curves is she talking about,I saw recent pictures of her and she is super skinny and has no curves lol. Plus she barely gained any weight while pregnant, she was super small, so of course she will be thin quickly.

Cath on

What curves? A size 4 is not curvy.

Sam on

Cath, you can be curvy at any size. People who are curvy are people with boobs, hips, and butts. You can have that at any size, whether you’re a 0 or a 28. It just depends on your shape. It has nothing to do with your pants size, your weight, how thin you are, etc. For example, Sophia Loren is a very curvy, yet skinny actress. I myself am very curvy, although I have a very small build and wear small clothing sizes.

I agree, however, that Angie doesn’t look very curvy.

oreo on

I’ve never had much of an opinion of her before. But she’s starting to stir things up…career boost perhaps?
Maybe she should just stick to talking about her kids.

e on

even if she doesn’t look curvy to you, it’s all a matter of relativity. i barely filled an A-cup pre-pregnancy, and now i’m a breastfeeding A/small B-cup. most people wouldn’t think i’m curvy, but i certainly feel that way! if she’s excited about her curves, i don’t see why people should second-guess her.

Sue on

When you are naturally thin any extra weight will make you feel or look like you have curves.
I don’t think that Angie and Jason rely on a “host” of people to help them take care of their children. I’m sure they have babysitters we all used babysitters.
I noticed the posts about her now seem to be a bit negative which seems to coincide with her comments recently made. I would hope that this blog would be above that nonsense. Just an observation hoping I’m way off.

Definitely way off. Please email us at if there’s an issue.

-CBB Staff

Jane on

Having boobs doesn’t make you curvy. Sorry, having extra weight on you doesn’t make you curvy. Curvy is breast-waist-hip ratio.Being a curvy woman but not fat I get a lil offended because they aren’t synonyms.

I had little opinion of angie harmon, but the more i hear from her the more she annoys me. Hollywood women are really full of it sometimes. They all use the beastfeeding/stress line. As someone who knows a lot about the industry if you wanna WORK you WORKOUT. Whether its pilates or exercise boot camp. Bottom line.

Anna on

Oreo: So, when a celeb is a Democrat and speaks out with their views, that is treated as something normal, but when a celeb speaks out with Republican views, they are trying to “stir things up?”

Sam on

“Having boobs doesn’t make you curvy. Sorry, having extra weight on you doesn’t make you curvy. Curvy is breast-waist-hip ratio.Being a curvy woman but not fat I get a lil offended because they aren’t synonyms.”

Jane, I agree! I’m so tired of women being referred to as curvy just because they’re overweight. Marilyn Monroe was curvy, not Rosie O’Donnell! Curvy used to be a word to describe someone with an hour glass figure, but now the media has turned it into a pc way to refer to overweight women.

oreo on

Anna: oh come on, you know she’s not one to talk politics. she is one of those ppl that you know can choose her words carefully. if she was a democrat showing off her party as a badge of honor, I’d call her on it too. it’s ok in my book and most ppl to not agree with the president and still not be called racist or dumb hick, she thinks otherwise though, and we all know no one does call her that or else she would speak out about those experiences in detail. she’s generalizing in a bad way, and the two articles speak for themselves. she could’ve stayed a classy republican and articulate her comments better, but she chose not to take that path.

Jane on

Exactly. Voluptuous,curvaceous, have all become words for fat. So when a guy calls me that I look at them sideways. Like…do you mean pam grier curvy or star jones curvy?

MiB on

I think she does have hips and boobs in this picture, and that would make her curvy. Besides, it sounds like she has alwasy been skinny (no hips, no boobs) and when you have never had any, even a little change will make a difference to you even if it doesn’t to others. My cousin loved her after-baby-curves even though she hardly filled an A-cup even while nursing, so why shouldn’t Angie?