Suri Cruise: Pretty in Pink!

04/02/2009 at 05:00 PM ET
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And ruffles too! Suri Cruise, who turns 3 on April 18th, holds Katie Holmes‘ hand Wednesday as the pair visited the American Girl doll store at The Grove shopping center in Los Angeles.

Later, Suri munched on one of her flip-flops while nestled in mom’s arms!

Suri wears Juicy Couture’s Ruffled Silk Dress ($109).

A second photo is below.


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Penny Harris on

Look at that face … she is soooo her mothers daughter! Bless her cotton sox (or should that be flip-flops!)

Max'sMom on

I never commented on this issue before but now more than ever I don’t understand why Katie is wearing a hat & sweater & Suri is in a sundress + barefoot. That little Giraffe blanket she uses is not enough to keep her warm. Or maybe Kate is dressed overly warm for the weather. In any case, the difference between the 2 is definitely odd.

RibbonInTheSky on

That is a beautiful child.

Emily on

What a cute dress! I love that color on Suri!

Jo Slow on

Max’sMom — Here in LA, it’s not too chilly. I’m sure Suri is just fine in what’s she’s wearing. Really.

Dori on

My sister wears sweaters year round, and she lives in LAS VEGAS!! I kid you not. It have been warm enough in LA to wear a sundress and flip-flops.

Elle on

Its been in the sixties. So yeah I think the blanket was sufficient. My only qualm is her chewing on the flip flop. That’s disgusting. I know she’s just a kid and katie probably couldn’t see but thats gross.

dee on

I have 2 nephews and five nieces and a host of younger cousins, a flip-flop in the mouth is nothing compared to some of the stuff I’ve seen them stick in their mouths.

Clair on

does she actually have the flip flop in her mouth though looks to me like she’s just holding it

Laura on

I’m sure once Katie realized the flip-flop was in her mouth, she had Suri remove it.

She is such an adorable little girl! And while I dislike the bangs being in her eyes I think she looks more grown-up with the longer hair and I prefer it that way so it can go in ponytails. there were pics from I think the fall where she had her hair in pigtails and it was just adorable! In the second picture, you can tell she has her hair up some (though the bangs aren’t long enough just yet to be pulled into the ponytail)


She is a beatiful little girl and I love her dress!

Here in L.A. the weather has been so nice lately that she is dressed fine. (today is cold though)

Stephanie on

You cannot even tell if that shoe is really in her mouth or not. She may just be holding it close to her face. Either way she is just too cute.

Manic Mommy on

How does Katie still manage to carry Suri all over the place!?

Mariana on

ooohhhh little Suri is adorableeee!! and her dresses are always beautiful and this pic is just the cutest!

April on

The flipflop is DEFINITELY in her mouth, just look at all the other blogs who had the pictures posted. I am glad CBB didn’t post the most obvious one because it was gross. That being said, Suri is a beautiful girl and I love that dress.

Elle on

according to dlisted she got tired of barley.

JMO on

Yeah it’s in ther mouth I saw other pictures! Yuck! However she’s 3 and what 3 yr old doesn’t stick stuff in their mouths that shouldn’t be there.

Suri is looking so grown up! I can’t stand it!

Ana on

shes so beautiful..the spitting image of her mum!

Chris R on

Wow! what a beautiful little girl. I can totally see her mother and Tom in that face.

I love the hair. That is how I used to cut my girls hair.

Jennifer on

Suri is such a beautiful little girl!🙂

Rayan on

On Wednesday it was really nice. Today (thursday) is the only day in like weeks where it has been chilly where you’d need a sweater or blanket.

Freya on

She is a beautiful little girl and I absolutely love that dress🙂

To the comments regarding Suri having the thong in her mouth – she’s 3, little kids put heaps of yucky things in their mouths. I’m sure Katie didn’t say “here Suri, have this to suck on”.

Anna on

Other sites have a lot more photos and the slipper is in her mouth. It does not look dirty and I’m sure a few germs won’t hurt her.

I think does photos are cute.

Doreen on

Suri’s sooo pretty! I love her hair! I hope Tom & Katie have another child soon!🙂 I wish Shiloh would wear pretty dresses like Suri. I bet she would look pretty in them!

J on

Ah shoot, are the weather and “is Suri dressed appropriately” comments going to start up again now that the weather is cool yet getting warmer? For pete’s sake she’s in L.A. I have a feeling she’s fine in a sundress and a blanket.

Mary-Helen on

That is a wonderful colour on Suri! She looks fab!

As for the sweater, my husband wears long sleeves nearly year round, because he has tattooes and likes to have them covered while he’s working and then on his days off, just naturally puts on long sleeves. Maybe Katie just prefers long sleeves.

Patricia on

Simply B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!!!

g!na on

Doreen, Shiloh doesn’t need to wear dresses to look pretty! Shiloh is absolutely beautiful in whatever she wears♥

j on

yep, its hygene and the flip flop in the mouth after walking the streets of LA that I’m thinking about looking at this. Cute kid, but eww.

CelebBabyLover on

Amen, g!na! Anyway, I love the second picture! It looks like Suri’s hair is in a ponytail in that picture. As for the flip-flop thing, believe me, my puppy has gotten hold of MUCH grosser things than that (I’ll spare you the details!)!

CelebBabyLover on

Oh, and I meant to say that, in comparassion to some of the stuff my puppy has found, a toddler chewing on a flip-flop doesn’t gross me out at all!

gianna on

One of the most gorgeous little girls, she really looks like a child model. She looks a lot like john travolta daughter ella, the hair, eyes and chin, ella has always been gorgeous too.

Kat on

I love Suri’s hair pulled back! She is so cute with her messy pony tail and I love that bright pink dress on her…SO cute!🙂

I found out last week that my 2 1/2 year old niece ate a worm ( I think her 6 year old brother may have had something to do with it)!!! I guess she needed the protein…I don’t know. A flip flop in the mouth doesn’t seem too bad!🙂

Heather on

I just feel so bad for this little girl, not knowing any other life than in front of the cameras. All the beautiful dresses and shoes in the world will never be able to provide this cutie pie with normalcy.

peter on

she is sooo cute

susan on

katie and suri are adorable together. it is lovely to see how much time she spends with her child. i beleive she has to be a good mother for suri to snuggle with her like she does. suri is a beautiful little girl with a beautiful mother!~

Lorus on

My 15m old puts shoes in her mouth. She’ll pick up our shoes to play with them and put them in her mouth every once in awhile. Once I see she’s doing it I’ll tell her it’s yucky and take it out. It’s not a huge deal since she’ll stumble while out and her hands will be on the floor/ground and they’ll end up in her mouth before being washed. It’s gross to think about but more exposure to germs builds a healthy immune system.

Katie is probably wearing a hat because her hair isn’t washed! Her bangs look greasy which is nice to see as all of us Moms have been there!

Danni on

I am always cold, so I am often in a jumper and jeans with even a jacket, when my charge who is 3 will be in a t-shirt, he is always so hot and it would be cruel to wrap him up just because I feel cold. I find kids are usually warm little things so I am sure Suri is the same.
As far as her eating her flip flop, who cares really, kids eat disgusting things all the time lol builds up their imune system.

Manon on

I know what you mean Gina but Shiloh would look adorable in that colour!

This is such a beautiful photo of lovely Suri. I always found her to look more like Tom but I really see her mama here.

lisa on

Some of you say that a few germs wont hurt her??? Anyone ever heard of MRSA. Its every where. My 9 months old great niece got mrsa on the side of her neck. Far as anyone can tell, it entered through her mouth & into her broken gum line where her teeth were just starting to come in. She had to have surgery where it was cleaned out and tubes left in for 5 days to drain. Massive drugs. 5 days in a hospital. Now tell me if a few germs will hurt Suri or any child?

mamma on

Please take your child to the hairdresser! This little bang for so long will have problems with eyes and hair with these tired! With such hair, even her pink dress does not help!

TracyG on

MRSA is a bit extreme don’t you think? Holy Cow…people are so worried these days about germs and in my generation our parents didn’t use all “antibiotic cleaners” and didn’t worry about us eating a bit of dirt or whatever. These days, I truly believe that kids are more likely to get sick BECAUSE of the antibiotic cleaners and parents never letting them get dirty. That’s how your immune system gets a resistant to germs by getting used to them.

Suri looks so amazingly cute and that colour is great for her!🙂

Manic Mommy, if Jen Garner can still carry Violet, then why can’t Katie carry Suri? Not snarky, just asking….

Ruthella on

Wow Suri looks so beautiful in that picture🙂 My daughter is big into hot-pink too, I’d love that Juicy dress for her! Very difficult to get hold of in the UK😦

Lis on

LOVE the dress! I would wear it myself! Suri is stunning. I can’t put my finger on it, but there is just something about that little girl that makes her stand out from the crowd.😉

Liz on

You don’t get MRSA from eating a little dirt. In fact, the most common place to get MRSA is in a hospital!!! People need to relax.

sarah in UK on

Gorgeous Photos, Dress & Colour. Would love it for my daughter or even myself!

As for the flip flop in the mouth? I’ve seen many remarks about Suri being carried all the time. If this is the case they would be pristine so no need to worry! It is a snapshot, a tiny moment, a glance of what happens. 30secs later Suri could be having her mouth washed out with soap! But then they would be too clean!

sarah in UK on

Ruthella, Juicy will ship to the UK you just can’t buy it online you have to do it over the phone, fax or live chat. I couldn’t resist it!

kelly on

She is Katie’s double, isn’t she? That is a beautiful colour on her.

stephanie on

what an absolute beauty!

disko2k on

Munched on a flip flop? That’s gross and really germy! Who on earth would let a 3 year old chew on their shoe??

Terri on

“Sure that a few germs won’t hurt her”? Who can say that? Oh well, kids will put anything in their mouths. LOL

CelebBabyLover on

mamma- Maybe they’re growing her bangs out?

Sam on

As far as Suri always being carried, kids that age will let you know if they want picked up or let down! So I’m sure they’re not forcing her to be picked up and carried around all the time.

Melissa on

Suri is adorable. I think she is the most beautiful celebrity child.

Marissa on

Why does everybody comment on why Katie carries Suri? Haven’t you seen the pics of Angelina Jolie carrying around a then six year old Maddox? WHO CARES if Katie carries her child all over. Thats her business. Anyway,Suri is such a beautiful girl. I hope Tom and Katie have another gorgeous child soon!

peachy on

She is a beautiful little girl,the most beautiful celebrity child ever!

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