Carnie Wilson Shows Off Luciana's Nursery!

04/01/2009 at 01:00 PM ET

Carnie Wilson and her hubby, musician Rob Bonfiglio, are eagerly awaiting their next gift from the stork: a little girl, expected in June, whom the couple have already named Luciana. But no one in the house is more excited than Luciana’s soon-to-be big sister, Lola Sofia!

“She’s really, really thrilled,” Carnie, 40, told Life & Style during a recent visit to the family’s home in Tarzana, Calif. “She was with me when I took the pregnancy test, and when we looked at the stick, she started jumping up and down, going, ‘Mommy, you’re pregnant!’ She’s so excited for this baby to come.”

Lola, who turns 4 this month, even moved down the hall to a bigger bedroom so Carnie could get the nursery ready for Luciana. “The furniture’s absolutely gorgeous,” Carnie raves. “It’s from Bellini. I wanted soft colors and a soft palette, so it’s a lot of cream with subtle accents of pink.”

But nothing’s sure to soothe the infant more than her mother’s lullabies — and Carnie’s been preparing by composing her own. “Music is so important to me,” she explains. “I’m already going into the room at 3 a.m. and playing nursery themes and rocking in the chair and just imagining what it’s going to be like to have another. It’s going to be great.”

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Carnie’s struggled to control her weight nearly all her life. But now that she’s six months pregnant, she’s enjoying taking the pressure off herself. “I’ve put on 38 pounds,” she tells Life & Style. “I had originally wanted to gain only 25 to 30 pounds, but that didn’t happen — and I’m not beating myself up for it. I don’t want to be neurotic; I want to celebrate the pregnancy.”

For now, she’s been adding an extra 200 to 300 calories a day to her diet in the form of snacks like rice cakes with peanut butter and raspberry bars from Whole Foods Market. Once baby Luciana is born, Carnie’s planning to go back to a diet free of wheat, dairy, sugar and dark meat.

“It’s a really strict plan,” she admits, “but I feel so good when I eat like that. I love things like brown rice and tofu and spaghetti squash. I’ve learned how to cook vegetables really well!” In fact, she’s so confident about her healthy-cooking skills, Carnie’s working on a diet book called Addicted to Health.

Click below for two more photos of the family!

Courtesy Life & Style for use on CBB
Courtesy Life & Style for use on CBB

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Ashley on

Good for Carnie for just celebrating the pregnancy. It shouldn’t be about how much weight you gain pregnancy should be about having a healthy baby. Sure 38lbs at six months is more than you “should” gain but at least Carnie isn’t in denial.

aubrey madeline on

I like Luciana nursery plain and simple but really beautiful and Luciana is a lovely name

Lauren on

I don’t know-if Carnie’s “letting go” yet again during her pregnancy only to go on an outrageously strict diet plan post-baby thinking the weight will magically fall off, something tells me she’s still not getting it. And I really don’t think she of all people has any business pushing a diet book called “Addicted to Health.” Different strokes, I guess. She looks great in these pics, and though I’m not the biggest fan of being so set on one name before the baby’s born, I adore the name Luciana.

babyboopie on

I absolutely adore the nursery especially with the baby’s name Luciana on the wall, it’s pretty but this article somehow didn’t warm to me, I must say, whether it’s the diet book or the fact she’s not planning to have any sugar, wheat, dairy or dark meat after she’s born?

robinepowell on

I like the name on the wall. If I were ever to have kids, that would be something I would do.

Colleen on

She has always been beautiful..she looks gorgeous! Go Carnie!

gianna on

38lbs is a lot of weight to jain, especially when she isn’t due till june yet. But carnie always has weight problems, so I figured this pregnancy would be hard on her body. Cute nursery, and I love the name luciana.

Heatherr on

I don’t understand why Carnie is being scrutinized for her after baby food/diet plan. If you think that most female celebrities don’t follow a similar type of plan you are kidding yourselves. They stay super slim from consuming a very low calorie diet and that means, avoiding thing like “sugar, wheat, dairy, and dark meat”.

I love the nursery, it’s so nice and calm. I think Carnie looks beautiful! I wish her a happy and healthy pregnancy!

Becky on

Her glider chair look like it swivels/spins around. That is awesome! I have never seen one like that.

Silvermouse on

Why should people care how much weight one gains while pregnant and when they have the baby, how soon they lose it? It’s gestation, folks, not the Biggest Loser and Dieter. And I think Carnie looks beautiful even if she’s gained more weight than “normal” women do.

Elle on

My room had white wood growing up with lavender walls. It all very sweet, but I’m glad to say my new room is royal blue with dark wood.

Nicole on

cute pictures.

Jane on

Love the nursery – Very sweet, and pretty looking.

alice jane on

She looks really good. And it’s a really cute nursery, but I can’t help it, I just am so skeptical of finding out the sex and then preparing strictly for a girl/boy specifically after that. I went with my sister when she and her boyfriend went to find out the sex, and the ultrasound technician was “99%” sure that it was a girl, so when they had a surprise baby boy a few months later they were totally unprepared. I know that this happens really rarely, so if Carnie and her husband say they’re having a girl, they probably are, but it’s just totally turned me off of finding out the sex.

Either way, it doesn’t change the fact that regardless they’re going to have a beautiful baby in a couple months, so I’m happy for them!

Aya on

OMG 38 is nothing !When I got pregnant,I had a whole bunch of issues and I gained about 80. It was crazy,because I wasn’t eating much at all. Even my husband commented on it. Within the first two weeks of having the baby,I had lost almost 40 pounds. Apar it was the baby/placenta etc and the rest was fluid. As much as I loved losing that much weight that fast to get a flatter tummy, I cringed everytime I had to pee (due to a tear)..

CelebBabyLover on

I LOVE the second photo, with Lola in the crib and Rob playing with the dogs! I also love how “normal” the nusery looks. I mean, the photo that I mentioned above looks like any normal family picture to me! 🙂

Alyssa on

I’m pregnant right now and I LOVE her bedding…I wish I knew what brand that was!

Alyssa on

Found it! It’s called “Butterfly Meadow” by Kidsline


That’s a pretty Nursery,fit just for a little princess.I always like setting the Nursery up.Ithink it was fun and exciting.

Patrice on

Congrats to them, although I don’t know how appropriate it is to be taking pregnancy tests alongside your children. What if Carnie had not been pregnant? I don’t feel that a child should be subjected to that type of anticipation and let down.

P.S. I am a child psychologist, and I firmly believe that some momemnts should be reserved JUST for adults. Why not tell Lola about the pregnancy after the traditional 3 months? A child that small would not understand (God forbid) a miscarriage.

Tina on

Carnie is beautiful and i have always thought that she was, it isnt all about what you “weigh” it is about the inside.

Tina on

ohhh Aya that would hurt:(.

Aya on

Tina, omg words canot describe the sting. I really get why they give you the peri bottle now !! It was my salvation !

Teri on

Omg! I love that crib! The color is so soft. It is just so simple, sweet and warm. Love it!

Sam on

“. . . I’m not the biggest fan of being so set on one name before the baby’s born . . . ”

Huh? Why not? I know some people are still undecided until after the baby is born, but what’s wrong with having one boy andone girl name picked out ahead of time?

Janey on

“Huh? Why not? I know some people are still undecided until after the baby is born, but what’s wrong with having one boy andone girl name picked out ahead of time?”

Some people think the name makes the baby, others think the baby makes the name. I’d probably have a few names picked out and see which fits the babe best.

Pencils on

Alice Jane (nice name, BTW, it was one we thought of for our daughter)–at Carnie’s age, she probably had an amnio and then they would know the sex for sure. I had one, and when I told people I was having a girl, people would say the same thing to me, “You never know…” and when I would reply, “Well, yes, actually I DO know” sometimes they would argue with me! Ridiculous. As if the shape of my pregnant belly made it more likely that I was having a boy than the results of the DNA tests. But people are funny that way.

Anyway, the nursery is pretty, but I hate seeing a crib with bumpers. They can be dangerous, and why take a risk when it’s entirely unnecessary? For the look of the thing? How shallow. I have one of the breathable mesh ones on my baby’s crib to keep her from getting an arm or leg stuck between the bars, and if she ends up sleeping with her face against it–which she does–I don’t have to worry.

Roxanne Beckford Hoge on

Just wanted to help the mamas looking for the great maxi dress Carnie wore in the second picture — it’s by Olian Maternity, and we call it the Angelina dress — she looked great in it. It’s even prettier standing up. And in the big pic, I recognize those great earrings as being by Blue Sprinkle.

Remember, everyone, it’s 9 months up, and 9 months down. Slow and steady wins the race. 🙂

g!na on

I love carnie Wilson! I’m so happy to know she’s having a second baby! Just an observation and not to be mean at all but Lola seems to have a physique like her mom! She may or may not have a weight problem like her mom. In my family, we all got my mom’s body type and we all had to watch our weight! I think Obesity is in genetics but we have the power to change it in our eating habits!:)

adella on

I love the bedding, too. I actually own it! It’s by KidsLine.