Taye Diggs and Idina Menzel Expecting First Child

03/31/2009 at 03:00 PM ET
Bruce Glikas/FilmMagic

There’s a baby on the way later this year for Private Practice‘s Taye Diggs and his wife, Broadway star Idina Menzel! The news comes as no surprise as both Taye and Idina have talked about about their desire to start a family.

The Tony-award winning actress revealed that children were “definitely in the plans” after promotion for her third album was over. “I’ll settle down and start popping out some babies,” she said at the time. She noted that Taye was ready for kids “the day I met him. He’s always wanted kids. He grew up with four younger brothers and sisters, so he’s very comfortable around children.”

Taye, 38, and Idina, 37, were married January 11, 2003 after having dated for seven years. The pair met after having co-starred in the Broadway production of Rent.

Source: US Weekly

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Vanessa Paige on

This is going to be a gorgeous baby. Taye and Idina will make wonderful parents. Those bedtime songs will be lovely.

lys on

OMG this makes me soooo happy!! I absolutely adore Idina and Taye, I’m so excited for them!

Erika on

I actually squealed when i read this!! I have been waiting for this for YEARS!!!

SO excited for them!!!

Laura on

I like to think that I stay on top of pop culture and celebrity stuff, but I had NO IDEA that they were a couple! And for 13 years, no less! Where have I been?

Janey on

I actually like Idina a alot. Congrats to them.

kelly on

YEA! I love this couple, they seem to break the mold of show-biz couples. Just watched her in Enchanted last night for about the 20th time (one of my 4 1/2 year old daughter’s fave movies). Congrats to the beautiful couple!

Erica on

That’s incredible news! Those two have been together for so long, I was wondering if they even wanted children (nothing wrong with that, please don’t jump on me.🙂 He or she will be a beautiful and much wanted kid.

Natasha on

wow they’ve been together for about 13 years!!
congrats and i can not wait to to see this little one!

Nicki on

Its about time!!! Yay for musically talented babies! I’m sure this kid is gonna be GORGEOUS!

K on

I so called it several weeks ago. I’m amazing at this game!

Kate on


Patrice on

Yay, I’m so excited for these two! I know it’s sort of creepy to say that you’ve wanted complete strangers to have a baby for a while…but c’mon! 13 years these two have been together! Now, they’ll finally have everything : )

Ariel on

YESSSS, Finallyyy, I’ve been wondering when they were gonna have some musically talented children! They are gonna be wonderful parents and hopefully we will get some wonderful photos of Idina pregnant… Now, please excuse me while I go run several miles screaming with joy, lol!!

lauren on

BEYOND excited about this. Been following their careers/relationship since RENT in 1996 and have always loved them!

alex on

its so funny that i was just thinking about Idina being pregnant yesterday, and thought that a baby was coming soon.

congrats to them. that baby will be gorgeous.

Crystal on

I ♥ rent! It’s one of my favorite movies. When I first saw the announcement I thought they are oldddd!!!! However, when I saw their ages I was like oh they aren’t that old. They’ve just been together for a long time. Anyways….CONGRATULATIONS U GUYS!!!🙂

Kate on

I saw Idina perfom live last week, and her pregnancy was COMPLETELY obvious. I was wondering if/when she’d publicly confirm it!

Emma on

Love those two! Can’t wait to see the child.

Amanda on

Being the Broadway geek that I am I squealed like a 12 year old at her first Jonas Brothers concert when I saw this. I ADORE Idina and Taye. I am beyond excited for them!

Sarah on

woo hoo! I have loved Idina and Taye ever since their Rent days and have been waiting for this day. They are going to have one BEAUTIFUL baby!

Jane on

I don’t get excited over celebrity babies, but I just love them so much!
I saw Idina live a few weeks ago, and she was just amazing. Oh goodness, I am so excited! YAY!

Korrie on

Holy cow that’s gonna be one pretty baby!!! I’m so happy for them!!!

Brandi on

Finally! What wonderful news. So excited to see this little one.

Lourdes on

This makes me so happy!!!! I adore Idina and Taye, I think they make the cutest couple and will certainly have gorgeous babies.

CTBmom on

LOL, Erika and Amanda! I am glad that I am not the only one who squealed when I read this! I am a huge broadway geek myself, and absolutely adore Idina and Taye! Congratulations to the both of them!

Ashleigh on

Im so HAPPY for them. I know its something they both want so bad, and i love them as a couple. Im such a rent head🙂

N on

So glad they finally announced it. Congratulations to them.

Allison on

Oh gosh! I squealed too! I just saw her in concert last week and she was having a bad day, feeling under the weather. Now we know why! I love Idina….and Taye

k on

Such exciting news! They are both so pretty and talented and seem so in love, this baby will be very very blessed.

Heather on

YAY!!!! This made me so excited!!!! I have loved these two since they were in Rent together. That baby is going to be BEAUTIFUL and talented! Congrats to them!!!!

Stella Bella on

I’m glad she got away with waiting so long. Not everyone is that lucky!

ErykaWynter on

Wonderful news – congrats to Taye and Idina! That is going to be one beautiful and TALENTED child!

Grace on

YAAAY! Oh, I am unreasonably excited about this! Release a lullabye album!

Isa on

Congrats to the both of them.

That baby is going to be gorgeous!

Tam on

Yay! I was waiting for this good news. I am so excited for Taye and Idina, they make a beautiful couple.

Myra on

YAY!!! So happy to hear about this- I was wondering/hoping they’d have children!! He/she will be absolutely beautiful. Congrats to Idina and Taye, can’t wait for the little ones arrival!!!

Emma Leigh on

That kid is going to have the best smile!

Amberlee on

Great News! I love Taye Diggs on PP.

Fifi on

OH my goodness!! I was totally not expecting this at all!! I love love love Idina Menzel and I love her and Taye together!! I’m so excited for them! Their baby is going to be absolutely adorable!!

Chelsea on

OMG, I just came on and read this! I am SO excited for them! I have always loved these two together. I looove RENT!

I’m sure their baby will be absolutely GORGEOUS!

Danielle on

YAY!!! I am so happy for them. I was wondering when they would start a family. This is going to be one beautiful baby. Congrats guys!!

J.J. on

LOL it’s so funny b/c I JUST went to Idina’s concert in NY this past weekend..and now I came to this!! Congrats to them!

Tricia on

How great for them! If their kid is half as good-looking & talented as its parents, it’ll be a knockout!

K on

Idina and Taye just walked the red carpet (orange carpet?) for the opening night of Hair and Idina looks great!

Cait on

YAY! Congrats for them! Did anybody see her on Private Practice last week?! I thought it was so cute that she did a guest spot on his show!

MZ on

love taye diggs. idina is gorgeous! they are going to have a beautiful baby!!!

Emily on

Yay! This is exciting. I saw her on Private Practice the other night and wondered when they might get pregnant… and here she already is!😀 Congrats to them.

Viv on

K – Did you see photos of them, or were/are you there?

I’m just curious because I would love to see them!

This is going to be one gorgeous child. Her pregnancy was obvious during her recent tour, but I understand when she didn’t want to announce anything until afterwards.

Katie on

Oh this is so exciting for Idina and Taye. That will be one beautiful baby! Best wishes on a happy and healthy pregnancy!

K on


I walked up to watch the arrivals because I had nothing better to do🙂 They walked the carpet with/after Audra McDonald! I’m sure pictures will be on BroadwayWorld tomorrowish.

Viv on

Aw, that’s exciting! I’ll look forward to seeing them, then.


Viv on


For those interested, there’s a couple pics up on wireimage of them tonight. she’s wearing a lot of layers, but there’s definately a little something there.😀

Chelsea on

Aww, Idina looks so beautiful in those pics!

She’s usually a stick, so with all those layers, if they hadn’t announced the pregnancy, I wouldn’ve been suspicious!

jasmine on

aww yayy! that’s so exciting😀

HeatherR on

I can’t imagine being with your partner for 13 years and not having babies! The curiosity would have killed me! Lol I wanted to have a “mini-me” of my husband from day one!

Amy on

I’ve been hoping they would have a baby for so long! I’m such a dork but I admit I squealed out loud when I saw this news! Congrats to them!

Lauren on

THIS is the celebrity baby news I have been waiting YEARS for. I love them as a couple, am a huge fan of Idina’s, and know how badly they’ve both wanted kids after them talking about it for years. I cannot wait to see photos of the baby (who is sure to get some killer lullabies!) Congrats to them and their families!

Wonder if Kristin Chenoweth will be the godmother?😉

Michelle on

I am soooo excited to read this news….. like most of us I literally jumped when I read it. I am so happy for them they are both so talented…. can’t wait to see the baby:)

Ana on

I’m so happy for them!!!!! They’re going to be great parents!!!

Jane on

Congrats to the couple!

brannon on

most gorgeous man on the planet. sorry – couldn’t read the article with his picture posted right next to it. way too distracting….

daniela on

That’s gonna be one gorgeous kid! Congrats to Taye and Idina!

Sara on

Just the news I needed after hearing about Andy Hellett’s passing.
I totally love them both and when she was on Private practice I kept wanting her to go hug her hubby.

I really hope they make The Wicked movie that there’s been some speculating on. With Idina and Kristin side by side again defying gravity!

Ariel on

Congrats Idina and Taye. 13 years is a long time and they really survived the ups and downs of a celebrity marriage. I admire that fact they waited until they were ready. I wish them a safe pregnancy and a healthy baby. So happy for them!

Rach on

I read somewhere that they are expecting in late summer…. I wonder if that’s true. I saw her in concert in November and she made an allusion to being pregnant or becoming pregnant….

I’m so excited, this child will not only be gorgeous but will be totally and completely loved. Taye and Idina seem to have the type of love that is shown in movies and I wish them all the best!

Serah on

i just love that couple!!! idina hast the best voice ever.

girlJordan on

I am so excited for them!! I’ve never wanted a celebrity couple to have a child more than I want Taye and Idina too. The baby will be gorgeous😀

Maddy on

best news everrrr!! i was just saying the other day how i couldn’t wait for them to have babies! hooray!!😀

sgtmian on

i’m so exciiiiiited about this! which is quite unusual for me. yay for chocolatey babies!

rIj on

Yay! Congratulations to Idina and Taye. That will be one very talented Broadway babe! I’m so very happy for them. I always wondered when they would have children. The always seem so happy and supportive of each other. I wish them lots of love, smiles and baby hugs!

Stephany on

Congrats! That’s going to be one stunning baby. I love, love, LOVE Taye Diggs!

french gigi on

they have an amazing and beautiful relationship and i am thrilled they decided to expand their family!

Caryn on

According to family members on both sides, the baby has a late August/Early September due date.

Asiram on

Adore, adore, adore them, and Taye is too gorgeous for words. When he smiles…sigh! So cute seeing her on Private Practice last week, and I can’t wait to see this baby! He or she is going to be absolutely GORGEOUS!

Karyn on

I’ve been waiting for this announcement for YEARS! I am so excited for them both!

brandi on

i’m just as excited as you all. i love them together. they’re so cute and i love that they work together as well.

Kat on

I love both of these people and am sure they’ll make a beautiful, musically talented baby…

Samantha on

🙂 This news makes me feel all warm and fuzzy! I’m such a huge fan of the two of them – separately and as a couple. They’re such an ideal image of what a celebrity couple should be like. And I totally guessed at this a little while ago based on some concert videos! I must admit that I’m a little proud I was right…

Congratulations to the two of them. May they be blessed with a beautiful, healthy baby who brings them all the joy in the world.🙂

Linda on

omg!!!!!! i am so happy! i love them both and they will get the cutest baby round the world. can someone tell me on wich videos you can see that idina is pregnant???❤

Caryn on

Here is a video of Idina sing Defying Gravity. Her belly is extremely noticeable in this video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=swEmWg6p36I But just check out youtube of her recent concerts. Can’t miss the bump!

FC on

Aww, I’m happy for Taye and Idina. I’ll be looking forward to possibly hearing, or seeing more, to do with this pregnancy and eventually the baby.🙂

Rosemary on

This will be one hot, sexy baby because Taye IS sexy and his wife is beautiful. I’m thrilled for them. Nice going, guys!

LMnoP on

I know I’m late with this but: Finally!!!! I was actually waiting on this news. So happy for them!🙂 These two are really attractive, so there’s no doubt the kid will be a cutie. I also know that since both are extremely down to earth, that’ll be a sweet baby, too!

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