Sound Off! How Do You Dress Your Daughter?

03/31/2009 at 10:00 AM ET

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Thank heaven for little girls! They’re fun to talk to, fun to play with — and fun to dress! From pretty spring dresses to cool pants and tops, the possibilities are endless when it comes to dressing female tots (same goes for males, too). So how do you dress your darling daughters? Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie skew toward the pants/tops direction for daughter Shiloh Nouvel, 2 ½, while Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are known for putting daughter Suri, 2 ½, in dresses — in fact, Tom has said she won’t even put on pants!

So here’s your chance to Sound Off! Tell us how you dress your daughters.


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Veroncia on

My six year old runs the table from dresses to pants to shorts to tee shirts to tutus, and flip flops to patten leather to mary janes. Well-rounded and age appropriate always.

Both! on

My 20 month old daughter wears both. Sometimes dresses over pants because she stands at the closet and asks for a dress. Pants are more practical for our winters. I always loved dresses as a little girl, so I’m sure I’ll attempt to have her wear more dresses. Last summer at a year old, she wore dresses almost every day. She looked darling, and I don’t mind if they get dirty. I enjoy seeing her little clothes hanging on the line!

Liv C. on

I will admit I am guilty as charged when it comes to dressing my little girl like a princess. People at church seek us out weekly to see what dress she is wearing and everywhere we go we are stopped by all the parents questioning on how we get her to wear bows and not take them out. I swear she was born to be a girly girl.

Aime on

I cloth diaper and my husband and I knit, so my 16 month old daughter is usually dressed in knit wool pants with dresses or American Apparel tees on top. And then a handknit sweater on top.

Delilah on

When she was a baby it ran the gamut from dresses to overalls.
Once she got her “own mind” she still runs the gamut from dresses to overalls.

Currently her two favorite outfits are…her hot pink tutu skirt with her brothers soccer jersey.
Or jeans and a hoody sweater that has a pink skull and crossbones on it.
She also loves a pair of overalls I’ve embroidered flowers, frogs, dragonflies and soccer balls on.

She doesn’t like glittery things since her brother told her it was fairy barf.

Somedays she feels girly and somedays she doesn’t. I dont push it.

Krystal on

Since she was old enough to have an opinion (about 18 months old), I have let my daughter dress herself. I prefer to chose my battles. Mis-matched clothing, dresses with skirts, dresses with pants, pants and skirts, a couple of shirts layered…whatever! As long as it’s appropriate for the weather and she has panties on… we’re good to go. Same thing with shoes… if she wants to wear rain boots…with a dress fine! She’s seven now…while the matching thing has seen great improvement… it’s far from what I would do…but it gives her great joy in picking out her own stuff.

j on

From time to time my 4-yr-old wants to wear a dress, but generally she’s pure tomboy … jeans, hoodies, vans … right now vans with rainbow coloured dinasaurs all over, she refuses to wear any other shoes. comfort is key.

Janey on

Don’t have kids, but Suri’s outfits in particular always struck me as being very impractical. She must be a very neat kid, cause i’ve never seen her clothing look messy.

Meghan on

My Addison has a mind of her own. At 3, she likes to pick what she is wearing. She loves, loves to put her princess outfits on. She loves dresses. But she like to wear jeans.

She also loves purses and necklaces..

She’s an all around girl w/ a side on tomboy. But I love it. I was the girl who HATED dresses…

Skipsie on

My two year old little cousin loves her pink and glittery clothes, or anything neon. She doesn’t like dresses, but loves skirts, but if she had her way she’d just wear a top and tights, and her scooby slippers.
She particuarly loves anything with Fifi and the Flowertots on.

Shelby on

My charge is 3.5 years old and has a mind of her own when it comes to getting dressed. I think she has taken pointers from her mother who has an unbelievable closets and tons of shoes. She loves to wear dresses, particularly this Sister Sam one that is getting too small but she loves it since it looks like a dress her big sister would wear. She also LOVES to wear tights, oh my goodness we must have over 15 pairs because she loves them so much. Anything with sparkles, bows, soft material or overall girly is right up her alley. However, when we let her dress herself for a month it was a disaster and often left me reorganizing her closet. Generally, I can sway her to wear what I think is appropriate for the day and she gets to wear what she wants if we’re hanging around the house or she can wear it the next day. Usually works great but she always looks cute anyways!

Clair on

my God daughter who spends a lot of time with me loves dresses, even casual dresses are ‘princess dresses’ in her eyes. She also likes the jeans and top combo aswell, the only stipulation in her mind is that everything has to be pink. Pink dresses, jeans and a pink top, pink hair bands, pink pink pink.

Becca on

My 4 year old is a girly girl through and through, loves dresses, anything pink and glittery, anything princess style etc, she’s in dresses and skirts most of the time, but doesn’t mind wearing pants, or shorts for summer. And infact she likes all colours so we don’t often have a problem with her not liking her clothes. If it was her choice she’d probably go for dresses first, or an outfit with her fave characters on and I think if she had her way it would be her snow white dress all day every day! The only thing she doesn’t like is keeping a sweater or cardigan on in the house, even when it’s cold!

Alice on

For my 4 y/o, it depends on her mood that day, some days it will be solid pink from head to toe, and that can be in dressy clothes or in jeans and a tshirt. Some days it’s all about the dinosaurs and so she’ll be a little more boyish.

My little 2 y/o son is the funny one when it comes to clothes, he’s notorious for wanting to wear underwear OUTSIDE of his clothes. There’s also his favorite Elmo shirt that is now starting to make him look like a small sausage because it’s getting small. Kids are funny, their clothes = their choice in my household, as long as it’s not summer clothes in winter time, they pretty much get to wear what they pick out.

Niki on

My daughter is 3 and we are southern, so day one, it has been monogrammed dresses, smocked dresses, and tutus with over-the-top matching hairbows and headbands. Now that she is old enough to choose her own, she still will only put on dresses or tutus and usually wears her “Dorothy” red-ruby Mary Janes to match, no matter the dress. She will not put on jeans or other pants to save her life, but tutus are definitely a weekly occurance in our house and my only rule is that she has to wear leggings (which-according to H, they are not pants, because they are pretty and you wear them under things) under them.🙂 Its adorable in my opinion!

brannon on

my son is worse than any girl. when i found out he was a boy – i had that fleeting thought that ‘oh no, no little girl to dress!’ — never fear! his wardrobe out does mine because he loves getting dressed – loves hats (more than 50 at 2!) and shoes. his clothes run from surfer chic to prep to rock and he carries it all off. very cool. boys rock too🙂 [plus, i’d be broke if i had a girl because everything is cute! with a boy – i justify all his purchases because its so hard to find cool boy clothes! works in my head anyway…]

Heather on

My daughter wears anything from dresses to boys camo cargo pants. She loves funky, punky or girly things. Depends on her mood that day really. Her wardrobe is quite eclectic and so are her shoes. She loves flip flips in the summer and fur cuffed boots in the winter or sparkly mary janes when she wants to dress up. She loves skulls and crossbones aswell as princess stuff. She is quite unique and I love it!

sil on

My daughter is 4 and she does not decide what to wear, i choose for her, and she is always happy with the outfit I choose.
It depends where are we going…if she is going to play at the park then pants, jeans or shorts if it’s hot, with t-shirts…same for school, and if we go to a party or maybe a nice restaurant, then a dress or skirt. on

My oldest daughter is a toyboy who likes pink and frilly things half of the time. She pairs pink sequin shoes with denim and sweatshirts more days than not. I’m glad I can’t categorize her style…she’s one of a kind!

AJ on

I don’t have children yet but I can comment on my cousin’s daughters. The oldest (6) wears a dress every day! I don’t think I have ever seen her in pants and a tshirt! She will wear leggings under in the winter since we live in MN. Her younger sister (2.5) is quite the tom-boy. She only wears dresses for holidays. Such a contrast!

Robin on

My daughter is like Suri, she wants to wear dresses or skirts ALL THE TIME. I can get her into pants but it’s hard. This has been going on since she was 2 and she’s 5 1/2 now! No end in sight.

Sarah on

My 8 1/2 yr. old daughter likes to be sporty, cute, comfortable and casual most of the time. She goes shopping with me and picks out most of the things (within reason). She loves her hoodies, her pink & white tennis shoes, striped t-shirts and jeans with the rhinestone buttons. We live in northern California, so it’s pretty casual here. Last Friday, she wanted to wear a nice-casual dress to school and it was perfectly fine with me. It’s nice to see a dress on her occasionally.

Kristen on

My almost 5 yr old announced to me 2 yrs ago that pants/jeans are for boys.. and she rarely wears them. She is a dress/skirt loving child.. we have well over 15 pair of tights… at 2.5 she started with the dresses/skirts and hasn’t stopped..

Kristen on

My daughter refuses to wear dresses, so it’s only pants and tees for her! I think dresses on little girls are adorable, but my child is far too adventurous and messy to ever wear one.

Megan on

I’m due with a little girl in August and we’ve bought her lots and lots of dresses. The frillier the better as daddy says. She will be a girly girl.

gianna on

I like to dress girls pretty and girly. But even when I buy casual clothes, they are still cute tops and jeans, and I like little girls to have their hair done and not look tombish. For parties and stuff, of course I love dresses, skirts. But for casual I love juicy couture,true religion jeans, burberry so even my casual clothes look nice. I’m the same way with boys though, lots of nice boy clothes, ralph lauren tops, puma sweats, nice jeans. I figure I dress myself nice on a regular basis, why would my children be any different. I love the way suri is dressed and the way salma hayek always has valentina looking so pretty. For celebrity boys, victoria beckham dresses her sons great.

Mom of Boys on

Being a mom of boys, I always love to see what the little girls are wearing. I now have 2 one year old neices (not twins, I have 2 sisters that had girls at the same time, ha go figure) but I really like to buy clothes for them.

I get so frustrated when people dress their girls in all of those run of the mill Carters outfits all of the time. Not that there is anything wrong with that once in awhile but I would so love to dress a little girl in cute clothes that not everyone picks up at Target. Ha

But with that being said, if I had a daughter she would wear a little of everything. And it isn’t hard to take a little more time picking out some cute clothes that do not cost a fortune and still give a touch of style.

Mom of Boys on

I agree Gianna! My boys are always well dressed and we don’t have to spend a fortune just look nicley put together with hair done.

CC on

well i don’t have kids (yet), but the little girl i take care of love to wear dresses…. I think if she could pick out her clothes everyday thats the only think she would wear….

Now as far as i go when i was little my mom loved to put me in dresses and be all nice and pretty, but once I could start dressing myself it was another story… I hated dresses or skirts, and would only wear pants or shorts…. In fact I didn’t buy a skirt or dress for myself till i was 21!

Amanda on

I don’t give two hoots what my kids wear as long as they are comfortable and event appropriate. Moreover, I want them to know that they can roll around in the garden and get muddy or get paint all over their clothes and I want them to enjoy being mucky, fun-loving kids. That’s why I prefer the way the Jolie-Pitt children; down to earth, practical and sensible.

Carolyn on

My 3-year-old basically lives in leggings and T-shirts/tunics. She likes to by comfy.🙂 She really only ever wears dresses for special occasions.

lookyloo on

I always thought Suri looked like an accessory..matched and doll-like….something to show off. She is very cute but her look is very carefully chosen. Shiloh on the other hand looks like a regular kid…ready to play out of the spotlight. My daughter at 5 can pick what she wants to wear provided its suitable for weather and whatever we are doing. (Otherwise she would wear a princess dress to the local swimming pool or shorts to the skating rink if we didn’t work on this) She’s figuring it out, and thats part of the learning process choose appropriate clothes (weather, activity etc)

Lis on

I do not have kids yet, but as a self-professed girly-girl, I can promise that my future daughter will have dresses and bows galore😉

I’v always said that when she’s little I am going to put her in dresses until she has a mind of her own! Then I guess it will be a different story…

I can’t help it, I melt when I see Suri (in her dresses), or Honor (with her bows). I have to admit though, that Estela (Ali Landry’s daughter) has the best wardrobe!

christina on

Our 5 1/2 year-old daughter wears dresses and tights every day. She has made her preference very clear, and we respect it.

She wears casual dresses for school (Hanna Anderson, Lands’ End, etc.) and wears dressy dresses for church and other occasions.

Our 20-month old daughter likes dresses as well, but not as much as her sister. At least, not right now!

Isa on

I have four girls and each one is different.

If it’s pink, glittery, or makes her look like a princess, my oldest, who’s 5, will wear it. She’s never in dresses and skirts 24/7, but her whole wardrobe is, to say the least, very girly.

My second oldest, who’s 3, REFUSES to wear the color pink and throws a fit if the occassion arises where she has to get dressed up. Nine times out of ten, she’s in jeans, a t-shirt, and her Chucks or Vans. At the moment, she wears a lot of green, especially lime. For the past few months, she’s been on a lizard/dinosaur kick so I’m assuming that has something to do with her choice of color lol.

My other two are too young to care about what they wear and boy, am I glad!

elle on

I plan on dressing my child.

Ruthella on

My 2 year old only really wears dresses and skirts. Partly cos she loves them, partly cos I love them and partly cos it’s very difficult to get jeans or trousers to fit her (she’s very thin :()

She is very girly, loves the Disney dress-up costumes, sparkly hair clips and things like beads and mini handbags. Or anything TinkerBell!

I will buy her jeans and trousers in the future if she wants them (and if they fit!) but while she’s small she’s my little dolly and I’ll dress her like one🙂

june on

My middle one was a very particular in her clothes when she was a toddler. Then she decided to wear nothing but dresses. A year later, she discovered sports, and it was nothing but basketball shorts and tshirts. She was very much a tomboy and still is. Didn’t hardly wear jeans through elementary school, but once she hit junior high, she wore jeans and denim shorts. Still, she doesn’t wear anything tight, or too short or too revealing.

Patrice on

I do whatever is comfy for them at school (be it dresses or tops shorts/pants) and more dressy clothes for weekends and church. I DO wish they’d put liitle Shiloh in less tom-boyish clothes; at leats SOME of the time! She is such a little beauty.

Rebecca on

My girls wear what I pick out for them. We just spent a week at Disney World and my youngest was in dresses the entire time (much less to pack!) while my 4 year old was in shorts and tshirts because she’s much more active and messy. I actually don’t think my oldest has any dresses that fit her!

Ashley on

We have 2 girls, 4 months and 2 years. I never thought I’d be the type, but my two are always in dresses or outfits-never jeans unless they come with a matching sweater, socks, and a hairbow! I saw that someone else said they were southern, and I didn’t realize it was a “southern” thing, but maybe it is. I can’t even count the number of smocked/monogrammed things my girls own. The only deal is, I want them to play hard. Anything they own can be gotten dirty-that’s what oxyclean and shout are for!

Brandi on

My daughter, Carson, simply refuses to wear dresses/skirts – with the exception of her school uniform, of course. When she was a wee one she wore everything from dresses to t-shirts & jeans or overalls, whatever – including clothes that were made for baby boys. Being very independent and assertive from the start, the “girly” clothes didn’t last too long. She was about 2 when her inner tomboy took over. When she was around 5 or 6 she informed me, “Mom, I’m not a girly girl,” like I hadn’t figured it out already. She is now almost 12, and – like her mother – is a jeans, t-shirt, and Chucks girl.

Maggie on

my 2.5 year old is VERY opinionated about what she wears and always wants a dress. always. We have had very long battles of wills trying to get her dressed, she can take pants off if she wants. It can be exhausting and I can’t give in because of weather, so I have to chose my battles- on days I can’t slip tights or a long sleeve shirt under and she has to wear pants/jeans, I let her pick the socks/shoes or hair bow,etc

Judith on

My daughters always wore pants during play. Dresses were for church. I feel so sorry for Suri. She’s always so formal looking. Shiloh, on the other hand, looks really neat, so comfortable in her pants. Both are beautiful children, though..

Ginger on

If one were to go back in time, pre-1980 you would find not much pink on store shelves or in department stores. There also was a time when girls went ga-ga over red. I’d like to have some answers on why this push toward pink-frou/frou wear, ballerina, glitterama, fairytale that has been the mainstream push of Pink. Obviously pink gets girls attentions, especially when it’s practically the only choice offered. As a child of the 70s, I (happily) wore greens, blues, reds, oranges without the “girly” stigma that there is today. I’ve been troubled by the push of the color pink and princess garb for years, thinking there is a conspiracy theory behind it all. I’m pretty much an island of myself when it comes to being a mother who thinks all of the Pink Craze is hooey. And I might be one here on this thread too, but i wanted to voice my opinion anyhow.
PS I do have a 7 year old daughter, whom I didn’t dress in pink until she was about 3.5 and asked why none of her clothing was pink. From that moment on: it was Her choice to choose her palette.

melania on

I have 3 daughters and I do love dresses for little girls. The 7 and 10 year old hate tights, so dresses are a spring and summer thing and for special occasions. The baby is too young to object to anything and wears mostly dresses with tights or leggings. I like really feminine things for my girls and for myself, too.

cassie on

i don’t have any kids but when i was little all i wore was dresses and at the age of 11 i decided i was never wearing a dress agian.

and i haven’t aside from my sister’s wedding but then i was bridesmaid and had too.

now don’t get me wrong i loved dresses then (my still remember my favourite, it had a bell sowen into it that rang every time i moved) but they are just not me now, i am more comfy in jeans and a top.

Michele on

I don’t have kids yet either but if I did I would dress my little girl like how Angelina dresses Shiloh quite frankly I find it disturbing seeing little girls in dresses unless of course they are going to a function like church for example. Especially since Tom and Katie dress her like that ALL THE TIME! Shiloh looks cute and simple.

Gisela on

Um, don’t feel sorry for Suri. At least not because of her attire. She chooses to dress that way. I refused to wear pants myself until I was 8 or 9. Hated tennis shoes–in fact, still do. Though I definitely learned to appreciate jeans.

Amberlee on

I’m not a girly girl myself but I don’t care for the way Shiloh is dressed, it’s a little too boyish for my tastes. Perhaps her choice in clothing is influenced by her brothers. I realize not every girl is a girly girl and that’s fine. Now on the other hand, I often see pictures of Suri and while she looks beautiful- I wonder how she really plays in her clothes. Every child is different and that is the beauty of it.

My daughter loves to wear both styles of dress and sometimes mix and match. She loves princess dresses and crowns but she’s comfy in jeans and a tee too. I actually love that about her and I hope it continues. I can admit it though, I LOVE to see her in pretty girly dresses.

Natasha on

I’m LOLing at people feeling bad for Suri because of the clothes she wears. Seriously, why are you worrying about that? She’s not your kid.

Elena on

I don’t have children yet but my 3 years old cousin is more like Shiloh. She likes to wear pants and t-shirts no matter of the color and if you want to put dress or skirt it must be with tights because she doesn’t like have bare legs.

Des on

My 3 year old dresses herself. LOL Today she is wearing black stretch pants, navy blue shirt and white velcro shoes with stars (and they are on the wrong feet)….not my choice but whatever. LOL

If we are going somewhere “nice” than I help to influence her decision a little more. LOL

Ellen on

My son is 3 in 4 days time and has has decided at times to try on my 5yr old daughters dresses. We have let him play at home in them but he has never gone so far as to ask to wear them outside our home. I asked him one day why he liked the dresses and (in his 2yr old language) said “because he feels like superman”. I think it took me severall days to stop laughing at the image of Clark Kent in a pastel floral dress.

Usually my daughter will alternate between dresses and trousers. She doesn’t like jeans but only because of how they feel. She has never liked jeans. I even remember when she was a baby she would fuss something fierce when I would put baby jeans on her.

Each kid to their own. I think Suri is dressed in an extremely impractical way most of the time but then again she doesn’t have a regular child’s life.

Mrs. R. on

I select clothing that is easy to wear, easy to wash, and fairly coordinated. My daughter picks out what she wants to wear each day (she’s 2.25). She tends towards dresses, so I encourage her to wear pants or legging underneath to prevent skinned knees. As long as she’s weather appropriate and play appropriate, I’m happy and she’s happy.

I recognize that eventually I may have a child who wants to wear a costume to the grocery store. It’s fine by me, but I am not going to let her dictate that she wants to wear shorts in december or an expensive party/holiday dress to the playground. Those are just non-negotiable.

Amy on

Both ways, sometimes a dress sometimes jeans!

Hayley on

My daughter is right in the middle, she’s at the age where she loves to pick her own clothes and lately we’ve been going with a pretty dress over a pair of pants (her fave at the moment is raggy ld play pants covered in paint lol)

Mommy to Both on

I have a daughter who is 5 and a son who is 9 mos. My daughter is all about jeans. With T-shirts, sweatshirts, sweaters, even under dresses! She doesn’t like dresses without jeans because “people can see my girl butt!” (Her words, not mine).

My son on the other hand will freak out – I mean big time – if he is anything but his footy pjs. I don’t know what I am going to do come summer. We live in Wisconsin, so the pjs have worked so far, but he is going to sweat and be miserable come summer when it hits 80+ degrees and humid. Hopefully he will change. Wait and see!

Either way a girl dresses is fine…and adorable! Dresses are oh so cute and jeans are so fashionable now too. Kudos to Tom & Katie for encouraging Suri to be who she is. I think she is just precious. And Shiloh, what a beauty! I think jeans fit her “personality” and it is great that Angie & Brad let her be who she is as well.

Jaclyn on

I think as long as the child is weather & age appropriate to each his/her own. I do think it’s nice to provide many different styles and choices, so that your child gets a sense of his/her own style and what may or may not work.

I loved rainboots with dresses as a child and it didn’t hurt anyone🙂

Kate on

my three year old daughter doesn’t really like dresses. she’s very curious, so she’s always kneeling down to pick stuff off the ground to get a better look. dresses/skirts usually bunch up when you do that, so she prefers pants.

Mary-Helen on

My daughters are 7 and 2 and are both girly girls and love dresses, skirts and outfits the coordinate right down to the socks. They wear jeans and t-shirts but they also love frilly clothes and pretty dresses. I think both little ones dress fine, however, Shiloh’s hair looks like it could use a good brushing in that photo. I wonder if she is one to pull out her ponytails and stuff.

Julie on

My little doll-baby wears it all. Most of her clothes do have a girly flair – I love Baby Nay, Baby Lulu, and Keedo clothing on her. It’s easy to find sets that are fresh and girly, but still practical. She wears quite a few dresses – I love Hanna Andersson for this – legging and shorts under very practical, very washable dresses. Her church wardrobe is *ahem* acutely Southern – smocked, monogrammed, you get it. She does wear bows every day. I dress her like a girl, but not over the top.

Mary on

Am I the only adult (and parent) on the planet who still thinks that “clean and comfortable” should be the prevailing child-wear guideline?

CelebBabyLover on

I don’t have a daughter, but I would like to say that I am dissapointed with CBB on how they handled this one. By that I mean, when talking about how Angie and Brad dress their kids, they only mentioned Shiloh. Zahara is also often dressed in the way you described, and she was with Shiloh and Brad on the outing the picture was from, so I think you should have posted a picture of and mentioned BOTH girls.

There are enough sites on the web that seem to seperate and treat Shiloh differently than her adopted siblings. You don’t need to contribute to that stigma!

CelebBabyLover on

Gisella- ITA! People seem to forget that Tom has made it clear that Suri wears dresses because SHE wants to, and that she refuses to wear pants! In anycase, I’m with you on the shoes issue, Gisella! I don’t wear shoes, or even socks, unless it’s neccesary. In fact, I don’t wear them at all in the summertime. When footwear is neccesary in the summer, I wear sandals!🙂

Mary-Helen- She very well might! I remember Angie and Brad talking about Zahara being that way when she was that age (at the time, they said they’d do up Zee’s hair and she’d take all the stuff out in five seconds flat!). She also seems to have the type of hair that is very wispy and “flys away” easily in the wind.

Anyway, like I said, I don’t have children, but here’s how I dressed as a child. I was more like Shiloh, with pants (but not jeans or other “stiff” pants. I didn’t like them then, and I still don’t like them now!) and a shirt. I also dressed quite tomboyishly at times, since I wore a lot of my brother’s hand-me-downs (by choice!). I could have cared less if I was wearing a blue shirt or SuperMan pajamas (only to bed in the latter case, obviously! I didn’t go out in public in any of my pajamas, nor would my parents have let me!)!

My style now is basically the same as it was when I was a kid, except that I obviously no longer wear my brother’s hand me downs, and I DO prefer my clothes to be slightly more feminine now! Basically, I prefer what I call the “comfortable” style!

Nikki on

My daughter really wears a bit of everything.

She dons the cool tops and pants just as much as she dons the dress.

I’m going to have to whole-heartedly agree with CeleBabyLover, I really don’t think it appropriate to use only one child as an example, with a family of Three girls (even though one is still a tiny infant!), especially since both Zahara and Shiloh are almost always dressed similarly.

April on

Please, it’s a sound off to discuss how you dress your daughter, not to talk about how Shiloh and Suri are dressed. They are clearly just being used as examples to illustrate the story, and if you remember the original post with the Shiloh picture turned into an argument about how the kids were dressed. It’s not an affront to your favorite celebrity family because Zahara wasn’t included. Maybe there was only room to splice two images in, you don’t know. Seems like such a silly thing to ruffle your feathers about.

Anyway. I dress my daughters pretty girl but try to keep it comfortable as well. They wear a lot of cotton dresses and lacy or ruffled tunics with leggings. I also always do their hair. It has to be comfortable enough for them to play in though, Suri-type dresses are reserved for special occasions.

Denise in NJ on

My daughter is all over the board with what she wants to wear. Sometimes she wants to be girly, other times really tomboyish. At 4 1/2, she has a definite opinion of what she likes and doesn’t…

Sarah on

My daughter is almost 2 and has virtually no opinion about her clothes, except for a few favourite sweaters. She seems to enjoy some clothes more than others (socks with characters on them get her excited), but basically it’s whatever is weather appropriate. And durable. We do mostly 2nd-hand clothing shopping, and I make sure I pick out stuff in as-new condition, but I don’t worry if she ruins it playing ’cause it was 2nd-hand to begin with!

Liz on

My 6 year old daughter likes to wear it all. She loves to wear dresses all the time in the spring, the more feminine the dress the better. She likes to wear tees, shorts and jeans and sass it up with hats, scarves, belts and so on. I’d have to say her biggest love would be shoes: flats, wedge shoes, sandals, boots you name…she loves it!!! She enjoys picking out her clothes in the morning and she does a fantastic job. :o)

Anonymous on

I prefer simple clean styles for my daughters. While I think little girls look precious is white clothes, that is not always the best idea🙂 We do a lot of Baby Gap, since they are stylish, but still very comfy and simple. My 4 year old loves to dress up all girly, but she still HAS to be comfy. My 2 year old loves to wear whatever her sissy picks out for her!!🙂

Mary on

As many of you state, comfort and the season should dictate what a young girl wears. Presently it is cool where Shiloh and her family are residing, so she is dressed for warmth. However, last summer, and in other summers past, she was seen in little dresses, as was her sister. In fact, in one photo Shiloh was seen in a little white dress and Pearls when she went to visit her mother in the hospital, so I think she can be pretty girly when she wants to.

Also, she is in a family of six children, and they seem to share clothes as well, so it might be whatever is clean and fits. They don’t seem to travel with an extensive wardrobe. All in all, however you dress your children should be up to the child and their parents.

pink_conneticutt on

My daughter is just like Suri she hates to wear pants. I can not get my little princess to wear pants to save my life. From birth she was a true girly-girl sleeping with her legs crossed sometimes lol. Now when we head out to Saks and or Nordstrom she storms the dresses, without even looking at the jeans. SHE IS ONLY 2 years old!!! Mommies princess gets all the dresses she wants. Hopefully one day she will play in some $20 and not $100 dollar dress. (sigh)

Kat on

my daughter has lots of skorts (not the ones with the skirt just in front, but real skirts with spanky pants underneath… when above the knee, I like to ensure the bum being covered more than just with panties)…. she loves them and regular skirts, but she also wears tons of shorts, pants, and then she has real dresses, too.

She loves to wear all kinds of clothes and all that matters to me when dressing her is being weather appropriate, comfortable, and suitable for what she’ll be doing in it.

I won’t let her wear her pretty church/holiday clothes to the park, because she needs to be free to get sand on her clothes, in her shoes, and sometimes (if she feels like doing sand angels) in her hair.

I also won’t let her wear her gruddy clothes that have been through both her brothers and look like something that someone threw up to church, school, or on most outings… they are her “mud” clothes… perfect for the times when I turn the kids outside, wet an area that is all dirt, and just let them get all muddy.

I’ve never let her hair get super long, because she is not the type to want hair ties in it, so respecting her on that and still wanting her hair to be easily kept neat and also out of her eyes means that, for her, bangs ( her hair will not stay back behind an ear… we tried desperately) are a necessity, and the hair can’t go that far past her shoulders without looking constantly messy.

She now will do a ponytail sometimes, so I know she won’t be like this forever… and even if she was, that’s her hair, not mine.

I just keep it looking as nice as I can in a way that she’s comfortable… so bangs and a chin to shoulder-length bob it ends up being…. and since she hit 2.5yrs old, she’s been telling me the length she wants… and it does vary.

summertime, she’ll spend more time in dresses because a light summer dress is easy (one piece to wash and all), and it made toilet training effortless… you can let your little girl run around your house and yard in just the dress and no one can tell she’s naked underneath…

I don’t care what kids wear as long as it is age appropriate, weather appropriate, event appropriate, and it’s what the kid likes.

CelebBabyLover on

Mary- ITA! I always laugh when I hear people say that Shiloh is ALWAYS dress tomboyishly. Even in the picture above, if you look really closely, she has a pink shirt on underneath that jacket!🙂

cj on

I have 2 daughters ages 3 & 5. They are very active and LOVE to play inside and out! We let them dress themselves and it is all over the place. Mostly jeans, cargos and leggins. They truly look like Shilo and are adorable! Lots of mix/matches and dresses on occasion. I personally LOVE the way Angie dresses her girls!!!

karo on

bright, fun, colorful, easy to spot in a crowd, durable, practical… that’s it.

i make most of her clothes myself and we get compliments on her cute cool looks almost every day. people ask where i buy her fun but not frilly girly clothes. that’s exactly why i’ve started making them myself. i’ve always had to choose between buying boy stuff or girl clothing, which is almost always, pink, frilly and bubbly.
she’ll be pressed into gender roles soon enough, i’d like her to enjoy a few years of freedom before all the “a girl should do/like/look like …” start.

so she wears pants, t-shirts, hoodies and sneakers most the time. every once in a while she wears a dress, but especially during the winter dresses are only for very special occasions because it’s way too cold here in germany.

kim on

i have two girls and they both wear a selection of everything. they have jeans and combats style trousers for playtime and pretty dresses for partys and special occasions. i don’t see the point in putting them in dresses ALL the time because 1- they aren’t very practical and 2- in winter they just aren’t warm enough. But i do respect that certain children have their own preferences from an early age, this seems to be the case with suri cruise.

Michelle on

Our daughter (4 years old) dresses however she wants to. We strive to raise a daughter with a sense of self and not be a lemming. I refuse to shove the girly- princess stuff down her throat because that’s how others think she should look. She has ‘boy’ underwear because we couldn’t find Lightning Mcqueen on the girls panties. She loves T’s and jeans. (I like cotton, soft, comfy clothes for her.) I let her wear her hair free and easy. She does not like ponytails and such. When she is ready to “girly” it up- she will let me know. Until then, I will let her lead the way. Life is hard enough without being paraded around in silly clothes. I believe we have to give them the freedom and space to make some decisions for themselves.

pia on

I love the way Shiloh looks, she is incredibly beautiful and always looks cool. her shoes are fabulous. the suri look, for me, is too precious and overly expensive for such a little kid. but then her parents are super rich and obviously indulging her desires. not a big deal.
i dress my kids according to their desires too, and thank the lord and all his angels, they don’t give me a hard time. i have more the jolie-pitt style tho.
plus, my littlest girl has a sort of pigpen (from peanuts) thing going on. she looks really neat and clean and 3 seconds later POOF! she looks as if she was dragged thru a hedge backward. :))
still darn cute tho.

Cuffy on

My daughter wears Simonetta, Ralph Lauren, Best & Co, Lipstik, bon Point, Crewcuts and 3.1 Philip Lim.

shanith on

I think little girls should be nice and cute, my girls used be dressed up according to the occasion…fashion if it’s formal, pants and tees for every day.
Now days we pay to much attention to how to dress our little girl, instead of the time we spend with her.
The artist are on the public eye, we are not.They have to watch carefully what their little kids wear, because people judge them all the time….we are not in that dilemma.

Holly on

Don’t assume that the parents dress the children. My daughter has refused to wear dresses for a year now despite the fact that she has a closet full. I think it has something to do with the fact that she has three older brothers

mrshekmi on

I dress my daughter in Target clothes which are cute and last reasonably well.I don’t understand those who dress their kids in designer garb, unless you’re a celebrity or very rich. And even then, its so wasteful. They grow like weeds!

My daughter has higher-end brands but they’re usually gifts.

Genevieve's_mummy on

Genevieve is a Suri. She even wore a “cinderella” brand dress to school last week complete with frilly socks and hair bows🙂 Oh not forgetting the pink sparkle shoes she wears every day!
Even in the winter she wears traditional wool coats and lelli kelly boots rather than trainers and jeans, its what she likes.

annie howell on

my eldest daughter rosie was really girly when she was little but as shes got older shes got more tomboyish. she wears jackets, pants and peak caps but she does have a lot of skirts and jewellery aswell. my 6 year old diana is a shiloh but also loves her little dresses and is very into fashion for her age as for my 3 year old daughter who is in fact actually called suri! she is a total girly girl and is rarely not in dresses

Kewky on

My daughter was a total tomboy from birth. I have some adorable baby pics with her and a Yankee jersey. Then at age 8 she decided to become more girlie. 3 years later……. She loves jewelery and make-up but also jeans and any kid of denim and shorts and T’s. Her favorite style is a fancy dress (not too expensive though- Thank the lord!-) over frayed jeans and old sneakers so…Best of Both Worlds!

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