Nikki Ziering Welcomes Daughter Tatum Ella

03/31/2009 at 03:20 PM ET
Vince Bucci/Getty

It’s a daughter for Nikki Ziering! The actress and Playboy cover model, 37, and boyfriend Rick Reynolds, 39, welcomed their first child on Friday, March 27th in Newport Beach, Calif., her rep confirms to PEOPLE.

The baby girl, named Tatum Ella Reynolds, weighed in at 8 lbs., 13 oz. and was delivered via c-section at 11:14 am. “Nikki and Rick are beyond thrilled,” says the rep. “Tatum arrived healthy and absolutely beautiful.”

Nikki was divorced from Beverly Hills, 90210 actor Ian Ziering in 2002. Rick works in medical sales and marketing.

Source: PEOPLE

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Janey on

The name Tatum always sounds really like…medical to me. Not something I’d wanna say on a daily basis. Ella is always a romantic choice.

briea on

WOW.. I didnt even kknow she was pregnant. Congrats for them all. That is a beautiful name!!!!!!

Brandi on

Cute name, reminds me of Tatum O’Neill. I didn’t realize she was no longer with Ian.

CTBmom on

I actually like the name Tatum Ella….very nice. Congrats

Marilyn on

I didn’t even know she was pregnant. There sure are a lot of March celeb births this month!

Judith on

Congrats to Nikki and her boyfriend. I am saddened by their choice of the name Tatum. Poor Tatum O’Neal has had a very sad life; maybe, part because of her name (Tatum; not o’Neal)..

Mimi on

So she was married to Ian Ziering for five years and decides to keep his name forever. Not feeling that. She now has a child by another man. I know that Susan Sarandon kept her first husband’s name but they were married more than ten years and her career was basically launched during the years of that marriage so it became her professional name.

Sam & Freya's Mum on

Not keen on Tatum at all, think it sounds harsh personally – also think of Tatum O’Neill so think of a woman in 40’s with all the hard times she’s had, not judging her, just reminds me of her. Prefer Ella, like girls names ending with an ‘a’, think Ella’s pretty. Also wonder how her partner feels her still having her ex actor’s surname from their former marriage, seems strange to me but each to their own..!

Sara on

i think it’s strange that she kept Ian’s last name, did they have a child together?
seems like maybe he was a wee bit more known than her so maybe she kept it for ‘fame’ sake?

Kimber Christian on

When I first read the name I thought it was TATURN heehee and was like holy cow, these celebrity names are getting out of control! I was relieved to realize it was Tatum. I don’t hate it! Didn’t even know she was expecting but congratulations!

Amberlee on

Just curious, is she an actress? She’s not married to Ian anymore so I’m wondering why she would be on here.

melissa on

amberlee:she’s a model/actress..playboy playmate sept.97 and was a barker’s beauty on the price is right from 99-02 and has been in american wedding,serving sara and austin powers:goldmember{info from her wikipedia}anyways~congrats on the new baby girl! cute name too!

Angelina on

Judith, How can you say Tatum O’Neal had a sad life because of her name being Tatum? WOW! I just can’t believe some of the things people say on here. I think its a beautiful name that her loved ones will establish wonderful memories associated with only there Tatum. Imagine someone trashing your brsnd new babies name. What realy is “sad” are the people who can turn such a blessing into such a negative thing. Congrats Nikki and Rick and welcome to the world baby Tatum, I’m sure your as gorgeous as you name!!

gigi on

I think Tatum sounds way better than Freya which is the name one of the posters complaining about Tatum named her kid. I have a friend named Tatum and saying her name every day isn’t harsh and doesn’t get old. People just like to complain. If not about the baby’s name then about the celebrity. What do any of you care if she keeps her ex’s last name? All of my divorced friends and family kept their married name. It’s a pain to change a last name and it’s not like she’s married to her baby daddy.

Kat on

Congrats to them, but

I can’t not think Tater when I see/hear Tatum.

shalay on

Wow, there’s a lot of harsh criticism about the name Tatum. I can’t believe a commenter even suggested that Tatum O’Neal’s difficult life may have been caused by her name. What? That makes no sense.

I personally really like the name. I know an adorable 2 year old named Tatum Jean. Also, Ziering might be Nikki’s professional name. It’s really hard for actors to change their last name after they’ve already had some fame. That is what casting directors and employers know you by.

Jaclyn on

Tatum is a fine name and most importantly chosen with love by her parents.

martina on

Is Nikkie a celebrity? I am a little confused by her keeping Ian’s last name as well, but that’s her choice of course.

Sam & Freya's Mum on

Gigi – no need to get so personal, I was just commenting on name like everyone else, not complaining, just expressing opinion that I don’t like it, but their choice and wasn’t completely negative, do like Tatum’s middle name. It’s all subjective, everyone has a right to their opinion just as we had the right to like Freya as our daughter’s name – you’re the first person to say they didn’t like it to be honest, a lot of people have said they think it’s pretty and liked it as they hadn’t heard it before and we’re happy with that, nice to get positive comments but that wouldn’t have changed our minds/sway us anyway, had name set while preg, is an old name that has history, not some made up one. I have a friend who loves name Freya but not naming her daughter that because of our bub as she wants to be original, said she didn’t know any Freya’s now knows 4, and another who said it was their favourite girls’ name – not for everyone but we know that, some won’t, our choice as I know some people will like Tatum, some won’t. I’m not getting upset because you don’t like our bub’s name, I’m just saying I’m also entitled to an opinion like everyone else. Rather than that name her after peanuts, fruit or some strange item.

daniela on

I have no idea who they are, but I love the name Tatum Ella – it’s so normal compared to some of the other H’wood baby names. 🙂

Also she gives me hope that I can possibly have another child in my late 30s seeing that she had her first one at that age.

Anyway, congrats to Nikki and Rick on their new baby girl!

Jurnee on

Love the name Tatum!! It’s everyone’s right to voice their opinion, of course. However, blaming the fact that Tatum O’Neill had a difficult life on her first name is the height of ignorance.

Janey on

Are we not allowed to say we don’t like someones name? When it comes to babies, as soon as I heard someones had one I always ask what kind of name they chose. Its just automatic to me to decide if i like it or not. I mean regardless its still going to be that childs name.

Janey on

and i like the name Freya! Its light and feminine, I like ‘F’ names. They’re pretty rare these days.

Sam & Freya's Mum on

Thanks Janey, No. 23! Nice to hear of another person who likes Freya as a name. As you said, we also figured it’s feminine, not too long winded and way out there?!, but we’re biased of course. I like Finn and Flynn for a boy so am a fan of some “F” names too. We don’t expect people everyone to like it but nice to hear when people do I guess, just natural, with hers being a less common name. I wasn’t saying Nikki Ziering was cruel naming her daughter Tatum, not the worst name, esp compared to some celebs (IMHO!), their choice/their child, never was really nasty, Tatum just not my sort of name – our daughter’s name may not be her taste either being a bit unusual. Each to their own.

Allie on

I actually like the name Tatum, as it IS different. I’m about to show my age, because it reminds me of the movie “Scream.” I only found out who Tatum O’Neal was after I graduated high school. haha Although it’s unique, I’m not feeling Freya. For some reason it reminds me of frying. Someone else said Tatum reminds her of tater. How about the name Freya Tatum? Frying taters!🙂

Ilona on

I agree Sam and Freya’s Mum, ‘F’ names are rare these days but can be lovely. I’m biased of course as my daughter’s middle name (which she sometimes go by) is Fiamma, its Italian like her father. I liked Fabian as well but its kind of unisex so we didn’t go with it.

french gigi on

i just realized that there is more than one Gigi on here, so i changed my name up a bit so theres no confusion….im the french one! :O)

maybe Tatum isnt the greatest most feminine name….but i still think its really not that bad. if i dont care for a name, i wait and see if it grows on me. the one that really hasnt after all this time is Honor! i just dont get it.

Janey on

Sam and Freyas mom

I totally understand. I don’t think any of us were being cruel and I thought giving an opinion on the babies name was standard.

Ilona*–I love the name Fabian, it sounds very intellectual.I like Gideon too but it reminds me too much of Gideon Yago.

Kimberly on

I don’t think only celebrities have the right to keep their husband’s last name after a divorce. Many women from a variety of professions may opt to keep their husband’s name for professional purposes.

Alex on

I find it really odd that Nikki kept her ex’s last name. I like Tatum Ella its a very nice name.

Dannie on

I for one think Tatum is a beautiful name.

Daisy on

I only vaguely know who she is but I like the name Tatum.

As for her surname, Jack White kept his ex-wife’s name (him being Jack Gillis before marriage) And now his new wife and children have his ex’s surname. So really, her keeping her ex-husbands name shouldn’t be a proble.

CelebBabyLover on

I agree with Daisy! Demi Moore’s also kept her first husband’s last name when they divorced, as do plenty of other women (both celebs and non-celebs). It’s really not that unusual (and when you think about it, most widows keep their late husbands’ surnames, and nobody ever bats an eye about that.)!

Sam on

“the one that really hasnt after all this time is Honor!”

Me too! I don’t think it’s ugly, it just sounds odd. It doesn’t sound like a name.

Sam & Freya's Mum on

I have to agree about Honor – reminds me too much of ‘honor and obey’ or something! Don’t hate it, but personally not a fan – although as a sideline, compared to Petal Blossom Rainbow, Jamie Oliver’s new baby girl, or new announcement about Bachelor couple’s baby girl Blakesley Sutter (think Honor Marie flows well, first and middle names anyhow, even if a few ‘r’s in her whole name), it definitely could be worse!!, IMHO. Of course, as long as they like it but since everyone else is commenting….!

Nicole on

Congrats to Nikki & partner great name choice..I have a daughter called Tatum Paige, i have noticed a few people disliking it which is their opinion everyone we know loves the name Tatum it is different but not over the top personally we didn’t even think of Tatum O’neil considering their are lots of other people who are called the same name as someone else who has had a rough life etc. Everyone is their own person with their own personality & the meaning of Tatum means brings joy which i hope Nikki’s Tatum brings as much joy as my Tatum has..

Concerned on

The woman named “Judith” above has commented on other websites regarding the name “Tatum,” and she always says the same thing about it. Um, creepy. What I want to know is…why the hatred toward that name? It’s a darling name for a little girl, both strong and girly without prissiness. Plus, it means “cheerful bringer of joy.” Love that name.

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