Melissa Joan Hart Says Brady 'Not Quite' Ready to Walk

03/31/2009 at 01:00 PM ET

The eating habits of a toddler can be a curious thing; It’s something Melissa Joan Hart knows all too well. The 32-year-old actress tells the April 6 issue of Us magazine that her second son — 12-month-old Braydon ‘Brady’ Hart — is particularly particular at the dinner table! “He doesn’t like anything mixed,” she explains. “He likes his meat and his vegetables — but he doesn’t like it mixed together.”

From the sound of things, Brady is in no hurry to catch up with his big brother Mason Walter, 3, either.

“He’s trying [to walk] but he’s not quite there. He doesn’t care that much — we carry him everywhere.”

Mason and Brady are Melissa’s children with Course of Nature frontman Mark Wilkerson.

Source: Us

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Sarah on

Thats how I was when I was a baby, no interest in walking because my big brothers would carry me everywhere. But once I hit 15 months my mom told everyone not to carry me or get up to get me anything and I eventually just got up and walked. I think Melissa and Mark sound like great parents and really know what they are doing

Elizabeth on

What a little cutie he is! I think he looks like his dad.

Susan on

I do like that they are not pushing their child to do something he is not ready for yet. My older brother walked at nine months (seriously), I was walking around 16 months and my poor chubby little brother (who is now very tall and very slender) was so big that he didn’t walk until he was nearly two. All kids do things in their own time.

Lis on

LOL, my mom was freaked out because it took me to 14 months to walk (I was the first born)…then my sister came along and didn’t walk till she was 15 months🙂

Laura on

I was walking along the furniture by the time I was 6 or 7 months, but was too chicken to walk without holding onto anything until I was 12 months lol. Babies all do it at their own pace so I’m sure Brady will be walking very soon!

morgyn on

My parents told me that I walked at six months, but fell down. Everyone, of course, went ‘ awwww’ but apparently I was not pleased with that and didn’t walk for another 8 months.

Patrice on

Oh no. I hope Melissa nips this habit in the bud early on. I’m an early childhood specialist (and Mom : ))and I assure you, picky eaters aren’t born, they’re encouraged and therefore made! My clients are often facscinated to discover that eating habits are TAUGHT from day one, and the sooner you teach your children that simply good nutrition (and nothing else) is the name of the food game (with of course the ocassional treat!) children WILL eat what is put in front of them. It’s up to parents to teach them that picky eating will not be tolerated.

Sarah on

Patrice although I respect your opinion (and you being a child care specialist obviously know a bit more than I) but I have to disagree. I was an incredibly picky eater when I was younger, it would take me an hour to eat the food i didn’t like, if I ate at all. My parents wouldn’t let me leave til I did eat but it didn’t work as i would just hide the food in my napking or fill my mouth with food and then go spit it out. Now at 19, I am a much more open eater and will try anything at least once but not because my parents forced me but because they let me decide on my own. If a child doesn’t want to eat something they just won’t eat it

A. on

In addition, she didn’t say that he only ate his meat and not his vegetables, she said he eats BOTH, just not mixed together. As a nanny, and former pre-school teacher, this isn’t at all uncommon. At least he eats everything in front of him!!!

Brandi on

I am 34 and still don’t like my veggies mixed in with my meat! Some things never change.🙂🙂

Lis on

I have to say, I think Patrice is right.

My mom made us eat what she made. Whether we liked it or not. And now I will eat just about anything! My husband on the other hand, only ate what he wanted, and his mother (although I love her to death) catered to what he wanted, and now he is EXTREMELY picky! And now, for me, it is quite annoying trying to cook for him!

I’ve already decided that once we have children, they WILL try everything, and will eat what I make for them! (Up to a certain degree…😉 )

Patrice on

Sarah, I’m not at all encourageing the forcefeeding of children, I’m just suggesting that it’s important for children to know that their parents are not short order cooks : ) I run an entire business full of parents who come to me ripping their hair our because they are cooking five or six different dinners for the same table of children each night! My suggestion is that parents serve their kids exactly the same things they are eating. If the children don’t like the food mixed, they will eventually learn how to seperate it out themselves if it is that upsetting to them. Trust me, it works!

Stella Bella on

If the parents serve foods that they themselves are willing to eat, I think that goes a long way with having kids who aren’t picky eaters. But that’s just my theory… Melissa sounds like she’s doing fine. I didn’t like to mix my foods on a plate at that age, either!

Skipsie on

I was also a picky eater, and still am at 18. I used to push things off my plate, feed to the dog, put food in my pockets and hide the food in my mouth, then spit it out, although this made me sick lol.
My parents used to make me sit at the table for ages, and they tried so hard, and I sympathize with them now, as I was just too stubborn to eat.

Aya on

I agree with Patrice.And Lis, I have the same problem with my husband..Its so embarrassing ordering food sometimes…I always tell him they will spit in his food for being so picky lol.. I told him he better not rub off on my son that way,although its already starting (he thinks that we shouldn’t give him Pablum because “he doesn’t like the taste”).I remember seeing Kate (from Jon and Kate say that). I was so happy when I saw them eating all different kinds of foods especially the asian foods.

I think a lot of the problems with children being picky,stems from the parents and especially with things they are picky about. I find that parents with open palates usually have kids that also have open palates.

I have a lot of friends that had the same reservations from what they heard curry was supposed to taste like..and then they came to my house,ate it and loved it and asked what it was. LOL imagine the look when I told them it was curry lol.

Growing up, the only adjustment my mother made was hotness. Everything else, we had to eat. My mom believed in home cooking, even though she worked, so she would cook everthing on the weekend and put it in the fridge/freezer for the week ahead. I remember at my house anything other than plain oatmeal for breakfast was a treat. Lol, we were the only kids that got excited over tv dinners.

We ate what was infront of us because it was either that,or nothing. I am still that way today.

Aya on

As far as walking, kids are all different. My neice always gets mistaken for being 3 or 4, when she is really 1. She walks/ runs/ talks and everything. My friends daughter is the same age and she is more like a baby (she crawls and only knows a few words). Everyone is quite mean (especially when the kids are together) and they always ask if my neice is older. They tsk tsk when they realize the kids are the same age. I know for a fact that my brother doesn’t push her (I think the only thing he imposes is her please and thank you’s). I think each child is different. By 9 months,I was the same as my niece, whereas my brother was quiet, but he didn’t even crawl, he went straight into hoisting himself up off of things and walking.

brandi on

brady is the cutest thing! he looks like a male version of shiloh.

Lorus on

My 15m old is the same way when it comes to eating. She doesn’t like her food mixed up. She’ll eat things if they are separated up (she’ll eat her pancakes first and then we’ll give her some sliced fruit) but will toss things on the floor if there are multiple types on her tray at the same time.

Anna on

I still don’t like my food mixed and I’m 28!

Laura on

I don’t think the fact that Brady wants his food separate means he is picky…

I grew up eating most things, I have actually gotten a lot pickier as I’ve gotten older. (I’m only 20) I still love trying new things though always have.

CelebBabyLover on

brandi- Actually, I think Brady looks a lot like Shiloh’s brother Knox!🙂 Anyway, as for the food thing…I have a friend who can’t stand having different foods mixed together or even touching on a plate (and when you point out to her that everything gets mixed together in the stomach anyway, that just grosses her out even more!). However, that doesn’t make her a picky eater! She eats plenty of food…but seperately rather than mixed together.

Mommy of 3 on

This is just my opinion but Melissa said Brady does like meat and veg, just not mixed together. As a mother of 3 small children myself I am gathering she means mixed up into one big dish NOT seperated onto a plate, he will eat them seperated on the plate. Seeing how Brady is over 12 months now he is quite capable of eating a meal instead of “baby food mush” Personally my children are not picky eaters at all, they eat what is provided and they don’t get upset, however by the time they were 9-11 months they all started to dispise babyfood or mixed meals.
So before some of you go jumping the gun about Melissa’s son(s) being picky later on in life maybe you should see it that way first.
Anyways Brady is such a doll, he really looks like his Dad…..but for some strange reason he also strikes me as Shiloh Jolie-Pitt. I think it must be thoes beautiful lips:)

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