Levi McConaughey Stops to Smell the Roses

03/31/2009 at 08:30 AM ET

Miguel Aguilar/INF

He’s getting so big! Levi Alves McConaughey, 8 months, took a trip to the flower district of Los Angeles with mom Camila Alves on Saturday, taking in the sweet scents of the fresh buds.

Dad is actor Matthew McConaughey.

Camila carries Levi in a Playtex Hip Hammock ($30).

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Kat on

she’s using a playtex hip hammock, but has it positioned wrong… it needs to be up on top of the hip, so baby is sitting on the hiphttp://www.playtexproductsinc.com/infant/infant_carrier.asp

Shirelle on

Levi is so cute he looks just like his mother

Monique7 on

He’s such a little tiny baby! Absolutely adorable!

UggaMugga.com on

I think she’s actually using the Ramalama Baby Carrier in black (but like the previous commenter said, it’s positioned wrong): http://uggamugga.blogspot.com/2009/03/ramalama.html

Lis on

Oh, he is the spitting image of Camila!!! He is adorable!

gianna on

Now that is a cute baby. Great mix of both parents, he sorta looks like valentina salma hayek’s beautiful baby. I see camila in his eyes and darker hair, but his features remind me of matthew.

CTBmom on

Levi is gorgeous! I agree with Gianna…I think he favors him handsome daddy, but has his mother’s beautiful coloring.

Jared Snyard on

It is nice that she is showing the world her son.. Levi..Just wish
that daddy was with her.. He is a white child like his dad.. He is
also has his daddy’s eyes deep blue …He is the cutest thing on earth!!!

Jennifer on

He is so cute.

It is the Playtex Hip Hammock. I have one just like it and I can see the little plastic clip near his legs. I also had to wrap the strap since it was so long (for some reason I never wanted to cut it down). http://comfortfirst.com/p-32380-playtex-hip-hammock-child-carrier-compare-to-hip-hugger.aspx

Natasha on

That baby is all Matthew!

Athena on

Since his mom is mixed race the baby is obviously not a white child. he looks very much like his mom and very little like Matt who is very fair-complexioned and European looking.

Athena on

I guess everyone has their own opinion, which they are entitled to, but I think levi looks totally like his mother.

Torre on

WOW ATHENA!!! Just what are you driving at?!? Yes his mother is of Afro-Brazilian ethnicity,…so what! Little Levi is gorgeous…just like his parents! Besides, no one really knows their true ethnic heritage any way. The world is changing, get on board! Their are more non-white people on this planet than white after all, and even more that are somewhere in the middle! I wish the little family much success.

liz on

Levi is adorable, he looks just like Camila with the dark hair,brown eyes and complexion,I don’t see Matthew in him maybe when he is older he will resemble him more.

liz on

Jared I don’t think Levi has blue eyes or looks white but that does not matter because he is so stinking cute.

Jared Snyard on

His mother is not a mixed race she is 100% Brazillian..O.K FOLKS..
I am not being mean just tired of hearing it.. She is like Matt
Damon’s wife who is also Brazillian..Just because the both have
dark skin does not mean that they are half black.. Saw a close up pix of Matthew and his son in US WEEKLY.. close up and his eyes
are blue..

Nancy on

He’s a real cutie pie! :o) I think the name Levi fits him very well! I wasn’t fond of it at first… he definitely looks like a Levi to me ;o)

Athena on

Matt Damon’s wife comes from Argentina that’s a big difference. If you know anything about Brasil you will know that they have a vast classification for the various people of color in that country, much like America. Camila is a Pardo from Brasil just like my sister-in-law. Brasil is a multi-racial, multi-cultural and multi-ethnic country and they proudly declare themselves to be so because it is true. The Pardo people of Brasil are a mix of African, European and Amerindian and that is a well-known fact. If she were born and raised in the United States she would be considered a mulattoe. Mixed race people have light eyes you know. This certainly does not mean that they are white. Argentina is a different story altogether. Read up on the history of Brasil.

Katie on

I’m wondering why on Earth it matters so much to all of these people what race he is, what race she is, etc??? He’s a beautiful baby of celebrities we love, which is the point of this website.

Athena on

I was going to mention that about Luciana Damon who is of Argentinian heritage. Brazil is a whole different kettle of fish. people outside that country frequently bring their own racial insecurities to the front when trying to lump the people of Brazil into one category but that would be a mistake. Brazil is a very unique place and as mentioned, very much like America. It has many cultures and many races just like America. German-Brazilians, Italian-Brazilians, African-Brazilians, Arab & Asian Brazilians and the mixed race Pardo-Brazilians who make up nearly fifty percent of the population. Levi’s nationality will be American as will his culture but he is racially a Pardo like his mother.

lina on

I also dont understand why in every single post of Camila her race has to be mentioned as was something extraordinare or so different. I really dont care for this aspect..

The baby is cute.

Erica on

Jared Snyard, no offense, but I wouldn’t be so quick to correct people without knowing what I was talking about. Athena is absolutely right about the ethnic make-up of Brazil and the fact that Camila would be considered mixed race had she been born in the US. There’s nothing wrong with that; I think it’s beautiful! I also don’t see anything wrong with people bringing up race in these posts as long as its civil, and it’s usually always a chance to learn something from people who know what they are talking about.

Also…have you never heard of Vanessa Williams? Both of parents are black and she’s got blue eyes. Believe it or not you don’t have to be white to have them.🙂

Janey on

Black people can have other eye colors aside from brown.

not rare at all.

Athena on

She is mixed race, not just one over the other. And mixed race is its own category in Brazil.

elle on

half the population of brazil is mixed race. Most of african, native indian mix and or european mix. Most of these mixes include african.

liz on

Can somebody post the picture of Levi and Matt in which Levi’s eyes look blue??. I thought he had brown eyes.

Mia on

Aw, I love the expression on his face! He definitely has the same coloring as his mommy, but I think his eyes/mouth, and maybe some of the nose-same expression-are like his daddy.

fergette on

Does anyone else think she might be wearing that low in order to cover a possibly pregnant belly?

Just a thought.

Jill on

I thought the same thing! It looks as if she may be carrying little Levi low to cover a bump or then again her shirt might just give off that impression! Either way they are such a beautiful duo.

elisa on

Honestly only in US she would be considered a mixed race… here in Brazil we honestly don’t care about it…this pardo thing is no longer used, so please don’t talk about it… please people stop talking about color skin just because she´s from Latin America… it´s like an insult read about it every time there’s a post on Camila… talk about her baby who is very ute, by the way…

Luis on

No, because President Lula is trying to group the Pardo people under one category and mixed race is a very big deal in Brazil.

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