David Spade Opens Up About Daughter Harper

03/31/2009 at 06:00 PM ET

During a Monday visit to The Ellen DeGeneres Show, David Spade offered up his first public comments on daughter Harper, 7-months. Although he is no longer dating Harper’s mom — Playboy Playmate Jillian Grace, who lives in Missouri with their baby girl — David said he is “getting used to” fatherhood. “It’s going well,” David revealed, adding:

“She’s starting to kind of know… not really who I am yet, but she’s getting it.”

The 44-year-old actor then showed off a picture of Harper, which was taken over the weekend. “I gave her a cell phone for dinner,” he joked. “That’s an action shot!”

David went on to share that he plans to visit Harper in Missouri next month.

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Source: The Ellen DeGeneres Show

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melissa on

she’s a dolly! very cute

Allison on

Cute baby. Reminds me of those Ameritrade commercials with the talking baby and his blackberry.

Carolyn on

What a beautiful baby!

suzanne on


Hayley_B on

Such a cutie! What beautiful eyes she has!

Emily on

she’s a cutie pie.

Callie on

Beautiful baby. But how sad to have a 7-month-old who doesn’t know who her father is. 😦

crimpe on

Beautiful eyes, gorgeous girl, cute photo. But David…time’s a-wastin’…

HeatherR on

Glad to see that David is participating in his daughter’s life. She is a beautiful baby!

meghan on

I’m sure she has a better idea of who her father is then David realizes! 😉 It sounds like they are trying to make the situation work and that’s good to hear.

martina on

Really sounds like this little girl is growing up without a father. Makes me really sad. I know the parents are trying to make it work the best way then know how, but it really isn’t an ideal situation for the baby.

Tracey on

What a sweet baby! I imagine that being the funny guy he is, David was joking about her not knowing who he is. It’s not an ideal situation for sure when the parents live several states apart. Thankfully they can afford to travel frequently.

Eliza on

I’m sure it’s difficult for them to make things work perfectly, given that they’re living in different states, but I think it’s great that David’s still making sure that he’s a part of his daughter’s life. She’s adorable!

CTBmom on

I really like the name Harper. I think she’s beautiful….love those eyes. It’s too bad that they live so far away, but as Tracey said, David has the money to travel to see her frequently.

g!na on

aaw, she’s a cutie! Beautiful blue eyes! Gerber baby! I hope david spends more time with his precious baby girl♥

Natasha on

Martina I don’t think it’s fair that you make that assumption.

Georgia on

I saw this interview. It was so awkward. Spade was immature about his daughter and implied she was a mistake. As a mother I was horrified and won’t support his efforts again. Poor Ellen!

gianna on

What a beautiful baby, love her eyes. She looks nothing like david, it’s nice to see he is trying to be part of her life. He is so funny on rules of engagement.

Christine on

At 7 months a child clearly knows her parents. How sad that Mr. Spade is absent so often that his daughter is just “getting it” now.

Janey on

I swear that every baby name I reserve for my own kid becomes popular!


I feel like everyone is trying not to give their kids typical names but one way or another we end up following a trend.

CelebBabyLover on

Hey, at least he’s trying to be part of his daughter’s life! Eddie Murphy could take some lessons from him!

Sam on

“Really sounds like this little girl is growing up without a father.”

He really hasn’t elaborated on whether he sees her often or not, so it isn’t fair to make that assumption.

sat on

Georgia, you hit the nail on the head.

Chris on

I agree with Georgia regarding the interview. I still think Dave is funny though.

Anna on

He does imply he doesn’t see his daughter much by saying she doesn’t really recognize him as het father and the last sentence pretty much says it all: “He plans to visit Harper next month” That means he doesn’t see her every month.

It is his choice but this girl is definately growing up without her father, even showing up once a month for a visit doesn’t make him a father figure.

Tina on

agree CalebBabyLover. i have definately lost respect for eddie murphy. i mean, at least David is taking responsibility.

Stella on

So I’m wondering, is her full name Harper Grace or Harper Spade? Either one has a lovely old school sound to it…

Michelle Z. on

In what part of the interview did he imply that his daughter is a mistake? His reply “shocking turn of events” was to Ellen’s comment that he and the baby’s mother are no longer together. He doesn’t have the greatest track record as far as long-term relationships go.

I just thought he seemed uncomfortable. He’s probably used to giving interviews in his typical sarcastic manner, and since he probably knows that you can’t be sarcastic about a baby without sounding like a jerk, he was out of his comfort zone.

LaKesha on

Hmm…while he may not see his daughter often, doesn’t mean she’s growing up without him. This is working for this family. Feel sad for her…really?

LaKesha on

Is it that unrealistic to think a 7 month old doesn’t know exactly who her father is. I have a six month old, she doesn’t know who anyone is. She just knows she loves who ever is holding the bottle.

Emily on

Anna, I have no idea about his arrangements obviously but he seems to have seen her that weekend to take that photo and next month is now today, so that would imply he does see her every month. The exact opposite of what you said. He probably should step up to the plate a lot more. But I think what he said about seeing her doesn’t imply what you said.

Michelle Z. on

Stella, for some reason I think that Jillian’s “real” last name is Harper and that Grace is her middle name. So perhaps the baby’s last name is Spade. I hope her name is not Harper Harper.

Lis on

I think it’s just a sad situation all around. I don’t know what would be the best solution, which is why it really is a shame.

But little Harper won’t know differently since her parents have been split from the get-go. So it might be a bit easier for her?

At any rate, I love her name, and WOW, is she a doll baby or what??!!! Those eyes! And her little button nose! TOO CUTE 😀

Stephany on

She is so adorable and I lovvve her name! I found this interview a bit sad but, like others have said, we don’t know the whole story and we don’t know how much time David is spending (or not spending) with his daughter. I can’t believe she’s 7 months old already!

Monique7 on

She has the biggest most beautiful eyes. Gorgeous little one!!

JMO on

I saw the interview too and at no point did he ever come out and say she was a “mistake” nor was it implied!! I think he just meant that it was a situation that happened that wasn’t an expected one….but many people have children and go “oops he/she was our accident!” Does that make them a mistake? No it just means that two people go together and their was a lack of protection to prevent this sort of thing from happening. But I don’t think David is upset that she’s here. I think it was awkward for him to talk about her perhaps bc it’s private situation!!

And from the sounds of it how do we know the mothers not making it more difficult for him to see the baby? Always two sides to a story. And maybe the other woman has asked David to not really speak about her or their child!

Janey on

“Is it that unrealistic to think a 7 month old doesn’t know exactly who her father is. I have a six month old, she doesn’t know who anyone is. She just knows she loves who ever is holding the bottle.”

I was kinda thinking the same thing. I dont have kids but I’ve been around infants and thats been my impression with a lot of them. I think people just wanna be sad for the sake of sadness. Even if she doesn’t remember if him, if he continues to see her every weekend a month she will have a father. For all we know she’ll get visitation when she’s older and spend weekends with her papa. Don’t feel bad for this little girl of a sentence that doesn’t convey the whole story.

Alex on

I shudder to think how many germs were on that phone. Harper is a doll. Luckily so far she doesn’t look like her dad. On a side note wow I can’t believe David has a kid.

415mama on

lol..I am with you Alex…I thought the exact same thing! Glad to know I’m not the only germ phobe out there 🙂 Harper is such a beautiful baby….what a doll!

Manda Jo on

Alex and 415mama, maybe it’s Harper’s cell phone…you never know these days 😉
Janey maybe celebs are spying on you…they wait for you to come up with another name and steal it 😀 I know how you feel about finding that perfect nonoverused name and a celeb using it….it happened with one of my favorite girl names, Emery, and Angie Harmon picked it. I am hoping that because she isn’t an “A” list actress that my name will just slide under the radar 🙂 I still have another in my back pocket I don’t think anyone will use…sshhhh
Well I agree with the poster that this precious baby looks like the Gerber baby 🙂 At least David is trying to see her…it can’t be easy living in separate states…and as someone else said, we don’t know the whole situation. David himself it seems never has talked about his personal life so I am sure it was weird for him on “Ellen” to talk about it.

Amber on

Wasn’t there a paternity battle with this and that’s why he’s not as in here life as he would like to be. I remember reading it somewhere.

Mia on

She is so cute! Look at that face and big blue eyes! And yes, the situation isn’t ideal, and realistically, it doesn’t look like the pregnancy was exactly planned, but she seems like a happy and healthy baby.

Maybe the baby’s name is Harper Grace? (like her mother, stage name) or Harper Spade. Very cute.

HeatherR on

I have seen video footage (I think on TMZ) of Jillian Grace arriving at the airport w/ baby Harper to visit with Daddy. I have also seen another video of David and Jillian out with the baby and David’s mom. His mom seemed REALLY excited to be a grandma and they seemed to all get along in spite of the situation. I get the impression that he sees the baby fairly often.

CelebBabyLover on

LaKesha- I’m sure your daughter at least knows who you are! Even newborns know who mommy is! They quickly learn their mother’s distinct smell (which is why it often doesn’t work well when you’re trying to wean and have daddy or someone else give baby a bottle while you’re still in the house. Babies can smell mommy’s milk, even if she’s in another room!), and also quickly learn her voice and what she looks like.

Anyway, I love the cellphone pic! Yeah, kids probably shouldn’t have cellphones. However, kids aren’t supposed to play with keys, either….yet just about every parents gives their kids their keys to play with at some point!

kim on

ditto to ‘CelebBabyLover’s’ comment. i can hold my hand up to giving my kids mobile phones and keys etc to play with (under supervision ofcourse)… the fact of the matter is kids ALWAYS want what they can’t have!

misty on

do you have ANY idea how MANY germs are on that phone?!!! As cute as it may be, she’ll be lucky if she doesn’t catch something.

Mia on

There are germs on everything, and although a baby’s immune system is a lot weaker than someone who is a few years older, If she’s on her regular immunization schedule she’s starting to build her own immune system and frankly a few germs are good for her. People are way to over protective these days of kids getting germs, or dirty, or anything else. Its better for someone to be exposed to some dirt and grime and get stronger from it than be over protected and get sick from every little thing because their body never got a chance to build up a fighting strategy in the case of germs invading the system.

jess on

Mobile phones can disrupt babies brain develpment

brandi on

I agree with CelebBabyLover as well!

Alice on

I am always hearing that David Spade is back in town (Phoenix/Scottsdale, Arizona) to visit family and friends. He makes very generous charitable donations here locally. Last Christmas he donated $100,000 to the Phx Police Dept. for the purchse of rifles for patrol officers. He also recently donated $25,000 to the family of a fallen officer. He’s a very generous guy who seems close to his mother and family and is probably crazy about his baby daughter and visits her every chance he gets.

Katie on

Im a 15 year fan of Davids’. I watched the interview. He is always “uncomfortable” talking about his personal life on tv. Thats ok tho, he really shouldnt have to comment. We all know what happened, they had a child they didnt plan on, but they are making the best of it. I do hope that he takes the time out to see her at least once a month. (In fact his Dad split when he was young so I have faith in him) I am sure the baby definetely is identifying with “who he is” by now. I think this is good for David. A dash of responsibility for a 45ish bachelor. (David I luv ya but this is true) I think its great! She is beautiful! & I can already tell that she has his eyes, and his piano players fingers! lol. Welcome Harper!

Monica B Hill on

those eyes are wonderful!

Tracey on

So adorable. Visit her next month? Charming.