Halle Berry Unsure If She'll Have More Kids

03/30/2009 at 12:00 PM ET

Although she’s reportedly open to the idea of making daughter Nahla Ariela Aubry, 1, a big sister, during a recent appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Halle Berry appeared to sing a different tune. The 42-year-old Academy Award-winning actress told host Jay Leno,

“My mind wants another child, but my body is saying something else.”

Her stance on at least one other issue remains the same, however. Asked by Jay if she plans to wed partner Gabriel Aubry, Halle replied with a definitive “No!” before adding: “The answer to that is never going to change.” The couple recently celebrated their daughter’s first birthday with a low-key affair. “I don’t really understand why you have to [have a big party],” she admitted. “We had cheap little party hats, from like CVS.” The small fête — and her reluctance to have another baby — is in no way indicative of her feelings for her daughter, however. Raved Halle,

“I am enjoying motherhood. It’s been the best thing that has ever happened to me in my whole life, actually.”

Source: The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

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Lauren on

“Asked by Jay if she plans to wed partner Gabriel Aubry, Halle replied with a definitive “No!” before adding: “The answer to that is never going to change.”

This is JUST my opinion (before the common-law brigade pounces), but if I was in a relationship with someone who saw fit to have me mother their child but was so dead set against marrying (ie, legally and spiritually committing to) me, they could kiss their chances at children goodbye. It’s very obvious Halle still has unresolved issues from her two prior marriages and sad that she can’t be mature enough to recognize that the institution of marriage was not to blame for her personal problems. I always find it ironic when having creating human life with someone is perfectly fine but marriage is too big of a commitment.

RS on

I don’t know that you can fairly call it “her reluctance to have another child,” unless there was more to the interview about her prospect for another child than is summarized here. Her quote about her mind saying one thing and her body another suggests, at least to me, the possibility that she may be quite open to having another baby (i.e., not reluctant at all), but that her body isn’t cooperating by getting pregnant. But either way, whether she’s open to another pregnancy or not, it’s of course her choice. She seems like a good mother.

Tulips on

I agree with you, RS!

gigi on

Poor Gabriel. I know he wanted a big family. Eventually as a younger man, he has the choice of going elsewhere to find a woman who wants to marry him (assuming he believes in marriage as an institution) and to give him more children and Nahla siblings. I don’t know if Halle really wants more kids or thinks the public expects her to say she does but her age is definetly a factor. Many women like Naomi Watts decide to make a go of it when they find that special person even if they’re pushing forty but not all women feel comfortable with that decision. Also we don’t know how hard it was for Halle to get pregnant or how hard her pregnancy might have been on her. I don’t blame her but I don’t see her and Gabriel staying together. I also don’t think she’ll be too upset when it ends.

fay on

halle is both over 40 yrs old and diabetic… both of those situations together do not make pregnancy IDEAL for her… and if i remember correctly, nahla didnt come as easily as they had expected, but i cld be wrong… at any rate… i saw that interview, and it just seemed as thoughw hile she’s interested in having more, doing more than having them the old fashioned way isn’t really a part of her interests… so whatever happens… happens…

Janey on

She’s not reluctant. What about that is reluctant? I hope she can have another baby. I wonder if she’s looked into surrogates or adoption.

Janey on

Lauren, the institution of marriage is there to protect children. Halle and Gabriel both have the money to take care of Nahla separately so the child’s financial protection isn’t an issue. Halle and Gabriel can be together and committed and break up, or they can be committed and married and get divorced. A piece of paper really makes no difference. Halle I think is mature enough and realizes that.When you’re 40+ the purpose of marriage changes. She’s not a 20 something looking for a white picket fence anymore.

Maybe in middle america where families tend to be more financially dependent on one another marriage still makes sense; but Halle has been down that road twice before. I personally can respect her decision though it may seem unconventional to some.

Aniah on

From interviews that I have read, Halle doesn’t want to commit to another man. I don’t even think that she expects to be with Gabriel for the rest of their lives- just until it stops being convenient. Of course I do not know her personally so this is MOO.

KC on

Halle’s been through like, three marriages that didn’t work out. So that’s a big reason why she doesn’t want to get married again, and I really can’t blame her. I don’t think it’s necessarily her being hung up on anything, but there’s just some things that happen that permanently scar you (like how she was abused by David Justice). You can get divorced just as quickly as you change your underwear, and it appears to be a headache to put up with. I’m not married, but relationships are no different. Some people just aren’t meant for marriage, point blank.

Sarah K. on

Lauren, I don’t think that she blames marriage for her problems. I think that she’s realized that (for her life) a piece of paper is not what holds a couple together. She and Gabriel are obviously still together and love each other. I respect that she doesn’t think that making it legal will change how they feel about each other or their daughter.

Monique on

While I don’t know her personally, of course. It seems that she’d make a really great mother. She has a beautiful little girl and a guy whose obviously willing to stand by her whether he’s her husband or not so I say more power to her. To both of them. Halle is a wonderful actress and she’s more than likely an even better mother and partner. Much luck and blessings to their family and their future!

LisaR on

Interesting points made by some folks here. But maybe Halle was ‘mature’ enough to realize that having a child with someone is not reason enough to get married. Maybe she knows that having a piece of paper with signatures on it and throwing a fancy party afterward doesn’t mean she loves Gabriel and her daughter any more than she already does. Fortunately for her, both she and Gabriel are ‘mature’ enough not to need to have a formal contract written up somewhere to prove their love to each other or to prove anything to anyone looking on who may have an opinion of how they live their lives. Not everyone feels secure enough to NOT need the other person to sign a contract saying they’ll stick around. This of course, as was rightly said, is JUST my opinion.

Ariana on

i hope she’s able to have another one…her man wants one real bad

Tammi on

Them signing a piece of paper doesn’t mean that they’ll last and Halle knows that very well first hand. They seem like a nice stable couple who love each other and their kid, that’s the most important thing. I do hope she’s able to have another kid, Nahla’s very cute.

Lauren on

“Not everyone feels secure enough to NOT need the other person to sign a contract saying they’ll stick around.”

Considering that Halle has said she’s unsure of whether she and Gabriel will be together forever, I’d say that point goes out the window. Cute attempt at a subtle dig, though.

Marilyn on

I hope she can have another baby. Not to sound all doom and gloom-like, but if he wants more biological children, he might break up with her eventually if she can’t have anymore or doesn’t want anymore children. They could always adopt, though.

gigi on

Ariana, I honestly don’t think Halle cares what Gabriel wants. She can take him or leave him. Love is temporary for some people and she’s ok with that. Gabriel can either accept her love is conditional or move on. Halle is too old to change for a man. Nahla can have sisters and brothers from Gabriel’s future relationships so it’s not like she’s losing out by Halle not having more or adopting any children.

brannon on

thank you lisa r. very sad commentary on here. when did we go back to the days when if a woman couldn’t give her man more children the assumption was that he leave her? — from the same people who want them to get married no less. they have made the biggest commitment — and she is beautiful.

gianna on

Hopefully she can have another baby, but if not she is lucky she at least had one child. She had a hard time having nahla, in her other relationships she wants kids for years. So now at almost 43, it might be hard to have another.

dee on


I’m sure her man was smart enough to realize that having a relationship and lots of children with someone who was pushing 40 and has health issues may not exactly be in the cards. We all want a lot of things, they have one healthy child and should be grateful.

Mia on

So what some of these people here are saying (WOMEN no less) is that should Halle not want to or is unable to have any more babies, Gabriel should step out on her and sow his seed elsewhere until he has all the children he wants? Is this 1809? And these are the same women who are advocating MARRIAGE? What a a contradiction. I bet if he married her and then did what is being suggested here, these same people would be up in arms. Because only THEN would that type of behavior be appalling, right?

Elle on

Lmao, Gabriel Aubry does not strike me as the Henry the 8th type. Plus there are other options still open to the couple.

Natalee on

I took Halle’s comment like RS did – that Halle would love more children, but her body is not cooperating on that front. As someone else mentioned, between her age, and the diabetes, she’s not a strong candidate for a “natural” conception.

However, she has a beautiful daughter, and a commited partner. All the best to her!

Sarah K. on

Mia, I agree! I am shocked that people have said that if she can’t have more kids that Gabriel could just leave her and have kids with someone else. Why would you think he wants to have kids with anyone other than Halle? Part of the joy in having kids, is having them with the person you love. I doubt Gabriel is so fickle as to leave her just because her biological clock is ticking. They have a beautiful daughter and that should be more than enough for anyone.

gigi, you act as though Halle wants her relationship to fail. I agree that her outlook on love is cautious, but that’s because she’s been hurt, not because she doesn’t want to be with Gabriel for the long haul.

Mel on

Halle never hid the fact that she won’t get married again and I’m sure Gabriel went into it well aware. Marriage doesn’t mean a relationship will last. I hope they can have more kids if not they already have a beautiful girl.

Lis on

Lauren, I couldn’t agree with you more. You have articulated everything I am thinking beautifully. 😉

And those of you who are arguing that a “piece of paper” isn’t necessary, obviously aren’t understanding where we are coming from. Marriage, to me, is FAR, FAR more than a piece of paper… I am getting sick of hearing that argument.
I could go on, but don’t want to waste my breath.

Elle on


It IS a piece of paper. If the gov’t suddenly abolished marriage would you and your partner be any less committed to each other? Are gay partners less comitted because they can’t get married? What you guys can’t seem to understand is marriage is no measure of commitment and no measure of how long a relationship will last.

Jade on

Lis says : And those of you who are arguing that a “piece of paper” isn’t necessary, obviously aren’t understanding where we are coming from. Marriage, to me, is FAR, FAR more than a piece of paper…

Lis, with all due respect, Marriage to YOU is all that, maybe not to HER. If they’re happy, then who cares? Look at Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins, they aren’t married and they’re more happy than so many married couples.If they love each other, they’d stick around, even with differenet priorities.

Funny enough, I’m with you and I totally believe in the institution of marriage, but I can only speak for myself.

Erica on

I do agree with Lis and Lauren.

Just like anything worth having in life, a marriage is what you MAKE it. It is only a piece of paper and a fancy party if that’s what you and your spouse put into it. I agree that it’s not for everyone and no one should feel forced into doing it, but it’s wrong to diminish and demean it in a general sense just because you personally don’t find it important.

In Halle’s case I can understand her gun-shyness with marriage. And if she and Gabriel know they love each other but aren’t sure they’ll be together in the long run it’s probably wise not to marry. But like others have mentioned, her failed marriages were not a consequence of the marriage itself, but the people (mostly the men) involved.

All that aside, I hope Halle is able to have as many kids as she wants whether they are with Gabriel, someone else, or on her own!

lala21 on

As a over 40 mom I can tell you it is extremely difficult to have children at our age no matter what the media & Hollywood wants you to believe. Good for Halle for being realistic that at 42 her body might just not be able to do it. And for all those who say well look at so & so over 40 pregnant well the reality is that some might have used donor eggs.

Dounia on

I can’t believe some of the comments being posted here. So what if she doesn’t want to get married, does it make her a bad mother or a bad partner???? That’s none of your business, aside from the fact that she doesn’t necessarily have to share your point of view, it doesn’t make her worst than you. Criticizing is too easy

Anna on

Wanting to marry your soul mate does NOT make you insecure, LisaR. Maybe Halle is being practical, knowing that if they were to marry, it’s likely to fail, as most Hollywood marriages do. However, I do find it weird that she seems SO adamantly against the idea of getting married.

Erica on


I respect your opinion (that marriage is *only* a piece of paper), but along that vein, does this mean adoption is only a piece of paper? I would guess that the vast majority of adoptive parents would vehemently disagree with that, and rightfully so. But I personally know legally adopted children who have been taken away from their parents due to neglect and abuse (the little boy actually passed away from malnutrition). I know that this is an extreme case, but I’ve no doubt that adopted children are abused, just as biological ones and it’s all sickening. But perhaps their parents only saw the adoption as being little more than a piece of paper and thus, the only remorse they felt was the fact they would be spending years in prison.

My point is this: both adoption and marriage have legal functions (ie “official pieces of paper”) which legally bind one to someone else. But this is only one dimension and a mere fraction of what they have the potential to mean to people. I’m sure many of us know adoptive parents who celebrate “coming home” type parties where they annually celebrate the day their adoptions became legal. I have no doubt that the love they felt for the kids wasn’t changed BY those pieces of paper, but the adoption itself symbolizes a whole new chapter in the lives involved. IMO marriage has the inherent potential to do the very same for anyone who wants it.

Anna on

Elle, the government cannot “suddenly abolish marriage” as it is a function of both state AND church (maybe not for everyone, I realize). Lis was speaking her own opinion of marriage – who are you to tell other people what their marriage means to them?

Mallory on

Nancy Grace at CNN Headline News had twins at age 48, so it is possible if you want it bad enough.

Jeanne on

Well said Erica. Everyone needs to do what’s right for them, and not demean the people who have differing views. If marriage is just a piece of paper to you than fine. If it means more to you that’s also fine. Both viewpoints are perfectly valid, and I don’t see why anyone on either side feels the need to put the other side down. It seems pointless to me.

Monique on

Maybe he doesn’t want to get married either. Imagine that.

Donna on

Celine Dion is what 42? And she is trying for a second child. Halle doesn’t want to put her health in jeopardy and I don’t blame her.

Elle on

Anna, no they clearly can’t but that wasn’t the point. The point was to demonstrate that marriage does not dictate a persons commitment to another.Which seems to be the opinion of those who can’t comprehend Halle Berrys apprehension. Calling into question her maturity? Because she’s decided that marriage isn’t for her??

I’m 21 and am in a committed relationship and I may or may not get married. I genuinely do not care either way.As long as I achieve financial independence and can support my(future)child it doesn’t matter. I don’t need a marriage license to feel like I’m in a life-time commitment or that my relationship is valid.

and yeah thats Lis and Laurens opinion. The comment section is for opinions; so I didn’t feel the need to state the obvious that my comments too are opinions. Except for the part that marriage is a piece of paper, that’s a fact. Marriage License=piece of paper.

Louise on

I think sometimes, that when you see celebrities having babies at 48, as Mallory said, it might seem like having a baby in your 40’s is easy. What you don’t hear is how many of these celebrites have expensive fertility treatments to get their babies.
I don’t really like the phrase ‘it is possible if you want it bad enough.’ though, as I think that there is still a very high failure rate with IVF and other fertility treatments, no matter how badly a potential mother might want it.

Elle on


I don’t think I said *only*. I understand that my post probably does look vehemently one-sided but that was unintentional. Marriage, is a piece of paper…but I understand completely that it can be a deep spiritual connection composed of undying love, between two people. I get that. I know married couples, my grandparents were married for like 40 years it can be great and meaningful on a deeper level beyond a the original state function. If thats what you make it. My only point which probably was lost, is that the beauty/meaning of a marriage is determined by the couple. It’s not guaranteed in a marriage.

So pretty much your second paragraph was what I was trying to get at. I guess I felt that by saying “why don’t they get married??” its an attempt to demean what unmarried people already have.

hope that clears it up.

Kate on

At 35 I have no desire to be legally bound and married to a man. I think its an outdated institution that only benefits the man. I have been in a stable longer relationship for most of my life that has produced a child. My relationship is probably more stable then most of my married friends. I was married in my early 20s and never again. I have my own personal reasons and it is not wrong or right. It is right for me. I don’t live for what other people think is required to have a family. I live my life for me. I think for Halle and I understand her point of view. You marry a man and you make more money then them, they cheat on you and then when you divorce, you have to pay them alimony for their wandering member. I have been through it once, she twice and never again. Never.

Amanda on

Some of the comments on here are unbelievable. Utterly unbelievable.

The idea that Gabriel would leave Halle if she didn’t want any more children is ludicrous? Come on. Ever heard of compromise? Why should Halle have to bend and have more children to keep Gabriel but he would be free to walk away and find someone else if she didn’t?

And as for the marriage issue, hard as it seems for some people to believe, it’s not for everyone. Why is that so hard for people to accept? My parents have been married for 21 years this April. My uncle and aunt have been together 27 years. Does marriage make my parent’s relationship more important or more special than my aunt and uncle’s? Nothing says “I love this person” more than the bare committment of choosing to be with them for the rest of your lives.

Marriages can be erased, you can pretend they never happened. For some people, all you need is love and it is love that will see you through. My best wishes to Halle and Gabriel in whatever they choose for *themselves* and *their* little girl.

Erica on

Elle, you disregarded Anna’s point that marriage is also a religious institution. Paper licenses aside a religious marriage (no matter which religion it is performed within) is certainly NOT just a piece of paper. I think the same goes for people who may not be religous but still feel that marriage has a deeply spiritual aspect as well. I’m not trying to nag you or monopolize the comment section (I’m just extremely bored at work, lol), but you seem to disregard the fact that marriages were happening and strongly valued all over the world well before any legal or paper aspect came about. So I agree with you that a marriage is only a piece of paper if that’s how YOU think of it/treat it, but it’s not a FACT that marriage is only a piece of paper because they existed long before that aspect.

Erica on

I missed your second comment before you posted again Elle, yeah, I absolutely get where you’re coming from and I’m not trying to attack you.:) I just turned 23 myself and we have a similar outlook on our personal feelings about getting married, just differences on marriage itself, which is fine.

I don’t think anyone here stated Gabriel should leave Halle to have more kids or because she won’t marry him, where are people getting this impression from…?

Sarah K. on

Mallory, your statements strike me as ignorant. People like Nancy Grace got really really lucky. It’s not a matter of “wanting it bad enough.” Fertility isn’t something you can will to happen. Nancy Grace underwent (possibly several) rounds of fertility treatments. IVF can put a strain on your body, relationships, and life and you may not even get a baby in the end. Plus, women in their forties face health risks and the risks to the baby also increase. Quite frankly I think it’s a slap in the face to all of those women trying to get pregnant to say that it’s not happening because “they don’t want it bad enough.”

Sarah K. on

Erica, I believe it was gigi and Marilyn who said that Gabriel could leave Halle and have kids with someone else since he said he wanted a big family.

#4: “he has the choice of going elsewhere to find a woman who wants to marry him (assuming he believes in marriage as an institution) and to give him more children and Nahla siblings.”

#16: “but if he wants more biological children, he might break up with her eventually if she can’t have anymore or doesn’t want anymore children.”

Amanda on

Wow. If some of you took a step back and read your comments through others eyes you would realize some of you are really harsh in your comments. How on earth can we know how Halle is feeling from ONE sentence? And to argue about it at that…

MZ on

Wow Mallory. That’s great for Nancy Grace, but fertility has LITTLE to do with whether you “want it bad enough.” Having a biological baby is NOT possible for everyone. Fertility treatments don’t always work, and they aren’t an option for everyone woman who wants a child (cost, health concerns, etc.). For someone w/ type1 diabetes, hormone treatments can wreak havoc on your blood sugar, for instance.

Tiffany on

I have been very happily married for 4 years. I’m also 3 months pregnant. That piece of paper is a boon to have legally and the stigma around having children out of wedlock is not one I’d like for myself.

That said, there is no doubt in my mind that marriage or no, my husband and life partner would be just as committed to me. And from that standpoint, my marriage is nothing but a piece of paper. It did not change any aspect of our relationship to each other. The only thing it changed was other people’s perception of our relationship. It means more to others than it means to me because of the value they ascribe to it.

I have a hard time coping with society’s beliefs and pressures sometimes. Makes it hard for me to see people pushing their own beliefs onto others.

Elle on


I too am bored at work.

Its cool 🙂

I don’t really know where people are getting that from either!!! They can still possibly have more kids through other means. I mean its a very backwards thinking IMO. I don’t think he’s ever expressed anything supporting some comments people have. Oh well.

Elle on

I kinda feel like Tiffany one of the reason I would get married is to avoid the stigma of having kids out of wedlock.

brandi on

some of you have really stepped back into the 18th century. and coming from women no less.

Amanda on

I cringe when I read the comments and they consist of jabs at one another. Lighten up – do we really need to argue and about people that we don’t know and we have no idea how they are really feeling or the meaning behind their comments?! Some of you take this wayyyy tooooo serious.

dee on

I was going to jump in the crap (marriage, 40+ pregnancies, IVF). But now I’m not. Bcuz no ones mind will be changed if they disagree with me. I’m just going to wish Halle and Gabe all the luck in the world.

m-dot on

It’s really sad to hear how many people who dont’ take marriage seriously. I am happily married, and can tell you that our relationship prior to marriage was different than post. The oneness is incredible! The devotion and love is awesome, as God intended it to be! No boyfriend or baby’s daddy could touch what I’ve got…which is why I didn’t marry the others! LOL

dawn on

if she doesn’t want to get married again,that’s her business. it’s sad to see she has given up on marriage already. I hope her and gabriel are happy for ever though. married or not, and make many more babies.

JMO on

I could careless if she gets married. She has a baby and loves that baby and is committed to her.

There are lots of women and even men who decide that they don’t want to be married but would love a family.

I think I may be one of them. I am not the committed type and atleast I know that (and so do they). But trust me I do want children someday so if I found a great guy wo was on the same page about family but not marriage, then I can see myself going that route! What does it matter? As long as I am capable of caring and loving a child. It also doesn’t mean I wouldn’t get married if I felt I wanted to. I just like that it’s an option.

And Halle isn’t the only one not getting married. Uh Angie and Brad now have 6 kids and still have yet to wed and I am not sure they will. But who cares?

I will say that marriage to some is “just a peice of paper” but at the same time one must regonize that marriage also entails that if god forbid something happened to you that person is able to make choices on your behalf that an unmarried person can’t.

And I don’t think HAlle meant she didn’t want to have kids but that she’s at an age where it’s just becoming more unrealistic to go through. But whose to say she won’t.

Anna on

I think her preious marriages have thaught her that that piece of paper doesn’t guarantee anything. It doesn’t magically make your relationship ok, or magically makes you stay together. So what’s the use of marriage than?

I agree with her and I also don’t think she is reluctant about having another child. She just says her body won’t work with her. That is something completely different.

Jessica on

What difference does it make Nahla was born out of wedlock?? In 2007, 40% of the children that were born were out of wedlock. Obviously there is no more stigma, if half the population is born to non-married parents.

Jessica on

I seriously wondered what year I was living in when I read some of these comments.

Linda on

Halle is 2 years old already? I didn’t know that she was 41 when Nahla was born. I’m all for marriage too but if the parents stay together unmarried, that’s better than a divorce that traumatizes the child.

CelebBabyLover on

Linda- I’m assuming you meant Nahla, and no, she’s not 2 years old. She just recently turned ONE year old.

Hea on

Wow… I woke up this morning, put on a fresh pot of coffee and logged on here and… is this 1776? I just thought we in Sweden had gone from wintertime to summertime and pushed the clock forward an hour. I guess I made some horrid mistake.

Mia on

I think Halle is just being realistic; Her age is definitely not on her side of having another baby, being she struggled to get pregnant with Nahla already. If they are able to expand, great, or maybe they will look into other sources. Only time will tell. They make beautiful children 🙂

And regardless what the stats are, that yes a little over 40% of children are born out of wedlock these days,and yes-getting married or not getting married doesn’t make the relationship bulletproof: It can not work out if you’re married (and you divorce) or it can not work out if you are in a living-together/not married situation, but personally, I think If you’re committed enough to have a child together, you are committed enough to be married and want to take that step.

J on

Wow you lot are a bunch of drama queens. Stop commenting on other peoples life choices and focus on your own.

kate on

wow, I stopped reading after gigi’s comment. I’ve honestly had enough of this site.

wishing halle all the best

kris on

I didn’t see the show but I just assumed that because it took her quite a while to get pregnant the first time that was still the case. To say that her partner would leave her because she could not have more children is absurd. If he did then I’d say “don’t let the door hit ya in the back side”.

And could we please stop saying marriage is a piece of paper. If that’s all it is to you then by all means do not get married. But to those of us who are married it is far more than a piece of paper. And if that’s all it is then why is the gay community fighting so hard to have the right to get married.

KimberlyL on

I don’t want to have a wedding (a waste of money in my opinion) but I do want to get married somehow. My partner and I have been through a lot and feel that marriage is a testement to our journey. Where people go wrong sometimes is they stop working on it after they get that piece of paper. People do grow apart and that’s what divorce is for. Anyone who says they’ll be together forever is kidding, on the other hand one doesn’t enter into a serious relationship expecting it to end. Marriage is important to me. There are legal aspects and an emotional commitment that can be had with or without marriage, however, I don’t think the gay community would be fighting so hard for the right to marry, something we take for granted, if it was nothing.

Lila on

I am glad she realized that having only one child is ok! So many people act like you HAVE TO have a second child (at least) in order to make your family complete and if you don’t then it is because you don’t like kids. Obviously, for at least now, she feels complete and happy and loves being a mom. I love having one and getting to enjoy her instead of playing referee all the time.

urgh on

Marriage is just for people who don’t have the money to support themselves and their kids on their own? WHAT?!? That’s ridiculous. If I feel that I want to be married and have that “piece of paper” them I am allowed. If I feel that making a legal and spiritual commitment to my husband makes my relationship stronger that’s not wrong. That does not mean I cannot provide for my family. And if other people feel that they do not need that piece of paper or to go through the motions of a wedding then that’s their choice. Why do we have to be so judgmental? Or call someone’s ideas ancient? Or give reasons as to why marriage is just stupid and everyone should quit? To each their own. Stop trying to push your ideas on everyone else.

Terri on

I agree with Jeanne.

I hope that Halle has a healthy pregnancy is she gets pregnant again.

Janey on

“Marriage is just for people who don’t have the money to support themselves and their kids on their own? ”

The institution of marriage is at its most basic level, something that is supposed to bring stability to the offspring of the union. That includes financial stability.

Rachelsun on

Agree w/ RS. People totally misinterpreted Halle’s comment. Because she keeps getting asked about another child she is saying she would like 1 more (she said this when she was pregnant w/ Nahla and on Oprah remember) and would try right away because of her age. Nahla is now 1 year old and she is not pregnant yet. She is not ambivalent just realistic. I hope she is able to have 1 more and I don’t think Gabriel will leave if she doesn’t. Gabriel also agrees about the marriage issue. I would think they discussed all this before even trying for Nahla. As I said, I hope she is able to have 1 more. The snide comments that Gabriel is just there to be a donor are insulting to the man and after being together since 2003 is very ridiculous.

urgh on

I never felt, and I have not had one friend of mine tell me, that they married their spouse for “financial stability”. Isn’t that called a gold digger?

I guess I’m happy to be a part of middle America where it’s still OK to get married if you want to.

Janey on

Frankly, I don’t care what you or your friends say. I’m not making this stuff up.

This is history urgh regardless of how you or I feel. The notion of getting married solely for love is relatively new. Marriage throughout the course of history was for economic an social gain. Down to the lowest social economic level. Now, let’s all completely ignore the fact that married couples get huge tax breaks compared to single people today. That its PART(not all) of the reason why gays are fighting for the right to marry today.

I’m glad that I’m apart of an academic America(getting smaller by the day) where people don’t negate historical relevance because it’s a killjoy. I want to get married, yeah for love, but I’m not going to pretend like the combining of a household does not relax the strain on my wallet.

Janey on


that was kinda harsh sounding, unintentional.

Gigi on

Halle knows that relationships don’t usually last in her industry. Sure she’s happy now with Gabriel but either one can walk away and if he wants more kids more than he wants Halle, he’ll leave. She’ll be fine too. I mean she’s one of the most beautiful women in the world and won’t be lonely long. Her daughter will always be loved even if Gabriel or Halle move on to other partners and if he has other children. All I meant was that he has the option to have more children if he wants. She might not have that option for herself biologically because of her age and health considerations. She shouldn’t sacrifice her health to give him more children even if other older women have done so. Still for those who say Gabriel knew what he was getting into when they first started dating, he’s young and people change. Halle is in her 40’s and she can change her mind, so why can’t he? His needs might change and he’ll be free to leave. Like I said, Halle will be fine. She successful, rich, beautiful, and has a strong family.

CelebBabyLover on

Gigi- So you’re saying it’s perfectly fine for Gabriel to leave Halle if he wants to?

kris- I think you’re taking the marriage thing a little too personal. Most of the people here who have mentioned marriage being a “piece of paper” is stating that that’s what it is to THEM, and it’s their OPINION. That doesn’t mean that that’s what marriage is to YOU or that it’s YOUR opinion.

In otherwords, most of those people aren’t trying to say that EVERYONE sees marriage or should see marriage as a piece of paper!

CRH on

Lauren, I totally agree with you. Halle Berry seems to have a “keeper” in Gabriel. I say get some therapy about those unresolved marriage issues. You’re already living like a married couple, for Pete’s sake, MAKE IT LEGAL.

Tiffany on

“And could we please stop saying marriage is a piece of paper. If that’s all it is to you then by all means do not get married. But to those of us who are married it is far more than a piece of paper.” – kris

I’m married and from a certain standpoint I do think it is just a piece of paper. This does not mean I do not like being married – as I certainly do. I would do it again. But I realize its not for everyone and don’t think these couples are necessarily any less committed because they don’t have an official marriage certificate. We don’t all think the same way – that’s a fact. Please stop trying to put words in other people’s mouths.

CelebBabyLover on

Tiffany- I couldn’t agree more! Marriage isn’t for everyone, and I think people should accept that fact. I am actually very much for marriage. As the daughter of a minister, I see it as much more than just a legal thing. I see it as being as much of, if not moreso, a spirtual thing as a legal thing. I’m also traditional, and, I have to admit, find it a bit odd when people choose to get married in the “legal style” of a ceremony at the courthouse(but I don’t judge people because of that. I realize that not everyone’s religious and/or wants to get married in a church).

To me, marriage is so much more than just filling out that license, and I can’t imagine getting married anywhere but a church. Also, if I were ever to meet “the one”, I’d definently want to marry him. I would not be comfortable with living with and sleeping with (yes, I am very traditional in that way as well! I firmly believe in saving yourself for marriage!) a guy without being married to him (and no, I wouldn’t get married just because of that! I’d only marry someone if I knew they he was the right guy for me and was as certain as I possibly could be that we’d be together for life!.).

All of that said, I realize that marriage isn’t for everyone, and I respect that! I think we should be respectful of other people’s choices as long as they aren’t hurting anyone. For example, as I said earlier, I believe in saving oneself for marriage, and would not choose to sleep with someone I wasn’t married to. However, does that mean I criticize people who choose not save themselves for marriage? Absoultly not! It’s their choice, and frankly, what other people do with their bodies is none of my business!

June on

I think that Halle should have at least one more child, every child needs a sibling. As far as marriage is concerned to each it’s own. “Gabriel is a knock out”

van on

I believe some of the comments are taking what she said out of context. I saw the (Leno) show and she said her mind was up to having another baby, but her body may not be. Halle herself said on Oprah that she had been trying to have a baby with Gabe for quite a while. Many other celebrities have also spoken of the difficulty of having a baby over 40. JLo (Lopez) herself said she was not sure if she could have any kids and that her twins were a welcome suprise. I think Halle wants another, but does not want to get her hopes up in case it does not happen. As for the marriage thing…everyone has to do what they feel is best for them in their situation. We all know MOST hollywood marriages DO NOT last. I think the same people commenting that she should get married would also be saying I Told You So if she married Gabriel and it did not work out.