Gwyneth Paltrow and Moses: On the Lookout

03/30/2009 at 08:30 AM ET


Gwyneth Paltrow and son Moses, who turns 3 on April 8th, set their sights on shopping Sunday at the Brentwood Country Mart in Brentwood, Calif.

Joined by almost-5-year-old daughter Apple Blythe Alison (not pictured), the trio reportedly browsed for toys.

Dad is Coldplay rocker Chris Martin.

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Ivey on

Honestly that looks like Jessica Simpson, if it wasn’t for Moses I wouldn’t have reconized her.

Alex on

Moses looks exactly like my three year old niece. I almost had to do a double take and think ‘what on earth is Maisie doing on here?!’ lol. And with that, I might be biased, but I think he’s really cute!

crimpe on

He definitely looks all boy to me. I am not feeling the hair, though.

dee on

I feel so sorry for Apple when I saw the last two sets of photos of them out and about. Poor little girl is so freaked by the paps.

michelle on

Does Moses not have a middle name?

Elli on

Oh please, cut the boy’s hair!!! He could be a real sweetie (then).

dee on

Elli, you base a child’s cuteness on hair length. What would you base his intellect on? eye color?

Mariana on

Michelle according with Wikipedia (and i don’t know if it’s true) full names are Apple Blythe Alison Martin y Moses Bruce Anthony Martin

Isa on

It’s just hair! Who cares?

Lily on

I believe they are not cutting Moses’ hair because of the Jewish tradition, which is not cutting the boy’s hair until he is 3.

Angelique on

I don’t think they’re Hasidic, Lily. Are they? Also, they have cut his bangs already, breaking from the tradition. . . ? Guess we’ll find out after his third birthday.

Lola on

I think Moses should get his hair cut. I mistook him for a girl when I first looked at the picture.

Shira on

Angelique, you don’t have to be hasidic to not cut your son’s hair until he is 3…and sometimes parents will cut bangs so that their children will be able to see where they’re going lol! And has anyone stopped to think that maybe they like his hair like that? or that maybe he does? I know my nephew REFUSES to cut his hair and with stubborn children, sometimes it’s easier to pick your battles and make him eat his dinner instead!

crimpe on

Yeah, that hair has been cut. Just…badly. Long hair on boys can be great. My son has long hair, but when it got scraggly I had it trimmed and styled – but it is still definitely long.

JMO on

Kingston Rossdale Rocks semi-long hair!

This kid…not so much!! I think it’s the bangs!

Sam on

“Elli, you base a child’s cuteness on hair length. What would you base his intellect on? eye color?”

Your analogy just doesn’t make sense. Cuteness is based on physical appearance. Hair length is a part of physical appearance. Intellect is based on how your brain works; it has nothing to do with eye color.

I wouldn’t say he isn’t cute though. If I really thought that, I’d just keep my mouth shut. He’s only three!

gianna on


CelebBabyLover on

gianna- He DOES look like Apple…But like a very cute male version of her (just as Apple is very cute herself!)! 🙂

Lily on

Guess we’ll find out soon enough.

Maybe they just can’t bear to part with his baby locks? Who knows