The Alba-Warren Family Takes on Manhattan

03/28/2009 at 03:00 PM ET


Proud parents Cash Warren and Jessica Alba doted on daughter Honor Marie, 9 months, Friday as they walked through the New York City streets.

The night before, Jessica and Cash attended the American Museum of Natural History’s “Museum Dance,” an all-green event to benefit the Museum and bring attention to eco-related causes. (Jessica scored high marks for her pretty party dress!)

For more of this fun young family, check out our Alba-Warren Family Album.

Click below to see a shot of cutie-pie Honor quenching her thirst!


Honor drinks from a Munchkin Straw Cup with Latch ($3) and rides in an Orbit Baby Toddler Stroller ($600).

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Tanja on

They really look like a perfect little family!! Honor is such a cutie!!!!

Neeli on

She is simply adorable!

Cassandra on

So cute! Its nice to see parents using a sippy cup, instead of sticking to a bottle. I love Honor’s serious looks. 😛

k on

So adorable!!

emma on

honor looks so cute in that photo.

claire on

I love how Honor always has a bow, even though she doesn’t have much hair!

aimy on


Sami on

I didn’t know babies that young could sip through a straw! I thought they had to be at least over a year old to learn that skill.

Molly on

Sami, i never thought of that but i think it may be like walking. Some are earlier, some are later… don’t know, it’s just a guess

JMO on

The baby I watch was six months old and we had him drinkin from a straw! It’s def. possible! And a much better alternative then a sippy cup!

allison on

Sami, my son was drinking out of a straw by 9 months. I have read articles favoring straw cups as opposed to sippy cups for better speech development. The private school that my son attends does not allow sippy cups.

skipsie on

That shot of Honor is beautiful.

Torre on

Little Honor sure is growing into a “serious faced” beauty. Also, I’ve been happy to not read many comments on her complexion.
Unfortunatly, so many people seem to comment on the skin tones of mixed raced children/people.

Keep up the good work yall!

Lauren on

What? A celebrity baby drinking from a straw through a sippy cup instead of sucking on a bottle or pacifier at the age of three? I’m shocked-and impressed.

Patricia(Patti) on

What a beautiful family!!! My granddaughter also uses a sippy-cup. Smart! although, my children had a bottle til 2. Honor makes the same expression as my granddaughter. How adorable!!!

hillary on

so cute! my little guy was using a straw and regular sippy at 5 months- they can learn young! That stroller looks bigger than my bob!

Loren on

I guess Honor is precocious 🙂 she seems quite at home with her sippy cup, such a cutie lol The entire family is adorable, love these pictures of them

Mmers on

Honor rides in an orbit toddler seat attached to the stroller base. I love her look! Priceless.

Sam on

The baby is adourable and very alert! I don’t think sipping through a straw like that is much different then suckling on a bottle or nursing. I also think that babies at different ages can do this – like they all crawl/walk/talk at different ages.

Mary-Helen on

She is definitely enjoying her drink. I love Honor!

Lilly on

I’m impressed at how precocious little Miss Honor is. She also keeps getting prettier– that little bow looks adorable on her.

Lilly on

Btw, does anyone know what kind of cup that is? It looks like it has a spill-proof locking green top.

Lorus on

My daughter learned to suck out of a straw around 6 months old. She now uses Playtex insulator twist n click straw sippies. They are great and leak proof! I find she drinks a lot more through these than standard sippy cups.

babyboopie on

Honor is absolutely gorgeous, I want her to have a brother or a sister! Wouldn’t be cute if they called it Liberty or Bravery, or something like that!

Stephany on

That shot of Honor is adorable! I just love her expressions.

Amy on

My kids started with straws at 5 months old (they didn’t have bottles).

Sam on

Honor is such a cute baby, but (and I know I’m probably in the minority on this) I get sick of seeing all the bows and clips in her hair! I don’t think I’ve ever seen her without one. I just don’t like stuff in babies’ hair when they really don’t have much hair.

dlock on

Cute photos. I always wondered why Jessica Alba always had tons of stuff that she carries or hangs from the stroller. But, than again I don’t have kids yet. lol But, I imagine there has to be a more simplified way to carry all the baby essentials than bringing the entire house with you??!! 🙂

Monique on

My goodness, she seems to like the camera. When I see pics of her I always see her looking at the camera. Such a beautiful little girl.

Lis on

Yeah Sam. I disagree! 😀 I absolutely LOVE how Honor has a little clippy in her hair all the time. And I’m going to go out on a limb and say that Honor will never refuse the hair things because Jessica obviously got her used to them, so she won’t know otherwise…I’m sure we won’t see pics of her hair in her face when she’s older 😉

And I must say that the second picture is absolutely too cute for words!!!