Elisabeth Hasselbeck Has Her Baby Bases Covered

03/28/2009 at 02:00 PM ET
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Two kids later and a third on the way in August, Elisabeth Hasselbeck and her husband Tim have their bases covered. With no plans to rush the department stores to stock up on the latest baby gadgets, The View co-host shares that, other than a few necessities, the couple are already set for their pending arrival. “We’re not doing anything to prepare,” she reveals. “Just going to go and buy some diapers in August.”

Preparing them for the big day, Elisabeth takes time out to explain to her kids that there is a baby growing inside her belly. While 3 ½-year-old Grace Elisabeth seems receptive to the idea of the new baby and is “very excited about it,” 16-month-old Taylor Thomas is a bit wary of situation. Despite showing interest by carrying around a baby doll, Elisabeth laughs that Taylor can’t possibly imagine what is to come!

“I think he knows what’s up. Still, when this happens, his world is going to be shocked and rocked.”

Source: Us Weekly

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Holly on

it’s so not cute when people saying growing “in my belly.” It’s your uterus, educate – don’t dumb-down, even if they are kids.

CelebBabyLover on

Holly- Ordinarily I’d agree, but at Elisabeth and Taylor’s ages, especially Taylor’s, it probably is better to say “belly”. “Uterus” or even “womb” would probably go right over their heads (almost certainly in Taylor’s case!).

Also, when you think of it, “belly” is actually pretty much a generic term. Most people aren’t really referring to their stomachs when they say “belly” (especially considering the fact that the stomach actually sits closer to the chest then the “belly”. When you point to your “belly” you are really pointing to your intestines, and, depending on how low you’re pointing, your uterus if you’re a woman).

Anyway, I’m a bit confused by her statement that buying diapers in August is all they’re going to do to prepare. Aren’t they even going to get a room ready for the new baby?

CelebBabyLover on

Oh, and even if the baby will be sharing a room with Grace or Taylor, they still better have the crib (or at least the bassinet!) and such assembled before the baby comes home from the hospital!

kirsty on

Holly give me a break, there is nothing wrong with saying that. Children are very visual they would have no idea what a uterus is, but they can see that her belly is getting bigger.

SH on

Belly is a word that even Dr’s use – like a generic term – as in “Belly pain”. It’s not a “dumb-down” term. Probably 99.9% of moms/kids say “there’s a baby in mommy’s belly” when mom is pregnant. It’s not wrong to say that since belly is a loose term for abdomen and since you want to get technical, the uterus is in the abdomen. It would be pretty surprising to see a small child walking around and telling people that there’s a baby in mommy’s uterus. It just doesn’t happen. It doesn’t mean we’re all dumb.

Sarah K. on

I think she just means that they don’t need to do much since they probably still have all of Grace and Taylor’s baby things, including a bassinet, changing table, clothes, etc. It would silly to buy all of those things again, especially since they have both girl and boy clothes.

And, who says “the baby is in mommy’s uterus”? I doubt a 16-month old baby can understand the concept of a uterus. They can barely understand the concept that a baby is growing inside mommy.

WarrensMom on

I doubt that her 16 month old understands he concept of a baby growing in her tummy. I have a very bright (of course, *wink wink*) 17 month old. And I know he would not understand what the heck I was talking about.

CelebBabyLover on

SH- ITA! A lot of kids and moms also say “there’s a baby in mommy’s tummy,” and “tummy” is also a fairly generic term used to refer to the abdominal area (even adults will sometimes say they have a “tummy ache” or “belly ache” when, techincally, most “tummy aches” actually involve the small intestine rather than the stomach. Adults also will often say they have “tummy” or “belly” troubles, which can be referring to anything from an upset stomach to constipation or diarraeh, to, for women, “monthly” problems.).

Sarah K- You’re probably right. I’m guessing she just meant that they aren’t going to be buying any new stuff. I shouldn’t have taken her comment so literally!

gianna on

celebabylover I’m sure they are getting a room ready, plus buying some baby stuff. Elisabeth is just talking silly like always. I swear I scratch my head, with the stuff she says about kids, pregnancy, and just life in general lol. The part of the baby growing in the belly instead of saying uterus, I won’t fault her for that. A 3 1/2yr old and 16 month aren’t ready for sex education, and they are seeing her belly grow, so that makes most sense to say. It’s not like she has an 11yr old child that we are talking about.

CelebBabyLover on

gianna- There’s nothing silly about what she said. For all we know, they AREN’T going to buy any baby stuff, since they probably have all of Grace and Taylor’s stuff that they can use (and with Taylor only being sixteen months old, most of his stuff should still be safe to use for the new baby). I explained in my last comment that I took Elisabeth’s comment too literally, and she probably just meant they aren’t going to be buying any new things.

Sara on

About the uterus comments… I have a friend who is about to have her 2nd and has 3 year old. The other day she asked a bunch of us what she should tell her daughter because she asked “how the baby will get out of mommy”. My other friends were telling her to explain how the baby will come out of mommy’s vagina, and to start at a young age using “proper” terms. I think all these technical terms for such a young kid is a very bad idea. Kids that young can not understand, plus in daycare and other places with young kids there will be others who’s parents do not want them to use that term.

gianna on

celebbabylover, sure they aren’t gonna buy anything new, just diapers of course lol. To me elisabeth sounds silly and like she is lying, she’s an odd person when she talks and in almost every interview I read with her. And grace is almost 4 next week, how does anybody know she saved all of grace’s baby clothes and is gonna reuse them if it’s a girl lol. That might be what middle class struggling people do, but we see celebrities with tons of strollers and their kids with very expensive stuff. And a lot of them well into 2nd and 3rd pregnancies have baby showers, which we have seen numerous times on this site. So they might use a few things, but they also get a lot of new things.