John Moynahan Monkeys Around

03/27/2009 at 03:00 PM ET


He’s growing up! John ‘Jack’ Edward Thomas Moynahan, 19 months, gets a running start while out for a walk with mom Bridget Moynahan in Brentwood, Calif., on Thursday.

The barefoot baby was looking cute in his monkey-themed T-shirt!

Dad is New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

John wears a Glug Baby Monkey Tee (normally $30, on sale for $15).

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pam on

i think that shirt is from crazy 8. i bought the same one for my son.🙂

Natasha on

He’s such a little clone of Tom!

ey on

he is so adorable! he looks exactly like his daddy. mini-tom will definitely be a heartbreaker – starting in preschool!


He is so cute!!!!! and looks exactly like his father.

Ok, I know I am going to get critize for this, but it confuses me, all these names the boy has and they call him JACK! lol Why didnt she just named him Jack!? lol (I know, non of my business) LOL

dee on

I wouldn’t be suprised if he turned out to be bigger than Tom. Gorgeous boy!

T. on

Oh my goodness its a mini me of tom!!

Jessica on

Traditionally Jack is the nickname for John, now some people name their sons Jack (but it’s still seen as a nickname). Just like Bill is the nickname for William, Harry was the nickname for Henry and Dick is the nickname for Richard.

Jessica on

Jack is huge!!! Can’t believe he’s already 19 months.

Christine on

bridget looks grumpy.
and Jack is one cute little boy!!

Sarah on

Wow!! Hes getting big!! Adorable!! Definitely a mini-Tom, for sure.

Amber on

Wow, I just noticed Bridget didn’t give Jack Tom’s last name.

Heather on

That shirt is from Mini Boden, 100%. I gave it to my best friend’s son, who is obsessed with chimps🙂

Mimi on

Thanks for posting this picture. I love seeing Bridget and John together.

Mimi on

Hi Amber,
I take it Bridget gave him her last name because of the drama Tom Brady put her through. Regardless, Tom and Jack do have a relationship and he was present at Tom’s wedding.

Juliet on

Lovely boy. Bridget is so beautiful.

Tricia on

Jack is so cute! I’m sure Bridget is scowling because they’ve been discovered by the paps . . . she manages to keep him pretty much out of their sight, good for her. And I’m always surprised by people who are confused by a John who is nicknamed “Jack”–since President Kennedy was certainly the most famous John with that nickname. Maybe I’m just a lot older than those posters, that I actually remember him!

Elllen on

Why on earth does it warrant a “wow” when realised Briget didn’t give him his father’s last name? It’s practically archaic to expect a child to automatically be given his/her fathers surname especially considering what he put her through.

Cassandra on

He’s so tall for not even two! Then again I shouldn’t be surprised with how tall his parents are.

sarah on

adorable! I think his tee is by Glug Collection.
Click on Collections -> Spring summer 09, and then its towards the end.

Loren on

He’s not two yet? He is really tall and I know his parents are tall but he is almost up to his moms waist. Handsome tall boy

Natasha on

Ellen, are you kidding? You know nothing about them or their situation so where do you get off saying stuff like that?

CBB, why do you allow hate comments towards Tom Brady?

lisali on

He is such a handsome little boy..looks alot like his Dads side of the family.
Is it kindof yuck that both Bridet & jack are barefoot? (you can’t see it in this pic,but another site had a full length pic)

Crystal on

Jack is ADORABLE!!! I ♥ him. He is def one of my favorite celebrity babies. Even though Bridget didn’t give their son Tom’s last name she did name the baby after him. Tom Brady’s real name is Thomas Edward Brady. Bridget has expressed that she wants more children and from the looks of Jack (even though he is Tom’s mini me) that child will too be BEAUTIFUL!!!

Chi Chi on

Bridget’s awesome. She’s a super mommy. Go Bridget!

Bela on

Natasha are you kidding? The whole world knows Tom left Bridget when she was pregnant with his child and hooked up with his current wife. So if I was her, I would give the baby my last name also! Don’t stick up for a name who leaves a pregnant woman.

cas on

he is adorable!! and definitely going to be a tall adult =)



Cathy on

Why do you guys not post pictures of Gisele and John when they go out? It seems a little biased to me.


We weren’t able to contract with Flynet for the most recent photos. Other sets have been from x17, which we don’t work with.

— CBB Staff

fender on

Actually, Bela, no, the “whole world” does not know that. All indications are that they broke up before she even knew she was pregnant (or at least before she ever told him). People break up – it happens all the time. I don’t get why anyone would think staying in an bad relationship just because of a pregnancy is any good for the child.

CelebBabyLover on

lisali- I think it’s great that they’re barefoot! I LOVE being barefoot and HATE wearing shoes and socks. I only wear them in the winter. In the summer, I wear sandals when footwear is neccesary, but otherwise go barefoot.

Since it looks like Bridget and Jack may have been just walking on the sidewalk in their neighborhood, I think it’s fine that they don’t have shoes on.🙂

CelebBabyLover on

Oh, and in Spring and Fall I wear either sandals or shoes and socks, depending on the tempurature outside!

Louise on

From all reports Bridget and Tom had broken up and then she found out she was pregnant. Do you suggest they stay together for the sake of the child? In this day and age that just sounds wrong.
I feel sorry for Tom, he gets bashed here on a regular basis, but it seems to me that he has now established a relationship with his son. We have no idea of the ins and outs of what happened with Bridget and Tom so I think it is best to refrain from saying things like ‘what he put her through’

martina on

Why should Bridget give her little boy the father’s last name? They are not married, not together, and she’s the one raising John – so why should she?

Eva on

Bela- Neither Bridget nor Tom knew she was pregnant when they broke up. She didn’t find until February 2007. That’s what Bridget told Harper’s Bazaar. Maybe you should go read the article before tossing around such statements.

For the record Tom didn’t start dating Gisele Bundchen until December 2006 after he and Bridget broke up in November 2006.

MZ on

Actually Bela, while I’m no Tom Brady fan, I thought Bridgit found out she was expecting just after he left her?

In any case, Jack is adorable🙂

Sam on

“Natasha are you kidding? The whole world knows Tom left Bridget when she was pregnant with his child and hooked up with his current wife. So if I was her, I would give the baby my last name also! Don’t stick up for a name who leaves a pregnant woman.”

I have to agree with Natasha here. Unless you know Tom or Bridget personally, you don’t know the intimate details or the relationship they had and therefore it is not right to make up facts about it or judge them.

For the record, Jack was conceived at Thanksgiving, and Tom and Bridget’s reps released statements saying they broke up around December 1. If this is true, it is doubtful Bridget and Tom knew about the pregnancy when they broke up. Tom started dating Giselle around December 15 (according to their reps), so he may not have even known about the baby when he started dating her. None of this may be true as it is just what their representatives have said to the press, but we have nothing else to go on except gossip from people who don’t know Tom, Bridget, or Giselle.

Sandra on

Bela, I don’t think he knew she was pregnant at the time he left her – I’ve read that he found out via the media, she didn’t even bother to tell him that he was going to be a father.

On another note; that is one EXTREMELY GORGEOUS child. Looks a lot like his daddy.🙂

Noah's Ark Animal Workshop on

Jack is sooo adorable and looks just like his daddy!! Oh and btw, I will never understand how people can say Tom left Bridget when he found out she was pregnant because it was announced 12/14/06 that they broke up and then it wasn’t even announced that she was pregnant until 2/18/07 at which time she would have been about 3 months pregnant. I seriously doubt her being pregnant had anything to do with the break up. Besides, couples have babies all the time and don’t stay together so why should this be any different. You don’t stay together because you’re having a baby. You stay together because you love eachother and obviously it didn’t work out for them.

Sarah K. on

Actually Ellen and Bela, Tom and Bridget had already broken up by the time she found out she was pregnant. It’s not like he found out and then ran for the hills. It probably would have been a mistake for them to get back together only because she was pregnant. Neither of them have spoken publicly about the other details so we don’t know that he put her through anything.

But still, I do support her choice to give Jack her last name. Jack has Tom’s names incorporated in there, so dad wasn’t completely left out. And, Bridget seems to be the primary caregiver.

Sarah K. on

Oh, and Jack is a real cutie! That kid is going to be tall!

robb on

Love seeing pictures Bridget and Jack. I think she is so beautiful and Jack is a cuttie. He is starting to look a little more like Bridget. She must have friends or family a couple of houses down, they keep getting their pictures between the two houses. Can’t wait to see her on TV and in her new movie she’ll be starting soon. Iam a big fan of hers.

Natasha on

Thank you Sam.

Louise, that’s exactly my point. This is definitely NOT the first time Tom has been bashed and the point is that nobody knows anything about their relationship or what happened.

Natasha on

Oh and Sarah I agree about the name thing, both of John/Jack’s middle names are Tom’s names.

And like someone else said, just because he has her last name doesn’t make him any less of Tom. It’s JUST a name.

gigi on

As a single mom, it’s just easier to give your children YOUR last name. Whenever I meet with doctors, teachers, or daycare providers, they assume my child and I have the same last name (which we do). It would get annoying to have to correct them. Also many single women have children by different men over their lifetime so each child would have a different name if they were all given their fathers’ names. On the otherhand, women who are with their partner during the delivery (even when unmarried) do usually give the baby the man’s last name because there’s an assumption the couple will stay together. If a woman’s planning on staying single then giving the child their last name makes sense.

Tracy on


FYI, CBB does post pics of Tom & Gisele with baby John. They are adorable!

Sam on

“Also many single women have children by different men over their lifetime so each child would have a different name if they were all given their fathers’ names.”

This doesn’t make sense. What if you’re a single man and you have children by different women over your lifetime? If they all had their mother’s last name, then each child would have a different last name.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with having Bridget’s last name, and if he had Tom’s last name that would be fine, too.

desaudia on

This topic always causes me to simmer. I am not particularly a fan of Bridget or Tom, but they broke up before she announced she was pregnant. If it wasn’t working, then staying together for a child wouldn’t work either.

Regardless, John has great looking parents and a hot stepmom in Giselle and he is adorable to boot.

desaudia on

Oops and I did not take my husband’s last name so our kids dont have my last name. My name is memorable and in the industry I work that is beneficial. Sure people assume we all have the same name, but it is really no big deal…People assume lots of things. Just my 2 cents:)

Janie on

Beautiful mother and son.

alice jane on

He is so cute! And so big. Hard to believe he’s already as old as he is. And I don’t have a problem with Bridget giving Jack her last name; I actually think it’s sort of nice. She honored Tom in Jack’s middle names, so I think it’s nice that while Jack and Tom share two names, Bridget and Jack get to share a name as well.

And I know that some of Tom’s choices are questionable to a lot of people, and it seems like he gets judged here pretty harshly. But he seems to have really stepped up to the plate and he looks like he has a really good relationship with Jack, and so does Gisele. Jack is only going to benefit from that.

Tricia on

Wow, this is about as heated as CBB gets–this family never fails to excite strong opinions on both sides. For better or worse, I will put my two cents in, and state beforehand that I was a big Brady fan, both on & off the field. One undeniable fact is that, after the world was informed of Bridget’s pregnancy, Tom & Gisele travelled extensively together (nothing really wrong with that), and were often photographed enjoying themselves (again, not too bad) and publicly canoodling–which is where I began to lose respect for him. There seemed to be no consideration for her feelings at all, which, given their past 3-year relationship, said to me that he wasn’t quite as nice a guy as we first thought. He had to know those photos would be splashed all over. Either that, or he’s just incredibly naive, immature or insensitive. I will root for him on the playing field again, but that’s about it. Bridget, on the other hand, displayed an amazing amount of grace in the face of it all–can any of us that have been pregnant even imagine having that done to us, for all the world to see?

Alex on

I love his name! He is such a cute kid🙂.

Bonitto on

Trica, your sob posting is not pulling on no one heart string, leave Tom Brady alone he is one of the good guys around – you all seem to want Tom to live under a rock to please Bridget Moynahan – they broke up long before she announce this pregnancy – you seem to think this is the first break-up between two people – nobody should be force to get marry because they are having a baby and Bridget better start believing that and what type of grace did she display? you seem to think Bridget Moynahan is a victim here, she wasn’t 16 when she become pregnant. she was 36 years old.

Q on

HERE HERE! Bonitto. It’s so annoying that people on her bash Tom for nothing.

Tricia even you admit Tom didn’t do anything wrong, so why did you loose respect for him? Imagine having what done to us?? You act lick Tom was out there carrying on like some wold party animal. He was serious & in love since he married Giselle.

I also think john should have Tom’s surname. I think it was done out of anger. John doesn’t just belong to Bridget & she isn’t raising him alone.

Julie on

I’m pretty sure it takes TWO people to have unprotected sex and conceive a child. So the fact that Tom is the only one getting bashed is pretty ridiculous. They BOTH did it, and both have to deal with it one way or another.

anna on

Bonitto, I completely agree. I never understood why Tom was being critized. He seems like a good guy. We don’t know why they broke up. It could have been Bridget’s choice. Either way – no two people should have to stay together just because the woman is pregnant. And they probably broke up before she realized she is.

Anna on

I agree with Trisha. Tom chould have shown a little more class, and not been so in your face with Gisele. Especially now that his ex is pregnant with his child! Not to say I expected him to go running back to Bridget, which I did not. But it almost seemed like he was having too much fun, while Bridget was now broken up with him and pregnant too!

Plus if I was Bridget, I would have not given my son Tom’s last name either. I carried him for nine months, and I no longer had a relationship with the father so the baby would get my name.

jessica on

I gave my daughter my last name because she’s with me 99% of the time and I personally think it would be confusing to have the name of someone who isn’t around much. I think Tom is obviously doing a good job as a father, but he didn’t show respect for Bridget while she was pregnant. We don’t know the whole story, but he definitely could’ve stayed out of the tabloids if he wanted to. People would have FREAKED out if Bridget had dated when she was pregnant, why is it ok for him? Double standard.

babyboopie on

I absolutely agree that Tom should have shown a lot more respected and should have supported Bridget a lot more throughout her pregnancy rather than swanning off with Gisele, regardless of his feelings for her. Bridget was carrying John, his son and he really should have put her first rather than Gisele!

Sarah K. on

Q, I don’t understand your reasoning. Yes, Jack does belong to both of them but why does that mean he should automatically have Tom’s last name? He doesn’t get more rights just because he’s the man.

Jack has Tom’s name as his middle names (Edward Thomas is Tom’s name in reverse), so he is definitely included. If Jack had his last name too, where would Bridget be represented? How does “John Brady” include Bridget? I think she was completely fair by including BOTH of their names.

Tricia on

I was not “bashing” Tom, I do not hate him or wish him ill. Nor did I say (or think) that he should have stayed with Bridget just because of the baby. I simply pointed out that he could have kept his new relationship more low-key, out of respect for his ex while she was carrying his child. And I know it “takes two”, and that Bridget shares 50/50 responsibility for the pregnancy; I just felt that she showed class by keeping any negative opinions to herself. Consequently I have much more respect for her than him, regarding this situation. While I will continue to admire the work he’s put in as an athlete, I no longer consider him a role model for my teenage son, when it comes to treating a woman with decency & respect.

just saying on

why is everyone so mad about a last name tom dont seem to mind that his son has bridget last name did anyone ever think that this might be what he me he could have showed more respect for bridget and people defend tom but what do you half to say about him and gisele getting married in the church that bridget and her son attends the church were tom and bridget attended while they were a couple this to me shows that they have no respect for her and is trying to hurt her so tom fans what do you think about that?

Sam on

“There seemed to be no consideration for her feelings at all, which, given their past 3-year relationship, said to me that he wasn’t quite as nice a guy as we first thought. He had to know those photos would be splashed all over.”

Was he supposed to hide out for 9 months? Yeah he probably did know their photos would be taken anywhere they went, but that doesn’t mean he had to be on virtual house arrest until the baby was born.

Sam on

” I carried him for nine months, and I no longer had a relationship with the father so the baby would get my name.”

Anna, a father is still a father whether you’re with him when you’re pregnant or not. Not that that means he should neccesarily have the father’s name, just that that is not a good reason to not give the baby the father’s name.

Sam on

“But it almost seemed like he was having too much fun, while Bridget was now broken up with him and pregnant too!”

Was he supposed to try to not have fun since a woman was expecting his baby? That’s ridiculous. He couldn’t sit at home with Bridget and hold her hand because they weren’t together anymore. There was no reason for him to not be able to have fun. It isn’t his fault he wasn’t the one pregnant.

Sam on

“People would have FREAKED out if Bridget had dated when she was pregnant, why is it ok for him?”

Actually, Bridget has said she DID date while pregnant. So did Heidi Klum and no one freaked out about that.

Sam on

“I simply pointed out that he could have kept his new relationship more low-key, out of respect for his ex while she was carrying his child.”
I really don’t think he could have unless he never left his house. Tom and Bridget’s break up and their baby was a HUGE story and I’m sure papparazzi was all over the place.

Sam on

“I just felt that she showed class by keeping any negative opinions to herself. Consequently I have much more respect for her than him, regarding this situation.”

Yes, I respect bridget for that, too. But when did Tom ever say anything negative about the situation? Your comment about having more respect for her than him doesn’t make sense; NEITHER ONE of them said anything negative about the other during this whole ordeal. So the rest of us shouldn’t either! We have no right to judge based on the gossip we hear.

Bonitto on

Some of you poster need to go think before you all come here foaming at the mouth, and as for you “just saying” you read too much gossip magazines and take them for gospel truth – i never knew that Bridget Moynahan own a church for herself in this country – you all seem to think that Tom Brady dont have anything better to do with his time than to go around hurting Bridget.

Bonitto on

I couldn’t agree with you more Sam, some of these posters are stupid and they take every gossip for gospel truth, I dont know what negative Bridget was going to say about Tom, that wouldn’t not reflex right back at her.

Natasha on

Sam, I like you a lot. LOL. I just love the assumptions about this couple. I feel like I’m wasting my time though, these people have already made up their minds and they’ll just continue to hate him. I really hope that CBB can conquer this before it starts next time.

harris on

What makes the story that the Brady/Bundchen fans keep repeating more right than the story the Moynahan fans repeat? What makes the opinions of the Brady/Bundchen fans more right than the opinions of the Moynahan fans? Why are the Moynahan fans called rude, stupid, jeolous, hateful, just to name a few adjectives used to describe them, when some of the worst bashing has been directed towards Bridget by Brady/Bundchen people?

Sam on

Bonitto and Natasha,

Thanks! I’m not really on either side, I just don’t like it when people assume they know everything about celebrities’ intimate lives and then try and bash them for it.

I know a couple celebrities and I know for a fact that a lot of the stuff in gossip magazines and on websites that has been said about the two that I know is incorrect, misguided, made up, exaggerated etc. So I think all this gossip should be taken with a grain of salt.

jessica on

Thanks Sam! I’ve never heard that Bridget dated while pregnant, good for her. I tend to side with her more because I was in a similar situation.

Tricia on

Bonitto & Sam, I am not taking anything as “gospel truth” other that what I’ve seen with my own eyes. It’s true I don’t know much at all about their private lives. However, Bridget was carrying Tom’s child (fact), while he was being photographed making out with Gisele all over Europe (fact). No one was asking him to “be on house arrest for 9 months”. He could have been more low-key, is what I said, and kept the “displays of affection” private, at least for the time being. Since when did being kind to someone you once loved by not publicly making a fool of her go out of fashion?

I’m surprised you’re spending your time here, Bonitto–things are really hopping over at the Herald!

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