Heidi Klum: Leni Thinks Victoria's Secret Models are 'Barbies'

03/27/2009 at 06:00 PM ET

The life of a supermodel is surreal for many, but for the children of a supermodel even more so! During a recent appearance on The Bonnie Hunt Show, Heidi Klum, 35, revealed that her 4 ½-year-old daughter Leni has been to the rehearsals for several Victoria’s Secret fashion shows — and she likes what she sees! “Leni loves it,” Heidi said. “She thinks it’s 27 Barbies walking down the runway, so for her this is like…’Wow!'”

As for her other two children — Henry, 3 ½  and Johan, 2 — Heidi said she’s looking forward to the fall when Johan will start preschool, and she’ll have an empty nest to call home…for a few hours at least! “School will be like a one-stop shop,” she notes.

“I’ll drive there and drop them off…It’s going to be great. Otherwise you have to drive them to all different places all the time which is hard when you have three, and they all have different things that they like to do. One likes soccer, the other is ballet, the other is hip-hop. So I try to have them all do things together.”

Heidi raises her three children with husband Seal, whom she married in 2005.

Source: The Bonnie Hunt Show

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aubrey madeline on

little leni is a beautiful little girl

Sophie on

Leni is absoloutely gorgeous!!🙂
I like Heidi, she seems like a really good mother.

Ling on

I heard she lives in L.A. Hopefully the kids don’t become wrapped up into the Hollywood lifestyle as they grow older. Leni is also cute, btw!

Mary-Helen on

Haha! I love that she thinks the models are Barbies! Leni is such a gorgeous girl and Johan and Henry are so handsome. Heidi and Seal seem like they have such a stable and solid family built for their little ones.

g!na on

aaw, Leni is cute! in my opinion, I hope she grows up to know that not every women, including her gorgeous mom, are not like Barbie! Real women come in every shape and size! xoxo

Chelsea on

Leni is adorable!

It bothers me when on other sites (and in magazines)people will refer to Leni as only Heidi’s daughter and not Seal’s. Seal has been with Heidi since before Leni was even born and has raised her as his own. He’s her father in my eyes.

gianna on

Her kids grow so quick, seems like other day she was pregnant. Leni looks a lot like flavio.

Silvermouse on

That makes me mad too, Chelsea! My suitemate wrote on a mag. with Heidi’s picture on it, right on Heidi’s forehead slut. Maybe it’s just because Heidi is one of my fav. celebs,but made my blood boil for a second. Fortunately I hid my InStyle cover of Heidi so she cannot get out of it.
And whoever says that Seal isn’t a father figure to Leni, Flavio left Heidi when she was pregnant! So far as we know, Flavio isn’t in Leni’s life. So Seal is Leni’s father as far as I’m concerned. And they always brighten my day like the Rossdale/Stefani brood do.

Gem on

Cute! Really cute…

Alex on

Chelsea, I totally agree. A father is not the person who is genetically responsible for a child, it is the person who wipes snotty noses and mops up sick and reads bedtime stories. Seal is Leni’s father. End of.

Sam on

They don’t refer to him as her daughter because legally he’s not. You say he’s the father in your eyes, but honestly, you aren’t part of the family and you probably don’t know them personally, so that’s not something for you or anyone else to say. I understand what you’re saying and I agree with you that Seal has raised Leni and they probably think of each other as father and daughter, but it’s not up to us to determine whether he’s her father or not and what they think of each other.

If Seal came out and said he adopted her or that he should be referred to as her father, than by all means refer to him as her father. But otherwise it’s not up to us or journalists/writers to determine the intimate relationship between two people we really don’t know.

fay on


i think whats really funny is that heidi didnt find out she was pregnant till just before or just after she met seal… so he was w/ her throughout the pregnancy and is frankly the only father she knows…

i do wonder however why he doesnt formally adopt her…

em on

“Heidi said she’s looking forward to the fall when Johan will start preschool, and she’ll have an empty nest to call home…for a few hours at least!”
Umm doesnt she have like 2 nannies at once and 24/7 help? Gove me a break!

lis on

Chelsea- this article made no indication that Seal doesn’t raise Leni…?

Tina on

same here Seal is Leni`s father.

Sarah K. on

Sam, I agree. While Leni probably thinks of Seal as her dad and Seal has said he thinks of Leni as his daughter, it isn’t legal. Journalists would be doing a disservice if they were to write that Seal is her father when legally he is not. We have no idea what Flavio’s place in Leni’s life is because the family doesn’t talk about it publicly (nor should they). It isn’t for us to decide what is or isn’t true in their lives. If and when Seal does adopt Leni, then you can criticize the media for not referring to them as father and daughter.

alice jane on

Seal has made comments before about raising Leni as his own, and I’m pretty sure he also said that Flavio Briatore is totally out of the picture. I’m not sure why Seal doesn’t aodpt Leni, but whatever – he obviously thinks of her as his own.

Erica on

I doubt Seal will ever legally adopt Leni. Her biological father is an extremely wealthy man and IMO maybe Heidi is hoping he will one day want to at least financially support his daughter. He would have to terminate his rights as a father in order for Seal to adopt her, and doing this would relinquish him from any and all financial obligation.

That said, I do think Seal has and will continue to raise her as his own.

Alex on

Sam, Seal does refer to Leni as his daughter. This site is one that handles it correctly. Adoption, genetics, marriage, however a child comes to a parent it matters not one iota to the kid. All they care about is who loves them. Leni is no less one of Seal’s children than Johan or Henry are. And that is what I have always admired about CBB. You guys here make no disctinction between the different ways a family came to be, just that they are a family. That’s all that matters.

Sam on

Alex, I agree with you that all that matters is that a child is loved. And I also agree that CBB handles this well. But I do not agree that a step-parent is the same as an adoptive parent or a biological parent. There is nothing wrong with referring to Seal as Leni’s step-dad; it says nothing about their emotional relationship. If the couple refers to him as her dad, then that is different; I just don’t think we should make assumptions on their relationship based on pictures we see in on a website.

And I too have read interviews where Seal has referred to Leni as his daughter and has said he would love to adopt her.

Sam on

Sarah K., I agree with you and honestly, the reason I wrote my original post to begin with is because I’m a journalist and I feel it would be poor journalism to refer to Seal as Leni’s dad unless he adopts her. And I think CBB does a great job of the way that they refer to these to, such as in this post where it reads, “Heidi raises her three children with husband Seal.” That conveys the fact that Seal parents Leni and his two sons, without referring to him as Leni’s dad.

rocketwisdom23 on

Heidi is a responsible model and mother for 3 kids. I hope no more problems for Seal.

stephanie on


When I was little, my mother’s office at home, she worked full time and had nannies and help and she said basically the same thing Heidi did. Seriously, what’s with all the hate in this site (the commenters) towards people being able to afford help? Having nannies doesn’t mean people don’t see their children at all.

Lisa on

Leni’s personality shines through in every photo. She is such an adorable child – my favorite celeb child.

Natasha on

I’m pretty sure Seal confirmed that Flavio is not in her life and that Leni is just as much his daughter as Henry & Johan are his sons.

It just seems pointless to mention that in every post about Leni, just as it is pointless to mention which of the Jolie Pitt kids are adopted and which aren’t.

CelebBabyLover on

Natasha- Seal DID indeed confirm that. In fact, he actually did so just a few months ago, I believe (which is, I think, when he made the comment about how he’d love to adopt Leni.). As far as why he doesn’t adopt her, it could be as simple as that Flavio refuses to sign away his parental rights, which he’d have to do in order for Seal to adopt her.

stephanie- I think, in most cases, people who make those comments are referring to celebs who make it sound like they do it all themselves when in fact they have help. However, I don’t think Heidi was trying to imply that at all! In fact, she and Seal are extremely open when it comes to the fact that they use nannies!

Sam on

But Natasha, they aren’t the same thing. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are the parents of all 6 of their kids, whether through adoption or biology. Seal is NOT the father of Leni, even if he feels like her dad, and will not be until and unless he adopts her.

CelebBabyLover on

Sam- Okay, legally Seal is not Leni’s father, but I think it’s pretty safe to say that he’s her father in all other senses of the word.

I mean, look at Kate Hudson, for example. I don’t think Kurt Russell ever actually legally adopted her, but he’s pretty much the only father she’s ever known, and she considers him her “pa”.

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