Chris Cornell and His Models in the Making

03/27/2009 at 10:00 AM ET
Courtesy BabyCouture for use on CBB

In promotion of his new album, Scream, Chris Cornell appears on the cover of the latest issue on BabyCouture with children Toni, 4 and Christopher Nicholas, 3.

Also posing for a fashion spread inside, Toni and “Baby Chris,” as he’s known, play in the tub and serve dad lunch!

The kids are Chris’ with wife Vicky Karayiannis. The rocker will be touring the United States in support of Scream — the next leg begins tomorrow!

Two more photos of Chris and the kids below!

Courtesy BabyCouture for use on CBB
Courtesy BabyCouture for use on CBB

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Alex on

I love it when I see rockers with their kids! It’s the same reason I smile every time I see little Everly Bear with Anthony. The Cornell kids are gorgeous and I love the names!

Layla on

Cute kids. I wish we could see photo of his other daughter, Lily, with ex-wife Susan Silver. I have met Chris on several occasions since I am from Seattle. He’s a nice guy. I have been a fan of his music since Soundgarden was a baby band opening for other bands. And therefore, I have to say I am shocked that he, this rock God, would pose for photos for a kids magazine. In some circles, he’d be called a ‘sell out’, for more reasons than just this. I’d be curious to read the article..but is it a shameless plug for his new CD? I don’t get it? Love Chris, but he is choosing to expose himself for his career in an odd way.

melissa on

nothing better than seeing a daddy with his kids! they’re all beauitful! esp love the second pic!!

Alex on

Layla – no offence, but are you saying he’s a sell out for posing for photos with his children in that magazine? I see where you’re coming from if you were saying it was for promotional reasons, but otherwise, I think it’s wonderful that a man like him loves his children enough to not care what people say.

Natasha on

Alex, ITA.

camille on

i love toni sh’e so alike her dad…. i love him, he’s the greatest singer n the world! but so, i really didn’t like he’s latest work. it’s good, but definetely not his style.

Blue on

Cute kids and cute daddy but Chris please lay off of the spray tan. People should not be orange.

Mia on

So adorable🙂 I hadn’t seen the fun in the tub picture. Apparently the actual layout is like 12 pages. There haven’t been any officially pictures of Lily, but there was a time about 2 years ago ,or so late 2007 when Chris, Vicky, Toni, and another little girl (a few years older) were out getting dinner in L.A at Mr. Chows, and I’m pretty sure it was Lily. She looks almost exactly like Chris, same eyes, nose, dark dark hair, it was never confirmed, but pretty sure that was her. It’s around the web somewhere.

meghan on

Chris’ life has changed since his days in Soundgarden. He is a husband and father now. His focus is all about his family, it is logical to me that they would be a part of any press for his latest projects. In my opinion, there are much worse ways to “Sell out” than being a loving and devoted dad.

mel on

the sons hair is gorgeous.

lmouse on

Eileen on

Um, thank you Alex for not being the only person put off by Layla’s comments. So, because he fits into the “stereotype” of a hard core rocker that means that he cannot be a family man without people losing respect for his musical talents? I also don’t understand why for some priorities can change and it’s acceptable, for people like Chris when their lives shift it’s labeled as being a “sell out”. Sure, my life used to be really different, but because I am now focused on a family instead of it all being about my wants and needs, does that make me a sell out?
Furthermore, I see celebrities, like Julia Roberts, Pete Wentz, and Angelina Jolie featured with their children on this Blog constantly. They have movies and music coming out and they aren’t labeled as showing off their kids for movie or music ticket sales.
I guess my questions for Alex are…why is Chris a sell out? Because he’s making great music AND showing people his beautiful family? What makes an artist true to their craft and not a so-called sell out? In order for an artist to maintain relevance, they should not be multi-faceted? I am insulted for Chris and everyone in general who can add different things to their lives, yet still focus on and produce something that they love and are good at.

Also, for someone who has met this nice guy, I wonder if he’ll remember the “fan” who wrote this about him.

Morgan Jacobs on

The photographer is a child star of the late 70’s and 80’s Meeno Peluce who starred in a time traveling show called Voyagers! He does very good work and you can find his work at

Lisa on

Well said, Eileen. Layla, on the other hand, your comments not only don not make sense, but are so riddled with backhanded compliments, it’s insulting! You wish you could see his other daughter, then criticize what glimpses you are seeing. You give Chris “Rock God” status, but then cut his abilities down to once being a “baby band”. You question his motives for this exposure, without even reading the periodical, then your last statement seems odd, since you clearly have made up your mind about what he is doing and why (without reading the article, again).
With all the unsell-out rockers that have committed suicide, overdosed on drugs, been to rehab 15 times, had 8 children with 6 different women…..this makes me really happy to see a guy like Chris. If that’s what a sell-out is, I’ll take it!

Meg on

Bravo Eileen and Lisa. Both your comments are spot-on. I really enjoyed seeing these photos. He has a lovely family and he looks obviously happy to me. Is that supposed to be a bad thing because he used to be in a Seattle band?? The whole “sell-out” tag is so lame! Some people need to get a life, like Chris has!!!

Must love X Cornell on

OMG his son looks JUST LIKE him! Like a mini Chris (esp. in the younger SG days when his face was full and he had that droopy eyes/lower lip thing going on – loved that!!!) but blonde (not like chris was a few years back with dat hiddy blonde spike do he sported, that was awful – too strained and not relaxed like he usually is) and not curly, but so cute!! His daughter on the other hand has darker and somewhat curly hair but doesnt look like Chris in other ways, so maybe she looks like her mom? Anyway, cute!! And I love Chriss blue lagoon eyes, just beautiful! Keep on rocking in the free world!

Me on

I love Soundgarden and Chris, but I can’t help but think how his daughter Lily feels about seeing pictures of him playing with his “new” family. It’s gotta hurt, because he doesn’t even live in Seattle anymore and said on Howard Stern that he doesn’t see her much. I just hope she doesn’t pull a Montana Fishburne one day.

j.a. lindberg on

2011/ Wow layla, aren’t you glad that you were wrong re:CC being a sellout! You know autographing albums at a record store is promotional too, and interviews etc.. He experiments musically and grows, just like an artist should….and voila, he’s more successful than ever! SG album, Songbook album, rave reviews worldwide touring alone and with SG, and now being nominated for a Golden Globe. Also, it’s never a sellout to follow one’s heart, or for Chris to share the love and happiness (so deserved), he feels for his family with the fans that love him. You don’t really sound like a fan, but more like someone who can’t handle CC stepping out of the box people like to put him in. He’s too smart and talented to stand still!!

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