Ali Landry Explains Decision to Hire a Live-In Nanny

03/27/2009 at 02:00 PM ET
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All working moms have to tackle the issue of childcare at some point, and celebrity working moms are no exception. They have more resources at their disposal, however, and Ali Landry counts herself lucky to be able to afford a live-in nanny named Felicitas. “We are so grateful that it is within our budget,” Ali tells Goddess. “She is a family friend and we absolutely adore her.” Because both Ali and her husband Alejandro Gomez Monteverde work and their families reside in Louisiana and Mexico, respectively, daycare simply wasn’t a feasible option for the couple’s 20-month-old daughter Estela Ines.

“We needed to have someone that we were completely comfortable with who was available at a moment’s notice. For us, the best choice was to get a live-in nanny.”

While Felicitas is the best fit for Ali and Alejandro, the 35-year-old actress admits that sharing the responsibility of raising her child with someone else “can bring on a lot of emotions, including guilt and even jealousy.” When she’s feeling that “twinge” Ali says she soon remembers that she’s fortunate Estela and Felicitas have each other in their lives. “I wouldn’t have it any other way,” she explains. “I think the bottom line for me is that I know Felicitas loves our child like her own…She makes me feel as though she would do anything to protect her if she had to.”

“I also love that Estela is ALMOST as comfortable with her as she is with me — ALMOST!”

Case in point? When Estela was first learning to talk, she’d often call both Ali and Felicitas ‘Mama.’ Though Felicitas would immediately correct baby girl, Ali allowed the habit to continue. “I would just laugh and say, ‘Yes, I am mama and, okay, this is your other mama,'” she recalled. “That would probably freak out a lot of my friends, but I guess I just finally learned not to sweat the small stuff.” It’s that approach that keeps the relationship between mom, nanny and baby healthy and strong. Adds Ali,

“I feel secure knowing that my child only has one mother, and no one will take my place. We have open communication with our nanny and we definitely understand boundaries. There is enough love in our children’s hearts to share with everyone in their lives.”

Source: Goddess

Thanks to CBB reader Meghann.

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Xan on

Hmm. I appreciate Ali’s open-minded approach to her decision and situation as well as her candor in this interview. It seems that Felicitas’ role is close to that of a female family member who is dedicated to the care of the child. It’s certainly true that unlike an aunt or grandmother she is a paid employee, but the arrangement does appear to be quite (pun intended)… felicitous.

Good for them.

OnyxJones on

I love Ali’s made a choice works for her and her family. I wouldn’t mind having a live-in nanny myself when the times comes.

lis on

It certainly sounds like a decision she hasn’t taken lightly. good for her!

Janet on

Ali is a cool woman but Geez… a live-in nanny? Oh well, to each their own. Some are just financially able to have that LUXURY. This is typical in the celeb world. Nanny this, nanny that. What else is new?

Colleen on

I love when people criticize those who choose to have nannies. Actors work. They work long hours, sometimes very odd hours. Not to mention the press they do, the travel involved, etc. I don’t know of many daycares who are open 24 hours and would allow children to be there as often. Even when there are 2 parents, maybe they both have odd hours and sometimes can’t balance their schedules.

ang on

i respect them having a live-in nanny, but allowing estela to call her mama also????nah,don’t agree with that.

waffle on

yeah you don’t have to be rich or a celebrity to have a live in nanny.

when i was a kid i recall a family friend had a live in nanny from somewhere in europe and she lived in a council flat in a nondescript part of london, i’m not saying she was dirt poor but far from rich.

shalay on

I understand why families would need a live-in nanny, especially with both parents working. I’m just a little confused as to what Ali’s job is. According to her last acting job was in 2008. If she just does odd modeling or acting gigs here and there, it doesn’t really make much sense to me why she would need a live-in nanny, especially since she only has one child. I guess it is a luxury that she can afford. I don’t have children yet, but honestly, if I could stay home with my kids the majority of the time, the idea of having a nanny live with me would be weird. I wouldn’t want my child calling some other woman “Mommy”, even if that person was a close family member or friend. But that’s just me.

Chris on

I don’t get why she has a nanny, let alone a live-in one, especially since she only has one child and doesn’t seem to work much. As for the nanny being called Estela’s other mama…weird IMO. But Ali seems really sweet and Estela is super cute!

Anna on

I don’t mind people having live in nannies and can’t imagine it being helpful. Personally I wouldn’t want to have someone living in my house that is not apart of my family. She might feel like a family member but she is getting paid, so she clearly is not. What if she decides to go to another family? Estella will lose here second “mama”.

hopesprouts on

As a nanny myself, it would be painful to me to be that close to a family without being an actual part of the family. If I took another job it would be a more intense grieving process and also, wanting to be a mother, it is too close for comfort…too much like, “close but no cigar.” That’s just me though…

martyna on

I don’t get this whole criticism , don’t judge her .If she needs a live in nanny …I don’t see anything wrong in this – it’s her personal decision. I Know sth about it from my past experience – I was an aupair In The Netherlands for nearly 15months .Yes I was paid But I was treated like I was member of their family and I spend wonderful time over there .

Elle on

It’s very common for children raised by Latina nannies to call the nanny “Mama” because that’s what the nanny calls the baby! By the time the child is about two, she will learn to call the nanny by the nanny’s name.

melissa on

i had a nanny going up. it was a positive experience and i do plan to hire one for my children. yet, i never called her mama. that is a little to much for me. my mom always made it clear that the nanny was paid by her and could be fired by her. lol

Kattyra on

I grew up with nanny’s, in Latin America it is very common to have a live in and if I could afford one, I would totally do it, especially since my husband travels a lot for work and sometimes by night 4 of him being gone I would love an extra set of hands.

Even if she doesn’t work full time, its fine to have help.

Monie on

I have provided child care for many children over the last 15 years and before most of the babies could talk they called me “mama” too. Anyone that is loving them and nurturing them and doing the mama things is a mama to them. One of my friend’s husbands freaked out when he heard his daughter call me mama. My friend told him that she was thankful that her child loved me so much and that I loved her! It made her happy and she knew her child was well cared for. One of my mom’s called me “Mama Dos”. Her little girl is 8 and still calls me mama once in awhile. The babies know who THE mama is and no one can replace her. Eventually they learn to say some version of my name, but sometimes they don’t think and call “Mama!” Its a natural thing, especially when they hear my own kids calling me.

CelebBabyLover on

Kattrya- ITA! I think what Ali was trying to say is that, because she and Alejandro have “weird” work schedules, they need someone who can care for Estela at a moment’s notice. Therefore, the most feasible solution for them was to hire a live-in, as otherwise they would probably have a hard time finding childcare for Estela when they DO work (since most daycares can’t accomandate the type of work schedules they keep and their families don’t live close by).

Monie- I agree with you, too! I mean, I think the vast majority of us accidentally referred to at least one of our Elementary school teachers as “Mom” at some point! Obviously we knew the teacher wasn’t our mom, but “Mom,” just slipped out!

Anyway, I’m glad Ali made these comments. Hopefully they’ll help put a stop to some of the “Why bring a nanny with you when you only have one child?” comments that often crop up on pictures of celeb babies and their mothers out with the nanny in tow.

Ali makes it pretty clear, I think, that sometimes nannies become pretty much a part of the family. Therefore, it’s very possible that, in those cases, the nanny sometimes goes out with mom and baby as a friend or “family member” rather than a nanny.🙂

Silvermouse on

I am positive toward nannies and also is a good job opportunity that pays pretty well. A lot of my college friends do it for part time work. So don’t diss nannies, it’s nobody’s business to do so.

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