Melissa Howard Beck Welcomes Daughter Shalom Mazie

03/26/2009 at 10:00 AM ET
Lester Cohen/WireImage

It’s a little princess for Melissa Howard Beck! The former Real World: New Orleans castmember and her husband, Glassjaw guitarist Justin Beck welcomed their first child Friday, March 20th at 10:18 p.m. Daughter Shalom Mazie Beck weighed in at 6 lbs., 3 oz and measured 18 inches long.

“She is a kind and precious baby. We are insanely in love with her,” the proud mama tells CBB. Despite a long labor, the 32-year-old took to Twitter to share that the entire experience — pain and all! — was more than worth it.

“So 26 hours of labor, surviving only on ice-chips + 4 hrs of pushing + 1 epidural = STILL the SINGLE best thing that has ever happened to me.”

The pregnancy was announced in September. Melissa’s due date had been this past Wednesday, March 25th.

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Lia on

I am SO happy for her! She’s expressed on her blog just how much she wanted this little girl, how much trying it took, and how excited she was when she finally got pregnant. Congrats Melissa, my FAVE Real Worlder!

J-Lin on

I love Melissa from the Real World. I’m so happy for her.

Harley on

Can I just say ouch? Never really followed the show but she has my respect for a labor that long lol.

erin h on

That’s so funny. My son was born on March 20th last year and I had 26 hours of labor excluding my 4 hours of pushing. How random! I remember her from the Real World. Good for her, children are a gift from God!!Enjoy every minute!

Becky on

Congrats to her! That is awesome! I loved her on Real World. Not too fond of the first name for a name but I LOVE Mazie! That is adorable!

Jeska on

Awww yaya iv been reading about her pregnancy on her website now I cant wait to actually see the little girl. Aw CONGRATS to the family!

Fanney on

Ouch! 4 hours of pushing…she’s a hero! 🙂 Can somebody tell me what’s the deal with ice chips? I always hear about ice chips in american hospitals.
When I was in labor with my 2 kids I was eating food and drinking coffee 🙂

Andrea on

She had to push for four hours to get a small baby like that out…that is ridiculous that dr. should’ve done a c-section. That baby weighed absoblutely nothing

MZ on

Fanney, they make us only eat ice chips in case something would happen and we’d need anesthesia. To have general anesthesia (which I had to have for my son last month), you’re stomach is supposed to be empty for 8-12 hrs. So, just ice chips for me. I knew ahead of time I was going under though, so I didn’t have labor at all.

gigi on

…………spoken like a true mom!

Jennifer on

Andrea, why should her doctor have performed an unneccesary and invasive surgery? Four hours of pushing is a lot, but she managed just fine. Why automatically jump to surgery?

Momta2 on

When I had my 2nd son in 2006, we did it at a birth center in the states with midwives. They require a family member to prepare a big meal for all people there…midwife, birth assistant, other family members and friends and most importantly the MOMMY! Although after a while eating was the last thing on my mind!

Miss B on

Wait, does she have a Twitter account and I missed it?

I feel kinda lame but I teared up reading this news. I just feel so happy for her—-seeing (well,er, reading about it and seeing the pics) her get married and reading about her love for her husband and her pregnancy journey…sigh. I hope she shares an occasional pic of the little one.

And yikes on 4 hours of pushing. Go Melissa! I also hope she’s very candid about the birth experience. I love those stories now that I’ve been through it myself. I had 23 hours of labor, only a few minutes of pushing, no epidural. I felt like a warrior afterwards!

LaLa on

So excited for Melissa! Read all about her problems with conceiving and pregnancy on her blog. How wonderful that she finally has her little baby. All the best to her and hubby 🙂

jsherri on

Congrats! Lovely name for her baby.

Melissa just radiates sheer light. Anyone know if she’s vegan?

sherunsaway on

Overjoyed at this announcement! (But like Miss B I want to know her Twitter account!)

HeatherR on

I am a longtime fan of Melissa’s blog 🙂 Her stories about her parents (aka- Shorty & Mercy) have made me laugh so hard! Lol

I love the name she chose for her daughter! Many Congrats to her and Justin!

Doreen on

This is her Twitter page! You have to send a request though to see updates. 🙂

skunk nuggets on

Congrats to her!

Even if pushing took 4 hours, as long as both the baby and the mother were fine, there was no reason to resort to major surgery. I’m glad she was able to avoid major surgery (I was forced into a c-section after only two hours os pushing with a 9 1/2 lbs child).

Amber on

Any Real World fans notice both her AND Kelly (Scott Wolf’s wife) were/are pregnant with their first child at the same time? I belive Kelly is still pregnant but due VERY soon.

kirsty on

I wouldn’t have wanted anything to eat, who can eat when you’re in pain! I threw up anyway I can’t imagine what that would have been like if I had a big meal. I was told that getting sick when you are in labor is pretty common.

Fanney on

Thank you MZ for the info 🙂 Haha well i can’t say that I was eating big meals, I had toast and maybe some yogurt.
I am glad she got to give birth without a c-section! In my opinion c-sections should only be used as a last resort and if there is an emergency.

Bella Mama on

Aww I love the name Shalom! I can imagine how beautiful she must be!!

CelebBabyLover on

Fanney- ITA about the C-section thing! Anyway, I love the name Shalom. If I’m not mistaken, “Shalom” means “peace” in Indian or Arabic or something. 🙂

Deb on

Shalom means hello,goodbye AND peace in Hebrew NOT “Indian or Arabic or something”!!!

CelebBabyLover on

Deb- That’s why I said, “..or something”! I just knew it was some middle or far eastern language!

FC on

Aww, congrats to Melissa and her hubby!

Blackrose on

celebritybabylover ur quit near..Salam is peace in arabic

shalom_marie on

My name is Shalom! Thank you Deb for clearing up the origin of the word Shalom. 🙂 It is Hebrew and means peace. It is used as a greeting when meeting one another.