Madonna Said to Be Adopting Again in Malawi

03/26/2009 at 02:00 PM ET
Piko Press/Splash News Online

Being a single mom isn’t keeping Madonna from expanding her family! The singer, 50, is heading to Malawi where she is planning to adopt a child, according to officials in that country. “We are expecting her this weekend,” an official from the Ministry of Women and Child Welfare, which is responsible for adoption in the African nation, tells PEOPLE.

The official says that Raising Malawi, the charity the singer established there, filed adoption papers for a girl, whose identity has not been revealed. “All is set for the adoption; all the paperwork is ready,” he says. Madonna is expected to appear in the High Court in the capital of Lilongwe next week to start the process for the second adoption. The singer’s rep had no comment.

Son David‘s biological father, Yohane Banda, tells PEOPLE that officials from Raising Malawi visited him last week to alert him to Madonna’s impending arrival. “I was told anytime Madonna is coming with my son and her other children,” said the soft-spoken tomato and onions farmer in a telephone interview. “They didn’t give me dates but they just said ‘soon.’ ”

In a recent interview with Malawi’s Nation newspaper, Madonna said adoption is “something I have been considering. But [I] would only do if I had the support of the Malawian people and the government.”

Source: PEOPLE

— Raphael Kinn L. Tenthani; Joey Bartolomeo


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Ryo on

Can someone tell me if the adoption laws in Malawi have changed? Because I’m pretty sure the reason David’s adoption caused so much controversy was because foreigners were not allowed to adopt from Malawi at all. So how can she be adopting again?

Amanda on

That’s what I thought Ryo, I’m pretty sure there have been no changes to the legislation so how can she legally be adopting again? I’d hate to think she’s using her clout and celebrity to bend the rules but what other explanation is there? Rules are there for a reason and you can’t just bend them and break them when it suits you. I’m sorry but that is just wrong.

kaci on

The adoption rules haven’t changed, so this is a little baffling. If you or me wanted to adopt from there would it happen?

oh well it’s one more child saved and having a better life so that’s a good thing.

Hea on

His son? I’m confused…

And I want to know the same thing as Ryo.

Jade on

It’s so weird to me that David’s father is still alive. It must be so strange to know that your son is raised by a celebrity. I wonder how David will feel toward his father when he’ll grow up. It must be complicated when you adopt a child with living parents. Hopefully it’ll work well for everyone.

Mrs. R. on

While I think it’s nice that she’s adopting another child, maybe to give her son a playmate (because her other kids are so much older), I think it’s weird that she got divorced less than 6 months ago, has been linked with 2 different men since, and now is going to have a new baby.

What about providing a little more stability in the lives of her existing children especially considering that they just went through their parents divorce? (I know he wasn’t Lola’s biological dad, but Guy Richie was a very involved step-dad and probably a loved parent regardless).

It seems a bit self-centered, but that’s kind of Madonna’s style. She does things for her own reasons.

em on

I understand Madonna has altruistic reasons for adopting again, as well as wanting to add to her family. It seems that with her recent divorce, time spent in at least one relationship post-divorce, the amount of time she works and travels, bringing a new child into her family is a vey poor decision for both her existing family and the soon to be adopted child.

Natasha on

Hea, David is his son. I don’t know why it’s bad that he said that?

Aitch on

I think the Father gave up David because he couldn’t afford to raise him living in dire poverty.
I read that she is adopting a girl named Mercy.

kim on

There are so many kids here in America that need homes. It seems a bit chic to some celebrities to adopt from other countries. I understand that in other countries the kids live is alarming poverty or are near death, but there are still children here who need homes to. My brother is adopted so I know first hand.

Kelli on

My only thing is that the kids spend a HUGE part of their day/night with nannies, why bring another child into the mix that you will hardly spend any time raising? Plus, as other people have stated, she has been with 3 different men (that we know of) in the last 8 months or so (Guy, A-Rox and Jesus). Heck, my husband and I have been married for 11 years and I bet we would be turned away if we tried to adopt. Yet Madonna gets the red carpet rolled out for her. Just because someone has money, doesn’t mean they can really take care of children.

Mrs. R. on

There are 9 of 22 cousins in my family who are adopted. Some domestic, some international, some mixed race, some single race. Our family has done it all.

I don’t think one can say that it’s not right to adopt internationally because there are children in the US who need to be adopted. Adoption in the US is VERY difficult, ridiculously difficult when one considers that having biological children has no constraints and no parent requirements. I’m not saying adoption abroad is better or worse, but in the case of some families, it’s not just possible to adopt domestically for one reason or another, so international adoption is the way to go for them.

Linda on

I really don’t think it matters where the adopted child is from. If he/she needs a loving home, he/she needs a loving family. As someone not form the USA, I kind of am surprised that apparently the USA has so many kids up for adoption. Is that because of the high teenage pregnancy rate?

As for Madonna, I kinda agree with what some other people said: this doesnt seem to be the perfect time for her to adopt again. Why not focus on the three young kids she already has in this time so short after her divorce.

Hea on

Natasha – I just think that… since David is just a little boy, he doesn’t need that kind of confusion. It’s bad enough that his parents have split up now, a re-introduction to his birth father might not be the way to go. And I think it’s a bit sad that media still contacts his birth father for comments. I fear they are giving him money to create a story.

I expressed my opinion about Madonna adopting again in the last “Madonna adopting again”-notice. I don’t understand how she can pull it off if it’s illegal.

JEH on

I too wonder how odd it feels knowing your adopted child has a living parent. Wonder how Angelina handles that??

I am sure there were orphaned babies/kids that needed homes. How do they choose who they take?

Heather on

I understand when people question why Madonna is adopting another child when nannies probably primarily take care of the children she has, but isn’t that sill a lot better then living in a crowded orphanage and being malnourished and ill?

New Shoes on

Linda, there are tens (or hundreds) of thousands of American kids in the foster care system who are eligible for adoption. The majority of these are not infants, but are older children who are much harder to find homes for since most people want to adopt babies.

Kelli on

Heather-I understand your point; however, my other reason is that if the average person (or couple) wanted to go and adopt a child, they would likely be turned away. ESPECIALLY if he/she was a single parent; however, Malawi is just setting aside all their laws and rules for Madonna to adopt this little girl. I say make it the same for everyone. Just because someone has money does not mean they can adequately take care of a child. I really think that if my husband and I had a full-time nanny and we went to adopt, we would be shut out. I just don’t think it is fair that a lot of celebrities seem to get special treatment just because they have money. It is not fair for the people who want to adopt so bad yet cannot because they don’t have the abundance of funds.

paula on

I just wanted to comment that the vast majority of children who are adopted in the U.S. and abroad have LIVING birth parents. So to say that a child should not be adopted because his/her parents are alive does not make any sense. Not sure how I feel about Madonna adopting again, but in any case, the fact that the child may have a living birth parent would not in any way factor into my opinion.

eva on

As an adoptive mom who had to stick to the rules and follow the law I am not impressed with Madonna’s approach to international adoption. Her logic for helping Malawian children is not the wisest and makes me dislike her more than a bit.

New Shoes on

Also, I’m not sure why it would be odd (in general) for your adopted child to have a living biological parent. That happens all the time. However, in general, I suppose most adoptive parents don’t have to worry about the bio parents talking to the media. Now that would be odd.

ecl on

Why does it matter if she adopts internationally or in the US? They are all kids that need homes. Is there some reason why it is better to adopt from the US? I think the only way one can think that is if you privilege the US over other countries. This is an attitude that doesn’t make sense to me. Should I feel more connected to a child across the country than across the world just because we were born in the same country? I personally think that this way of thinking reflects much of what is wrong in the world – an us versus them type of thinking where we don’t think of all humans as just part of the human race, but must break them down into categories (man made categories).

Lauren on

Sorry, but I don’t find Madonna’s wanting to adopt another child from Malawi admirable at all. Multiple sources said that her marriage to Guy was on the rocks for years, including when Madonna was in the process of adopting David. Supposedly, Guy did not want to bring another child into the mix until he and Madonna could work on their own relationship and better things before adding a new arrival. But as the source said, “What Madonna wants, Madonna gets,” and she proceeded to adopt David against the wishes of her own husband. Her reputation as a completely self-centered individual has followed her throughout her career, and this-illegally adopting a second child as a divorced single woman in her 50s with multiple boytoys-does nothing but confirm it. I will forever be amazed by the fact that my PhD-possessing cousin is completely enamored with her and finds her an incredible role model for women. Madonna is a lot of things; role model, in my eyes, is one thing she is not.

gianna on

She is divorced, constantly with new guys and I bet more men to come, so exactly what she needs is a 4th child to add into the mix. Madonna has always loved attention one way or another, and this is just another attempt of getting attention. You always see pictures of david with a nanny anyway, so this child will probably be the same way. Adopting kids from africa seems to be a huge trend for celebrities.

Lauren on

I think the whole US vs. abroad adoption question is concerning because the “trend” of celebrities adopting from overseas calls into question whether there’s a sort of beat-the-system situation happening. It takes a long time to adopt from most first world and even second world countries (i.e. China). If a celeb has thousands to “donate” to an orpanage, an offical, whatever, then it crosses into morally questionable territory, in my opinion. I think adoption is wonderful. However, be honest. If a single, fifty year old Bollywood star came to, say, rural West Virginia, and adopted a very young child who was to born into poverty I imagine there’d be a lot of questions being asked. It just smacks of impatience and poor planning to me.

Sarah on

I am actually a Madonna fan and yet this news is discouraging. She rarely spends time with the kids as it is. Why add another? She just got divorced, dating random men.. it’s lame.

Maria on

I don’t understand all the resentment towards Madonna adopting from a country where it is “illegal” for foreigners to adopt. At one point it was “illegal” for African Americans to sit in the front of a public bus, at one point it was “illegal” for women to vote. I can go on and on. I truly believe Madonna is trying to be a pioneer in changing these adoption laws and if she has to use her celebrity status to bring about CHANGE then I am all for it. At the end of the day the issue at hand are the tons of children that need a loving home and while money does not equate a good parent, it does equate to food in the stomach and unimaginable opportunities. You can love a child to death but it won’t fill his belly or cure diseases if you don’t have the money to provide.

Noah's Ark Animal Workshop on

I hope this adoption goes alot more smoothly for her than when she adopted David.

Janessa on

The father is alive he cannot provide for the child.I myself and my two younger siblings are adopted and our mother and father are still alive. He could not provide for his child and same with my mother she was poor. so giving us up was the best thing she ever could have done. I miss her so much one day we will be together again. Davids case is a little different because he is so young and will likely not remember i was 6 years old.

melania on

I’m sure Malawi has bent the rules because of all the wonderful things she has done for their country. It shows that she has a genuine connection and love for their country. I think their main concern with international adoption is that they want the children to be raised with knowledge of Malawi culture and they think she’ll provide that. With all her money and power, she could adopt anywhere in the world, but she chose Malawi because she feels a connection for some reason. Nothing wrong with that. Can’t wait to see the baby. Also, no one on this site has the right to “suggest” where people adopt. Many people in the U.S. do not want to adopt here because the available children are older. Not everyone is up for that.

paula on

ecl…well said! ITA.

brannon on

another child is being taken out of poverty and brought into a home. can’t we just celebrate that?

Adrianna on

Lauren- Well said. I agree completely.

Bugs on

She’s just following the new Hollywood trend. Sure that baby will have a better life, but Madonna is just doing it for attention. She know she’ll get a lot of headlines by doing it and it’s very sad how she’s using this. I don’t like her lifestyle. And i agree that she’s never with her kids anyways, they’re raised by the nannies.

Rose on

Jade: The majority of children who are adopted have living biological parents. There are many reasons other than death of the biological parents for a child to be placed for adoption (financial reasons, emotional reasons, etc.) So I’m always a little confused when people say that it’s odd that she adopted a child who has living relatives. Were you under the impression that all of the children in the world who were adopted have biological parents who are both dead? Because that is rarely ever the case.

Hea on

I don’t object to children being adopted and still have living birth parents. I object to the birth parent constantly commenting in the world press. I don’t know the full story about this, and I am in no way directing critizism towards Yohane, but he gave up his child in order for him to have a family and a home. Yohane has since had more children, correct me if I’m wrong. Why couldn’t he take care of David, then? There has to be a reason and I’m sure it’s also public knowledge. I’m curious.

CelebBabyLover on

Melanie and brannon- ITA! To the people who say Madonna never spends time with her kids…How do we know what goes on behind closed doors? And how do we know that Madonna is just doing this for publicity? Maybe she *gasp* wants David to have a playmate and/or actually *gasp* WANTS to adopt another child. Or maybe she is doing it for publicity. We really don’t know.

CelebBabyLover on

JEH- None of Angelina’s kids have living parents, at least that are known of, except for possibly Pax (his birth mother supposedly gave an interview to some media source shortly after the adoption, but it wasn’t the most reliable source, so who knows if it was legite). InTouch DID run that story about Zahara’s biological mother, but first of all, InTouch is a tabloid, one of the most unreliable out there. Also, the adoption agency Angelina used when adopting Zahara spoke up and re-itirated that Z’s mother died shortly after her birth.

Zahara’s birth father is unknown (in fact, it sounds like only her birth mother knew who he was), and I don’t think anything is known about Maddox’s birth parents.

CelebBabyLover on

Whoops! In this instance, I should have said “None of Angelina’s adopted kids have living parents”, rather than “None of Angelina’s kids have living parents”. Naturally Shiloh, Knox, and Viv have living parents!

CelebBabyLover on

Oops again! I probably should have said “biological parents”!

Cara on

I just read today, the little girl has already been moved to ‘a luxury lodge’ where she is with a nanny and others of Madonnas staff waiting to be united with Madonna next week.

IF that is true, (and I hope it’s not!) it just makes my stomach churn for that poor little girl, why is her new mommy not there to help her through all the anxiety of being separated from all that she has known, to bond with her, to get to know her. I remember thinking the same when the nanny and bodyguard brought David home, Madonna and Guy were back in the UK. Madonna left the house a few hours later to head off to the gym (okay maybe the kid was napping, but still!)

I know so many parents who have adopted internationally and they travel to the other side of the world to pick up their longed for children, often leaving older kids at home with family and friends. They cannot wait for the moment their child is handed to them by the officials and they spend weeks and months with their children to build a strong bond and instill some security.

I think this is one of the reasons Madonna’s adoptions come in for so much criticism, it just doesn’t appear to be done with the kind of caring and concern you see of most adoptive parents, even the celebrity ones !

Chicki on

I just think it’s weird that none of Madonna’s children share the same last name! (I guess that makes sense when each of your 4 children have 4 different fathers! :))

Chicki on

I meant to say, “each of your 4 children have different fathers!”

Jade on

Rose of course I know that all the adopted children in the world don’t have deceased parents. I was just wondering how it feels for the father in this case to know that his child is raised by a world famous popstar and how they handle the situation.I didn’t imply it was wrong to adopt a child with living parents.

I feel like sometime adopting a child is considered like a charity project. Adopting parents are lucky to adopt. You don’t deserve to have a child just because you have a lot of money.Rules and laws are there for a reason, often to protect the children and it’s dangerous that people can more or less buy a child. ( I’m obviously not talking about Madonna there but about the potential danger of forgetting the laws in exchange of money, used for charity or not). I know adopting is hard but I feel it’s normal to have strict rules. You can’t give children already living in hard conditions to everyone.

JMO on

Madonna’s saving a child from poverty….what’s so wrong with that no matter how it’s done??

A child will have a home to go to. A bed to sleep in. A hot meal. I could careless where she adopts or how she does it. What matters is that’s one less child that is likely to die of starvation!!!

And as far as her adopting at “this time” well many single mothers adopt children (Mary Louise Parker, Meg Ryan, etc) and maybe they may have a bit more of a “stable” environmen for their children at this time but whose to say Madonna’s children are not well adjusted considering the circumstances?? We don’t know how Lourdes and Rocco and even David are. Perhaps they’re completely fine and unaware of all that’s takin place!

Rose on

“Rose of course I know that all the adopted children in the world don’t have deceased parents.”

Well I wasn’t sure after reading your original comment. There are a lot of people who don’t seem to be aware of that fact. For instance, when Madonna adopted the last time there were tons of people on this site saying that she should have adopted a child who didn’t have any living biological relatives – as if it was a terrible thing to adopt a child who has living relatives.

J on

Well said Lauren and Cara!

Molly on

Kim although you do have a point, please don’t forget, that children in the U.S. who are waiting for home, do have access to food, toys, clean water, peace and education. Children in orphanages in Africa do not. I my eyes (again, in my eyes), they are more needy of an adoption. We’re adopting from China, but if I had a choice between U.S. and Africa, I would definitely go for Africa as well.

Lilly on


All of Madonna’s three children have the same last name–Ciccone, which is Madonna’s. Lourdes also has Leon, and BOTH Rocco and David also have Ritchie.

Lilly on

I think it’s besides the point whether Angelina’s adopted children had living parents or family when they were adopted (Pax and Zahara have both a mother and grandmother)–they were up and available for adoption, so she adopted them. Those children are no longer in a situation that could have lead to their death (in the case of Zahara and David, it was happening until the adoptive parent gave them medical care).

You should see the film Madonna made about Malawi– “I Am Because We Are”–

Lilly on

Typo: I should have said “Pax and Zahara are both rumored to have both a mother and grandmother”

Anthony on


CelebBabyLover on

Lilly’s right about the names (although I didn’t know that they have “Ciccone” as part of their names. I thought Lourdes was just Lourdes Maria Leon, Rocco just Rocco-not sure what his middle name is-Ritchie, and David just David Banda Ritchie). “Banda” is David’s middle name now, rather than his last name.

paula on

Charlie Sheen has 5 children with 3 different women. Nobody seems to have a problem with that. I wasn’t sure how I felt about Madonna adopting again, but after thinking about it, I think it’s wonderful. She’s building her family on her own terms, she’s saving a child and she’s most likely initiating change in the adoption laws of Malawi. Everyone wins.

Sam on

Due to Madonna’s age, it would be very, very difficult for her to adopt domestically. Even if she tried to adopt an older child through foster care, she might be turned away for being a single parent with a career or for already having children who still live at home.

Sam on

“If a single, fifty year old Bollywood star came to, say, rural West Virginia, and adopted a very young child who was to born into poverty I imagine there’d be a lot of questions being asked.”

This situation is not similar to Madonna’s situation because:
1. There are plenty of Americans wanting to adopt young children in America. In Africa there is not a large amount of people trying to adopt African babies.
2. A child born into poverty in the US does not have to live in poverty. The child can go into foster care and be financially taken care of until age 18. In Africa, the orphanages (the African equivalent of foster care) are often poverty-stricken themselves. They often do not adequately “rescue” a child from the poverty he/she was born into.

So yes, if someone from Bollywood were to adopt a very young American child it would raise questions, but that would be because there would be many Americans willing to adopt that child as well.

Foster care, orphanages, the adoption process, attitudes about adoption, etc. differ from country to country so it isn’t fair to compare these two situations.

Sam on

“I remember thinking the same when the nanny and bodyguard brought David home, Madonna and Guy were back in the UK. Madonna left the house a few hours later to head off to the gym (okay maybe the kid was napping, but still!)”

Maybe Guy was taking care of David.

Sam on

While I am not a fan of Madonna, I think many of you are directing your anger at Madonna getting to adopt in Malawi much easier than non-celebrities at the wrong person. Instead of directing your anger at Madonna, why not instead be angry that more people can’t adopt so easily from Malawi?

Mommy of 3 on

It makes me sick knowing that just because she has fame and fortune she can go ahead and adopt who she wants when she wants how she wants!!! Like it has been mentioned a billion times already, she has been in too many relationships in the past 8 months….so HOW is she stable enough to provide a home for this child? I deffinetly do not agree with her choices at all, she is in her 50’s, single mother of 3 and globetrotting daily.
I really wish I could tell her to stop adopting children from places as if they are souviners…children need stability, and I’m sorry but the only thing that she has that is stable is her income….and money doesn’t make a parent whom they are!

CelebBabyLover on

Mommy of 3- You have no idea why Madonna adopts, or if she gets special treatment because of her celeb status. I mean, she herself said very recently that she would ONLY adopt from Malawi again if the Malawian governement and people supported it.

Also, I don’t know what you mean about her being in “too many relationships” since her split. She has actually been in exactly ZERO confirmed romantic relationships since the split, and only two rumored ones. She was first linked to A-Rod, but the two of them consistently said that they were just friends. It appears now that they were telling the truth. Now she’s with the model named Jesus, and thus far, their friends and other reliable sources are saying they’re just friends. Are they? Who knows, but the fact of the matter is that Madonna has hardly been jumping from relationship to relationship!

Also, I think the only person who really knows what Madonna’s kids need is Madonna herself (well, and Guy in the case of Rocco and David, and Carlos Leon in the case of Lourdes)!

In anycase, can’t we just be happy that another kid is being taken out of a life of poverty and no longer has to worry about very likely starving to death?

CelebBabyLover on

Okay, I just did my daily check-in at, and it seems like Madonna and Jesus are indeed just friends. Check out this article:,,20268677,00.html

CelebBabyLover on

Oops! I forgot to add that, if true, and if in fact it was true that Madonna and A-Rod are just friends (which it seems to be) then Madonna has actually been in NO romantic relationships since her split!

Hea on

Sam – He probably was, but that doesn’t change the fact that you don’t go to the gym the same night your child comes home to you for the first time. Attachment from the first moment is very important. I guess the adoption process and recommendations differ between countries.

Sam on


Jesus kept denying they were anything but friends. Madonna never said, although from what she said on twitter, I think she wanted the public to believe she was dating him. I think it was just a publicity stunt.

Sam on


You’re right, I didn’t think of that. But for all we know, David was sleeping or napping while she was at the gymn. I think I remember her saying she never works out for more than 45 minutes at a time? Either way, we aren’t in a good position to judge her. We really don’t know what goes on in her home.

Sam on

Mommy of 3,

I agree that she isn’t my idea of the perfect mother, but don’t you think this child she is adopting is better off with her than in an orphanage without proper health care or food?

CelebBabyLover on

According to, the name of Madonna’s soon-to-be daughter is Mercy James, and she, like David, is three years old. Also, Madonna apparently met Mercy back in 2006 when she went to adopt David, and was initally considering adopting her at the time, but apparently chose David instead (no wonder the name Mercy sounded so familar to me! I remember there being rumors shortly after David’s adoption that she was going to adopt a girl named Mercy).

Also, according to AP, Mercy’s biological mother died soon after her birth (just like David’s biological mother and Zahara Jolie-Pitt’s mother. Yes, in Zahara’s case there were rumors going around early last year that her bio mom was still alive, but the adoption agency Angie used to adopt her quickly refuted those reports and re-itirated that Zee’s bio mom DID die shortly after giving birth to her, and that Zee’s grandmother appeared in court and testified just that before Zahara was allowed to be adopted.).

Her father, per AP, may still be alive but no one is really sure, but according to the PEOPLE article, her only surviving family members are a grandmother and uncle. So it sounds like if Mercy’s father IS still alive, he chose not to be involved in her upbringing at all.

tracy on

Does anyone think of the what it must be like for the parents of these children or the children themselves? A majority of these parents aren’t your typical neglectful, subtance abusing, parents like here in North America. Malawi is a proverty stricken country and most of the parents there work their fingers to the bone and know only truest form of unconditional love. Can any parent imagine how helpless it would make you feel knowing you are only doing the best with what you have only to be bullied and have your children taken away.

If Madonna wasn’t doing this for totally selfish reasons I would literally die of shock. If she truely wanted to help and a poor young baby the best thing she can do would be to help the family with education, medical, and safe housing.

CelebBabyLover on

traci- Selfish? She’s also apparently going to build a school in Malawi, has done a film (I Am, We Are) about the plight of Malawian children, and has done other things for Malawi as well.

As for just helping the bio parents raise the kid: David’s father brought David to the orhpanage, thus volunatarily making his child avaliable for adoption. It sounds like the same thing happened with Mercy (the girl Madonna’s adopting. She has apparenly now confirmed the adoption and the name of the girl.): After her bio mother died, her grandmother and uncle (her only surviving family members, according to PEOPLE) placed her in the orphanage.

tracy on

The orphange that your speaking of is actually an orphange that was funded by Madonna to be built for the children of Malawi. I haven’t heard anything about a school, but perhaps that is in the works. These are the types of the things that should be done to help the people of Malawi.

Don’t get me wrong I wasn’t saying that Madonna is a selfish person, just the act of taking away a child from their family (that doesn’t want her taken away forever) is selfish whether legal or not. Taking away a little girl from her family whom she loves unconditionaly whether there is food on the table or not, is selfish, taking a little girl away from her culture and throwing her into a completly frogein culture is selfish, taking away a little girl from her family whom she loves uncondionally so that Madonna’s son David (which in my opinion she never have been adopted in the first place) can have sibling, jus doesn’t seem right.

According to people magazine Yohane Banda, didn’t even understand what was going on with his son. He was under the impression that his son would be well looked after in the orphange and that he would be able to see his son when ever he liked. He also (according to people magazine) was under the impression that there was going to be regular vists with his son and he could speak with his child when ever he liked via phone after Madonna had adopted him. Yohane said he was very upset that he couldn’t reach his son.

As for the alleged 4 year old that Madonna has set her sights on, her grandmother apparently made statements saying that she was being bullied. Now I don’t know if that is by Madonna and her people or if is was be the malawian government. I can see this being true.

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