Anthony and Everly Kiedis' Sandy Stroll

03/26/2009 at 01:30 PM ET

With his hair clipped out of his eyes, Everly Bear Kiedis, 17 months, enjoyed a walk along the water — on his own two feet! — while strolling the Malibu shores with dad Anthony Kiedis on Monday in California.

Mom is model Heather Christie, from whom the Red Hot Chili Peppers frontman split last year.

Everly wears FreeCity youngones Dove Hoody in Bright Blue ($132).

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Becky on

What a cute little girl!….is the first thing that came to my mind. He is a cutie though!

aubrey madeline on

everly is a cutie

Tara on

Everly is a cute little guy! To me he resembles Suri Cruise!! Anyone else think so?

jacky on

omg, he looks like a little girl, it looks like he even has a barrette in his hair. all jokes aside, he is one cute kid

bell on

Beautiful baby boy. I see we are already on the hair comments again.

Sara on

I’ll admit that on first glance, I thought Everly was a girl, sorry. He sure is a cutie, though, and Anthony seems like a great dad. But why not just cut the hair, since you’re putting it in a barette anyway?

HeatherR on

Oh lord, are we really going to have the hair clip debate again??? As we have seen in the last few pics of Anthony and Everly, they use a hair clip only when they are at the beach! I’m sure this is because it is breezy at the beach. Not a big deal, people!

Sarah on

cause maybe they want their kid to have long hair, i assume that’s why they don’t cut it. i think long hair’s really cute on boys, like ryder robinson etc.

kim on

My son has long hair and I clip it with a skull and bones clip. It is rockin!

Elle on

The barrette is stupid and NOT because he’s a boy. If a child has to wear a barrette constantly then obviously the hairstyle isn’t practical.Just cut the front a little the length of the back doesn’t have to change. Who cares if he gets mistaken for a boy, he’s not even 2…not in school, so it doesn’t really matter.

suze on

cute little guy…..but a $132 hoodie???? wowsers!!!

Niki on

Elle… that would be a mullet. Not so cute! I like little boys with longer hair, its adorable! Clip or No Clip… it is still cute!

mmh on

So I guess if every little boy with long hair looks like a girl, then every little girl with short hair must look like a boy! So let’s cut Everly and Ryder and River’s hair and get Honor and Stella some hair extensions, right?! Who’s with me??!!!

Hea on

mmh – AHAHA! Too funny!😀

I think he’s just about the cutest little kid I’ve seen in a long time. He looks healthy and happy.

CTBmom on

I personally don’t think the Everly wearing a barrette in his hari is a big deal. At least the hair is out of his eyes. The recent pics of Suri with her hair in her eyes drive me crazy, lol….she’s a beautiful little girl, but her bangs are down to the middle of her nose. If she won’t keep a clip in her hair, than cut the bangs and wait to grow them out when she’s older. JMO.
Anyway, back to the picture….Everly is adorable!

eva on

mmh I’m with you, in fact we can fundraise to buy wigs and fake hair for toddler girls in our neighbourhood and give some military hair cuts to toddler boys at the park so everything is predictable and 1930’s simple.

Alex on

He’s so cute! I want to adopt him! Oh, and the kid’s alright too. Lol.

I love the clip and I can’t stand the gender stereotyping that some people seem to abide by. What does it matter if a little boy wears a hair accessory? I mean, come on people! I think long hair on boys is adorable, and what a common sense thing to do for daddy to clip the hair back on a windy beach. Gorgeous pair of Kiedis boys.

Lauren on

I usually can’t stand long hair on boys and really prefer it shorter (same goes for men😉 But honestly? I think Everly looks cute with his hair the way it is, and I would be a little disappointed if it were cut. I definitely wouldn’t grow it any longer than it is, and in another year if not sooner I would get it trimmed significantly if not cut altogether. But right now, as it is, I think he’s just fine.

Angelique on

I LOVE Anthony Kiedis, but dude, no clip! My son has long-ish, curly, blonde hair and is often mistaken for a girl. It’s no big deal — people can’t always tell a boy from a girl on children. But if I put little barrettes in his hair!? I can’t even imagine!

Sunny on

Everything else about this post is a bit of a blur after noticing the price tag on that hoodie!

SH on

It’s not an accessory. It’s not a barrette. It’s a little salon CLIP at the BEACH to keep the WIND out of the baby’s FACE! Geez, so many judgemental shallow people on this site about something so trivial.

Elle on

Niki not like mullet, but like a bang or something like the surfer emo kids like to wear…N yeah that hooodie is quite pricey but I’ve seen him in it on a few occasions and it seems a bit big so maybe he’ll grow into it. I love Anthony so least I can say its a practical item at least.

Manon on

kim: that sounds a good option! His hair is not particuarly long and they are considerate parents in putting it back on the beach.

He is a male suri and a gorgeous little boy (as she is a gorgeous girl!).

Manon on

Love your post, mmh!

Noah's Ark Animal Workshop on

Oh my goodness, what a cutie!! But I gotta say, since I have no idea who these people are, I would have thought this was a little girl with the hair clipped back. It’s a good thing I read the article.

Jae on

I’m another one of those who got distracted by the price tag of the hoodie. Yikes!! I think even if I were filthy rich I still wouldn’t spend that much on a child’s clothing item. It would have to be made of gold or something at that price. lol Oh well, to each his own. Cute kid though.🙂

kris on

Sunny – LOL.

Crystal on

I think he looks just like Suri Cruise!

jlm on

There is a little boy in my class, and he came in one day with a pony tail. His hair is pretty short, but long enough that one small part of his head could be put into a pony tail. All my coworkers laughed and said he was a silly boy. I kudos-ed mom for letting her 3 year old choose to wear a pony tail and told him he looked cute. It was just a phase, and he wore it for about 2 weeks, he doesn’t do it anymore. Bottom line, they’re little and have years ahead of them before they need to focus on gender stereotyping.

Last I checked, barrettes and pony tail holders don’t say “for little girls only” on the box.

Come on people. It’s the people who judge the parents who let their kids wear non gender “appropriate” things, who pass it on to their own children that there are gender “appropriate” things and gender inappropriateness, who make fun of those kids at school, who teach their kids the same thing and the cycle continues, giving way to ignorance breeding ignorance. If we just stopped the cycle and let KIDS wear what they want, society wouldn’t have these messed up rules!

Angelique on

Jim, those are some pretty big generalizations. A person can be very open-minded and accepting of all people, their preferences and lifestyle choices and still not put barrettes on little boys.

We’re talking about thousands of years of human conditioning here: there are some things that are feminine and some things that are masculine, that’s not necessarily bad.

Ease up. Just because some would choose not to put a barrette in a boy’s hair, for example, does not mean we’re raising hateful children who would tease or bully someone who is different or has a unique identity.

alice jane on

Oh, it’s the Dreaded Hair Clip again.😉 With toddlers it can be hard to tell if they’re a boy or a girl, since little ones usually have such soft features…. In my opinion, at least, it takes a few years for little boys to develop masculine features. But if parents want their little boy to have long hair or their daughter to have short hair, and if the kid doesn’t hate it, I don’t know why other people get so worked up about it. Everly’s a sweetheart and I love his name!

Amie on

It’s not like he has a big pink bow in his hair, just a clip. Everly is so cute just like daddy.

Lilly on

Wow, jlm, very well said.

When I worked with very young children (ages 3-6), we had different centers where children could engage in different activities. One center was a make-believe or pretend play center that had a kitchen, table, outfits, play food, etc. When the children played amongst themselves, I noticed boys wearing aprons, girls wearing police uniforms, other boys “cooking,” etc. When parents were around, I notice that some little boys would avoid playing with “stereotypical” girls clothes (fairy wings, crowns, aprons) and “girls toys” (dolls, kitchen, play food, etc). Some parents would even object or get upset with the teacher if they saw their son playing or wearing what they thought was for girls.

It’s kind of sad that people have to react so overtly to any little thing that doesn’t fit into the [gender] box.

sil on

“on his own two feet!”
…i’m confused, how does a 17 months old little boy should be walking???, maybe I’m wrong but I don’t find strange that a 17 mths old already walks🙂

Lou on

wow, he’s getting so big! absolutely gorgeous too.
although expensive, he’ll be able to wear it a while yet plus anthony isnt exactly hard up, so what he chooses to spend his hard earned on is his business…plus it IS a lovely hoodie! wouldnt mind one myself lol x

mmh on

Maybe the hoodie was a gift??? You just never know!!!

brannon on

love the hoodie. love the clip. my son has both and is equally adorable. period.

JMO on

okay I already commented the last time about the hair and barrettes but I’m with the others…………

what makes that sweatshirt he’s wearing worht $132!!!

For that price it better have a gold zipper!!!!

Ann on

Everly is a girl not a boy. CB made a mistake!!!! Am I the only one who remembers he had a girl.


Everly is most definitely a boy…

-CBB Staff

HeatherR on

Ann, you are probably confusing Everly with Milla Jovovich’s daughter who is named Ever.

CelebBabyLover on

Ann- I agree with HeatherR. Another possibility is that you are remembering PEOPLE’s orginal post about Everly’s birth, in which they did say that he was a girl. However, they quickly retracted that statement and were, I imagine, very embarassed by their mistake!

sil- Most of the time, when we see Everly and Anthony, Anthony is carrying him. I think that was just CBB’s way of saying that this time, we get to see Everly walking!

Traci on

sil…17 Month old babies do walk…both my boys starting walking before 12 months. And I have to agree about the hoodie…a little overpriced. Only because babies grow out of things so fast…I am not opposed to expensive items for babies…like a baptism gown or something like that…but an everyday hoodie would cost me maybe $25.00….but who’s to say that if I did have the income like Anthony that I wouldn’t buy it????

Traci on

Oh sorry Sil…I mis-read your comment…my bad!!!!🙂

stephanie on

Why does everyone think boys wearing hair sccessories need a hair cut, they are called hair accessories because they are for HAIR. There are sites that sell cute clips and barrrettes for boys and they are perfect for keeping boys long hair up and out of a chils face. My sons loves wearing his clips and barrettes. I’m a hairdresser and see lots of boys with clips ,barrettes, or bobby pins in their hair.

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