Alexis Grace Welcomed Home by Daughter

03/26/2009 at 03:00 PM ET

Sporting a t-shirt with mom’s face on it, 2-year-old Ryan Elizabeth greets American Idol cast-off Alexis Grace at the Memphis airport upon her return home Tuesday.

After last week’s surprise elimination, Alexis was excited to get back to her little girl. “I’m going to go home and watch Elmo with her. We’re going to go play with the toys in her bedroom. That’s the first thing I’m doing, and I can’t wait,” she told PEOPLE.

Ryan is the first child for Alexis, 21, and her fiancé.

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Source: PEOPLE

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SB on

OMG Ryan is absolutely gorgeous!!! such a cutie!

Grace on

What an adorable little girl!


Susan on

What a beautiful child.

Marianne on

He looks like Shiloh!

Meg on

I haven’t watched American Idol this season but I just had to say – this picture is precious! How sweet!

sat on

yes, she is a lookalike of Shiloh Jolie-Pitt. very cute!

Grace on

Marianne, he is a she!🙂


CTBmom on

Ryan is a dollbaby! I was disappointed to see Alex go…but I am sure she is happy to be home with her little girl.

Dounia on

OMG he couldn’t be cuter!!!!!

Aelys on

OMG she’s so cute! Look at those cheeks and those curls!!! Don’t you just wanna hug her and smooch her?!

annie on

What a lovely toddler,but Im a bit confused as toif a boy or gir as some are refering to a ”her and some to him”

Rachel-Jane on

She is adorable! And she really does look like Shiloh.

I reckon the confusion is because of the child’s name, Ryan. I don’t know if I like the use of Ryan as a girl’s name. I actually think of it as a surname more than anything (my own!), and was accidentally called Ryan by many teachers at school as they skimmed the register. Didn’t get it as bad as my brother though for obvious reasons.

Samamtha on

Ryan is her DAUGHTER, i knew this from watching the show but if you read the article and title you’d see its a girl

Angela on

What a beautiful little baby girl!

Manon on

What a gorgeous child!

Doreen on

Yes, it’s a girl! She’s right up there with Shiloh looking all cute and everything!!🙂

Fifi on

Ryan is a girl hence the title “Alexis Grace Welcomed Home by Daughter”

brandi on

lol did anyone read? it says alexis was excited to get back to her little girl.

jordyn on

“after last week’s surprise elimination, Alexis was excited to get back to her little girl”
haha im pretty sure its a girl!

Ariel on

annie – Ryan is a Girl.

I was at the AI tapping two weeks ago and Ryan was infront me with her grandma and during the commercial breaks she kept blowing kisses to Alexis! Too cute!

Rachel on

Ryan is a girl.

Grace on

Annie, she’s a little girl!


Noah's Ark Animal Workshop on

Alexis’ little one is a pretty little girl. She had her at the audtions and she was also shown during one of her performances. Ryan is such a precious little one. I just really love the look on her face in this picture. Ohh and Alexis should have made top 10!!

Laura on

Ryan is definitely a girl. In the story it says “little girl” and I’ve watched American Idol this year and Alexis has referred to her daughter. She just a name that could be for either sex.

Jennifer on

Annie – Ryan is a girl.

That being said, she’s an absolute doll! I’m sure Alexis is thrilled to back home with her baby girl.

Mia on

What a beautiful little girl! She is absolutely stunning! How could she leave that little girl at home? hehe j/k. Her name is Ryan, and the post says its a girl (daughter). She looks like a mix between Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, and Dave Grohl’s little girl, Violet.

SB on

Ryan is a she!!! her name is Ryan Elizabeth!!! not a boy!!!

Kale on

Ryan is a little girl, not a boy!! If I remember correctly from the AI previews early in the season, her name is Ryan Elizabeth.

I love the name Ryan for a girl, although I’d probably go with Ryann just so people wouldn’t be confused on the boy/girl issue!

Amy on

its a girl, shes called ryan which is usually a boys name-cute thou!

Katie on

What a beautiful picture. Little toehead Ryan is adorable!

melissa on

ryan’s a cutie patootie! and for those who don’t know..ryan is a lil girl!

Allie on

It clearly states that Ryan is her DAUGHTER in the title, then goes on in the article to mention about her little GIRL. Does her name really throw people off THAT much? I LOVE the name Ryan for little girls. And, as soon as I saw her picture, I knew people were going to compare her to SJP! haha She’s very GORGEOUS! I was actually happy to see Alexis go. I think she makes better babies than music.😉

Melinda on

I can’t stop laughing…we have a little GIRL named Ryan Alexa who will be three in April…I guess we’ll be hearing ALL about it when she goes to school! I always loved the name Ryan for a girl…glad I got to have one🙂

Christine on

I read in People last week that her daughter is named after her Dad – Alexis’ fiance, Ryan.
She is way too cute!!

Lilly on

She looks like Shiloh, what a cute baby!

Brooklyn on

She adorable. I also love the name Ryan for a girl.

pumpupyourbookpromotion on

Awwww…she is precious!

Rebekah on

Never heard of the woman but her little girl is very cute.

Not sure about the name for a girl, not a fan of the trend lately naming gorgeous little girls masculine boys names, at least here in Australia at least, when there are so many pretty girls names out there.

Marianne on

Sorry, I just read “Ryan” and assumed it was a boy.

Shelly on

I think they’re both adorable and I think Ryan looks like Ryan!! :o) I wish Alexis had stayed around AI longer but I’m sure her little lady is glad to have Mommy back home.

Stephany on

She’s adorable! I was so sad to see Alexis go. She was one of my favorite girls.😦 But I am happy she gets to be with her adorable daughter now!

American Idol Results on

one good side of her being sent home from American Idol.

Kimberly on

Isn’t Ryan a boy’s name too? This is probably why people were confused.

Shannon on

Alexis’s little girl is such a cutie and I bet you she is VERY happy to have mommy home!

CelebBabyLover on

Rebekah- “Not sure about the name for a girl, not a fan of the trend lately naming gorgeous little girls masculine boys names, at least here in Australia at least, when there are so many pretty girls names out there.” Most of those names are actually UNISEX names, NOT masculine (or boy’s) names!

Carol, Kelly, Lynn, Leslie, Kim, and Alexis are all unisex names, for example, even though we tend to hear of more girls than boys with them.

Pam on

Ryan is a girl people! Yes, it’s a boy’s name but she’s a girl and a very beautiful one at that.

Jess on

Aww, Ryan is gorgeous, as is her mummy!! What a beautiful picture, stunning colours.

One question, is Ryan (for a girl) pronounced “Ri-ann” or “Re-ann” ?

I definitely agree that little Ryan has a hint of baby Shiloh Jolie-Pitt …❤ CUTE !!


Ryan on

my name is Ryan, and i’m almost a quarter of a century old. i know i’m not the oldest female Ryan either, so this is nothing new. it wasn’t tough for me to have a “boy’s” name growing up; i was just annoyed by ignorant people. now i couldn’t be happier with my name. i think it’s a VERY pretty name, and it’s not as generic for girls as Ashley or Jessica or Katie.

Sara on

She is precious! I thought Alexis was really good, and I definitely feel she was voted off too soon. But, I am glad she will be able to spend more time with that adorable litle girl!

Jena on

I also have a little girl named Ryan. As far as naming her Rian or Ryann: I just think that would confuse people, and they would try and call her something different, so we chose to stick with the “normal” spelling of it. My daughter is 3 and already has encountered children at the playground being confused (as she is almost ALWAYS dressed in girly colors) about her name. She will just look at them and say “Boys AND Girls can be named Ryan. It’s O.K. I’m a girl.”

I love my Ryan Christine and think Ryan Elizabeth is a Grade A Super Cutie as well.😉

Ashlee on

I love the name Ryan for a girl. Very cute. A friend of mine spelled her daughter’s name Ryanne, but I like either spelling. Lots of girls are being named Ryan, Jordan, Shawn….all typically boys names in the past. Just like Ashley used to be considered a boys name, but not so much anymore.

SieannaBanana on

People, stop calling ryan a HE it is a SHE. Hello??? Yes ryan is also a boy name and i have a friend who is a girl and spells it Ryann with 2 N’s. What a georgous little girl!! And i love how shes wearing a shirt with her mommy’s picture on it🙂

SieannaBanana on

I also agree with Ashlee, a lot of boy names are coming back for girls. Like Taylor, or Cory. But my favorite boy name for a girl is Devon. Like it?

Jeena on

That little girl is so adorable. I just love her hair!

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