Joel Madden, Nicole Richie 'Let Love Plan Our Babies'

03/25/2009 at 03:00 PM ET

Despite having recently announced that they are expecting their second child, Nicole Richie and Joel Madden have yet to make a family plan, the proud papa revealed to Ryan Seacrest. Still unsure of how many kids the couple plan to add to their growing brood, Joel jokes that their approach to having children is a simple one. “We let love plan our babies,” he laughs. “We said even before this one we didn’t know how many kids we were going to have…then we got pregnant!”

While the news called for some celebration, Joel admits that he also found himself backtracking a bit with his own family. Having recently denied that Nicole was pregnant weeks before to his mother — she called her son after reading that the two were expecting their second child — the 30-year-old quickly discovered that the tabloid headlines were far from rumors!

“My mom called me and she’s like, ‘Is Nicole…?’ Every time, I’m like, ‘Mom, come on, seriously. I would tell you.’ And then I swear, two weeks later, it was like…it comes true! But we’re excited about it, it’s going to be great.”

Clearly a doting dad — receiving high praise from Nicole — Joel admits that leaving his 14 ½-month-old daughter Harlow Winter Kate at home to record Good Charlotte’s new album often leaves him feeling heartbroken. “That’s hard man, when you leave your kid and they’re saying no,” he says. However, quick to use those emotions as inspiration for his lyrics, Joel penned a song for his baby girl — and used the announcement to send a quick shout-out to his daughter! “I wrote a song for Harlow and I got to say hi to her on the air because I’m sure she’s listening right now. Hi Harlow, I love you!”

Good Charlotte’s new album Cardiology is set for release later this year.

Source: On-Air With Ryan Seacrest

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Sandra on

I think that’s sweet. They make great parents – and cannot wait to see and hear the name of their new baby.

samantha on

I Love Nicole and Joel, I think that they are such a wonderful family and little Harlow always looks so happy. I cant wait to find out when she is due and what she is having!

Harley on

lol, it must take all the joy out of announcing a pregnancy when every few weeks the tabloids are saying you’re pregnant unless the baby bump is definitely there. Ah well, I was never her biggest fan but the whole 180 Nicole did got my respect. They seem to make fantastic parents and I can’t wait to see what this little one will be🙂

Lisa on

I really am starting to love this family. I love the passion and love they share with eachother and with Harlow. I would love to see them get married and have as many kids as they want, but thats up to them!

ErykaWynter on

Since love is planning their babies, maybe it will also plan their wedding sometime in the near future!

cathy b on

I agree with Lisa I love this family, and would love to see them get married and have as many kids as they want, but thats up to them!

Lis on

I agree with Lisa and the others😉

They obviously love each other, and seem very happy and family-oriented! I just wish they could set a positive example for others. Kind of like Jessica Alba and Cash Warren, and Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz.

I just love little Harlow – I miss her – feel like we haven’t seen any recent pics lately😦

Meg on

I LOVE how he said that “Love plans our babies”, it’s so romantic! I can definitely understand that people do want to plan but it must be nice to be able to have the financial freedom to have as many children as you want. I don’t mean that in any bad way – Joel and Nicole are OBVIOUSLY amazing parents and I love them, and of course Miss Harlow!

Erica on

ErykaWynter Says:

March 25th, 2009 at 3:43 pm
Since love is planning their babies, maybe it will also plan their wedding sometime in the near future!

LOL! “Letting love plan our babies” sounds arbitrary. We all know two people can pump out babies together without liking each other, much less being in love. I’m NOT saying this is the case with Nicole and Joel, I don’t know them and I’m not judging them. One thing I’ve never understood though, is the idea of continually having children with someone, an act which is highly committing yourself to that person in and of itself, yet considering marriage to be not that important. Yes, you can absolutely be committed to someone 100% without marriage, and obviously you can have as many children as you want with them without being husband and wife as well. But if you honestly feel that level of trust and commitment with someone enough to purposely keep having children with them…it seems like marrying them would be something you would want and feel compelled to do.

IMO, this is not about society dictacting that all parents should be married to each other. For a myriad of reasons this just isn’t plausible, the #1 being that sometimes it’s better for a child when their parents AREN’T married because the two of them would not create a happy atmosphere for their child(ren). And I also realize that not everyone wants to be married (I’m at this point in my life as well.) Again, I don’t know Nicole and Joel personally, but I think it’s odd that these two consider love to be an adequate reason enough to keep having kids together, but not to marry. It’s actually kind of backwards IMO.

Tina on

“I just wish they could set a positive example for others”

Why is getting married necessarily setting a positive example? Lots of great families consist of unmarried parents, look at Susan Sarandon and her partner Tim Robbins who have been together for like 20 years but aren’t “married”!
I find it so annoying when people come on here to comment about marital status – who cares?! If the parents are happy, inlove and are committed to each other and their children why does it matter if they have a marriage certificate? I’m 26, unmarried but living in a common-law relationship, and right now am not planning to get married, but we do plan on having kids, and we’re not at all worried about setting a bad negative example for our kids. To each his own!

BTW – LOVE the Richie-Madden family!!! Keep the great pictures and stories of this amazing family coming CBB!

camille on

joel is so gorgeous, harlow is a little doll i hope they have another beautiful girl like her! responding to tina and lis, ashlee simpson and pete wentz are married ¬¬.

dee on

Well, better that than the, “well we’re going to have a baby, may as well get married now” situation. I don’t think you need a piece of paper, God, or lawyers in the mix to prove your committment to someone love.

Alice on

I think the “importance” of marriage is more about safety than vows or whatever. If you’re married and you divorce, then the belongings will be split, if something happens to one parent, the other will be legally linked to the deceased parent, things like that. Of course it’s not happy thoughts but these are extreme situations. Marriage can come in handy for lots of such reasons, most things are legally shared etc.

Nicole and Joel both have financial security so this is less important and as for commitment/vows, then I don’t think it matters. If they’re in love and it’s enough for them, should they “feel compelled” to get married? I really don’t understand. I see the utility of marriage, it’s the “vows/committment/love” argument that I don’t get. A child is the biggest commitment anyway. It ties you more than marriage ever would.

Alice on

And I almost forgot to add: I can’t wait to meet Harlow’s sibling!!! She’s so adorable and I love the way her parents dress her too.

Erica on

I can understand your points about the utility of marriage, Alice, and I wouldn’t be surprised if this is how Nicole and Joel view it too. I guess I’m just coming at it from a different perspective. I view marriage as being a lot more than just a utilitarian legality (although I realize it does function as so in many circumstances like the ones you named).

I do wish these two all the best.

shan on

My “baby’s daddy” and I have been together 9yrs and have a 32month old daughter. We are more committed to each other and our daughter than the majority of our married friends. As a matter of fact we have stood the test of time while many of our friends are on second and third marriages. It’s sad that some do not think our relationship is as valid as a married couples. We are together because we choose to be and want to be, not because it’s too expensive to divorce or society thinks we should marry. You do not have to marry to have a say in what happens to someone if they become ill or god forbid they die. That’s what wills and living wills are for. If you have a child this is something that you should take care of because you love them and are concerned for their future. My mate and I have committed ourselves to each other for better and for worse forever. We will be together until death us do part because we have pledged that to each other and our daughter. We don’t need a legal contract we have a love contract.

Annabel on

I don’t have a problem with those who have children together and have also made it clear they do not intend or want to marry, but both Joel and Nicole have said that they DO want to get married. Nicole’s usual response is “not today, not tomorrow, but someday”… very vague, but all right, whatever. I figured that they weren’t 100% sure about it, because Harlow was unplanned and they had only dated a few months before she was conceived…. But now they’re on baby #2, with intentions of having more, and still unmarried. Why continue to have children with someone if you’re not sure if you’re in it for the long run? At least, that’s what the situation looks like to me. They both want to get married, but they haven’t yet (even though it is not particularly difficult to do so), which makes it seem as if they have their doubts about each other. Why bring more children into that situation? Again, this wouldn’t bug me if they had stated that they didn’t want to get married, but in their own words, they do.

Anyway, how did this post get so off topic? The shout-out to Harlow was sweet. I’m interested to hear this song that he wrote for her. And, yes, they both seem like great parents despite my issues with their marital status.

Moore on

I’m one of those who prefers the idea of marriage before children but in any case, if you are having children and not married, I would say to make sure that you’re covered under the law in case anything was to happen. Just claiming to be common law doesn’t make it so, last I checked. Some states don’t recognize it, and the others may not recognize it before a certain period of time and with conditions. Just an FYI to keep in mind. Yeah so anyways…

brandi on

its nice that so many know so much about nicole and joel’s relationship.🙂

anyway on topic, harlow is such a cutie, i can’t wait until the next one arrives.

Mary-Helen on

I think that’s such a sweet sentiment, that “love plans their babies”. Joel seems like such a cool dad, saying hi to her on the radio and such. He sounds so very hands on.

cas on

i love this family..harlow is beautiful and they always have nothing but sweet things to say about each other =)

Adrianna on


Tanya on

I’ve been a Good Charlotte fan for years. I wasn’t too keen about Joel and Nicole as a couple since the tabloids always played her up as a party girl. But, she has really blossomed and I think she, Joel and Harlow are a adorable little family. I’m so happy for Joel. I can’t wait to see the new baby. I just hope Joel doesn’t give up on his band. I love GC to death and I know a lot of other people who do too.

Rosy J on

I luv luv luv this little family. They are soooo cute.

Erin on

I agree with dee and the others expressing the same sentiment. I’ve been with my boyfriend/partner, whatever you want to call the man I love for 6 years and have never cared to have a ceremony and piece of paper to prove our love. Too many people get married too soon just because they feel as though that’s the next step. If we ever do decide to get married, it won’t be to show people that we, in fact love each other, it will be for us. You can’t tell me you don’t know anyone who’s gotten married just for the ceremony. We’ve all seen it.

Joel and Nicole seem truly in love. The most important things for a family to work are love, stability, trust, support – a walk down an aisle and signatures won’t solidify anything.

babyboopie on

Wonder if their next baby will be called Heathrow??

misschandra on

Just another MODERN-MINDED woman that has been a loving, respectful,monogamous,DEEPLY COMMITTED,child producing,NON-MARITAL relationship for eleven years. I shake my head in disbelief at the antiquated notions of some on this board, I will refrain from cheesy quotes and name calling. I do wish to say this:

Pieces of paper, last names, and town hall judges do not make REAL families…love does.

Loren on

Harlow is adorable. I agree with the posters who opt to wait for marriage. It is too easy and messy to divorce. Better to think long and hard first. I am married(but from a different time and generation) but I agree it doesn’t necessarily prove anything. Just make sure legal things are in order (what happens if something happens) Then if you ever want to (marry) you can. People today have many options and I think the divorce rate is so high because people are still marrying based on reasons and standards that don’t really apply anymore.

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