Gwyneth Paltrow and Moses Build a Bear

03/25/2009 at 02:00 PM ET
Bauer Griffin

Gwyneth Paltrow totes 2½-year-old son Moses after a successful trip to Build a Bear on Saturday in NYC.

The actress took her little boy — along with big sister Apple, 4 ½, to the stuffed animal shop, as well as to lunch at Bar Pitti during a short jaunt to the Big Apple.

Apple and Moses are Gwyneth’s children with husband Chris Martin of Coldplay.

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Julie on

I know Moses is not my child and my opinion really doesn’t make a difference anyway, but he really needs a haircut! He looks like a little girl!

Lis on

Holy Cow! He got huge!!!

Love Gwyneth, and he is such and cutie, but – here I go – I don’t like his hair 😦

Tessa on

He is absolutely ADORABLE. Would like to see his hair shorter, though. Just my personal taste! 🙂

Lily on

I don’t mind boys having long hair when they are older and have masculine features, but Moses really does look like a little girl. Just my opinion, I don’t like it.

Brandi on

I like it, actually, and I usually don’t care for long hair on boys! However I am surprised it’s not curlier given how much of Chris’ looks he’s seemed to have gotten.

Eliza on

Hmm, I’m not a fan of long hair on boys, but he’s definitely adorable.

Tee on

While I don’t care for long hair on boys, Moses is just about as cute as can be. I’ll bet he and Apple had a great time at Build-A-Bear. That’s such a fun store.

Mia on

Aw, he looks just like his sister. I think they look like their father more.

Sam on

That’s Apple down there in the corner.

Natasha on

Such a cutie pie!

Nanny-Emma on

I’m a fan of long hair on boys, if that’s what they want. The 3 year old I look after adores his hair. I’m fed up with people saying ”When they are going to cut his hair?!” (about my bosses). This is often from parents of children with buzz cuts which I’m not a fan of either but that’s their choice and I wouldn’t say anything about it.

Anyway, Moses is adorable. Looks a lot like Apple!

gianna on

I thought that was apple, he looks just like her and with his hair you can’t tell the difference. They are two siblings that look exactly alike.

JMO on

He def. looks like Apple! We could round up a whole mess of celebrity boys these days who could use a trim!! LOL

lolita on

i jusl love little boys with long hair!!!
i dont even know

Billie on

Cute little boy.

desaudia on

i love longer hair on little boys…my 5 yr old son is constantly stopped because he has such gorgeous hair..moses is cute

j on

Come on, people – its a personal choice. And its just hair. geesh. My personal choice is for little boys to not look like little solders – buzz cuts ( in my opinion ) = blech.

Chiara on

Gwyneth Paltrow is Jewish. There’s a chance that Moses has longer hair because many Jews, religious or not, observe the custom of not cutting a boy’s hair until he turns three. Families hold a ceremony for the haircut called upsherin.

me, I don’t care if his hair is long because she likes running her fingers through it. It’s her kid and her choice. Just wanted to point out there’s a probable choice of heritage in this case.

Aya on

I think he resembles Gwyneth’s mom Blythe Danner a lot

dude on

I’m ok with the long hair… but bangs on a little boy!!! Come on.

Lorus on

I don’t mind long hair on boys at all but I don’t get the bangs…

Anna on

Chiara, I don’t think that’s it as she has cut his bangs.

Sammy-xx on

It’s not like she’s dressed him in a party dress and ballet pumps, he just has long hair.
He’s gorgeous, looks alot like Chris but with the perfect amount of Gwyneth. With Apple I’d say it was the other way around.

Alex on

What a doll! But he needs a haircut ASAP.

Lilly on

Chiara, I was just about to comment on that.

In any case, he looks just fine with long hair. If on his 3rd Birthday he gets a haircut, surely they’ll be people complaining that they don’t like the haircut as well.

christina on

I’m with Chiara, I think they’re waiting until he’s 3 to celebrate upsherin. Gwyneth is Jewish and according to her own comments, Moses is called by her father’s Hebrew name, Moishe, by the family.

From what I’ve been told, trimming bangs to maintain vision for safety reasons, does not count as a haircut in some Jewish circles, as it’s not done by the Rabbi, so it’s not the “official” haircut, and not all the hair is cut, just a portion.

Jae on

He’s a “pretty” boy!!!! Gorgeous face!