Charlie Sheen Cuddles Bob, Brooke Mueller Mad About Max

03/24/2009 at 04:00 PM ET
Sara Jaye Weiss/Startraks

Walk into the Mueller-Sheen household and it is probable that actor Charlie Sheen will be cuddling close with his newborn son Bob Carlos, as his wife Brooke Mueller snuggles up with his twin Max! In their first interview together since the birth of their fraternal twins on March 14th, the couple reveal to Extra that each baby holds a special place in their heart. With Charlie favoring Bob — whose middle moniker is Charlie’s given name — Brooke shares her thoughts on Max.

“Max [is my favorite]. Max is sweet and quiet. And Bob is kind of loud and cries a lot like his father.”

That said, Charlie and Brooke insist that their preferences are only “fake favorites” and that each baby boy is equally loved. “No, no. The kids will see this [interview] one day — and never forgive us,” Charlie laughs, adding that the favoritism will “change from day to day.”

All kidding aside, Charlie couldn’t be happier with the path he has taken in life. With both boys doing “great” — and Mom “look[ing] fabulous” — the 43-year-old actor jokingly sends out a warning to his fans. “It’s an exciting time for us. Be careful what you wish for. Here we are…” Brooke adds, “with twins!”

Source: Extra

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allison on

How incredibly strange and rude of her to make a public statement saying which child is her favorite! As a mother I am totally turned off by this statement.

HeatherR on

Oh goodness. Clearly she was just joking! Without a doubt she loves both of those baby boys endlessly. I think she just meant that she is enjoying Max’s demeanor more. I have two sons and I love them equally but at times I just “click” with one of them better.

say on

If you saw the interview, you could see that they were totally joking.

Anais on

Ah it’s already started. Let’s complain about a woman being totally silly. Even though she says right away that they are joking! Everyone asks parents’ which kids are their favourites, and she answered with a joke! Try reading the whole interview before complaining.

meghan on

Oh, for crying out loud! The very next words out of their mouths were that they were joking. Can we please lighten up for once!

Lis on

Brooke stated in her interview she was kidding!!!! Goodness gracious – learn to take a joke!

Can’t wait to see pics of Max and Bob🙂 btw, what’s Max’s middle name???

Kristen on

OK ok ok… I get that it was a joke, and they love both of their boys. I just don’t think that it is funny to make a comment like that. Kids are sensative, and they will eventually read this. I wouldn’t want to risk them having even a momentary insecurity.

Sandra on

I agree with Kristen.
I know that they are joking, but still, when their kids one day read this, it might be misunderstood – and they might be unsure about their mother’s/father’s love.

Cannot wait to see photos!🙂

amy on

i wonder what Max’s middle name is? anyone know?

Tee on

I hesitate to even comment on this one, but I will anyway. I agree with Allison, Kristen and Sandra. There’s nothing funny about that kind of a joke. It’s not that I don’t have a sense of humor. I do, but still… children need to feel secure and that kind of comment will not foster feelings of security. Granted, they are just newborns right now, but they will grow up fast. Making comments like that in an interview is a bad habit to get started in.

JMO on

I stopped at the “favorite” part and shook my head and then continued reading and saw they were just messing around! Thank goodness!!

And I’d favor the quiet mellow baby too over the loud one ;

MZ on

i wonder if max doesn’t have a middle name. though, i think that would be weird since bob does…

Sarah on

I think it’s pretty clear that they were just joking! And if you read it properly, Brooke did not actually SAY “Max is my favourite”… square brackets mean that the writer edited the original comments. Let’s not blow this out of proportion! Obviously they love both of their children!

Destiny on

Critical much??? I think that they both will do their best to love their boys, and the girls, equally (obviously from what Charlie said). These kids will have their parent’s actions to go by and it will outweigh the words in this one interview, an interview they probably won’t read anyway.

mimi on

Does anyone know if the babies are at home yet? It sounds like they are which surprises me a bit because I thought they were quite premature? Just interested to know….Obviously I hope for their sake they are.

Lily on

I know they were joking but there are just some things you don’t joke about, in my opinion. It just wasn’t funny at all and I also think that the kids will hate to read this when they get older. It was like when that celebrity made fun about her daughter’s red hair and then afterward said it was a joke. I still thought it was terrible.

brannon on

relax! it was obviously a joke! they even stated as much for those who didn’t pick up on it! i do that with my students all the’re my favorite today, you can be my favorite tomorrow – even they get that its a joke! i think bob carlos is cute🙂

dee on

Oh please it was a joke. And I’m sure by the time they’re old enough to read they would know there parents love them both equally!

melania on

People always think kids will be hurt by comments when they get older, but they aren’t. My brother teases my mom by saying she wanted girl (which she did). We always say my sister is my dad’s favorite (which she is). We all know we are loved, so we feel free to kid around and make “inside” family jokes. We once lived next door to a family and they had a son and daughter. If you said something nice about one of the kids, the mom always made sure that she would say something nice about the other one. If you said “Clara’s a wonderful artist”, she would say “And Jules is a fabulous swimmer.”

Manon on

I really dislike that kind “get over it!” “learn to take a joke” type of comment. It’s immature and also this a forum for opinions.

I agree with those who say that this kind of joke is not especially funny. Children need to feel secure in both parents’ love and that is more important than any debate on fringes (bangs), dummies (pacifiers) or whatever. It’s fundamental.

Manon on

And Melania your neighbours sound pretty healthy to me.

g!na on

aaw, how adorable! i can’t wait to see a pic of these cute twins!

bungalow_bliss on

I’m really getting tired of such sensitivity. I can pretty much pinpoint when there are many comments (over anything other than Angelina’s brood or Matilda Ledger) what the issue is. Suri’s hair/clothing, Amy Adams’ statement about “professional mothers,” somebody deciding not to have children. Gah! Some of you take the fun right out of this site.

Sarah K. on

Oh look, a new scandal on CBB, haha. This is not really a big deal, nor will it permanently damage the twins. Like Melania, my family always jokes about who is the “favorite.” I’m my mom’s favorite and my brother is my dad’s favorite. But, not once have my brother, sister (no one’s fave, haha), or myself ever doubted, for a single second, that our parents love us equally.

It’s just a joke and if you’re secure enough in your family, you’ll see it as just a joke. If that kind of thing honestly bothers you, I think there are some other, bigger issues.

PJ on

You nailed it Anais, bungalow_bliss and a few others. Why do some get so worked up over some of these topics and take personal offense to them?

Jasmine C on

I’m not to keen on the name Bob.

Carissa on

I come from a large family, about the size of the one Bob and Max will grow up in. We joke all the time about who’s the favorite. At my older sisters wedding my father in his speech joked about her being his favorite, then two months later at my college graduation said the same thing about me. I’m sure he’ll do it when the other ones graduate high school in a a couple of years. We all know that Mom and Dad love us equally and NEVER has it not been funny when we talk about who’s the favorite. People need to lighten up!

shell on

The way the quote reads it looks like Brooke was answering a question about having a favorite. I agree when I first read the article I didn’t like it but when I read the whole thing I chuckled. My dad used to tease me brother and me about who was his favorite, depending on who was being a brat that day. It never hurt us and we were old enough to know what he was saying. They are babies, they don’t know.

Lily on

I don’t care how many people use this as a joke in their own families. I think every parent should be embarrassed to say this about their kids no matter if it’s meant as a joke or not. In my opinion only uneducated people or people with a really bad sense of humor would say something like that. It’s just a dumb thing to say and not even funny. I’m allowed to have my opinion so nobody has the right to tell me I shouldn’t get worked up about things like that. This is an opinion message board and I’m allowed to give my opinion.

This whole thing reminds me of a movie in which the child wanted a younger brother and her dad said “do you really think we can handle one more like you?”. Later he apologized and said that it was the dumbest and most embarrassing thing he had ever said. Some people would see that as a joke as well but I really think those have a bad sense of humor.

Oh and I come from a very happy family and am a good student. I also have many friends and a happy life in general. Still I would feel bad if my parents said something like that.

Carissa on

I debated on weather or not I wanted to leave a response to Lily. I decided to so here it is.

Since I was one of the people who left a comment about how it’s okay to joke about “favorite”child. I have to let Lily know she’s wrong! My parents and siblings are all very well educated. My father a well established doctor and my mother a VP or a large Real Estate Firm. Not to mention my sister MBA from a Ivy league school and my BA from NYU. I take offense, we know how much we are loved from our parents. In the world that we live in now, I have to say if this comment is getting people worked up, you need to pick up a newspaper and see what’s really going on in the world and get upset about that. Not weather or not a celebrity you’ll never meet was joking when she said she has a favorite child.

And for the record I too come from a happy family, and know that I’m the favorite child:)

shell on

I have also been debating whether to respond to Lilly.
As one of those who’s family teased about a favorite child, I was very insulted. My dad raised by brother completely on his own. He worked all day and went to school at night. I watched him walk across that stage and receive his diploma. I will do the same in May. We were raised with so much love and affection.

Everyone has a right to an opinion but you do not have a right to be rude about it.

Lily on

I said uneducated OR with a bad sense of humor. Please learn to read more carefully. Did you feel the need to defend yourself? My mom is a doctor, my dad is a tax accountant and I study economics at a well known university, so what? I really didn’t want to offend you or anyone, the reason why I said that only uneducated OR people with a bad sense of humor would say that is because I can really only imagine some overweight guy without a job sitting in front of the TV saying this to his daughter or someone with a bad sense of humor who thinks the “knock, knock” jokes are terribly funny. Just an association, I guess. I could just never imagine someone from my family or friends saying such a thing so I associated it with people from another background. I really wasn’t trying to offend, it’s just an association and my opinion.

Lily on

Maybe I should add that I’m from another country (non English speaking) and it might be seen as different here. Maybe it’s just a cultural thing. Saying something like that here would just be seen as really offensive and I can’t see it coming from a decent person.

Mommy of 3 on

As soon as I read this article I KNEW that there would be people jumping all over it!!! I never even saw the interview but I can tell they were joking completley, my word some people really need to get either a sense of humor or they need to learn to let some things slide! Do you HONESTLY think someone would actually say this and mean it too???? Come on people, learn to breathe a bit!

Lily on

I wasn’t being rude. I was giving my opinion. You didn’t read my text carefully as well, by the way. Maybe we have a different sense of humor in my country. I just think it’s funny how people tell me not to get worked up about the whole thing and then they get terribly offended without reading my post carefully.

michelle on

I think I might have to stop visiting CBB, or a least stop reading the comments. This has gotten way out of hand and totally unecessary. For the life of me, I will never understand why people need to intentionally seek out the negative in each and every article. Can’t you just enjoy the pretty pictures and tidbits of gossip?

Mary-Helen on

I’m sorry, but I really don’t find this funny. As the child who wasn’t the “favourite” those comments, even in jest is hurtful and can cause alot of long term side effects. My mom joked for years that my brother was the favourite because he was the only boy and my sister & I eventually grew resentful. This was stated in public, so the boys can hear this when they are older and considering there are already concerns documented in court cases that Charlie favours one of his daughters with Denise Richards over the other, I don’t think this was remotely appropriate @ all.

Lily on

hmm wouldn’t it be boring if we just “enjoyed the pretty pictures”? Well, as I said I really didn’t mean to offend it was just an impression. Still, if everyone just went like “oh what a cute baby” or “oh they are great parents, what a sweet interview” wouldn’t it get kind of boring? I think hearing different opinions (even negative ones) or having discussions (even if you disagree a lot and it can be exhausting) is interesting as long as people aren’t using swear words or getting really emotional. Discussions are fun. I love hearing different opinions. Just a though.

CelebBabyLover on

brannon- I love your comment! My Kindergarten teacher did a similar thing. Basically, my classmates and I got to take turns being “teacher’s pet”. One person would be “teacher’s pet,” one day, another person the next day, and so on and so forth.

Whoever was “teacher’s pet” for the day got to do special jobs, such as supplying the snack for snack break (which is pretty exciting for a kid that age! It makes the kid feel important, and what kid doesn’t like getting to be the one to choose the snack?), getting to “help” with lessons and so forth!

My classmates and I loved it, and we knew that our teacher liked all of us equally!🙂

PJ on

What’s so boring about enjoying the photos? Why does there need to be drama to make it interesting Lily (post 38).

It may be boring to you to see the same ooh and ahh, cute kid, comments; but at the same time a lot of people here seem to be growing weary of the same people making the same negative comments they hide behind vast explanations and then stories of how they don’t do things like that in their family.

Some of the comments can be pretty cutting and nasty even without swear words. Not using swears doesn’t always mean the comment is an ok comment.

Manon on

Mary Helen and Lily I so agree! (probably with other posters too but since coming back to this article haven’t scrolled up again!).

Lily: I think it would be downright “stalkerish” and strange if we all oohed and aahed and never said anything objective.

I don’t doubt it’s a joke just not a very funny one. Sheen never even mentions his daughter Lola and now already they seem to be labelling their new children. A lot of truth is spoken in humour.

I’m sure they will be the best parents they can be and the children will be happy but a mistake to start too much labelling – I am sure they will realise this.

Manon on

PJ: why do people get so “worked up” over those giving an opinion. As a European used more to debate, maybe it’s a cultural thing: I find it odd some of you shout down anyone who gives an opinion or at least an opinion you don’t agree with.

The “lighten ups” are funny because they ask others to have a lighter attitude and yet say it in such an aggressive way : ” you will NOT state an opinion!”.

Sandra on

Lily, I understood what you wrote. And I do agree.
In this and I suppose many other cases, it’s just a bad joke.

I’ve read that many of you like these ‘favourite’ jokes, but like in Mary-Helen’s case it simply wasn’t funny – it can be very hurtful, and that’s what I was trying to say in my comment earlier. I know they don’t mean it, and that it is a joke, but I really cannot see the fun in it.
When I read the first lines I was – how can I put it – maybe, pissed. You just don’t say stuff like that. I mellowed when I read the joke part, but I still don’t find it funny.

And I am sorry, if you are offended by my opinion!!!

Sheri on

I think this is dangerous territory to even be kidding about already choosing “favorites” in their children! The babies are barely a week old! These kids are going to grow up with a lot of insecurity and feelings of rejection if they keep this up …

kate on

I think a harmless joke is the least bit of Charlie Sheen’s children’s problems, as much as I like him as an actor. Get real.

Lydia on

Some of these comments border on ridiculous. The statements were in jest. What if someone were to critique your comments and/or parenting skills? What would they say?

Sarah K. on

I agree with the posters who say that this site has gotten out of hand. Everyday, there some minor quote said by some celebrity that seems to personally offend someone. Now, posters are accusing others of being poorly educated, etc. This is really getting ridiculous.

Lily, my family is extremely well-educated, “decent,” and we’ve all been told that we have great senses of humor. Oh, and my parents aren’t from the U.S. either. Maybe you just need to lighten up and take a joke.

Lis on

Lily, hun – I think YOU are the one with a bad sense of humor. Actually maybe no sense of humor.

Try lightening up. Life will be much more enjoyable!

Chicki on

“I really didn’t want to offend you or anyone, the reason why I said that only uneducated OR people with a bad sense of humor would say that is because I can really only imagine some overweight guy without a job sitting in front of the TV saying this to his daughter or someone with a bad sense of humor who thinks the “knock, knock” jokes are terribly funny. Just an association, I guess.”

@ Lily, why do you associate “uneducated” with an “unemployed overweight” person? That concerns me more than anything else you’ve said…also, learn to take what is clearly a joke for what it is, without reading too much into it!

fay on

this website is getting just as bad as the rest…ugh

YES she was joking

YES she should not have said it

GET OVER IT people…

Lily on

@ Chicki

You should maybe get used to the fact, that people can have different opinions on this, which has a lot to do with the cultural background and upbringing of a person and also with the person’s sense of humor. I can’t “take it as a joke” because it’s not funny to me. This is my opinion and I will not apologize for it! Each person has a different sense of humor and some people find this funny and can laugh about it, which I accept and some people find it highly offensive which you should also learn to accept. Why do people here keep telling me that I should “get over it” yet they can’t even accept my opinion and get highly offended by different opinions. I’m terribly sorry, but if you can’t even accept an opinion that is different from yours I doubt a discussion with you would make much sense.

Nowhere in my post did I say that all unemployed people are overweight and are sitting in front of the TV all day. I was just referring to a certain group of people who do the exact same thing and happen too be unemployed and not to unemployed people in general. Really funny how you can get worked up about something like that but not understand how someone can get worked up about the Charlie Sheen thing.

I guess you were just looking carefully for something to criticize in my post because you can’t get over the fact that other people have opinions you don’t agree with.

I have never been rude about this, I have been stating my opinion in a polite way and I don’t let you make me look as if I said something I didn’t.

Lily on

@ Sarah K

Read my post carefully and you will notice I never wrote something like that. The little word OR can make a big difference sometimes. I also stated that this might have something to do with my cultural background. I hope you know that not all cultures share the same sense of humor. I’m not from an English speaking country and I just asked several friends from my university about this yesterday and they didn’t find it funny as well. It’s a personal thing. Just as much as I don’t have the right to tell you what you should find funny, you don’t have the right to tell me what I should find funny. It’s really silly to argue about this because it’s like arguing about whether chocolate cake is delicious or not or whether Angelina Jolie is pretty or not. There is no right and no wrong answer to this.

You really don’t need to defend yourself. I accept your opinion even though you can’t seem to accept mine. I just think it’s hilarious how outraged people get about this. The reason why most of your friends think you have a great sense of humor is probably just because they are your friends, you know? People with the same sense of humor often get along well.

I was never saying that my opinion was the right one or that everyone should share it, I was just simply giving my opinion which I should be allowed to do on a message board. Yet people can’t seem to be able to deal with it, which I consider a very sad thing.

@ Lis

Maybe you should learn to accept that people can have different opinions on this topic! I never said that your opinion was wrong. I was just giving mine. Not all people have the same sense of humor. I don’t tell you what you should find funny so please don’t tell me what I should find funny. There seem to be quite a few people that agree with me and I doubt we all have a bad sense of humor. We could probably say the same thing about you, which we don’t, or at least I don’t, because I learned to accept different opinions. There’s really no point in arguing about this. I just gave my opinion because I felt it differed from the first few opinions given here and because I like discussing and hearing different opinions in order to understand other people better. I guess it just didn’t work here.

Chicki on


I understand that since English is not your first language maybe you cannot/will not appreciate the nuances: when someone says they are joking, it generally means that they have just told a JOKE! Most people tell jokes to reflect humor in certain situations. They just had twin boys and are obviously thrilled about it – but people like you have to turn their joy into a personal referendum on the morals of raising psychologically sound children in Hollywood or some other strange thing.

Some jokes that are told do offend me, but before I get into “i don’t see how a decent person could ever say this about their children…” I would look at the intent of the person making the joke. Charlie does not want to permanently scar his newborns’ psyche, for crying out loud! He is in show business and it’s his job to be funny (although I don’t find his show funny at all). I’ve seen many celebrity interviews that veer into questionable territory. This wasn’t one of them because they are telling everyone “hey, i just told a joke!” No real harm done!

Do you get it now, Lily?

Sarah K. on

Lily, you may have noticed that while other people have also expressed a dislike for Brooke’s joke, only your comments seem to be at issue here. It’s not that we can’t accept your opinion, because we have accepted that same opinion from Mary-Helen, Manon, Sandra, etc.

Your comments, however, border on insulting. What exactly was the purpose of this quote?

“The reason why I said that only uneducated OR people with a bad sense of humor would say that is because I can really only imagine some overweight guy without a job sitting in front of the TV saying this to his daughter or someone with a bad sense of humor who thinks the “knock, knock” jokes are terribly funny. Just an association, I guess.”

Do you find overweight people to be unfunny, uneducated, or both?

If you had claimed that we just had bad senses of humor, people wouldn’t be as offended. But, suggesting that anyone who found the joke find could be an uneducated or indecent person is very very rude.
Your “or” doesn’t change the fact that you claimed that being uneducated was somehow associated with finding the joke funny. Of course people take offense to that. I think that it is very sad that you haven’t yet learned how to express you opinion in a mature fashion that doesn’t insult large chunks of society

Crystal on

Melania-I completely agree with your post! I have two brothers (I’m the only girl) and we always joke about favorites. The boys say I’m the favorite because I’m the only girl and the oldest. Me and my youngest brother say the middle boy is the favorite because he has the first and only grandchild. My eldest brother and I both say our youngest brother is my mom’s favorite because he was “planned” and we as a family prayed for him (my eldest brother and I weren’t planned). Plus, our youngest brother looks JUST like our mom! It’s all in fun and we know that our parents love us equally and so much.

@Lisa-just admit you worded your response incorrectly and apologize to those you offended

@Carissa-You GO GIRL! Your response was completely warranted and it put certain people in their place!!

Crystal on

I was responding to the posts and forgot to comment on the aritcle! Charlie and Brooke were only joking. I doubt that the kids will grow up and read this and be upset or offended. As long as they grow up in a loving, peaceful, wonderful home environment they will know their parents love them equally and a lot! They will probably laugh when they get older because they’ll be like I can’t believe I was like that as a baby! My parents always joke about what a terror I was when I was a baby and what a relief it was when my brother Christopher came along. He was the good one I was the terrible one!!!🙂

Lily on

@ Sarah

Again you interpreted way too much into what I wrote.

“Do you find overweight people to be unfunny, uneducated, or both?”

Are you kidding? Where exactly did I write this? Do you never have associations or first impressions that just pop up? I was only sharing what I thought of first. I never generalized at all.

They have done studies on this. Associations, you know? You hear something and you associate a certain thing with it. When I hear “pumpkin” I think of Halloween. When I hear “santa” I think of christmas. When I hear “Emma” I think of an overweight girl, because the only Emma I’ve ever known has been overweight. When I hear “Barbara” I think of a red haired girl because the only Barbara I’ve known had red hair. And yes, when I hear of “people who say they favor one kid over the other even if they mean it as a joke” I think of an overweight bald guy without a job saying this to his daughter. And do you know why? Because I happen to know such a guy. Does it mean I have something against overweight/bald/unemployed/red haired people? No, I do not. Plus I have red hair myself. This was an association.

Are you seriously accusing me of having something against overweight people just because I had this association? You can’t be serious. I really hope you’re kidding. I never even wrote that I think being overweight is a bad thing. YOU had the negative association. So maybe you should think about whether you have prejudices about certain people.

The only reason why I was attacked was because you needed to attack someone who didn’t share your opinion and I was just the easiest target because my posts were longer and there was a lot of room for interpreting and turning things around.

You really go through my posts and try to find anything that could only be remotely insulting just to make me look bad. I really don’t find this funny.

Oh and please don’t tell me to be more mature. I’m very mature, thank you. Mature enough to accept different opinions and to have interesting discussion without offending or accusing people of having something against certain people. Maybe you could also consider that I’m writing this in a language that is the 5th language I’ve learned and that my may not be able to use some expressions as accurately as you do. Still I understood that Charlie was joking but I still can have my own opinion on this.

@ Chicki

You are the one who is not getting it. I do get that he meant it as a joke. I was just saying that I don’t find it funny, so what? Do I have to? Are you telling me what I can find funny and what not? Oh and I think my English is good enough to notice that they meant it as a joke. But is it okay to say something bad and then disguise it as a joke? Just because you say “I meant it as a joke” doesn’t mean you do. Can I now go around saying heaps of insulting things and then just claim I was joking? Now that would be a bit too easy. This is not just referring to Charlie Sheen (I though it was a bad joke but not that terrible), but you make it sound as if people could go around saying bad and insulting things if only they claimed they were joking afterwards.

Maybe you’d be interested to know that Charlie Sheen already prefers one of his daughters over the other (court case).

I understand that it doesn’t make much sense to have a discussion with you.

Lily on

@ Crystal

It’s great that you and your siblings get along well and can joke about this. I really do think so. You have the same sense of humor and to you that’s funny which is fine.

But can’t you understand that other people might have different opinions about this? My friends tease me because of my hair color a lot, they even call me a witch sometimes but I don’t mind because I know they are joking and I think it’s fun. I know a girl named Barbara who has red hair as well and once they joked about her red hair she got really offended and it made her very sad. It’s the same about the “favorite child” thing. Some people think it’s funny and some people do not.

Can’t you understand that people have different opinions? That what is funny to you isn’t funny to others? That what is funny to me isn’t funny to you?

What is so difficult about understanding another point of view?

If you mean me by Lisa which I think you do, no I will not apologize for having a different opinion. I was never rude or anything. Just because people can’t read carefully and can’t understand what an association is doesn’t mean I need to apologize. They were turning things around and trying to make me look bad because I didn’t agree with them.

CelebBabyLover on

Lily- You don’t need to apologize for having a different opinion. However, I DO think your initial comment as well as some of your others was poorly worded. Fair enough, you probably didn’t mean anything bad by what you said. However, saying stuff like this: “The reason why I said that only uneducated OR people with a bad sense of humor would say that is because I can really only imagine some overweight guy without a job sitting in front of the TV saying this to his daughter or someone with a bad sense of humor who thinks the “knock, knock” jokes are terribly funny. Just an association, I guess.”, DOES come across as offensive.

Please remember that we can’t see the people reading what we wrote, so we have no idea what they look like. Therefore, maybe one or more of the people reading your comments was an overweight person, or has a father who fits at least part of the description you gave. How do you think your comments would make them feel?

Or say a woman named Emma read your comment about associating the name “Emma” with being fat. She’d probably feel somewhat hurt and/or upset at what you said.

It’s fine to have associations and such, but there are certain things that we really need to keep to ourselves! It would have been better if you had just said you don’t find the joke funny and left it at that. I think people would have been much more respectful of your sharing your opinion then.🙂

Emma on

I’ve read everyone else’s posts on this and the only reason I think they were a bit foolish to say they have “favourites” (fake or otherwise) is because there is an issue where Denise Richards is saying that Charlie has a favourite amongst their two girls (as part of the Court/custody stuff). Surely saying something like this now is confirming that he is the sort of father to play favourites after all? Apart from that, I do think people are probably reading too much into this at this early stage. If Brooke & Charlie are still joking about favourites in 5 years time – then that’s a different matter.

Dorie on

In my personal opinion, it is funny because people keep coming up with that stupid question “Who’s you’re favorite?”, I know that myself because I have five kids, and I’m really tired of that boring answer: “No one, I love them all equally”…
So I start joking with stupid stuff like “I like Mina the best because she knows how to play the piano” or “I like Corvin the best because he currently lives in Greece”. I got one sentence for each of them and they know I love them equally. If you give your kids the security that they are loved, they will understand such jokes.
They even make them themselves like my son who just yesterday introduced himself to a visitor: “Hi, I’m Joey, I’m the badly turned-out son” Everyone laughed, I kissed him on his forehead and our guests felt like we have a happy, fun home.

Manon on

Dorie: I think that’s the whole point in away:

“If you give your kids the security that they are loved, they will understand such jokes”

Your children and obviously older and it sounds like you have a lovely relationship with them. However, that sense of security is fostered gradually and the first 6 years are very important. They did make their favourite commments as a joke but in my opinion it’s ill judged: makes it seem like they are making an effort to bond with one twin only and are already labelling their children. I think it shows a lack of maturity which Mr Sheen has already shown in his attitude towards bringing children up. Contrast with Marcia Cross who is very sensitive the individual needs of her twins.

The mature (I resist saying “good”!) parent knows how to make an effort to bond with both children and if they can’t help but have a favourite never lets it be known!

Manon on

Carissa: did your parents teach you modesty?!

Lily on

@ celeb lover

Emma does know that she’s overweight. It’s a FACT. She wouldn’t be hurt because she knows it’s true. What’s wrong with being honest? Overweight isn’t healthy, it can lead to a life of health troubles. I’m helping Emma with that. I’ve played tennis since I was 4 and I’m teaching her how to play. I’ve taken her horse riding and swimming. When she asked me I told her the truth. That’s what friends are for! I love my friends and would never want to hurt their feelings. But as a good friend it’s my responsibility to tell them the truth especially if it concerns their health. I care about my friends and they care about me. I think the reason I have so many is because I’m always honest. When a friend asks me a about a shirt she’s wearing and I dislike it, I tell them! I also tell them that only because I dislike it doesn’t mean other people will as well. But I don’t lie. Never. It’s because I would want them to tell me the truth as well.

Please don’t tell me that you don’t have associations with certain things or names. You certainly do. What do you think of when you hear Bertha? Mildred? Ethelthreda? Probably not of a pretty young woman in her 20s. There have been studies done on the topic, in my country. The outcome was that some names conjure up the image of unattractive people and some of attractive people. If an Emma would read this I bet she’d be smart enough to know that I only have this association because of the Emma I know, who I like very much, by the way and that not all people think so. She’d probably also know that just because I think of an overweight person doesn’t mean she is overweight or will be just because her name is Emma. She could probably look in the mirror to see that it’s not true. And if it is true, where’s the problem? Then she probably already knows.

And yes, I guess some people were offended and I am sorry, but not because of what I wrote, more because of the fact that there are people who just can’t respect opinions and people who can’t deal with the truth.

Lis on

I have never encountered anyone who is so ridiculously defensive…

And that’s just my OPINION.

Carissa on

Yes, my parents taught me a lot of things and modesty was one of them. I am modest when I feel I should be. I wrote what I wrote about my family because I am proud of all of our accomplishments, and also to make a point. Lily could use a lesson in Modesty if you ask me. JUST AN OPINION!

I could write many things about this subject mostly because I’m getting my masters in child psychology feel that I’m qualified to do so. I have to say, that this whole discussion is disgusting! Look out into the world People. Children are dying of starvation and AIDS and real ABUSE. This discussion as to weather or not a parent said jokingly or not, if they have a favorite is just dumb. Brooke and Charlie are people we’ll never meet, we don’t know what goes on in that house. Same with the other celebrity parents we like or dislike. Interviews can be taken out of context, just to get a rise out of the public. It’s done everyday in all forms of journalism.

This site is just for fun, I read it when I need a break from reading tons of books on REAL CHILD ABUSE. and REAL BAD PARENTS. No one knows what goes on behind closed doors. Instead of debating the skills of these celebrities as parents, go out and do something good in your community. I can guarantee that there are childeren just outside your door that can use your help. Put the passion you put into this discussion and save a real child with real issues.

As for the comment of “it’s not funny” when my dad got up in front of a crowd of people at my sisters wedding and said, “she was his favorite” Everyone laughed because they knew it was a JOKE. All they had to do was look at the table were all of her siblings sat and saw that we are all loved equally. Actions speak louder then words, and I’ve known from an early age just how much I am loved by my siblings and parents. Two of my siblings are adopted too, and you would think they would be the first to not like the joke, but they started it, by always saying they are the favorites because they were picked. Unlike my older sister and I who were just kind of dropped in our parents lap. It’s all about Actions people.

Just my two cents, back to reading about child abduction.

And once again I have to write this because my older sister reads this site too, Dad called me today, I am the Favorite:)

Manon on

Carissa: when dealing with any kind of psychology it’s important to realise that what makes people feel unhappy or insecure is very subjective and no less “real” because it’s not “real” in YOUR eyes. Hardcore deprived childhoods are distressing, I agree, but that does not negate feelings of insecurity and unhappiness felt by those who may have felt not as cherished as siblings : 2nd best from the start.

SOME children will be very badly affected by such feelings.

All I have to say now and not especially keen on Charlie Sheen’s parenting style in general, personally: anything goes as long as “oh wait, I was only joking!”.

Manon on

Lily: good for you! You have sound really heart felt opinions and stick up for them and you are more articulate than a lot of forum posters who have English as a first language.

I like your sensibilities.

CelebBabyLover on

Lily- I never said that your friend Emma doesn’t know she’s overweight. I was saying that there could be OTHER women named Emma who read these comments, and they might be offended by what you wrote, whether or not they’re overweight.

In any case, yes, it’s not healthy to be overweight. However, that doesn’t mean that overweight people enjoy being reminded that they’re overweight (just as elderly people don’t always appreciate being reminded that they’re elderly, and people with disabilites usually hate being “labeled”). For example, I have a friend who, since at least her teens, has been extremely overweight.

Believe me, she is fully aware that it’s unhealthy. In fact, after having a health scare last year, she is now on a weight-loss program and doing very well with it (she still has a long way to go, but is looking better than she has in a long time!). However, if someone were to point out to her that she’s overweight, or especially if they talked about her weight behind her back, she’d be very hurt (in fact, she still carries some emotinal scars from being labeled as the “fat girl” and facing ridicule for it when she was in High School).

All of that said, of course I have associations. However, especially if they’re negative and possibly hurtful ones, do I go around sharing them with everyone? Absolutely not! Does that mean I lie? Again, absolutly not! I simply choose to keep my mouth shut about any negative associations I may have with names or other words. That’s what I meant last night when I said that there are somethings that we need to keep to ourselves.

Nadia on

Lily, learn to take a joke. Learn when to stop talking, it only shows unhappy you really are and you have to criticize others for it.

As for everbody, feel free to comment whatever it is you want, you dont have to be afraid of someone here “Im such a good parent than others” correcting you in the end.

Lily on

@ celeb baby lover:

If the person named Emma gets upset while reading this then she obviously isn’t very self confident because I was just saying what pops into my mind when I hear the name and not that all Emmas have to be overweight. If that person reads anything into what I said then obviously she has issues and too much time on her hands. Did you ever visit a baby name board? People will say the meanest things about a name, but people don’t get offended. They’re interested in hearing different point of views and if they love the name they use it anyway. People have said hurtful things about my name. Usually you just shrug it off. People are allowed to be different.

When you’re old or disabled you can’t help it. There’s usually nothing you can change about it. When you’re overweight you can change something about it. At least most of the time. The comparison doesn’t make much sense at all. It’s great that your friend is losing weight, though. I hope she’ll make it and that she’ll reach her goal. Sure she feels bad when someone talks behind her back. Everybody does. This is something many people have experienced. There are always people who don’t like you or even people who are jealous. People grow up and accept that this happens sometimes but learn to deal with it. And you know what? Some people get upset when people tell them they’re overweight and some get upset when they read an article in which their parents stated that their sibling is their favorite child.

@ Manon

Thanks. I’m happy that some people understand what I wanted to say. People are hurt by different things and such a statement would at least hurt several people I know and I bet there are more out there who couldn’t deal well with the whole thing.

@ Carissa

If this discussion is pointless, why are you participating in it? I understand your concern about what is going on in the world. But if you are so open minded and thoughtful, then why do you think this board needs to be all happy and fun? This could also be a place where a post made about a celebrity ends in a serious discussion (about adoption etc). It’s not meant to stop all the fun it’s meant to be interesting and it’s necessary. Thank you, I volunteered at different orphanages for over a year. I know how many problems many children have to face and how they suffer. I’m also studying Economics. I guess I know what’s happening in the world. Yes, there are children starving and you need to worry about that and make a change, but you also need to take a look at how things are going in your community and you need to take care of the smaller problems as well. You seem like a smart person so having a discussion should also be in your interest. Yes, people laughed about your dad’s joke, that’s nice. But there are people out there who wouldn’t find it funny and who would be hurt. Believe me, it’s true.

@ Lis

And I’ve never encountered anyone who can’t have a serious discussion. Seriously, this is the first time.

@ Nadia

Your comment made me laugh. I’m pretty happy, actually. I’m open minded, able to have discussion, good at school, oh and I actually have friends who are open to discussions as well so even though we fight sometimes we accept different opinions. I’m sorry that you didn’t get my point of you and had to attack me.

@ all

I didn’t want to offend and I didn’t want this discussion to get as long as it has gotten. Just understand that things that are not hurtful to you might be to others and that people feel different about certain things. I’m sorry if I defended anyone by calling them uneducated, but in the environment I have been raised in people wouldn’t dream of saying things like that, and I come from a family that’s very well off. I guess I generalized here, though and am really sorry if I hurt your feelings. I guess I was angry and didn’t really know what I was saying anymore. You are of course not uneducated when you find the whole thing funny, you just have a different sense of humor. It’s just that I don’t know any people at my university or in my social life that would find such a thing funny so I saw it as a general rule. Again, I’m sorry for that as it was unprofessional to say such a thing and quite rude as well. I study hard for school and am sure you did/do as well. I can tell when I made a mistake and am not ashamed to apologize. I hope you’ll forgive me and that we will get along as I’m going to post here from time to time.

I still think the whole discussion was interesting and even though I think it’s strange how some people can’t seem to accept different points of view, I am thankful that I could talk to you, because it broadened my horizon. In a positive and in a negative way.

Lily on

*it’s meant to say offended not defended in the first “@all” paragraph.

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